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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman shouting on Aaliya for a simple error. He fires her from the job. Mihir goes to Aaliya and tries to talk. She says I will go, Mani was angry and realized his mistake, he went to apologize to Raman, but how could he raise hand. Mihir apologizes to her. Adi comes and talks to Aaliya. She gets silent and leaves. Adi asks what happened here and goes to Raman. He asks Raman why are you behaving this way with Aaliya, how can you fire her from job, it was Mani’s mistake, not hers, even she has gone through a lot. Raman asks what about my daughter, Mani’s decision has snatched my daughter from me, if you want to leave, the doors are open, you can leave. Adi says fair enough and leaves. He goes to Aaliya and apologizes.

Aaliya says I think I should be with

Appa, he needs me. Adi asks her to give termination letter. She says no, your Papa fired me and I don’t want you and me to go against his decision, he needs you and Appa needs me. Adi says sorry from his side, don’t get annoyed. Ishita looks on, and gets Aaliya and Adi back to office. Raman asks why did you get her back. Ishita says you gave this work responsibility to me, Aaliya and Adi are imp for my project, Aaliya did a lot, I m sorry, I can’t let them go, I won’t let my business suffer because of emotions. He asks will you go against me for her.

She says sorry, I won’t support wrong, you have problem with Mani, vent out anger on Mani, not Aaliya, you were against Adi, but Aaliya supported and believed Adi, why are you getting angry on her, I will decide about her, I want my team, sorry. He says I hope you know what you are doing, Pihu got away from us because of your friend, even you are responsible, you trusted your friend a lot, whats this justice, daughter for a daughter, this is my world, my decisions will work here, I won’t let you interfere. He leaves. Ishita says I think we should focus on work, everything else is just distraction, lets get back to work, Adi and Aaliya leave. Ishita worries for Raman.

Shagun asks Ashok to help her, Mani can’t get against me. Ashok asks who do you think I m to manage your scandals. She says politician, Mani is stupid, Raman and Ishita kicked him out, he wants me to return Pihu, he went to apologize to them. He says you mean Mani and Raman fought, I got an idea, this idea will destroy their lives.

Raman drinks at the bar and cries. He calls Pihu and says I miss you. She says I miss you too, I came at my friend’s place for nightout. He asks why don’t you call me. She says mumma says if I call you, you will take me, but I don’t want to stay with Ishita aunty. He asks are you happy there. She says yes, everyone is so good, I went on nature’s trip with mumma and missed you, Mani and Aaliya are really good, Mani took me to Chinese restaurant too. Her friends call her and she ends call. Raman cries and gets angry thinking of Mani’s words. He says he is pleasing my daughter and Ishita is supporting him too.

He gets a call and Raman says call me later. The man says I had to just confirm it, its verification call about Abhimanyu, he applied for loan and you have to give guarantee. Raman says I can’t give guarantee, he is a cheap man, he will not repay the amount. Raman ends call and says I will take revenge from Mani, as Ishita said.

A girl comes to Mani’s house and says I m trainee in your company, I need your sign. He says I did not see you. She says manager will fire me, don’t call him, I m only earning person in my house. He says fine, sit, show me the papers. She coughs. He goes to get water for her. She starts shouting and says Sir, don’t come close. Shagun comes and says calm down, stop crying. The girl says Mam, save me, don’t know what your husband wants to do with me. Mani gets shocked. Shagun asks who are you. The girl says Mani called me home for work and he is doing this. Mani says what nonsense, she is lying, and came here to take signs. The girl says he called me here for interview. Shagun says I know my husband, I trust him, he has daughter of your age, who has sent you, why are you doing this, I will call police and your truth will come out. Mani looks on.

Ishita calls Raman and says why is he not answering. Adi asks Ishita to come. Ishita says wait, Raman is not answering and replying messages. Adi says we will go and find him. Aaliya says its all because of you, Amma you should have not stopped me, its not late, I don’t want to suffer. Ishita says nothing will happen, Raman is a kid like Adi, he will apologize to you. Adi gets a call and tells friend that he won’t come. Ishita asks them to go to party and relax, so much happened, go and party. Adi and Aaliya leave. Ishita thinks whats happening to Raman.

Ishita comes home and asks Neelu did Raman come. Neelu says no. Ishita asks about everyone else. Neelu tells her about family members. Ishita worries that Raman did not come home till now. Raman comes in drunken state. Ishita asks whats this, why are you not answering, what happened, are you drunk. He stumbles and she holds him. She asks why did you get overdrunk, you explained Adi. He says I will decide in office, you can’t say anything, I will do what I want. She asks you think this was right, it was professional decision, this is home. He asks who broke this house. She asks did I break…. Ruhi says stop it, I m making video for Pihu to show how much we miss her, and you both are fighting like this. Raman says sorry, we will make video for Pihu, I should change, she should not see me like this.

Raman washes face and says I have to make video for Pihu. He cries and gets a shirt which Pihu likes. Ishita looks on and cries. Raman sees Pihu’s pic and says Pihu, see I have worn your fav color shirt, I look like your serial hero, I miss you a lot. Ishita holds him and says Raman… Raman says no, I don’t have to cry, I have to look happy for Pihu.

The girl says Raman Bhalla gave me money to defame you. Mani gets shocked. Raman says Pihu made me away and I made others away from me. Ruhi says you are saying about Ishi Maa right. He cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ankitha

    Hello everyone . I am new to this page . Can I join you all?
    By the way thanks for the update

    1. Tvfan1

      Yea sure
      Please remember to read my ffs too if you want 😉

      1. Ankitha

        100% surely I will read them . Could you tell me the names I will search and read them

    2. Hey Anita . welcome to this site and you can surely join us.

    3. Tvfan1

      It’s love is forever. Thx

    4. I hope raman bhalla dies soon.

      1. Hahaha than who will make the food for pihu because he is her mother and a little child can’t live without her/his mother

  2. Bakwass episode…….

  3. Hi Rithu, ShivanI, Mino, VP,Kiran, Khushi, Monique, Jaz, Az, Siddhi, Bhagya and many Yhm fans.

    Today’s episode is average. Why do the cbs always show Raman in a drunken state? So are they saying the solution to your sorrow is to turn into drinking? Youngsters will follow that example. Raman is the head of the household and he should hold the family together and he is crumbling down. This is insane. Why can’t they show Raman as someone who does cry for Pihu but handles his emotions well not in a drunken state. Instead of fighting back with Shagun to gain custody of Pihu, he is just falling apart. He should look at the next step of reopening the case and suggesting DNA test of Raman Ishita and Pihu. Also try to explain to Pihu the entire story and show their past wedding video or album. Pihu will not accept easily buy at least it will jolt her mind and she will analyse all this. They should not always show Raman as an angry man. After so many years, he is still having anger especially now he has two teenage son and daughter. They should show him as more composed and handle really like a man of the household. Please show Raman in a better light and not in a negative light. Only Ishita becomes the all perfect mother and daughter in law. I really like DT but I think they really should show both working together and not one is drunken and the other always seems so steady in everything. As a couple they should resolve things. These cbs are really morons.

    1. Very True Sindhu. They show Raman as a weak Husband & Ishu as the head of the house . what an Insult. Why he the other day was at Ardi for drinking & coming home now this?? How disgusting for a man to be a suk, No backbone to fight his battles & the wife has to do all the work. They have really ruined Raman’s character. thank God He is doing the part without a fuss. Now he is back to Blaming Ishu. when ever there is a problem he won’t face it like the man of the house but puts the blame on Ishu. & crying ??? why Ok he is sad but does he have to cry like a weak man. Now another drama caused by Shagun abt a rape case just to make Raman & Mani hate each other.
      Did u see someone has really bash the whole serial saying they started well & now it is an unreal story.?? That Ashok & Shagun are real creeps . waiting till they are caught. Pihu must find out for herself otherwise she will never believe what anyone says as she hates Ishu. As u say they should enlighten her who her real parents are. High time it happened without all this rubbish.
      Hi To VP, Shivani , Rithu, Bhagya. AZ. Ardithya. Monique, Khushi . Jaz & All the YHM family Luv to all God Bless

    2. very true Sindhu … totally agree with you … same thing only I too have to comment … both Kp and Dt acted so well Raman as a cry baby … its boring now … just imagine Ishithas sadness … her own daughter hates her …. very cheap way cvs showed defaming Mani … That to Raman sent her it seems … Whatever said and done Raman will never do like this …feeling cheap watching this scene ..

    3. serials are made DAT way with some purpose…

    4. Monique_D

      Hey Sindhu….I haven’t. Watched YHM in weeks as there is no spark in the show anymore thus I’m neglecting my FF as well hope you are well thought.

  4. Welcome Ankitha to our little family of YHM. We sure would like to read your comments.

    1. Ankitha

      Thanks Sindhu

  5. Yesterday there was a coomeny stating that “this drama and comments are stupid” today I feel like stating that about the episode. As Thanusri said it is real Bakwaas episode,.

  6. bakwaas is too good. a term to be used, story line is going from bad to worse.

  7. raman should be shown with a little more patience,dignity. Both isra should solve all issues together, after all both of them are such brilliant actors. Dont waste their talent, by showing them in bad light.Pihu track could wait. Instead, one is going mad after each one. The child will understand if, she is told the proper way. Please punish the guilty. That shagun a mother of three behaving like a spoilt.broken home woman. should be shown her place.

  8. Bullshit…!!!! Nthing left to wtch.

  9. Seems like there will be a raid in Bhalla house by IT dept….saw it in SBS segment

  10. Episode was worst and precap was also worst.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi magic and all yhm friends.

  11. Can’t ishitha leave raman and let him get pihu he asked who broke this house pls ish teach raman a lesson respect yourself what a bad mouth man he is

    1. Yes Devika I too felt better if Ishitha leaves Raman than living in this pain

  12. Why raman is overacting that much wheh ishita being the mother of pihu is strong. How come suddenly raman’s love towards pihu has increased, when ishita was not there he was in the depression for Ruhi, now Pihu…STRANGE. Please change the track

  13. What s hell… drama.. why always blame women what ever happens.. ?! either in house or Office..

  14. Hi all yhm fans . dunno what to comment anymore.cvs have spoilt the entire serial. Negativity just rules.Sick of this track.

  15. Raman Raman Raman-He just knows to insult, shout and drink..Foolish man.
    From start if anyone oppose him only dialogue he says is Its my house or Its my office, so get out or u dont have right like that..
    He used this words to Romi,Ishita and even Adi..
    He almost insults everyone with his vengeful emotion and like fool will cry and drink..Damn hell fool..How will children respect such insane man.

    AS leaps takes place ,writers never ever shown maturity to this dumb character.

  16. Whole show lately so negative, why?

  17. Raman behaving like ruffian towards everyone

  18. Raman went through this kind of situation before as Shagun was brainwashing Adhi. So he faced that crisis better at that time and that time no Ishita was there. Now he has everyone but behaving badly. Anyway, it was his decision to have a surrogate child and he chose Shagun as his child’s surrogate mother. He made Ishita to leave the house. He kept Shagun for 7 years. He did not disclosed that he was married to Ishita and not to Shagun to Pihu. He took off all traces of Ishita from the house. He wanted to marry Shagun to get revenge from Ishita. So all in all Raman Should be blamed for what he is facing now. CV was always making Raman a weak and stupid character.

  19. lol. hahahaahah. is serial k sare buddhe log (raman, mani) to bacho se b jyada bura behave krte h :’D . hahaha. dimag to h hi nahi jese unme.

  20. Why raman is behaving bad with mani shagun is the one for raman condition not mani yes i agree mani supported shagun in custody and he regreted afterwards cvs re showing both mani and raman has childish character now mani will send income tax officer for raid and raman plotting against mani by all these nonsense adi and aliya relationahip will get more spoiled

  21. Fight between Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) over Mani (Sumit Sachdev) in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Simmi gifts Raman-Ishita’s photo frame to Ishita while Ishita is happy seeing photo and shows it to Raman.

    But Raman burns it which makes everyone shocked and Ishita asks Raman what happened to him.

    Raman accuses Ishita for lying to him about went to clinic but she was gone to meet Mani apologizing to him.

    Ishita tells Raman that she did not say sorry to Mani as she went to his house just clear his doubt as a girl was told Mani that Raman sent her to him.

    Raman accuses Ishita that Mani did not let him to meet to his daughter Pihu while Ishita tries to make Raman understand the situation.

    Raman does not listen to Ishita and then Mani angrily enters in Bhalla house and slaps Mani which loses Raman’s cool.

    Ishita gets tensed seeing Raman and Mani’s fight

    Raman and Mani get stuck in major fight while entire family members try to separate them.

    Ishita is panic seeing bitterness is getting increased between Raman d Mani which will be create problem getting Pihu back.

  22. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman (Karan Patel) gets angry over Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya) for meeting Mani

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Raman and Ishita enters into fierce argument.

    Raman is feeling bad that he spoke rudely to Ishita and tries to apologize to her for what all he said in drunk state.

    Ruhi also tries to pacify Raman over loosing Pihu and helps him in apologizing to Ishita.

    Amid all this Raman gets to know that after his fight with Mani, Ishita had gone to meet Mani.

    Raman bursts out in anger and shouts at Ishita for meeting Mani, Ishita is shocked hearing this.

    Ishita-Raman’s fight over Mani

    Ishita is fed up with Raman’s immature behavior post loosing Pihu and asks him to understand the situation.

    Raman accuses Ishita for trusting Mani more then him and says that she trusts her friend more than her husband.

    1. O my god raman have gone mad ishita is doing all the things for raman and his family but raman oh to whom i am blaming all the setting are done by the writer’s but thank you shivani for your comment

      1. No need to say thanks ,magic…
        i am also disappointed with this spoiler….how can raman behave like this…ishita is trying her best to solve his problems..but he blames her….

    2. Hahaha shivani but in the end of such kind of fictitious serial only lead role win so don’t be disappointed becaure writer’s have to show negativity for trp what you say

      1. I agree ……

    3. very didappinting Shivani ..,if spoilers to believe …. I hope there can be a big positive twist after that open letter to star plus by fans … but now its going bad to worse both Ramans and Ishitha …neatly Mani asked forgiveness …no emotions will solve any problems … one cant forget situations … but one is apologizing .. forgive him …totally ruining the show

  23. It’s better to watch Ms Dhoni’s biopic rather than half an hour of fighting and have full 3hrs of entertainment

    1. Shagun deserves to be a mother for pihu because she was the one who gave birth to her and raised her for 7 years wheras that ishita never thought of her at all.she doesn’t have right to snatch her away like dare she!!!

  24. They have started the serial from beginning

  25. Hi yhm fans,today episode is very sad i hope evry one in Raman house be happy again same like yhm fans.i’m very happy to be part of yhm fans.we are family now and forever.have a nice day to everyone.sorry my inglish is wek because i’m half indian and half father is indian and my mother is Brazilian.have a nice day to all of u.

  26. Ankitha welkome to yhm family,i hope u are happy with yhm fans.

  27. shagun has done indeed a great job of creating a beautiful drama I must say.go on and destroy that witch ishitas life like more than hell and u raman wish that they ll arrest u for that.mani should slap triple on adis face for attacking him.i hate ishita like bloddy hell.i agree with Kimberly.where is she

  28. yes spoilers destroying this show should happen because after all this show isn’t real after all.its totally regarded as worlds best no 1 worst show ever.i want to see raman and mani fighting again its gonna become great now.that stupid ruhi is of no good.

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