Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi doing the ad and does not remember the lines well. The director says she can do it and makes her recall. Ruhi does it again and not good. He asks her to keep doing it again and again till she does well. Ruhi gets sad. He asks her to understand and pay attention. He asks what casting they do, she is not able to say two lines. Raman comes and asks is this way to talk to a girl and holds Ruhi. The man asks who is he. Raman says I m her father, I will stop your shooting. The man says I m doing my work. Raman says even I do work, talk to her well. The man asks why did he make her do modeling if he worries so much.

Raman scolds the man and the man argues with him. Mihir and Ishita try to find Ruhi. Ishita says Ruhi has to be here, I m hjaving intuition. Raman says

Ruhi won’t work. The man says Ashok hired me, not you, you are project head, if you don’t cooperate then… Raman says I don’t care. The man says I will inform Ashok and he will handle. Ruhi holds Raman’s hand and recalls Shagun’s words and says she will work. She asks Raman to go and says uncle I will do, I will not be scared. Raman says no need to be scared, come with me. Ruhi says no, I will do and makes Raman go. The man says your daughter is more sensible than you. Ishita and Mihir come and look on. Ruhi acts well and they all clap for her. Raman turns and sees Ishita and Mihir. He asks you here. She says I should ask you, there has to be some reason that you did not tell me you work in Ashok’s company.

He says I m sorry. Ishita goes out. Raman says Mihir I will talk to her. Ishita says what will happen if you sorry everytime, you always lie. Raman says he did not have any option, Malhotra blocked him. Shagun comes and sees them. She says they can do any drama, if Ashok sees this… Ishita says I can handle things, I lost Ruhi as you have hidden truths, you think I will feel bad, even today I m feeling bad. He says sorry. Shagun hides and looks on. Ishita says we are getting away because of this habit of yours. Raman says sorry. She asks him to hold her feet and apologize. He says one is broken. She smiles and asks him to be with Ruhi, and not lie next time. He promises and takes her. Shagun says sorry Ishita, you have to take tension, you both united for Ruhi and now you both will be away because of her.

Rinki talks to Mrs. Bhalla and says she has busy schedule, and even Mihir also helps her in studies. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to think of having kids. Rinki says I have to concentrate on exams. Mrs. Bhalla asks does Mihir love you. Rinki gets his call and says she will ask him and say. Mihir talks to her and she asks about shoot. He says Raman managed everything, and says shall we go out tomorrow. She says I just love chaat. He says I was thinking to take Mihika along, I mean she will feel better. Rinki says fine. He says please convince her, she will not listen easily, talk to her, she loves chaat. She says fine, I m working, I will call later. Mrs. Bhalla sees her sad. Rinki leaves.

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Ashok comes to check the shoot and calls the production manager why did the work stop. The man says costume change. Ashok scolds him and sees Raman and Ishita. He asks him to kick our unwanted crowd. Ishita says my daughter is model here, and my husband is responsible for this shoot, you don’t act, don’t do the drama. She scares him about laws to handle child artists. Raman asks her to see how tensed is his boss. Media is after him already, if they know he is scolding the kid, not good, I will tell them where he got beaten up, and asks Ashok should I.

Ashok gets angry and leaves. Raman says I have to make a phone call, go home with Mihir. Ishita says she will see Ruhi once and goes to meet her. Ruhi says see you left me alone, I missed school, I had elocution competition,m everyone forgot to drop me school, Shagun did makeup and got me here, I know you and Papa love Adi, so exchanged me. Ishita says its not like that and they cry. Kaise mai bataun ye………. Ruhi hugs their pic and cries. Ishita asks her not to cry and Shagun stops her. She sends Ruhi for the shot. Ruhi leaves.

Ishita stops Shagun and says you might be satisfied to make Ruhi away from me, but how can you use her for your luxuries, she deserves to be free, you are her real mum, can’t you see she don’t like this, she loves to study, she had elocution competition, you made her miss it, how can you make her work as labor for you, you don’t know to do your responsibility, this is very bad. Mihir says lets go. Ishita asks Shagun to end this in three days and then Ruhi will go school. Shagun says she does not anything than giving lecture, I just snatched Ruhi, lets see what happens next.

Raman comes to Ishita and says he has a surprise for her. She says I don’t want. He says fine and plays the video. She hears Ruhi saying her mumma is world’s best mumma, her name is Ishita Bhalla. She checks the video and smiles seeing Ruhi say positive things about her. Ruhi says I feel everything is fine with her, when she goes I feel I m alone, she says those who love is always in heart, we think about each other, I love you Ishi Maa. She happily cries and asks when this. He says Ruhi’s director asked her to say any essay and she said, I have sent her teacher this and she took part in essay competition after shoot. She gets glad and says you trouble a lot and also give most happiness. He says three days, I promise Ruhi will be with us. She sees it again and smiles. He sees her happy and gets thinking. She says she loves me.

Ishita sends tiffin for Ruhi. Raman smiles and takes it. He stays with Ruhi at shoot and talks to Ishita on phone. Amma consoles Mihika. Days passes. Amma does tilak to Mihika and Ishita and Raman share Ruhi’s updates. Rinki gets sad seeing Mihir and Mihika together. Raman asks Ishita to trust her, he cares for her. She asks will he give what she asks. He asks what does she want. She says its puja day after tomorrow, if you can… He says its not possible. She asks him to get Ruhi for few hours. He says Shagun won’t allow, shoot is going on. She asks him to try. He says it won’t workout. He gets a call and smiles. He says fine, unbelievable. She asks what. He says I will not say but show, have patience.

He calls out everyone and says there is a surprise, guess who is coming, Ruhi’s fav. They all ask who. He says see there…. They all see the Ruhi’s friend, the dog Muttu Swami.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hii angel kaisi ho. .tumhari picnic kaisi rahi. .bahut enjoy kiya hogana. .

    1. Maha movie kab hai??

  2. Haan mizun bohut enjoy kiya par maar bhi bohut pade mai mountain par chadi thi neeche utarte wakht pair slip hogaya par maza bohut aaya

    1. Pehle jab IshRaRuh shopping pe gaye the tab ishita ko bachane k liye kaha tha ki. .ishita ko kleptomania ki bimari hai. .aur iss scene main bhi ishita raman ..unn ladiesse bachane k liye kaha ki raman ko psycopath hai. ….bahut maza aaye ga dekhne mein

  3. Aaaye…….haaaye………Ishita ke sajanaa….use Navratri puja me beautiful dikhne me help kar rage hai…….Raman Ishita ko ready hone me help kar raha hai….uss ke balo me gajraa laga raha hai… yaar….waiting for this scene…….

  4. Aaye haaye…..Ishita ne pehli baar Raman ko kiss kiya……

  5. Awwwwwwww ishita ne raman ko first time kiss kiya. …….

  6. Are yaar wait nahin hota iss episode ka. ..aaj toh IshRa ne. ..hume surprise kardiya. .yaar. ..

  7. Aane wale episodes rocking hone wale hai. ..

  8. Yaar…….jis Mall me IshRa shopping karne gaye…waha hum kyo nahi the…….hume bhi IshRa se milna hai…..

  9. OMG ……aaj …3 din baad SBS SBB me news aai……& kya rocking news hai yaar………Ishita ka 1st kiss…….wow…..

    1. Yes ishita ka first kiss. .raman k liye. ..jab bhi ruhi ishra k sath hoti hai. …..sare ghar mein khushiyan aajati hai. …..kash kal hi ye. .special episode aajaye. ….

  10. Haaye……dekho…..vecatio shuru….& YHM ka happy wala treck bhi shuru….bas aise hi happy happy show banaye rakhna…….

  11. Are prayu. .ye sbb & sbs wala video main miss karne wali thi. .jaise hi. .tumhara comment pada. .tabhi maine sbb laga ya…aur yhm segment aaraha tha. Ki ishita ramsn ko kya kiss karrahi hai. ..but maine sbs ka segment miss kardiya. .

  12. Arre wow wt a surprise aww cant wait for upcoming episode

  13. jab bhi sbs & sbb aata hai koi na koi dhamaka kar hi deta hai…..

  14. Are Mizun….pehle SBB me aaya….baad me SBS me aaya tha…..

  15. Wahi toh sbb dekhi par sbb laga ya toh sirf ending ka hi dekhi. ..pura nahin dekha. .

  16. Hey video dekhe. .IshRa shopping k liye gaye hai. ..raman ishita ko bulane k liye sity maari toh sari ladies ne uss ko gussa kiya ki woh ek toh sity mari uper se aunty bhi kaha. ..sari ladies raman par kharcha pani lekar Chad gayi par ishita ne aakar usse bacha liya. …

  17. ** Video: News nation Segment ( 3rd April ) ***

    –> Ruhi to come Bhalla house for Kanjak Puja

    ( W.U. by: Aani )

    the bhallas are really happy as Ruhi is going to come home for Kanjak pooja. Ishita is getting ready chirping away happily when Raman comes and helps her pin the gajra in her hair. They talk a bit but the music was playing so couldn’t make out the lines He keeps a red suit on her lap before leaving the room and Ishita hugs it as it’s supposed to be the gift Ruhi would get in the pooja she is saying I cant wait for you to come please hurry up

    Raman pets Muthu and toshi aunty talks with Amma about how Ishita is so happy because Ruhi is coming home. Ishita comes to the kitchen and starts making halwa puri for Ruhi since she loves it Simi protest and asks her to leave but Ishita doesn’t budge and they compromise in the end Ishita fries the purisand Simi rolls them

    A short byte of Divyanka is shown where she says that every mother love to feed her child and since Ruhi loves the halwa puri I make how could I not make them for her she also said that Raman was being sweet and romantic to her since a lot has happened in these days and he wants her to be happy

    A scene in a car with a green screen was also shown where Raman was driving and Ishita sat beside him as they return from shopping for Ruhi she is very happy and so is Raman they are probably bickering but sweetly when she leaps from her seat and leans over to give Raman a kiss on the cheek. He asks her to settle down as people are looking but she just laughs

  18. Haha bechara raman apni biwi ko dundne chala aur khud phas gaya

  19. Aaj ka sbb , sbs and u me aur tv sare segments bohot ache the

  20. Viewers can rejoice as Ruhi will be
    back to her family and her Ishima but
    for now, it will only for one day. She
    will come to Bhalla house for Kanjak
    pooja. Ishita will be very excited and
    happy after she gets to know this and
    starts to do arrangement for return of
    her daughter. She will also go
    shopping with Raman to get new
    clothes for Ruhi.
    While shopping in the mall, Raman will
    whistle to Ishita to get her attention
    but the ladies there will
    misunderstand and thinks that Raman
    is teasing the other ladies in the mall.
    Ishita will come as Raman’s savior in
    this and get him out of this. It will be a
    funny and lighthearted sequences
    which viewers will enjoy after a long
    While another happy news for the
    fans is that Ishita will kiss Raman to
    thank him for getting Ruhi to her for
    some time. It seems like makers of the
    show are trying to their best to get
    back the viewers who lost their
    interest in the show.

  21. Abhi aaya yhm apne best track mai

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