Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman, Mihir and Mihika having a talk in office. Mihir gets busy in work. Raman jokes on Ishita’s handmade food. Mihika says my sister cooks well. She goes with Mihir. Vandu takes the class and Suraj’s phone rings. She gets disturbed and says phone is not allowed in her class, and questions her. She gives him 10 assignments and he agrees. She wishes him all the best. The students leave. She asks him to have food, as its lunch break.

Raman finishes the food. He starts coughing. Mihir and Mihika get worried. Mihir gives him water. Raman says he is feeling restless. Mihir takes him to doctor. The doctor checks Raman and asks what did he eat today. Raman says he had homemade food. The doctor says maybe you had some allergy with something that got in tiffin,

and gives medicines. They leave and come home.

Raman asks elders not to worry, its allergy and will get fine. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is in her room. Raman looks for her in room, bathroom, kid’s room and outside, and does not find her. He asks Simmi about Ishita, did she go with kids. Simmi says Vandu took kids to teach, I did not see Ishita. Raman asks Romi to check her car and asks Iyers. Amma and Vandu say we don’t know. Romi says car is not there, maybve she went out. Raman says we should not leave her alone in this state. He gets a message and is shocked. Romi asks whose message is it. Raman says Ishita’s message, I forgot we had to go somewhere, and leaves.

Raman comes to shout on Ashok and gets shocked seeing Ishita dining with Ashok. Ashok says Raman Bhalla, I knew you will come, but I did not know you would come so soon. Ishita asks Raman to join them. Raman says come Ishita. She says oh please, leave me, we just started dining, Ashok will feel bad if I leave. Raman says I m losing patience, come. Ishita says so you may leave, we did not invite you. Raman holds her hand and she shouts leave my hand. She says you lost right to touch me, when you married LS Ishita, I m not like her, I have come to have dinner with my BF Ashok, I won’t go without finishing dinner, he deserves this, he is much above you all.

She holds Ashok’s hand and Ashok gets tensed seeing her behavior. Raman says come with me. Ishita says sorry Ashok, you know Raman, he can’t get over me, I have to go, but I will be back, then we will have dinner together. She leaves with Raman. Ashok says what was she saying, what happened to her, but her mannerisms were exactly like Shagun, I don’t understand.

Romi tells everyone that Raman did not say anything and left. Amma says where is Ishita. Raman brings Ishita home. They all look at her dressing similar to Shagun. They all ask Ishita where was she. Raman says she went to Ashok. Ishita cries and says sorry.. She goes to her room. Amma cries and says I know why did she go to Ashok.

Ashok says there is something wrong, why is Ishita calling herself Shagun, and recalls her changes happened recently. He says she is wearing clothes like Shagun, talking like Shagun, she surely got mad. Suraj comes and asks what happened. Ashok says strange things are happening. Suraj says even with me, help me in assignments. Ashok asks is he in college? Suraj says yes, I m going college to get pg degree. Ashok asks him to pay and get degree. Suraj says I can’t make fake degree, Vandu caught me, she is my teacher. Ashok says I heard Vandu is strict, now you have to complete assignment. Suraj goes. Ashok says someone help me, if Ishita knows everything about me and Shagun, does she know about my meeting with Shagun, which happened before Shagun’s death.

Raman gets doctor’s call and asks do you have any enemies, your tiffin box had arsenic chemical, I got the tiffin box tested, does someone in your house has any problem, how can anyone do this mistake. Raman gets shocked. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. Raman tells her everything. She gets shocked and drops the cup. She says Ishita packed the tiffin, did she do this purposely, does she want to kill you. Raman asks what are you saying. She says she may harm anyone then.

Amma says yes, Ishu is not in her control, she can do anything, she does not have sense, but we are in senses. Mr. Bhalla says we should think about kids too, kids are affected badly, we want Ishita to get fine. Raman asks what happened to you all, I m sure Ishita can’t do this, Ishita won’t go anywhere. He cries and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla cries and thanks Lord for saving Raman.

Bala sees Suraj and says what is he doing here. Suraj asks is this his coaching classes. Bala says yes, but you maybe married or have kids, see I just teach higher classes. Suraj says actually I want tuitions. Bala asks what. Suraj says I joined college, I want pg degree for ministry contract, so… Bala says okay, but you would buy fake degree or send someone, don’t tell me you failed in doing this. Suraj says I have sent someone and Vandu caught him. Bala laughs and says Vandu is strict teacher, sorry, I can’t teach tuition, think about my position at home, and remember she is my wife. Suraj leaves. Bala gets Raman’s call and says fine, I will reach there.

Raman is on the way and recalls Ishita. FB shows their journey since their first meet, to recent things. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………………

Raman sits by Ishita’s side and says how can this happen, how can Shagun’s death shock can make her such state….Shagun’s soul in Ishita…., no this can’t happen.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. prena

    stupid raman,,senseless fool..come to sense donkey…she is shagun…
    OMG, u r unbelievable….
    UIf Ishitha say something like stupid u will shout, then like woman u will cry..
    Even all this is bcoz of u..
    If ishitha hides something u will get hyper ,damn it…dont u have sense of whats happening to ishu…
    Help her, Dont talk philosophy,no ghost,no this,no that…
    Do u think Amma and Mrs,bhalla are idiots…listen to them donkey
    Save ishu from shagun…

  2. diya

    god knows whats going on? now ishita / shagun is behind raman’s jaan. plzzzzzz no seperation nd leap (i dnt thnk its gonna hppn) . i thnk they will end this track in a week or so . porso tk karwachauth suru ho jayega nd dn all drama. want our old yhm bck.

  3. wt the hell aaj tho ektha ne haddi kar di vo hame kya dhikhana chahthi hai after all pehle tho esa laga tha ki e sab kuch sirf aur sirf sarika ka sach samne laane keliye esa kar rahi hai par aab tho mujhe pakka yakhin ho gaya ki e sab kuch dhek kar ektha ki dhimaak me kuch aur hi bhooth savaar rahi hai par mujhe iss baath ka dar hai ki kahi vo ishra ko separate karne keliye tho nahi soach rahi hai aur ye ashok aur shagun ka kya chakkar hai mujhe tho kuch bhi samaj me nahi aa raha hai par ek baath tho pakki hai ki e saara mess up dhek ne ke baadh esa lagne laga hai ki e jaroor leap ke baare me soach rahi hai aur plz ektha khatam karo e sari suspense its just disgusting yhm ka tho poora ka poora band bhaja diya tume aab aur kya karna bhaki hai
    nd plzzz ektha dnt ruin karwachauth plzzz i beg u

    • rajat

      Karwachauth will be mind blasting… Haha … Ishita possesed by shagun will say to Raman ki mene vrat tumhaari lambi umar k liye nhi balki jaldi maut k liye rakha h… What a joke

  4. jhanvi

    Oh God ….Ishu can nvr do this…. Ishu us not acting ..she can’t do this for any trap… Again one question .., then who is doing this nd y ??? May be sarika… BT how can she do this..???

    So many confusions… So many questions…. When will they end this GHATIYA track..???
    If it’s not trap that means is Shagun really dead..,??? How d sindur’s colour changed in black..???

    What will happen next , what will Raman do , why he called bala??? Nd what that Ashok said his meeting with Shagun before her death…, why Shagun met him..???


  5. Resh

    What is going to happen on karwachauth? ???what happened b/w shagun &ashok just before the days of her death???

  6. jhanvi

    Aj to in logo ne had hi par kar Di …..ishu with that b***** Ashok … can they show this…??? In logo ne ishu k character ko bhi nahi choda .., duffer writers….., they totally make fun of our emotions…. Stop this nonsense yar..

    We can’t see this….nd y they are showing suraj scenes ,,we don’t want to see him .. Pls don’t drag this too much…. We want this track to be ended….

  7. Stupid drama now feel sick even to read written ep. Ekta stop this crap don’t make ramman look like a fool. Its not interesting anymore

  8. Yrrr ye Raman alwaya do this WO kisi ki ?? Niii Santa agar ishita acting Bhi kar rahi hai Even tab Bhi WO Raman,ama n ruhi k sath asa niii kar sakti

  9. kajal

    YAAR Kya kr rai ye log just ruining up the show. Disgusting yaar kyu kr rai yr ye log aisa. Bs had ho gai .

  10. Resh

    I think something fishy is there behind this horror track.Haven’t you all seen the precap???I think there will be some solid reason behind these….I think ashok,sarika,……..has some FB story behind this…..Plz don’t drag it too much

  11. diya

    recent spoiler nd a real spoilr not a fake one that doctors will suggest raman to send ishita to mental asylm. but raman disagress .
    he loves ishita too much. now, the nxt day .. the day of karwachth ishra romances in the morning but somethng else … hatke … nd shocking is going to hppn in the evng .
    guys .. am no more enjoying this track . i cant see ishita suffering like dis. jab ki us bechari ki koyi galti h hi nhi . now am 10000% sure its not a trap .. ishita cannot to go to this xtnt to xpose sarika. makers u ppl how much we love ishra .. dn y r u ppl torturing us by stretching this track ??!?? .
    plzzz end this track asap nd plzz no mental asylm nd all make evrythng good fr god’s sake . bohot ho gya yaar

  12. chiki

    if ishu is trying to trap sarika,then y will she harm raman??? i don’t know wut’s going on!!! and raman is the biggest fool!!! y can’t he understand that something is really wrong!!! pls ekta ma’am end this….pls!!!!

  13. diya

    Guys mujhe laga i should inform this asap. Just now i checked the weikipedia (spllng mstk hoga sayd )
    Page of yhm . there it is clearly written that ishita is really possed by shagun’s spirit but raman thnks that she is suffering from spd . Nd in the section where the name of the cast of the show is mentioned beside the name of anita its written that shagun’s twin sister . Nd her name is also mentioned under the section of former cast as shagun .see .. wkpdia is the most relevnt and correct site ever . I really dnt know serial age kya mod lene wali h par i alwys want to see ishra nd ishrarudi together. Shagun’s twin sister pata nahi yaarr…….. u cn also check the site . But agar wkipdia mn ahsa likha h so mujhe nehi lagta ye galat hoga. but end this ghost track asap.

  14. Cham

    Seeing the flashback of Ishra’s journey made me sooo emotional and that’s really beautiful.
    Please don’t send Ishitha anywhere Raman and should try to cure her by a priest at once.

  15. episode was ok.its too much draaging yaar ekta .aur kitnaa kheechogi . ab kya ishitha ko pagal khaane bhej doge . lekin raman yeh kabhi nahi hone dega aur abhi tak toh sarika ko expose ho jaana chahiye tha lekin do hafthe se sirf kahaani ko issi horror mein gol gol ghunaathe jaa rahe ho .arey plz kahaani ko aage badayiye .roz ek hi dikharahe ho aur kahani kuch toh accha hona chahiye .sab kehthe toh hai ki yeh serial unique hai aur mein bhi maan thi hoon lekin show ke main lead ko pagal dikhaakar woh bhi lambe samay tak aur ab spoilers mein toh yeh hai ki ishitha ko pagal khaana bhejne ke liye doctors agar keh rahe hai toh issme uniqueness toh hai lekin bilkul ghatia hai .

  16. Divyanka Tripathi won millions of
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    ‘But I too will have to do my best for
    the relationship to succeed – I won’t
    let anything ruin it, if and when I find
    the right person,’ says this true
    Keep reading for more updates.

  17. Prena

    Yeah i too read, that again anita will enter as shagun’s twin sister who was brought up by shagun’s dad in Australia. Haha, ekta maiya is so obsessed with anita and want her badly in show.
    This damn twin sister will take revenge for death of pati vratha shagun from Raman and ishita it seems.
    Superb na.
    Only ekta can think like dis.
    Whoever dies in ekta’s show will surely come back.
    Also I wonder that Raman married shagun and had two children but no idea of wife’s twin sister. Mihir also said nothing about twin sister. Finally when shagun went abroad to take care of sick mom, even then no twin sister.
    Now suddenly.
    Great ekta u senseless despo woman, how far will u spoil a good story. Cheeee

  18. diya

    i hope makers jaldi samal jaye nd show ki uniqueness ko bapas laye nehi to ekdn tere seher mein jaysa haal hoGa. Cz its goin off air on 14th nov .

    • Prena

      What u said is true MS. Diya. If it goes like this then have to shut the show. Maybe ekta has made ishu Marry raman, as per ekta still ishu sud marry few more and then come back to Raman. All her shows are like dat.

      Raman : shagun (2kids), ishita(baby got aborted in accident) so surrogacy baby, next how many will he marry, sud wait and see

      Shagun : raman (2kids),ashok (boyfriend, baby lost), Manoj (boyfriend,died)

      Wish new twin marry manoj and pending lists -just ekta knows

      Ishu : Raman, new entry will come I believe.

      Because, it’s ekta’s show.


      • diya

        Prena … i think u r over thnking it . I dnt thnk some thing like too many shaadis will happen . Nd plzz i dnt want this show to go off air any time soon chahe jo bhi dekhaye cause jab tak ishra sath hai tab tak sab manzoor h. i think this is atleast btr thn surrogacy nd leap. Plzz ….hope nd pray ki sab phle jaisa ho jay . Love this show tooo muchhhh……

  19. john

    said before that ishita is on heat ,that is why she goes to ashok because raman cannot fulfill her desire.this serial has lost its momento.please end this crap .

  20. diya

    Please no twin sister drama. some times wikidepia is also wrong about some infos . I just truly hope twin sister drama wrong info given in the site cause makers have said that they have no such pln yet. Nd mind you. There is nothing written in the plot about the twin sister yet just after the name of anita its written shagun’s twin sister. Just hope ye info galat ho .
    fot now … just show sum good happy track after this.

  21. Sush

    R u cvs planning to show dese craps everyday?
    The trp z high means everyday we dont want to see shouting of ishita n raman everyday.
    Dat raman z a nonsense showing dominance over every1 by shouting.
    People r watching dis fr solution. N if u ll continue dis thng fr month n month ur trp ll go down.
    Do u really love to end d serials when trp z zero.
    Cant u end somthng when dat z popular n start somethng else.
    Dis show was unique at d begining. Bt u cvs hav taken promise to spoil d show d chars n all

  22. Darshika

    What’s really going on…..?!? Suraj and ashok ! They’ve gone mad like us.ha…..ha….. And Guys, believe me. They’re going to show karwachaut, and befor that there’ll have ishra romantic scene.(absolutely romantic)
    Then something is going to happen….. !!! I think that it will decide, actually what is this….?mental sick or shagun’s soul otherwise, raman’ll take big decision.(no plz, we can’t watch it)
    Today,When I watched last scene, I’ve tensed……!!! They show the first episode(news paper scene) How do I forget that all memories about yhm…..?
    And why did ashok meet Shagun before her death…..???? Solve this all cvs…..!!!
    And I know, when this track over, I will be admitted by mental hospital………!!!
    End this soon…..!
    From SL

  23. V P

    The creators are really playing with fans emotions . Since one month surrogancy and after that evil spirit …. Can’t watch at all . The show is becoming a bullshit now . People want to see Ishra …. Together …. Why all the time Ishra is targeted and for anything and everything Ishitha and Raman suffers . Shaghun acted negatively so well but zero in positively in Yhm . Where as Divyanka superb marvelous . I don’t think any actress in tv serial can do anything …. Very admirable . Now Shaghuns twin sister coming . Shaghuns mother doesn’t know she has another daughter . It is crystal clear now they can’t move this serial with out Shaghun . I think creators do not know what to do ….how to go about …but please understand all the fans are very unhappy . At least a good miracle move that Ishitha becomes pregnant and delivers with complications than surrogacy would have appealed all the viewers . This is not entertainment now , mentally torturing the fans like Darshika was telling . How come negative is winning over positive move . End of the day any serial if it can convey good moral , it is likeable . Here Ishitha is already sick and Shaghuns sister is coming to take revenge ? If she has to be admitted in the hospital , yes , there you can show Raman taking care of her followed by a small leap .you can twist it beautifully …Ishras love is important here , let them be together whether sick or not …..if they are going to have new partners , back again story line is going into a worst stage . Please respect your fans …. I watch only this only because of Divyanka ….

  24. Star Plus’ popular “Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein “ (YHM) will give its
    viewers a major shock. The ongoing
    track shows Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)
    being possessed by Shagun’s (Anita
    Hassanandani) evil spirit, who wants
    to take revenge from the Bhalla
    In the Last episode, Ishita tried to kill
    her mother own mother, Amma, by
    strangling her. However, Raman
    (Karan Patel) and other members of
    Bhalla family rescued her.
    Soon after that Raman finds Ishita
    missing from the house. With her car
    missing, Raman and other try to figure
    out where she has vanished. They
    then get to know Ishita was with
    Ashok and Raman runs to reach her as
    soon as possible.
    In the Coming Episodes,Ishita will
    observe Karvachauth for Raman by
    which he gets happy.But it will be
    revealed that Shagun has kept the fast
    for Raman’s death.
    On the other hand,Doctor will inform
    Raman that ishita is mentally ill and
    she needs to be admitted in mental
    asylum and she sends some
    attendants.On seeing them ishita gets
    fear and tells Raman that she don’t
    want to go hospital.Raman also sends
    However,Raman meets the doctor and
    she convinces him that she should
    treated properly which is not possible
    at home. Soon the things will change
    and raman agrees to send her to
    But it is still umknown what
    conversation happened between
    Ashok and shagun before her death.
    Stay Tuned for more updates.

  25. Ishita’s weird behavior
    and her behavior like
    Shgaun are creating
    problems in Bhalla
    Ishita is unable to do
    anything as her mind
    completely control by
    Shagun’s spirit.
    Ishita tries to behave
    normally with everyone
    but Shagun’s spirit spoils
    her plans.
    Family also suggests
    Raman to send Ishita to
    hospital so that they can
    be safe.
    Raman is confused
    whether he should send
    Ishita or not because he
    thinks that his love and
    support can make Ishita
    perfectly fine.
    Aoart from this, Ashok is
    taking advantage of
    Ishita’s changing
    behavior and trying to
    make Raman jealous.
    However, Ashok gets
    shocked when Ishita
    calls herself as Shagun
    and tells Ashok that she
    knows everything about
    Ashok gets worried on
    thinking as if Ishita
    knows about him then
    she might be know about
    his and Shagun’s
    meeting before Shagun’s
    Ashok surely have some
    secret connecting with
    Sagun’s death.
    Will Raman and Ishita
    find out Ashok’s secret?
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting update.

  26. Darshika

    3.YHM *_*

    I love yhm……! Whatever happened, I can’t see ishra separation……!
    And this track is OK than surrogate track. But can’t watch this track long time and can’t watch ishita’s pain always.
    Please cvs, do something…..!

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