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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manoj coming to meet Raman. Raman says everyone wnet to temple and Ishita went to kids’ school. He apologizes for not coming to take Shagun’s update since 15 days. Manoj says like you said, I did not tell her about Mihir’s arrest and Rinki’s murder, she can’t conceive if she takes stress. Raman asks when will the reports come. Manoj says today evening, we will know if she gets pregnant.

Raman and Manoj talk about Shagun. Raman tells her likes and her mood swings during Adi’s time. Shagun calls Manoj and she says she is bored at home, she will go for work. Manoj says no, I will come home with reports. Raman recalls the similar incident at Adi’s time and how he used to sing song for her to make her get rid of her boredom at home, she used to ask

him to continue singing her fav song. Raman smiles and Manoj tries to stop Shagun at home. Raman takes the phone and sings Tere mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi…. Jaane tu ya jaane na………….. Ishita comes and looks on teary eyed.

Shagun asks how sweet, you remember. He says you get peace by this song, stay at home, do as Manoj said. She says fine. Manoj says you handled her easily, I will leave, take care. They see Ishita there. Manoj apologizes for whatever happened and leaves. Ishita tells Raman that she was talking to Ruhi’s school, teacher said Ruhi does not look at me, I know Ruhi went on Raman, and she asked me which of my habit matches with Ruhi, I said nothing, I did not give her birth, teacher thought I adopted her, and I said Ruhi adopted me so I have become her Ishi Maa. Raman thinks our child will come in the world soon, who will have all your qualities. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays……….he silently leaves. She says he has time to sing song for Shagun, and not talk to me, why this change. She gets sad.

Mihika talks to Abhishek and says its 15 days now, why such long time for bail. Abhishek says its murder case, how can I leave Mihir, he is prime suspect. She says its your mistake, you could not catch the real culprit, so innocent man is there. He says Mihir is there for a reason, court will judge if he is innocent, I m doing my duty. She cries and defends Mihir.

She says Mihir is silent as he is innocent, did he say anything, nothing, he is broken as Raman feels Mihir killed Rinki, Raman is not trusting him, please get him bailed. He asks am I having fun keeping him in jail, I can’t help, you know judicial system, I m sorry, I m helpless. She argues and he says this is not fair, whats my fault, I m your friend, this does not mean you behave such. She says thanks for clearing my misunderstanding ACP Sir, I will behave as a stranger. She leaves. He says she won’t understand.

Ashok and Suraj have a talk at home about Raman and Mihir’s Ram Laxman Jodi broken, Raman’s heart did not melt for Mihir till now. Suraj says Raman’s sister died and he doubts Mihir killed her. Ashok says but Mihir is Shagun’s brother, I wonder why did she not do anything, does she know it or not. Suraj says we want this deal, focus on business. Ashok says you manage it, this is more imp, Shagun will not be quiet, I will go and apply tadka in Raman’s life, all the best. He leaves. Suraj wonders what will happen of this Ashok.

Manoj is nervous as its Shagun’s report and checks it. He gets glad seeing its positive and tells the nurse. Ashok comes there and looks on. Manoj asks nurse to get flowers and cake ready, he will give this good news to Shagun. Ashok asks what good news. Manoj asks him to leave. Ashok says chill, I want to know if this news is related to Shagun. Manoj asks him to just leave. Ashok leaves and says this doctor got much attitude, what can be good news about Shagun, I have to meet Shagun and know it.

Bala brings flowers and says I m happy, Vandu is coming after long time. He gets Vandu’s call and asks train timings. He gets sad knowing she is not coming, and 4 days are not fair. He asks her to do her work and ends call. He throws the flowers and leaves.

Ashok comes to meet Shagun and says you are fine, I thought you are ill. She says get lost. He says I m always concerned for you, I m surprised you are at home. She says just leave, I don’t want to hear. He asks about Mihir. She asks what happened to him. He asks did they hide this, Mihir is in jail since 15 days. She gets shocked. He says Rinki is murdered and blame is on Mihir, Raman has blamed him, that’s so sad, tv and papers have this news, so where are you, did you not see. She cries and leaves to see Mihir.

Mihika comes home. Ishita asks are you fine. Mihika says its 15 days, Mihir is still in jail, I try to get bail for him, its frustrating, if Raman brings him out.. Ishita says you know Raman, he is not listening, I tried a lot. Mihika says its so unfair, Mihir is innocent. Ishita says I know, but situation is not in our hands, I m going to meet Mihir, will you come along. Mihika asks her to go. Ishita hugs her and asks her to take care. She leaves. Mihika says I wish Mihir had any loved one, who would get him bail out.

Shagun meets Abhishek and asks how can he put Mihir in jail. Ishita comes there and looks on. Abhishek says he has murder charge. Shagun says he is my brother, he can’t do this. Manoj comes there. Shagun shouts and faints. Abhishek asks anyone to get water. Manoj says stress is not good for her, she is pregnant. Ishita gets shocked. Manoj sprinkles water on Shagun and makes her drink water. He asks is she mad, if anything happened to her, she is forgetting she is pregnant. Abhishek asks shall I call ambulance. Manoj says no need, I m a doctor. He takes Shagun from there. Ishita hides and thinks. She says Shagun is pregnant, whose child is this?

Raman says he lost Rinki, and also his baby, now this baby is the last hope. He begs to Shagun to take care of baby. She says I will take care of baby, but please free Mihir from jail.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. worst episode .ishitha raman se mihir ko chudaane ki bheek maang rahi thi aur ro rahi thi toh raman ne ek nahi suna ab shagun ne ro liya aur bheek maang liya toh raman maan gaya .wah bhai kamaal kar diya raman bhalla ne toh .horrible dumb man.

  2. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is intriguing the audience with it’s interesting twists and turns in every episode.

    As seen Raman found out that Rinki was dead and was probably murdered. He consoled his family members and told Ishita that he suspected Kumar of killing Rinki. Later however, Raman learnt that it wasn’t Kumar who was the culprit.

    Ishita on the other hand stated that she would bring Mihir home as he needed to be around family. She entered him room and began packing his clothes, when she found a ticket showing Mihir’s arrival date, two days early. The episode ended with Ishita wondering as to why Mihir had come to India two days ago and not informed anybody.

    However, Raman handovers Mihir to police station police and they suspect Mihir of killing Rinki and will put him in jail where he will be tortured. Mihir will however maintain that it wasn’t him who killed Rinki and is innocent.

    In the coming episode’s ,Shagun will come to know about Rinky’s murder and Mihir to be in jail.She will beg Raman to release mihir from jail as she firmly believes that he cannot do any harm to Rinky.

    Soon we will adi decides to lighten up his ishima’s mood.He buys a crown for ishima.He brings her to room with closing her eyes and makes her wear that crown.

    After opening her eyes,ishita will be surprised with this beautiful gift and hugs her Adi.

    The Suspense of Rinky’s murder will be soon revealed in the show.Keep reading for more updates.

  3. Shagun’s plan is to get back with Raman, and kick Ishita out !

    Shagun killed Rinki

    Ashok will be framed for the murder – by his brother, who will take over his company 100%

    Mihir will want revenge on Raman, and the 2 will fight, with Shagun in the middle, and it will come out that she is carrying Raman’s baby !

    Ishita will not be able to take this, and demands divorce from Raman, and the kids will want to go with her.

    1. is this ur prediction or any spoiler? O.o

      1. Dear @kripe it’s his old habit of spoiling good things! !

  4. It is said by various News sources that coming Episodes Mihika realizes the gun she fired was real and Rinki was dead becoz of her and Mihir who knows this will try to save Mihika
    Bhalla Family will be angry with Mihir trying to defend Mihika when his wife is dead,they put Mihika behind bars,Ishita will take stand for her sister and now its a choice for Ishita ,its either Raman or Mihika,she…

  5. hey guys fb pe likha tha divyanka’s visit to srilanka .is it just a visit or really the shoot of the leap.

    1. Yes Dr to shoot
      Leap is conformed

    2. I am not interested to watch this show anymore ….
      But I can’t leave…..

  6. kuch bhi ho jaaye ishruhdi ko seperate math keejiye makers .plzzzzz…..try and understand the fans.

  7. this show was expected to get shit one day and it is happening now. Ekta runs shows on the concept of misunderstanding and not clearing that air. Leap is not required as the show is not even 2 years old. Raman and IShita did not achieve anything in life.

  8. The epi was going on vry smoothly….hope there z no any leap’s in YHM…n guyz romi has taken a break from the shw so tht he couldnt attend 2 rinki’s funeral and guyz r urll sure tht will there b any leap????plz some tell 2me…

  9. Apna bacha Raman tum ishru k relationship ko kya samjt e ho ishita don’t need a third child Adi n ruhi r enough for her har kisi k heart tumhari tarha chota nahi hota 1 to ye serial show
    Marta Thai that heart relations r. More strong than blood relation n now a days it seems as if only blood relations matters as in mihir casr n as now a days surrogacy track the reason behind yhm still in top10 is only coz of ishru bond not coz of these stupid track s shown now a days n I can even bet that if leave happen than however the new ruhi is talented ishru bond will not be as stronger as now

  10. if ekta loves anita so much,she should have made her the lead actress of the show…writers had an opportunity to end shagun’s character on a gud note…
    BUT NO!
    they just dragged her part unnecessarily and spoiled the show :/
    y don’r raman marry shagun again? :/
    it seems he still has feelings for her -_-
    stupid track :/

  11. the show is really disgusting now……..they’re spoiling it!!!

  12. YHM Lost its charm .plz stop all this unnecessary drama.i hope Ishita don’t take any drastic step without clear her misunderstanding with Raman

  13. you know guyes ,this is good.because raman always hiding things for ishitha and hearting her. this is not good thing for hiding. because this is baby dealing. he wants this tell ishitha before proceeding surrongacy. And also guyes we see raman coming again shagunes life.Also it can be change in raman and shagun love in each other in again. Then ishitha cannot see this because she loves him very much. Then she can divorce raman and go australiya in visit with subbu. raman can go his first love .then also ishitha can go her first love.

    I think it is not wrong.Then later raman will understand his fault. Then it is to late.

    I think subbu can be come husband in better than raman.

    sorry, i telling this.But you know guyes it is good. Raman learn big lesson for this in entire life.

    if this happenig show i like watch it. I apologise again for you and extremly SORRY, VERY SORRY.

  14. Def the show is disgusting . Please stop . I hope Ishitha will want divorce and the kids will go with her . Raman doesn’t deserve to be her husband . When his wife can’t enjoy the pregnancy and motherhood , what is he looking for .

    1. apcelutely right .i agree with you.

  15. show ko barbaad hi kar chuke hai ekta aur uske writers ne .shagun ko itnaa importance dekar ishitha ki character ko kyu laaya .jab raman apne ex -wife ke saath gulcharre udaa raha hai aur sochtha hai yeh sab karke woh ishitha ko khushi dega . sab backwaaz faaltoo harkathe kar raha hai.

  16. yhm has lost its charm.ab toh yeh serial dekhne laayak bhi nahi hai . who the hell raman thinks that ki itnaa badaa decision surrogacy ka woh ishitha se chupaaye . pagal aadmi bada aaya ishitha ko khushiyaan dene wala.

  17. adi is soo good .usne ishitha ko crown pehnaaya aur ishitha ki udaasi ko pehchaan li warna raman ko toh ishitha ki khabhar tak nahi hai .agar inn makers ya ekta ne ishruhadi ko seperate karke yrh ghatia 10 year leap laaya toh seriously koi yhm nahi dekhega aur mein ekta ke koi shows nahi dekhungi aur jo bhi yhm dekhtha ho jiss jiss ko mein jaanthi hoon unhe sirf yhm nahi ekta serials ko hi boycott karne ko kahungi .phir unhe patha chalega ek show ki value jo fans ko unhoone rulaaya.

  18. Really its getting boring day by day.Humlog comment bhi karte hai phir bhi ekta ko jo karna hota hai woh hi karti hai.

  19. Its is better to give divorce to Raman cause he is selfish.It seems that he loves shagun more than ishita In family also no one trying for ishita baby after miscarriage but only Raman . And this baby will make shagun closer to Raman everytime

  20. buss karo ekta aur writers .bade freshness freshness ka prachaar karthe rehtho ho.seedhe seedhe boliye ki you guys lack brains to continue the story without leap .dabh aur matsh bhi leap ke baad trp mein kam ho gaya hai .dabh toh kuch dino trp mein bhi nahi tha .sns ka hit sirf lead actors aur kayi saalon se serial chale aane wajah se hua hai aur usme child actors utnee prominent nahi the jitnaa yhm ke .ishra ki wajah se kabhi yhm ka trp utnaa nahi bada jitnaa sirf ishruh ka ek jhalak agar kam se kam bhi dikhaayenge toh trp top five mein toh ho kar hi rahegi . ab agar leap lenge toh no.1show dabh jo kayii mahino tak no.1hi tha achaanak trp chart mein nahi tha aur yhm ka toh iss se bhi bhattar haal hoga .waise bhi iss serial mein shaadi ko mazak banaa ke rakha hai aur aage bhi zaari hoga .pehle shagun raman mihir mihika rinki abhishek simmi ashok subbu ab ishitha .kabhi raman shagun ya kabhi ishitha raman .kabhi shagun raman ya kabhi shagun ashok,manoj aur patha nahi aage kiskis se .kabhi ishitha subbu ,raman ,mani .kabhi mihir mihika ya rinki .toh rinki kabhi mihir ya koi aur .mihika toh kabhi mihir ,abhishek ,ashok .aur ashok toh kabhi shagun ya kabhi mihika .yeh sab hone baad gol gol ghoomkar ishra ko ebd mein milaayenge lekin ruhi aur adi koi aur honge .iss se accha toh iss show mein leap ke bhajai kuch aur dikha sakthe hai aur iss show ishruhadi se unique banaa sakthe hai .

  21. raman toh hai hi pagal lekin agar shagun sach mein badal gayi hothi toh ishra ke baare mein zaroor sochthi.

  22. har episode ek se ek bhattar hai .now just stop this crap.

  23. Why cant those people can’t understand the feelings,thoughts and the mentality of the audiance? If they are really good makers ,first they should see the story from our vision and then should go for the next creation. But what is this? Looks like they aren’t caring about the fans.Then for whom are they doing this? People love Ruhi so much because I’ve heard and found that there are people who watches this,as to see her cute performances. But if these men are leading the story to a leap, definetly the fans, those who are willing to see Ruhi will quite from the show. And what about Ishra? People are dying to see there cute and loving performances,but those horrible makers are thinking of a way to separate them! Go to the hell men! You people are out of sense and also should say that this story had a quality which used to feel like real, but by and now we feel, no where on earth is happening like this! It has lost it’s reality. I feel very sorry for YHM, because if it is going to have a leap, then there will be no more YHM lovers because it is not what they expect.
    People use to watch teledramas to entertain themselves and to enjoy themselves. But as a teledrama,now it has failed to provide, what they expect. Earliar it was not like this ,with all Ishru scenes and Ishra scenes,it was on the top. they shouldn’t forget that not only in India but all around world there are millions of fans! And look at the commenting pages! they are full of blames and complaints! Please think before you do something than doing every rubbish which comes to in to the mind of that horrible woman.
    So if they are going to have a leap I’LL QUITE!! I’M SORRY but ,everyone in YHM specially ISHRA, LOVE YOU sooo much guys and that will never end.
    from SL

    1. I agree with you ….

  24. Ekta ko logo ke feeling ke sath khelvad karne hi aatha hai aur kya kam hai .I don’t how she gets such a horrible track scripts

  25. Itne Sare comments sunne k baad b serial nahi sudhar rahi h..ekta n writers ko sach m mind damage hua h. Ek achi yehasas dilake iss serial se ab discourage kar rahe h… Yhm fans hurt soo much by this.

  26. yaar .. what is going on??? i hate raman and shagun together . why the hell was the singing the song for her and couldnt talk to ishita??? ye aadmi . seriously ..!!!!! wNt ishra scenes not raman ns shagun . but ek baat last year whn mani enterd the show ishita uske saath kuch ovr frndly ho rahi thi nd usne to mazak mazak mein usee i love u bhi kah diya tha . but aakhir mein sab thik ho gaya . i hope ab v ho jaye . nd no leap plzzzzźz. but i m wndrng raman kab ishita ko sach bolega. i hope bfr ishita k mann mein aur kucg sakh payda ho he shld clear it to her . cz its her child . she has got the right to know . yeh manoj v kuch nhi blta. nd ashoke ko aagar ye surrogacy wala cheez pata chala to woh aag lagane ki kosis zaroor karega . bustrd kahiikaaa!!! plz god sab accha kardo .yeh makers to ab hamari sunne nhi wale . aap hi ek matro saharo ho ab .

  27. Guys we should not expect the divorse and whatever happens,definetly should pray as to protect the bond.plz stay positive and I still have expectations…

  28. Thanks so much cham from srilanka am from Nigeria Ekta ma should remember that they are watching the show all over the world what they are showing us is not practicable ex wife of many years start romancing the husband again ? is she the only woman So Ishita must be pains for how long is Rahman the only man on earth th episode is worst hate YHM.

  29. guys….. It’s out of control now. Ekta don’t care about us. She is mentaly blackmailing us. Because she knows that we don’t leave this show. They do lots of blo*dy things…..and they include divz and ru scene for catch us. That’s why we can’t leave this show.
    But sorry to say I didn’t watch this yesterday too. All nonsense…. !
    And I’m fed up with reading updates too.
    I think ekta help indirectly Anita. Because she is in jhalak dhikla. So ekta promote Anita by using yhm.
    Raman’ll take a step for release mihir because of shagun’s sake. Ishita is revealed this too.
    From SL

    1. how can ekta promote anitha to showing like this because all are hating shagun character
      still now so sagun(anitha) definitely not get any vote of yhm fans

  30. i agree with u all.. the show is becoming worst.. but i watch the show because of ishita.. she is so loving.. i think that kumkum bhagya is on a better track these days..

  31. Hi friends i think this is the right time for leap I think Raman is waste he did not do anything right way last time Ruhe matter he give only pain for ishitha this time again he do all this with out knowing ishitha is not right i wish ishitha teach a strong lesson to raman iwish ishitha can not forgive raman she left raman is the correct for raman he deserves it I want leap ishitha goto far from raman

  32. shagun is positive now. Some ppl like to see her in positive.

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