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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mani scolding Adi. He says I will get Aaliya married to a responsible and successful guy, unlike you, even Aaliya has some self respect. Shagun and Ishita stop him. Shagun asks him to let Aaliya and Adi talk. Mani goes. Ishita says everything will be fine once they talk, please explain Mani. Shagun asks her not to worry. Raman says what’s Adi’s problem. Aaliya asks Adi what was this, how can you do this, Mani will make me marry somewhere else, do you really want this, do you have any answer.

Adi says Aaliya just once, come to my place and see what I m thinking, Ruhi challenged me, I will show her that I m better than her, how she spoke to me, she did not think before insulting me, I can’t lose, if I lose, I will fall in my own eyes, I have to prove myself.

She asks him to think, why shall I spoil our relation, just because of Ruhi and your ego, why should I suffer. He says its about self respect. Ruhi comes to interrupt and says Adi has to believe women are better than men. He asks when did I say they are not better. Ruhi argues with him. He tries to clarify. Ruhi says you wanted me to get married and leave, so that you get all business. He says I did not think that. Aaliya asks her not to drag her in this matter. Ruhi says sorry this is happening with you, as a friend, I will suggest you to think well, do you really want to stay with such man who does not respect women. She goes.

Adi says see how she spoke and went, she just wants to do what she believes, I told you why I took her to meet Bhatia’s son, she is wrong, I will prove it. Aaliya holds his hand. She signs no. He asks her to understand, I have no choice, if you love me, you have to wait till I get independent and get my self respect back, the day this happens, I will come to you, then we will marry, I promise my marriage will just happen with you, give me some time. She agrees. They hug.

Shagun explains Mani that Adi did not refuse for marriage, he just wants some time. He shouts how much time, sorry I did not want to give you stress, they are engaged since a year, will Aaliya wait for him all life, no, I will find a stable guy for her and get her married. Aaliya comes and says you do anything, I will just marry Adi. He says he has brainwashed you. She says no, he is fighting for his self respect. He says I will decide everything, don’t forget I m the man of this house, and its security and happiness of this house is my responsibility. Shagun asks really, so you have let Niddhi stay in our house, don’t say you did not know this. Aaliya asks what are you saying. Shagun asks Mani to tell truth, he knew it right. He says yes, I was helpless, trust me, she threatened me about you and aunty. She says I understand, she is in jail and getting punished, but you have hidden this. He says I was scared. She says you have put us in risk, what’s wrong in Adi postponing marriage, do anything you want, find a nice guy for Aaliya, who am I to say anything, I had bear the loss, I with Aaliya, I will support her. Shagun and Aaliya go.

Amma says Ishita’s mind will divert seeing this. Neela asks Ishita to have tea. Ishita asks Amma when did you come. Amma asks which setup you like, I m going to call carpenter to renovate Vandu and Bala’s room, Bala shifted to guest room, he does not want to stay there alone, I was thinking to decorate it as study room, Adi and Ruhi can use this room for work. Adi says its nice idea, I want office space, I want some peaceful place. Ishita smiles. Ruhi says anyone who has to work can work anywhere. Adi says some people always interfere. Ruhi says I want this room, I want silence, I think I deserve this room. Adi says this is impossible, I asked for this room before. They argue.

Amma asks what’s happening, I won’t give this room to anyone if you both fight, Ishu you decide now. Ishita asks them to wait. She gets Adi and Ruhi’s pic and tears it. She says one who joins this back will get the room, you have to join this such way that cracks and glue is not seen. Adi asks how is it possible. Ishita says I m saying same, relations are imp, if they break, relations can’t happen like before, cracks are increasing by fights, how will you manage this. Ruhi says I can remove cracks from this pic.

Mani says you said I should do what I find right, I consulted a marriage bureau and called someone to meet Aaliya. Aaliya asks what’s Mani doing. Shagun worries seeing the guy. Mani introduces Dr. Chinmay, he is a gynac. Chinmay identifies Shagun. Shagun says I m not fine, I will go and rest. Chinmay asks how are you Mam, I did not know I m coming your home, I hope you are taking good care. Mani asks do you know each other. He says yes, she is Shagun Raghav, I think she did not identify me, I treated her. Mani asks what treatment. He asks did she not tell you about her miscarriage. Mani gets shocked. He goes to Shagun and holds her. They cry. He asks is this true, tell me.

Shagun says yes, this is true, our baby is no more. Mani goes. Ruhi cuts the cracks portions and says I have cut all cracks, now this is my and Adi’s pic, both pics look good separated, you can still keep this together, I prefer separated, I did as you said, nothing is impossible, you wanted to explain cracks should not come in relations, we should not fight, but thing once broken, its impossible to join it, give this room to Ruhi, he needs it more, what I want, I get it on my ability, those who want favors can take it. She goes. Adi asks did you see Ruhi’s attitude, she always insults me, you wanted me to keep relation, I don’t want this room. Ishita cries. Amma says what happened to them. Ishita says they were my strength before, they have made me weak now, I did some mistake in raising them, I m a failure. She cries showing the pics.

Shagun says I give Adi’s custody to you officially. Ishita gets surprised and checks papers. Shagun says now Adi is just yours and Raman’s son. Aaliya and everyone smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. anay bangalore

    i didint understand the precap. I think Adi’s custody was given to raman and ishita earlier itself during subbu’s track, that’s when subbu’s MIL came to help Ishita with Ruhi’s custody as it was exchanged for Adi’s custody. I think writer forgot that

  2. Is it shaguns plan I really don’t believe this she’s being to good

  3. At last mani came to know about the miscarriage. But I didn’t get it. In the precautions shagun is handing over the custody of adi to raman n ishita. But they already have his custody right? Hi everyone this is Jahnavi n I am a silent reader. Can I join the comments group? By the way how many telugu people are over here?

  4. Sorry it’s not precautions it’s precap

  5. Yes,,,, exactly,,,, already adi, s custody was given to ishu and raman,, then now how sagun do this,,,,, and thank god aliya understand adi,,,,, ohhhh,,, god this ruhi is gone mad to prove herself,,, that she is better than adi,,, poor ishu .she is so hurt,, i feel very bad for ishu,,, finally the truth came out about tha misscarage of sagun in front of mani,,,, an,d CVS just stop the quarreling between adi and ruhi,,,,, pls,,,,

  6. I dont know why ishra are blaming adi for the fight because its ruhi who insulting adi everytime ishra should scold and slap only ruhi not adi

  7. Hey there a very good morning to all.

  8. Ruhi is looking too irritating in the show .her attitude is too worst.becauseof this the episode is getting worst.

  9. What happened to Raman Character……….. these days Karan is missing almost every day.. only once in a week we are getting to see him…….. I thought he might be as HOST in NAch… but he is not there too 🙁 Missing you Karan

  10. This ruhi is so disgusting now. .she showed much attitude

  11. Ruhi is best. She has suffured more then adi. I just hate Adi how can he just think of his small sisters marrige she is small and how can u all blame her for insulting adi.Have u all forgotten how much he insulted her in front of all office staff.
    Sorry if i had hurt any one of you but I support RUHI✌

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