Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita getting shocked seeing Pihu. Raman says Pihu…. Shagun says Pihu should know her Papa is a big liar, you are hiding and marrying, she feels you are world’s best Papa, she should know truth. Ruhi says its not like that. Pihu says no, I don’t want to listen to anyone, mumma come, I hate Papa and don’t want to see his face. Everyone get shocked. Shagun takes Pihu and leaves. Bala’s mum smiles. Mani comes and understands what happened. He says I m sorry Ishu, I called Aaliya and Adi, none answered my call. Raman cries and leaves.

Appa tells Raman that Ishu is right, we should tell everything to Pihu. Raman asks how, she is little girl. Ishita says she should know truth that I m her mum, she rejected us. Raman says I spoke to you earlier,

I warned you, this truth won’t come out infront of Pihu that you are her real mum. Adi says Aaliya and I decided to cancel engagement. Raman says we did all this for you, don’t cancel engagement, I will manage. Mr. Bhalla says the same. Ishita worries.

Mani comes home and asks Shagun about Pihu. Shagun says she is crying, she is watching her fav movie, don’t go to her, she is upset. He says who made her cry, you came back from Chennai to take Pihu to Raman and Ishita’s marriage, you are so selfish, did you think how will this affect Pihu. She says I have to do arrangements of Adi and Aaliya’s engagement. He asks why are you behaving this way. She says I m behaving the way I should. Aaliya comes. Shagun acts normal. Aaliya does not accept her help. Shagun says I was just trying to help and goes. Dadi comes and says Mani, I m sorry.

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Mani says its all over, I could not stop it. Aaliya says it all spoiled. Dadi says we have to handle this. Aaliya says Amma has shattered, I m worried for her. Mani gets worried.

Ishita goes to room and cries recalling Pihu’s words. She says I can’t win a girl’s heart, she is my daughter and my only child. Dadi makes Aaliya ready and says this is your mum’s jewelry, you look like your mum. Mani comes and gets emotional seeing Aaliya. He says you look like your mum today, if she was here today, she would be happy and hug you. Aaliya says you are here and can hug me. She hugs him. He compliments and blesses her. Dadi gets a call and says yes, we will come.

Shagun tells Mani that Pihu is sleeping, she will get disturbed seeing Raman and Ishita, she is my daughter, I will decide. Mani says she is not your daughter, you are giving her this sorrow, Ishita is her real mum. Pihu comes and hears them. She asks is Ishita my real mum. Mani and Shagun get shocked. Pihu asks Shagun again. Shagun asks her to go and sleep. Pihu says tell me. Shagun asks don’t you know I m your mumma, go to room and see cartoon.

Dadi, Mani and Aaliya come with Shagun. Amma compliments Aaliya. Raman asks where is Pihu. Shagun says she did not like to see your face. Raman gets angry and then acts calm. Romi tells the caterer getting non veg food, its big problem. Raman says Dadi will get angry, come we will sort it out. Mani talks to Ishita. She asks why did Pihu not come, what happened. Mani says I did big mistake, Shagun and I were arguing, I said Ishita is Pihu’s real mum, Pihu heard this, sorry Ishu, I know this will spoil situation again. She says don’t know what is Pihu thinking and how she is dealing with this situation, I wanted to tell her, but not this way, I think I have to go and explain her, I can’t tell Raman, is she at home. Mani says yes. She leaves.

Raman tells non veg food problem to Mani. Mani says food is kept as Prasad first. Raman says I know, we are arranging. Bala says relax, I have arranged food by veg caterer. Mani says Ishita went to my home. Raman says I know why she went there. Mani says listen. Raman rushes. Ishita goes to meet Pihu. Maid says she is in her room. Ishita goes to her and calls her out. Pihu cries seeing her.

Ishita asks her to get ready fast and come to attend engagement. She shows dresses. Pihu asks her to answer first. Ishita says what, you will get late, tell me what will you wear. Pihu says just tell me, swear on me, are you my real mumma, tell me aunty. Ishita cries and says yes, you are my daughter. Raman comes and gets angry seeing Ishita telling Pihu the truth. Ishita says I had medical complications and Shagun kept you in her womb, but I m your mum and you are my daughter. Raman looks on angrily.

Raman takes Ishita out. He says you always do what you want, you did this 7 years ago, you made plan and disappeared, we lost Ruhi and today we can lose Pihu. She says Pihu…. He says shut up, you said Pihu you are her mum, what will she think, she hates me, she will think I lied again. She says why will she not understand, Ruhi understood us and maybe Pihu will also understand. He says maybe? If we can see her now and can’t see her tomorrow then, I can’t lose her because of your maybe. She cries. He gets a call and says yes Papa, Ishita is with me, we are coming. He asks her to answer family, maybe you felt Pihu will come with us, will she come…. Pihu gets ready and comes. Raman gets shocked.

Dadi asks where are they, its just 5mins for mahurat. Raman comes with Pihu. Shagun gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why is Raman scolding ishita, pihu already heard mani and shagun talking, pihu was just confirming what she heard. Don’t know what writers are doing?

    1. Tuffy your think is right with me.

    2. Aree but Raman thinks that that ishita told pihu

      He doesn’t know that she heard it from mani

    3. Helen Agulhas

      And Ishita is being blamed,as always!So,she has to console Raman
      and pick up the pieces after Shagun will leave Raman,again,after she is done playing him like a fool. Leaving him for a richer man.getting nannies to look after Pihu,going to the beauty parlour,blah,blah,blah. And Raman will be shattered Or wait!Maybe the writers will listen to us,the viewers for a change!Oh,so not!In my dreams…..

    4. Are Raman and Ishitha married again or they will get married very soon .

  2. Raman is a selfish man always think about himself… Pihu alredy knows that he is her father. But in ishitas side he must understand her feelings also.. Why can’t he umderstand ishitas pain. Her own doughter called her as aunty… How much painful was that.. Shagun never had a that kind of problem. Ruhi & Adi always call as mumma.. Raman should be strong more than this.. And act as a man. plz unit them soon…

    1. THAT’S TRUE

  3. nice episode. i think pihu will come closer to ishita instead of hate her.and she may understandshagun’s evil intensions. advance happy diwali guys

  4. I don’t know y the writers are spoiling Raman’s character.He is getting angry over Ishu for every simple reasons.

    1. And they just got married lol he promised her all the happiness in the world and
      In seconds he broke that promise

  5. Thank god the suicide track did not come up.. Hope pihu will understand the truth soon..

  6. Shagun will tell pihu that ishita ma left when she was a child, pihu will hate ishita more

  7. As some one told yestersay Raman neglected Ruhi thinking of Shagun then neglected Rushi and Ishita thinking of Shagun and Adhi then neglected Ishita on Ruhi then he neglects Ishita on Pihu. What a man, he only have one track mind. Pihu is not small and Ruhi even she was smaller acting wisely, this so called Pihu whose mom is Ishita has not inherited her brains but she had got everything from stupid Raman.

  8. i also agree Srilu’s idea. Raman always scold Ishitha her little things. he always forget her helps, sacrifice past. I felt worry about 7 years ago ramans behavir for Ishitha. what about raman’s love. raman’s love fake. he always hurt ishitha. If writer can little change Raman’s character show pure love to ishitha. we like

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi mino how r u? sry i didn’t rly to your comment iam not professional dear iam also student

    1. So Sorry Sweetie.. study well What ever ur are studying.. These lousy stories are not your future.. I Know U guys are all Very Studious ,, Good on U . Bless U

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi rithu congratulations u did a great effort .u r very brilliant student.what is your future plans ?

    1. Hi bhagya .I have not yet decided . I may go for MBA or CA or anything.

      1. Congrats Rithu. i told u Ur a genius,, Go Where ur Heart leads u,, U will Do well. God’s blessings…

  11. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi magic vp sindhu shivani shreya how r u guys

    1. Am fine bhagya have a nice day

  12. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    mani pls divorce shagun and pls help ishu and raman for pihu’s custody

  13. I liked the positive track ….Ishitha explained it so well … its touching … feeling Shaghuns will do the suicide drama and take Pihu to Australia … too early to comment anything … tomorrows episode will give us a clear picture … the idea of surrogancy was to give Ishitha her own child and happiness … but now why Raman doesnot want Pihu to know Ishitha is her mother … why is he shouting at Ishitha … not understanding anything … happy to see shaghun with a proper blouse …

  14. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    why raman is not understanding the mother’s love of ishu .he can’t understand anything .he just knows how to shout on others.disgusting writers

  15. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    why always ishu only suffer.first adi hates ishu and next ruhi hates ishu now pihu oh my god when wil prob end in ishu’s life.but once pihu knows the ishu’s love then pihu also agrees her ishima is the world’s best mumma i hope pihu wil understand ishu’s love is pure

  16. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys rithu vp jaz vp az sindhu shivani supergirl monique mino saritha aditya kiran khushi shreya magic reshma saritha sunitha parichey padma khushiarvind shobana ishveerian ranaji and al yhm family very gud 9t to u guys and happy diwali to al the yhm group or family

  17. I missed the episode.the episode was ok.precap was also ok.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi magic Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli siddhi and all yhm friends.

  18. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Aaliya and Adi’s wedding is just to happen where Aaliya wants to meet Adi before marriage.

    Shagun does not like Aaliya and Adi’s relationship so Aaliya fools Shagun for asking her go to spa for a makeover.

    Shagun likes make up and pampering herself so she is ready to go there and asks Pihu to come with her.

    Aaliya asks Shagun let Pihu stay with her as she has problem in shopping if Pihu go with her.

    Shagun goes alone and Aaliya tries to reduce Pihu’s hate for Ishita.

    Pihu refuses talking about Ishita but Aaliya makes her understand about how Ishita takes care of Aaliya.
    Adi and Aaliya plan to bring Pihu closer to Ishita slowly

    Aaliya tries to become Pihu’s friend so that she would bring Pihu closer to Ishita.

    Will Aaliya and Adi get successful uniting Ishita and Pihu?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    1. Hi Rithu!
      Thank you So Much Dear for HUMKO TUMSE HOGAYA HAI PYAAR SERIAL update.
      On that Day you Helped Me how to See The Story of The SERIAL.
      Happy DIWALI RITHU.
      I Hope You Are Having A GREAT TIME.
      GOD Bless You DEAR.

  19. A BIG Hi to All The Members of The GROUP.
    JAZ AZ Naaz Ahliya RITHU SHONA BHAGI VP Megha SHIVANI Shona Shreya SARITHA Lekha Sindhu Monique And ALL The Members.
    After Long TIME Am Messaging you Guys.
    I Hope You ALL Having A GREAT TIME By GOD’S GRACE.
    Actually I am Very Busy with Studies
    That’s Why Not Attending The Site.
    Guys I Wish And Your Family Members
    A Very HAPPY And Prosperous DIWALI.
    Take Care

  20. Writers are showing Raman as only thinking about pihu, never mind her mother and how she feels, let alone the fact that shagun’s brainwashing her and the fact that pihu asked ishita to swear on her to tell the truth JUST SO that she can confirm what she heard was true. Why don’t the writers show this too instead of an aggressive Raman accusing people before knowing full story?

  21. HI Kiran, what a pleasant surprise. You are commenting again. Very nice. MIssed you dear.
    Hi Rithu, MIno, VP, Shivani, Bhagya, Jaz, Az, Khushi, Monique, Magic, Siddhi and many others.

    Today’s episode was only nice on the part of Mani and Ishita. I am so glad Mani has started realizing about Shagun. Oh my goodness what is wrong with this Raman. He is such a spoilt brat. Who does he think he is shouting at Ishita all the time. It is not even one hour since they got married and he already starts accusing her. He is a real psycho and he needs help. Instead of shouting at Shagun and slapping her, he went and did this to Ishita. Poor Ishu…. she should not go through this. I loved the way she put across to Pihu that she is a real mother. Only a real mother will hate her. Raman is so afraid of Pihu that she will hate him. He is really selfish and only thinks of himself. That is why he and Shagun makes a good pair. Both are selfish.

    I think we are going to see worst episodes. Ishra should not have gotten married. They are now going to separate again. Cvs need to be burnt alive alongside with Ekta. Ekat does not know what is love bond and family and that is why she is still single.

  22. Hi Shivani, please come back and comment. I enjoyed your comments and also updates. Please don’t leave this site. leave this site when it is the last episode of YHM. I know you were a bit upset with someone over yesterday’s comments about you. Please don’t take that too hard. There are a few matured ones in this site and you always can communicate with us. That is why I ignore some of these comments and not reply at all cos I will be wasting my energy and typing. If it makes them happy to say such things then let it be,

    Please shivani do come back and comment. There are also Mino, VP who are matured ones. Thought Rithu, Magic and Bhagya are only students but they are also commenting like matured ones and very sensitive in their comments. Do come back ya shivani

  23. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi mino iam studying 2nd year

  24. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    thanks for your complement sindhu i also hope shivani wil come back for sure

  25. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    very very gud mrng and wish u a happy diwali to al the yhm family

  26. Hello Shivani gd morning to you and you are very good comentater of this group so, forget all the things and come back with huge celebration of diwali because vp, sindhu, mino, rithu, bhagya, parichary all are very nice and humble person you can see care for you in their comments and shreya you should also forget all the things
    And kiran happy diwali to you also i like your comment very much
    Hello vp, sindhu, appy, rithu, bhagya, parichari, danny, supergirl, raghu, shreya and all the fans i wish you and your family (not yhm but real one) a very happy diwali have a magic in your diwali day

    1. 🙂

  27. So sweet of you guys…..Bhagya Sindhu VP Magic…..thanks for the concern and support…..i was little upset yesterday…….m really sorry….this wouldn’t happen if i had avoided her comment…i tried my best, but i couldn’t…

    But m happy to be here… and want to continue till the last episode of yhm….this is such a nice friends circle… we are not only discussing about YHM but also about our studies and works…and the suggestions and guidance from experienced people are also valuable…because m also a student ,2nd year MSc Physics …. really enjoying all these…

    Hi EVERYONE…..
    VP Rithu Mino Sindhu Siddhi Khushi Aditya Jaz Az Monique Saritha Supergirl parichari Ananthi shreya Bhagya Nish Susan Ruhi Magic and all YHM fans……hope everyone is doing fine…..and happy diwali….

    1. Good shivani you are better mature (as a student) because you have never ever used bad language in your comment but don’t you think magic is better than you hahaha
      Hello mino play a song for shivani hahahaha

      1. ☺☺

      2. Ok Dear I will Have to play a good Rock one so that she can rock away now that we have her back.. luv to all

    2. Blank comment means

    3. See Shivani I was also very hurt one day … why we are hurt … we consider this site as a family … so really that night being so old i was little upset … Magic understands all of us … just ignore thats all tc my dear … there are many things priority in our life … worrying on these are v silly … I too was v silly …

  28. Happy Divali to you all

  29. Hi all yhm fans.shaggy will always remain a witch. I agree with u sindhu ekta en case should be burnt alive.have a nice sunday u all.

  30. That shit b*t*h Ishita should not get Pihu,,,infact Adi and Ruhi should go to their real mother

    1. Is hit a is Puhi real mum.Shane is a devilous mother.Ruhi and AdI have the right to hate her.

    2. Rupali!!1 Watch your language pls!

      You should read the old story of Ruhi, Ishita, Adi and Raman love bonds and Shagun hatred and revenge with Ashok.

  31. It is a fantastic episode of the show pihu atleast know the truth about her relation with ishita

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