Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla talking to Neelu. She says maybe Pihu came and goes to see her. She tells Pihu that I thought you will miss today’s episode. She thinks Pihu reminds her of Ruhi, she is similar in behavior too, she is Ruhi’s shadow. Pihu says how could I miss the episode, I came on time. She asks her to come and see the show, by wearing specs. She does full drama and says my Dadi can’t get old, when the show’s Dadi is not getting old. Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Pihu asks them to be silent and see the show, its big sin to miss a line of the show. Mrs. Bhalla says we will not do this sin, and they see the show.

A man refuses for surgery and Ishita smiles seeing him. Ishita tells nurse that she will manage him. She pulls the blanket away from his face and sees Mani. She

says I have come, I m sorry, I had to attend an emergency case. He says you know I don’t like hospitals and all this situation, I get somewhat nervous. She says a lot, you become a kid, we are together since 7 years, I know you so well, doctors are waiting, come on. He says you will be there with me in theatre. Aaliya asks him to come out as champion after the surgery.

Mani is taken for the surgery. Mani holds her hand and asks Ishita not to go anywhere. She says I won’t go, this will be last surgery. Doctor says yes, there is nothing after this. He gets treated. Ishita asks doctor will everything get fine. Doctor says don’t worry, he will start walking after this surgery. Ishita goes to Aaliya and says operation started. She asks Aaliya not to worry and hugs her.

Pihu gets angry seeing the family troubles in the show. She says she will keep fast for the show’s heroine Parvati. Neelu says what to do of food, I made your fav chicken. Mrs. Bhalla says then Pihu can’t eat it today. Pihu says I will eat it, as Neelu has cooked it, I will keep fast next week, get the food, I m hungry.

Amma says I have to make protein shake for Shravan. Appa says we were fit without consuming such things, you are spoiling it. Amma says he does not eat anything else, he has become fitness freak, if I don’t make this, he said he will eat chicken and egg, so I m doing this, he is Brahman Iyer’s grandson, he can’t eat non veg. He says its good, Vandu does not do all this, and asks for coffee. She asks him to have protein shake. He says not this, I will have coffee later.

Ishita and Aaliya wait outside and have a talk. Aaliya says thank God, you are with me, else who would have supported Appa. Ishita says this surgery would be not required if I was not here, he saved me seven years ago, that’s why I m here and he is inside on that operation table.

FB shows Mani jumping in the river and saving Ishita. He asks her to open the eyes. She gets conscious. He asks what were you going to do. She says I m alive, no…. why did you save me, I don’t want to live. Mani asks her to come to senses and she pushes him, asking him to leave her alone. She runs infront of a truck. Mani pushes her away and gets hit by the truck. FB ends. Ishita says he gave me a life, and came on wheelchair, I really hope that he gets fine after this surgery, I just want to see him walking, I have big guilt within. Aaliya says he will walk, you did a lot for him, you got him to Australia and took much care of him.

Mr. Bhalla asks Pihu about her fast. Pihu says I was keeping fast, I ate chicken as I did not wish to waste food, I will apologize to Matarani. Mr. Bhalla says its not simple like that. Pihu says then I have to repent, which Parvati did in the show, she has gone to Vaishno Devi temple barefoot, I will go too, I will go to nearby temple. She swears keeping hand over a matchstick. Mrs. Bhalla says that temple is far. Pihu says I will go by car, and barefoot to temple from the car. Mrs. Bhalla says its modern repentance. Pihu leaves. They laugh and call Pihu a drama queen.

Ishita asks nurse why did operation not end till now. Nurse says doctor said its long operation, the wife who loves her husband so much, what can happen to such husband. Aaliya says don’t worry Amma, I call you Amma, that’s why nurse got mistaken, you and Mani Mama give me and Vivaan love like parents, that’s why we call you Amma and Appa. Ishita says I have perfect family, but I m not perfect, I could not become a good wife and good mother. She cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays………

Shagun holds Pihu’s feet and says how can this happen, that my daughter’s feet gets hurt and I don’t reach here. They smile.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Siddhi

    I want to kill ekta how dare she do this she makes shagun devi pihu consider shagun as her mumma what’s this ekta tumhe ishu ko heroine lenay ki need kya thi shagun ko le letii stupid nonsence ishu ko na apni beti ka pyar mila air na ruhi ka

  2. Siddhi

    Now how will pihu unite ishra I am sure now ruhi will unite ishra coz in promo when ruhaan come the voice said kya koi hai Jo ab milay ka Raman ishita ko

  3. Rianaa

    OMG pihu is so dramatic n sweet….i love her character…but one thing is revealed that ishita didn’t married abhimanyu….but shagun married raman???

    • Siddhi

      Ya v want ruhi as ruhi ruhi was there but she was pihu boht hi odd lag eaha tha but v can’t do any thing

  4. Siddhi

    Everything is so massed up pihu shagun ko anpi mom samajti ishu ghar me kasay wapis aye GI

  5. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    and all

  6. The upcoming episode of Star Plus most successful daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.
    It seems that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman ( Karan Patel ) will separate post the leap. Ishita will shift to Australia and live with her friend Mani, she will work as a dentist out there. On the other hand Raman will turn into an angry man who feels that Ishita is responsible for the death of his daughter Ruhi.
    Raman and Ishita’s daughter will turn out to be very similar to Ruhi. Will Raman and Ishita be able to come together or not?
    Will Raman and Ishita come to know that Ruhi is alive or not? Stay tuned for more updates on your favourite show.

  7. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has been creating a lot hype surrounding the storyline post the leap. The viewers are left confused with the current episodes as the leap was introduced suddenly with so many questions still left to be answered.
    In the coming episodes, audience will be left with shock when Pihu will address Shagun as her mother who will be living in Bhalla house. It will be shown as Shagun is being married to Raman but soon it will be revealed that they both are not married to each other.
    Also rumour has it that Raman is not living with Bhallas. Shagun and Manoj are living with the family, and Pihu call them as her parents.Though it is not be confirmed, and we will try to bring more info on this confusion. Stay tuned

  8. Mona (ash)

    It’s full bakwas. First of all Mani was not at all there in the show for a ling time but he came so suddenly. There is no explanation for where he was this much days and how did he knew that Ishita is going to jump off that cliff and reach there .What a perfect timing!!

    Ekta have made the show hell

  9. PREDICTION: Fate of YHM characters after leap
    The new grey shade character who would rule over Raman’s business as Raman no more takes responsibility of his business. He would enjoy being successful, and woulnt want Raman to take back the control.
    Mihir-Mihika and Iyers:
    These two are likely be married to each other. Mihir would have refused to work under Romi after he takes up the responsibility. Iyers would distance themselves from the Bhalla and hate Raman as he is held responsible for Ishita’s death.
    Shagun will be living with the Bhalla family, replacing Ishita in everyone’s life except Raman’s. She would be married but to whom it is yet to be seen. It is more like that Shagun married Manoj but chose to live with Bhalla to take care of the family in Ishita’s absence.
    Sarika is likely to become a background character with just negative intentions. Her role might get less importance after the leap.
    She might be the only sane family member in the Bhalla family would still have hope of Ishita and Ruhi returning completing their family bringing happiness.
    Apparently Mani is coming back in the show as Ishita’s saviour.

  10. par leap ki wajah se sab badal gaya hai aur sabhi bahuth old lag rahe hai . jo older ruhi hai woh bahuth moti aur pagal jaisi dikhthi hai.

  11. nimrit

    raman ne 2 years me ishu ka saath chhod diya but mani and ishita to 7 year sath sath dikhae hai….makers kya dikhana chahte ki ishita raman se jyada ishita aur mani bonding strong hai kya….wht nonsense….

  12. nimrit

    But ek baat to achhi dikhayi ki ishita mani ke sath hai & unki sahdi nahi hui….now waiting for raman’s entry….

  13. shivani

    I m so glad…its mani…nd ishu is not married….but why shagun is there in bhalla house…??…did she came back to Ramans life..??…if so ,wat wil happen with pihu wen ishu comes back…wil she accept ishu…??…i think ,like ruhi, she too love her stepmom more than real mom…so that ekta can make this show more stupid…

  14. Honey (Sarayu)

    Shagun calls pihu also her daughter. That means did she take over ishita’s place. No this should not happen

  15. Pihu is really a drama queen
    She is really a naughty girl in entire family. It’s finally revealed the relationship b|w ishitha Mani and aliya. Nice episode precap is confusion

  16. Aish Joshi

    Ab Ishita ka part toh thin hai aur vo Mani ke saath engaged bhi nahi hai.
    Par Raman ka kya kahen vo Shagun se ek baat fir engaged toh nahi hai…
    Plzz don’t let this happen Raman aur Ishita ek saath hone chaheye…
    And my question is ki kya ab kabhi Raman aur Ishita saath hoenge ab ya nahi…

    • vinlora

      Vivaan and alia are Mani’s sisters kids…Mani took their responsibility. .they are calling him “Mama”…

  17. Ameena

    Ishita and mani r not married I think shogun might have come to take care of pihu but this show is becoming like saathiya because like everyone thinks ruhi is dead like that meets was shown dead and like ishita gone just like that Gopi also left I just want everyone to be together and shagun not becoming a hurdle between the story otherwise it would just get more annoying and hating

  18. Ameena

    I don’t think Mrs. Ballah would let Raman shagun get married or engaged because she still loves and thinks positive about ishita and I don’t think Raman would want to get together with shagun again because he’s heart broken

  19. SIndhu

    HI Rithu and the rest of YYM fans. Introducing the leap is fine but a lot of people have asked why introduce the leap and separation suddenly. People wanted the leap and separation to be introduced gradually so I guess many have not digested the content of the story very much and it is true in the reality sense. Though there was a lot of talk about leap and separation, it does not throw a person off balance when leap and separation is introduced all in one episode. If they have done it gradually, I think audience would be able to accept it slowly. Well one thing was sure right, they did shoot it in Australia as my friend at the Australian embassy confirmed two weeks ago and I also mentioned it on telly updates. I should try to ask her whether she knows anything about Raman coming to Australia in search of Ishita or he goes to Dubai. If i do know anything, I will update here. I think it will be the grown up Adi reuniting Ravan Kumar and Madrasan. One thing is clear that Ishita still loves Raman if not she would have married Mani to show her gratitude. Raman too still loves Ishita if not he also would have married Shagun for Pihu’s sake. I don’t think Pihu will join Raman and Ishita but Adi. Pihu does not even know that Ishita exists unless Shagun has shown pictures of Ishita and told her that Ishita is a her real mum. Perhaps Ekta is going to bring some of the old scenes of season 1, 2 and 3 where Raman was really the Ravan Kumar and shows his hatred and maybe Adi will try some ways and means to make sure Isihta meets Raman and create opportunities for them to be together. In that process maybe Adi might fall in love with Aaliya. Ekta loves to replicate some of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie such as Dilwale where both SRK’s brother and Kajol’s sister will reunite them after they hated each other. It is only my guess that perhaps the story might go this way. There could be some funny along with angry moments of Raman and Ishita. Who knows Adi may enlist help from Iyers and Bhallas to help him to reunite this couple. But I very strongly believe the it will be the grown up Adi reuniting them as Ekta may give him a prominent role I think. Do you think you agree with me people?

    • Samaira Kapoor

      U seem to have forgotten the fact tht Raman n the bhalla family is not yet aware of the fact tht ishita is alive!!

  20. Mani had a son and a daughter. I remember it clearly. In one of the episode he said to a man that his sister son and daughter are the asset of his life whom he is living for. He just said it once that too to a stranger. If any one had watched yhm from the beginning without living a single episode then they might remember it. I really thought that day that why aren’t they showing his daughter. Ekta mam is great she really showed what Mani just told casually that day. That’s why she is the television Queen. I salute u Ekta mam.

  21. shivani

    Yah sindhu i agree with u…one side adi wil try to reunite his parents…on the other side ruhaan wil create problems in ishu-ramans life…

  22. Siddhi

    Shagun n Raman didn’t marry they will live with bhalla family n pihu call them as her parents n Raman is not living with bhalla family

    • V P

      Thats the way it should be Siddhi … If cvs can make it like that … ishrus bond … unconditional and Raman repending without Ishitha … still chances to nake positive . at the end coming to know Ruhi is alive will remove Ishithas guilt and Still dont know about Ishithas stand on Raman …

  23. V P

    Its a miracle how Mani came to save Ishitha . Mani Abhimanyu was Ishithas very old friend and he was having his sisters son and daughter with him . becoz he had to take care of them , he was not married . All ok a good friend is always more than anybody in anyones life . so that is acceptable but how comw he came running to save Ishitha ? we are happy Ishitha is not married , not able accept Pihu and I was sure about Shaghun entering …. Now we have to see our Raavan kumars state with out his JKR …. he must be totally repending …. Adi will try to unite Ishra …. but the beauty is gone … not getting that pulse while watching the episode ….

  24. meghana

    whr is d story gng yarrrrr ishu is with mani ok bt hw will mani come and save ishu is this any kind of mantras serial ruhi is oly ruhi bt this pihus character is nt at all good.we got habituated to see ruhanika as we cant take ruhi as pihu…nd whr is raman i want to see him. eagerly w8tng for raman…..!ishu makeup is nt at all good looking

  25. Sayujya

    Glad…it’s Mani and not Abhishek or subbu…Mani is the one who has always stood by Ishita’s and given her selfless love..Though Raman has given all sort of madly in love dialogues..he hurts her at every point…and for the latest debacle he had no right to blame Ishita as it was his foolish plan..just please don’t show that he is still angry with Ishita…it would be good if he is shown repenting and searching for Ishita…
    All this said but still could not bear an ishita-mani marriage or definitely no shagun-raman marriage.

  26. V P

    Here friendship is valued more than anything …. Mani and Ishu …. but how Mani came to save Ishu is yet to know . ishitha will not marry …. her character is such she knows where to draw the line . Raman on the other hand doesnt know the limits …. too much freedom is given to Shaghun and Nidhi too ….. How can he allow Nidhi to sleep in their bed room …. anyways gone case … Pihu is Ishras daughter …. appreciated if cvs cud bring her upto a vegeterian like Ishitha … pakka Iyer style …. atleast for the viewers to feel Ishras child …Cvs atleast respected our request of keeping Ruhi …. the girl to be afored for her acting …. now only hoping against our Ruhi with Nidhi ….. cant imagine her hating her Ishima … a small mistake of Ishitha …. makes her to live on the guilt …. how can she be back without Ruhi and Raman …. so much she is insulted …. lets wait and see whats there for us tomorrow ….just be cool Rithu Shivani and all …. we will be forced to accept whatever rubbish cvs make … I can no way accept Shaghun …,

  27. I don’t think adi will be the one reuniting them, cause it said that he will resurface as an angry young man, perhaps he will also blame ishita for Ruhi’s death and one other thing I think he will be the one to find out that ishi mom is still alive as he will be close to Aaliya…or maybe one of the kids will visit a dentist only to find out that the one whom is helping is ishita herself but ishita won’t recognize any of them….who knows wat the makers might come with….though can’t wait for Raman’s entry but all the fun will end when Nidhi herself comes back n spoil the show

  28. Anakha

    Episode was good…eventhough i love ruhanika as ruhi still i love pihu..the drama queen..i hope pihu will bring some enjoyment in the revenge,hatred,pain filled life’s of many..ishita,raman,iyer’s,bhalla’s…ruhanika will remain in our hearts as ruhi always and i hope aditi will be able to entertain as ruhi after this track…i’m excited to know about mihika..hope it will be revealed soon…

  29. Anakha

    FATE… Shagun’s child(ruhi)loved ishita(stepmom)and ishita looked after her…Ishita’s child(pihu)loves shagun(surrogate mom)and shagun looks after her…

  30. agar makers ko leap aur seperation laana hi tha toh 6 months ka laana tha . atleast ishitha raman sab old toh nahi lagthe .mani dekhne mein waise ka waisa hai lekin baki sab old lag rahe hai . ek hi jhatke mein poora show kharaab kar diya .ishitha giri aur turanth mani aaya .usse kaise patha ki ishitha girne wali hai . lekin mani bahuth accha insaan hai .ishitha ki jaan bachaayi aur uski jaan bachaane ke liye apni jaan ki parvah naa ki aur saath saal pareshaani mein guzaara . lekin leap ko laane ki zaroorath hi kya hai jab trp high thi aur sabhi viewers leap aur seperation ke agqinst the . yeh badi ruhi aur uska ishitha ki taraf nafrath sab ghatia story hai kyunki yeh sab baki serials mein aa hi chuka hai.

  31. Anakha

    I think raman and shagun are not married…shagun may or may not be married to manoj,she just take care of pihu and bhallas same as how ishita looked after them when shagun left…i think shagun got a chance to repent and rectify her mistakes..and i think shagun will not enter raman’s life as she valued ishita’s and raman’s relationship…i really like anita hassandani in both negative and positive roles

  32. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has been creating a lot hype surrounding the storyline post the leap. The viewers are left confused with the current episodes as the leap was introduced suddenly with so many questions still left to be answered.
    In the coming episodes, audience will be left with shock when Pihu will address Shagun as her mother who will be living in Bhalla house. It will be shown as Shagun is being married to Raman but soon it will be revealed that they both are not married to each other. Also rumour has it that Raman is not living with Bhallas. Shagun and Manoj are living with the family, and Pihu call them as her parents.Though it is not be confirmed, and we will try to bring more info on this confusion. Stay tuned.

  33. ab agar leap aur seperation ke baad bhi in makers ne reunion dher kar di toh aur backwaaz ho jaayega yeh show.waise abhi bhi yeh show backwaaz hi hai .leap jo ho gaya.

  34. patha nahi ishitha ne
    uss nikamme acp ko kyu bulaaya .
    woh aur uska team asaani se ruhi
    ko bachaa sakthe the lekin
    bewakoof log acp ho ya police .
    nikamme rahe gaye.

    Shagun will take place of Ishita after Raman bhalla and Ishita get separated.
    She might not marry Manoj and sacrifice her love to take care of Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) family. With Sarika’s (Sarika Dhillon) evil presence in the house, Shagun step in to hold back the broken family together.
    Shagun (anita) would be deeply hurt with Raman and Ishita separation.
    As popular in Ekta’s show, Adi will grow up to be an angry young man…

  36. raman ne ishitha pe
    blame daal diya ki jab se woh uski
    zindagi mein aayi hai tab se
    problems hai . toh agar woh shaadi
    nahi kartha toh ruhi ki custody
    shagun ko milthi . problems ishitha
    ki wajah se nahi balki problems
    raman ki wajah se hai .ashok sarika
    param shagun etc .jo bhi aaye sab
    raman ke dushman the .ishitha ne
    raman aur adi ruhi ko bachaane ke
    liye kya kuch nahi kiya phir bhi
    raman ne sabhi blame ishitha pe
    daal di .

  37. Edel

    Ishita is a very nice lady, but the writers have made her character one that attracts ill luck for those that ❤ her. That alone can make anyone depressed. When is she supposed to find peace and happiness?

  38. Vijji

    How come no one talks about Ruhi except Bhalla Aunty. Even Ishitha is thinking about her daughter and not Ruhi. I cannot understand, how did she even send Ruhi to Nidhi. She did not even talk to Ruhi about it and how she can escape. The whole idea of Ishima and Ruhi bond which is the backbone to the story seems to be destroyed. Now Ishitha thinks only about her daughter and not Ruhi and Adi?.?? What the hell is it?

  39. At start of yhm ishita look after daughter of shagun and raman . Now after 2 years in real and 7 years in show shagun of looking after ishita and raman’s daughter . coincidence ??? Or opposition of yhm

  40. diya

    episode b great ….. pihu is supper cute ..but i miss ruhi ….. no shagun is nt married to raman . nd i dont think she stays with the iyers either . more than ny thng am xcited to she ashok post leap . nd am glad that person is mani .i really love his character . a true gentle man he is . precape was kinda shocking . lets c wt hppns tmrw .
    p.s – i think xpt a few mst of r cmntng on the basis of the WU. well , let me tell u mani is still a bchelor and aliya and vivan are his late sister’s children . alia called him mani mama . u mst hv hrd it . well postleap , things r getting interestng .though i miss my old yhm alot!

  41. Shiana63

    Once again ekta kapoor does not disappoint. She went the usual “assumed dead, come back alive years later”. Doesn’t it seem like the track from salty nibhanya…..Ruhi is going to come back hating ishita and the usual. Yeh hai moh…. Started off so beautifully but sadly hasn’t shifted away from the same situations. Different setting,different families same old stories and we still keep watching!!!

  42. Sachie

    Hey rithu, diya and my all yhm friends, good morning! First
    I hated a leap or separation. But now I think after a sad thing , a happy thing follows. It will be overwhelming happiness, when families meet ishu again, who is a died person to them.

    But I don’t like to see ruhi hates her ishima.
    Hope ishu mani and children come to India soon.
    And where is this raavan Kumar? I didn’t expect such words from him which leads ishu to suffer a lot.
    It seems to be a start in season 2 of ishru story. Feel like same situations of Raman and pihu will happen as we saw in Raman and ruhis relationship at the beginning of yhm.

    But sometimes it seems impossible things happening, like how Mani comes on same road and see ishus suicide attempt, pihu baby kidnapping.
    Anyway I want my old yhm soon, hard to control my eagerness to watch how their appearance changed, so I may start to watch it again after some days when all situations uncovered after the leap.
    Hey friends what do you think?

    I didn’t want a leap, but I’m happy that last crap situation is no more, although the outcomes of it will be seen in near future.(ruhaan and raavan Kumar)
    Hope the ishraruadipihu will unite soon.

  43. Lavanya

    Yeh hai mohabbatein Wikipedia it is written that

    It is shown that Ishita is alive in Australia. It is revealed that Ishita’s childhood bestfriend Abhimanyu, had saved her from drowing but had met with an accident in the process and now cannot walk. In order to make him better, Ishita, Mani and his niece, Aaliya, and nephew Nirvan moved to Australia. Aaliya and Nirvan had lost their parents and as Ishu and Mani took care of them like parents they now call them “Amma” and “Appa” but Ishu and Mani are not actually married. It is also shown that Raman and Ishita’s daughter has grown up to look exactly like Ruhi, when she was younger, and is named Pihu. Pihu lives with Raman and the rest of the Bhalla family, who still lives in Delhi. Raman had married Shagun again for Pihu’s sake and now Pihu thinks Shagun is her real mother.

    • Lavanya

      . No I don’t want that shagun and Raman married I have seen yesterday episode on hotstar I have seen Kal Dekhiye I saw that shagun new sinduur lagega tha may be she is married to Raman

    • diya

      no raman is not married to shagun .wikidepia keeps on making changes … it will appearently showd that raman married shagun .but i dnt thnk .cz raman is still stuck in his past .nd wt abt manoj .last time Wikipedia said shagun’s twin sister will come . a spoiler confirmed it that raman is nt married to shagun

  44. shivani

    Waiting for the grand entry of kp….guyz do u think that he should be shown as a guilty person..?? someone commented that he should be shown as a guilty person rather than as an angry man…thats why m asking you….i knw because of his stupid plan he lost his daughter..because of his anger his wife committed suicide.. and Raman was always like this..if u watch the previous episodes then u’ll understand that whenever he is angry he burst out at ishita without thinking wat he is saying…after that he will feel guilt and wil say sorry to her….but this time she is no more to say sorry…so in this way he can be shown as a guilty person…but i have to agree one more thing that raman is not the one and only responsible person for all this incidents…ishita too is resposible… whatever he said to her is neither fully right nor fully wrong…because he strictly warned ishu not to interfere in pallavi’s life…but she did…nd all these incidents are the aftereffects of chadda’s murder case…right..??…and evil nidhi got a chance to take revenge from raman…nd she has done wat she wanted…infact in one episode they showed amma confessing to someone that ishita have a habit of attracting troubles..Raman’s faults lies in his plans(so stupid and illogical) and in his words( so hurtful)…so post leap if writers shows that he is angry with ishita, we cannot blame him…his anger is somewhat justifiable…

    • V P

      Agree with you shivani …. but all started from surrogancy …. for that I just wont support Raman . And Ishitha , being a strong person moved on her life … but she will never do wrong things …. And she is in guilty for Ruhi …. she was telling that to Aalia plus she is deprived of pampeing that child too . 100 percent her move to exchange was wrong but Raman insisted and then she took precaution asking Romi ana Acp …. The police did not react on time …. as I always tell end if the day serials …. Shaghun in Ramans life …, che che that was the whole plan ….I really like Anita but she was simply too good as negative …. True she has no intention in spoiling Ishras life …. but many things what they show cant be accepted …There was no need of the leap …. cant see Raman repending or in anger mood …he is shown as a weak person from beginning …. how he is a CEO …. really wonder … Plus a very big request to Cvs ….inspire people to watch serials and learn to live pisitively . Every bodys life both vibes are here , how to come out of it neatly is important not taking revenge or murdering …. Bhallas is the only family living like this … today a big problem … tomorrow a big party … Really miss old Yhm …. Hi all whatever comes we have to accept it . Ishithas case we are happy … our Ruhi ? our Raman ? we dont want them too negative …, I know I am the oldest here in this group but feel very young at heart reading your comments … a big hi to all …. Rithu … Shivani … Sindhu .Diya all tc and be cool

  45. reshma

    hi rithu, I left watching the show.. am just reading updates.. i think shagun is married to manoj.. and Raman left for USA.. I have read this in some YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN Facebook page…. I just wanted to confirm whether he is really in USA or just a gossip… after watching his pics clearly,(in pic background many USA residents have been there) I feel he flew to USA…
    so, the same story of little RUHI is being repeated with PIHU… father away/mother left… So, no more comments.. I’ll post those pics link soon

      • reshma

        diya…. I didn’t like the track chadda’s murder, nidhi’s entry… So, many questions were left like that and sudden leap, ruhi(ruhaanika) now as pihu… I didn’t like this at all…. let’s see if any interesting thing comes in the track, then I may watch… but totally disappointed… 🙁 🙁

  46. tharindi

    wish ruhi never died………..she was the breath of the show,though pihu came…….coz ruhi loves ishita than her life! and pihu doesn`t even know her mother!

  47. jinal

    story bekar kar di h sabko separate karke..

    ab sab thik ho bhi jaye tb bhi old yhm jitna maza nahi ayegi…

    ruhi’s role was better than pihu..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.