Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the Raman and Ishita’s flight landing in Delhi. Raman asks Pihu to wait, and goes to book a cab. Pihu asks why are you not talking to me mumma. Shagun asks do you really want to go with Papa, don’t you love me. Pihu says I love you, but I promised Ishi maa that I will give her a chance. Shagun goes. Ishita tells Pihu that she can meet Shagun anytime. She says I don’t want to make Shagun out of your heart, I want to make my own place. Raman says lets go home. Ishita says what will they think of us. Raman says I also think so, but when they see Pihu, other things will not matter. A lady takes selfie with Ishita. Ishita says I don’t know what happened, maybe I did her smile correction. They leave.

Mani asks Aaliya what did you drop now, you have to do

all things well, else your mum in law will scold you. Aaliya says my Saas is my Amma, so chill. He says everything is fine now. She says we are back after many years, your work tour is finally over. He says don’t know why Shagun did not ask me to come airport. She says Shagun will come, see this teddy, I got this for Pihu. He asks about pasta for Pihu. He says I missed you a lot in this one year. Shagun comes. Mani welcomes her and they ask about Pihu. Mani says Aaliya got gift for her and I ordered her fav pasta, where is she. Aaliya says she would have hidden, I will find her. Shagun says she is not with me, she is with Raman and Ishita, you always wanted this, happy now? She goes to room.

Raman and Ishita come home with Pihu. Raman says why is that uncle staring at me. Ishita says leave it. Pihu says I want to meet everyone. Ishita asks them to come later, and surprise everyone, when she messages Raman. Pihu asks are you doing this for me. Ishita says yes, you are most special for me. Mani goes to Shagun and tries to cheer her up.

He gives her a rose. She says I know you are trying to cheer me up, but I m in stress and upset, leave me alone. He says leave it, sit here. He asks how did Pihu go to Raman and Ishu, tell me, I m seeing you are not talking well, you were upset, so I came here to talk to you. Shagun cries and says what to say, I met Raman and Ishita in Australia, they asked Pihu’s custody again, Ishita begged and convinced me, I decided to give Pihu to them, I can’t see them wanting Pihu so much, but I m disturbed without Pihu. He says I m proud of you, you did big sacrifice, I know you are feeling bad, guess what, I will cancel my business trips, I will be with you and I promise I will not let you feel alone, relax, have this juice, I will warm up food and come. She thanks him. He says you don’t have to thank me and goes.

She gets shocked reading newspaper and smiles. She says Ishita you deserve this. Ishita comes home and surprises Adi. Adi looks on sad. Ishita says what happened, I m back. He says we all know truth. She thinks Ruhi told him everything. She says its good if you know, I will talk to everyone, come. He says what happened to her, why is she so excited. Amma and Mihika are worried by the news. Amma says what will people say. Mihika asks her not to worry, Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla are understanding, they said they are happy for Ishita. Amma says Ishita took such step, I m worried. Appa comes and says Ishita has come back, I have seen her entering bhalla house. Neelu goes to tell Mrs. Bhalla Mrs. Bhalla asks her to ask Simmi about food dishes.

Neelu says its good news and asks her to come. Pihu says why did Ishi Maa not call us till now. Driver asks how long will it take. Raman jokes on notes and asks Pihu to come. Romi comes and sees them. Pihu hugs him and goes to meet Mrs. Bhalla. Romi says you here. Raman says what happened, I m not ghost, I m your brother. He hugs him and asks how are you, why is everyone staring me, its been one year, now everything will be fine. Romi asks about Ishita. Raman says she went upstairs. Romi says don’t you think whatever is happening is wrong and shows newspaper. Raman says its happening right and gets shocked seeing newspaper. Romi thinks why is Raman behaving like what Ishita is doing is not wrong.

Ishita apologizes to everyone as she did not call home. She says I had some surprise, I wanted to tell you all personally. Pihu comes and everyone gets glad. Pihu hugs Mrs. Bhalla and Amma. Ishita says this is first surprise, Pihu will stay with us. She sends Pihu with Neela. She asks what happened, are you all not happy with Pihu coming, I think you know my second surprise, I hope you all will like it and understand why I did this, we will make a new start.

Mrs. Bhalla says stop this nonsense Ishita and slaps her. She throws newspaper on Ishita and asks is this your big surprise and start, you broke my respect and pride, you want me to accept this, if you shame, then go and die. Ishita checks newspaper. She reads Vidyut and his new love spotted in Australia, and gets shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla confronts her about Vidyut. Ishita says its nothing like that. Mr. Bhalla says you did not say this. Mrs. Bhalla says you want to start new life with him, you lied to us and went Australia, tell us why did you do this. Raman comes and says she did this on my saying. They get glad seeing Raman. Raman says she did it on my saying, my wife should not hear anyone’s scolding, you love your son right, but decide what to do, as I have done all this, Ishita went Australia on my saying. They get shocked.

Raman says Vidyut is my friend, he was helping us on my saying to get Pihu, you say you are modern and want Ishita to move on, now you slapped her. Mrs. Bhalla asks what are you saying, what will we say when you both stayed separately for a year. He says it was a drama, do you think we can get separated, we did this for Pihu, so that we can make Pihu come back to family, we thought to stay in Australia, but Shagun came with Pihu there, Vidyut has become link between us, are you not happy that Pihu will stay with us. Mrs. Bhalla slaps him. Everyone look on.

Mr. Bhalla says Ishita you were our daughter and still all this, and Raman you are also a father, you did much drama at Adi and Aaliya’s time, what was your hypocrisy that time, you are right as father and son, when are you wrong, stop it now. Raman admits its his mistake.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. magic

    Hello to all yhm fans and in today epi mrs bhalla did very right thing to slap ishita and raman actually they both deserved it (according to situation) because all bhalla’s family feel cheated by both of them and they should have told them before it never the less epi was good as pihu back with all bhalla’s family

    • Shreya shetty

      magic please just leave us and me alone if u agree that mrs bhalla slapped ishu and raman like that.i am totally fed up of tolerating such negative thoughts of ur views
      I don’t care whatsoever happens but,let the family suffer more so that this old woman mrs bhalla shall think twice before raising her dumb hand on sweet innocent ishu like that!!

      • magic

        Shreya with full of your respect my friend but you are blind fan of ishu and you know blind thing is v dangerious seriously you are taking this show on your heart plz read my comment properly much much positive comment nothing negativity because am not saying ishu was wrong but i said according to situation of that time only not according to whole show because mrs bhalla don’t know about their plan and if they told her before than it hadn’t happened thats why she was right and if mother can bear all the things for children than she could slap them nothing wrong

    • VP

      Very true Magic .. totally agree with you …cheating parents for whatever cause is not a right thing .. I liked it … I wud do the same if my children lies or cheats on anyone … especially parents . But episode was very watchable … Raman very relaxed and the he admitted their love and cant seperate and all awesome . Here Mrs Bhallas concern , belief and trust on Ishitha is great .. Slap … Ishitha never expected . Mr Bhalla too questioned … well done cvs … Shaghun is so lucky to get husbands like Raman once in between Manoj another gentle man and now Mani .. he is really in a trap .. felt really very sorry for him he was really a noble and devent gentleman . I really wonder what is the magic she has for men to fall for her . I hate women like this if exists … I have not come across with bad people , may be thats why ..?Pihu really happy like how our Ruhi was with Ishima .. expect more positive vibes , only good people win over evil … please cvs request .. you can see trp going up ..

  2. magic

    Actually mani is so nice person but this shagun is very irritating plz writer’s change her trade mark punch “for god sake” to “for shagun sake”

  3. shivani

    Hi EVERYONE…..
    VP Rithu Mino Sindhu magic Siddhi Khushi Aditya Jaz Az Monique Saritha Supergirl parichari Ananthi shreya marin Susan madhu and all YHM fans…..

    Ishita and Raman deserve this slap…how much adi ruhi mrs bhalla worried about them…specially ruhi and adi…they should have informed the family about this stupid drama..the whole family is very understating and supportive…even after they hided everything….for winning pihus heart,they have broken all others heart….
    Poor mani, very loyal to shagun…and what she was doing…dating with another man and even accepted his proposal…dont knw what cvs are doing with the characters….
    I expect more nd more pihu ishu scene…i want them to share a cute bond like ishima ruhi…but cvs brought new problms in ishra life….and i heard cvs are shifting to new love story of ruhi with some new entry….

    • Shreya shetty

      Hello miss shivani and Magic I am very much disappointed by ur wrong fact it seems both of u love people getting slapped for no reason right???well dear shivani,I don’t support twisted opinion at all and do u think that whatever mrs bhalla did was right???
      seriously that dumb old woman should go for some mental brain treatment at the hospital and yes mrs bhalla should get atleast 3 shocks in the asylum for slapping her own children like that,especially ishu!!!ohhhhh my god what the hell is happening here,i ve never seen this kind of treatment from a mother in law towards her daughter in law like that ever before in my life!!!!I WISH IF I COULD GO AND MAKE THE ENTIRE BHALLAS GO TO JAIL FOR DOING THAT,HOW DARE THAT OLD GRANDMA MRS BHALLA TOLD ISHITA TO DIE HUH???I WILL NOT SPARE HER FOR THAT

      • VP

        Can mothers slap their children ? can daughters slap mothers ? Daughter in law is just like daughters … same freedom mother in laws can take … Raman and Ishitha deserved this slap … in fact more …Shreya fyi

      • shíbìr😍😘

        i think u need mental treatment.. i dont find anything wrong in it.. if mother can love her children then she definitely have right to slap them.. ishra did wrong by hiding such a big thing.. they were missing raman a lot but they didn’t utter a word.. ishita was aware of this she could have told them but she didn’t not even ramam tried to contact his family once in a year.. they are guilty

    • Shreya shetty

      shivani u go and slap someone,lets see if how u and magic would react???tell me please,since I have understood ur intention about ishu and rammy getting slapped for no reason!!!

  4. Sindhu

    I don’t understand why the family is not understanding. Why do they need to react in this manner? Even if the papers publish such nonsense they should have full trust on Ishita. She would never cheat Raman. Mrs Bhalla keeps saying that Ishita is her daughter and if it she should be the one trusting on Ishita even if other family members doubt on her. When they saw Pihu with Ishita they should know that it must be some plan cos Shagun is not with them. Pihu would never have left Shagun alone so instantly the family members must have realized that something is strange and enquire Ishita about it instead of slapping her. Poor Ishita. Got slapped for nothing. After all she did a huge scarifice and this is her reward. It is fair enough the family is upset but instead of jumping the gun, they should find out the truth. Now Shagun can capitalise on this newspaper article and take revenge on Ishita which is what she has been waiting for so long.

    For goodness sake at least let some episodes run with the reunion and bonding of Ishita and Pihu and Raman. The trio relationship is just fresh and again trouble in paradise.

    • VP

      Sorry Sindhu seeing such a report in newspaper with photo … no parents can tolerate …For us viewers … we know their plan … they are unaware … they literally took their parents for a ride . And Mrs Bhalla as character reacts without knowing the situation and here the situation was like that …

  5. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, MIno, Khushi, Monique, Kiran, Bhagya, Marin, magic, Ananthi, Priyamadhev and many more YHM fans.

  6. via

    hai all. . .
    i wanna join in this site. can i? i’m YHM0fan of indonesia and love this serial very much
    i’m happy with ishra united with pihu. i hope pihu can understand ishita’s love for her. i’m also want pihu believe to ishita whatever bad happen with ishita in the upcoming episode. shagun have many plan to trap ishita and i really hope pihu get to know shagun red handed and love ishita more.

    • Saba

      Hi via,welcome to yhm beautiful family.iam glad yhm fans is big now.God bless all yhm fans,Sindhu,vp,Shreya,Rithu,Magic,Shivani,Bhagya,Prya and all yhm fans.this episode is good I tink Ishita and Ramam be stronger to give love to Pihu.

  7. Priya

    Hi rithushree, Marin, saba and all. Where is simmi,? Anyways episode was not bad. Problems come one after the other on Raman and Ishitha’s life. Very sad. Mani is really kind . He thinks about his family so much.

  8. Sindhu

    The family should realize whenever they involve the whole family to resolve a case, it normally turns out messy. Here is a father and mother who went at all odds to win Pihu back and they succeeded. They really fought for their daughter and it is their love for their daughter. The rest of the family members should understand Pihu’s parents tried a drastic method to win Pihu and it worked so they should be happy and not question them as if they are criminals. Poor Ishra the only mistake they made is hide the truth from the family.

  9. Marin

    Mrs Bhalla shouldn’t have slapped ishita at can she just slap her.ishita is her daughter-in-law..She did everything to get back her daughter pihu and a mother can do anything for her i don’t think ishita is wrong at all..she is right in her place..Mrs bhalla should have listened to ishita first.If ishita’s photo has published in newspaper with vidyut then what is the fault of ishita..It’s a misunderstanding of people..ishita was doing all this only for pihu..If it was Madhu instead of Mrs bhalla then it would be not so wrong..Mrs bhalla is the mother-in-law of ishita..So it is totally wrong to slap ishita..

    • Shreya shetty

      absolutely Marin I am with u in supporting u r correct views dear.u r right that mrs bhalla has gone completely insane of slapping ishita(daughter In law) and her own son raman like that.
      I mean the entire family has gone nuts of enjoying hypocricsy right,well let the bhallas suffer harder and badly until they realize the pain and efforts taken up by the couple to get back their daughter pihu

    • Riya

      Actually Marin, the cvs made the character over acting, if she lied thats not Mrs. Bhalla’s problem,she lied for the sake of Raman and Pihu. Strongly agree that Mrs. Bhalla is wrong…

    • Saalekh Forever

      I think Mrs. Bhalla was right. She was hurt by what she saw in the paper and reacted to it. I love Ishra but this game they play of hiding things from family is not right. If they had mentioned their plans to Bhalla family they would have definitely supported. In fact Mrs. Bhalla would have men and women in both Ishu and Raman’s life to divert Shagun’s attention.

    • Saba

      Marin I also tink no need slapped Ishita but she love very much Ishita,sometimes accident happen.yhm fans I love all of u and see u later.

  10. Marin

    Mani is a very nice person..And shagun is a witch..So irritating..Always makes cheap plans to take revenge from ishita..

  11. Marin

    Hi Sindhu,,Rithu,,Shreya Shatty,,Parichary,,Magic,,Super girl,,Vp,,Riya,,Pinku,,AmalinaSaba,,Ananya,,Priya,,Harshini and all other YHM fans……

  12. Reshmi

    Worst episode. Shagun, poor thing. Ishita deserves this slap and also Raman. Com on Bhalla family don’t trust that Ishita. Ishita should be killed. Ah! A very tight slap. I was so happy when Ishita got slapped.

    I already told you I won’t comment about anyone in this group. It’s my wish to support Shagun. Because she is not wrong according to her situation. She took care of Pihu for seven years. Suddenly Ishita came and snatched everything from her. Ishita is wrong in everything.

    • Shreya shetty

      Hey RESHMI MADAM please keep ur opinions to urself and by the way are u lunatic or mentally ill???just go from here and yes we don’t care whether u leave this site or not,because nobody is with u coz everyone over here are true ishita fans and ur the only one whos supporting shaggy right???
      I too have a wish to slap u so that u r brains work properly once again,feeling happy of seeing ishita getting slapped huh,well I want to go and thrash u up so badly that u shall think twice of commenting against ishita.
      that’s its I am going to report u later for using abusive and harsh words on ishita or any good character

  13. Riya

    I am extremely confused about Ajnabi Chandu, what does he want. Why is he keep sending these gifts to Simmi.
    Shagun is so shameless, first Raman, then Ashok, then Manoj, then Raman again, then Mani and lastly Vidyut. It takes a second for Shaggy to fall in love, she is now attention seeking from Vidyut. Thank god Vidyut is cheating on her and she deserves it, bcz she cheated loads of mans.👎

    Hey yhm fans, hope u didn’t forget me actually I am quite busy with something that I don’t get time to comment.

  14. Rose Singh

    woooww today ep was nyc but family confused no problem tomorrow ep will better than today 👍👍👍💕

  15. Ash

    The story keeps going from bad to worse. First Raman leaves for a year for Pihu without thinking about Ruhi or Adi. Then they plan all this without their family, which actually is not that bad that they need to be slapped. Even if Ishita had moved on, they had no right to say all that. According to them, Raman left Ishitha then why shouldn’t Ishita move on? They’re making it seem as if she’s a cheap person, this is ridiculous.

  16. susan

    I am going to India with a pair of scissors. But I am still a little confused what to do once I get there. Shall I kill Shagun first and then cut her fringe or should I cut her fringe first and then kill her.

  17. kitty

    I just hate the lead character infact I just feel they are too sick and ishita tries too be a toooo goood mother atleast shagun has the guts though whatever ishita and Raman are not good example as parents

  18. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans . shaggy will never change. I just hope when they do decide to end yhm then they should end it happily.

  19. Pat

    Hi all
    WOW great episodes these past couple of days
    But I am with Sindhu – Balla family overreacts always – mrs Balla claims that Ishita is her daughter right & it is also true that she has all right on her but she should have let her explained first before slapping her. There is no confirmation that Ishu is having an affair & a newspaper report could be false – he is a famous sportsman – so anyone he stands next to especially a woman could be seen as a girlfriend. As a mother, it is good to have trust in our children until they prove us otherwise. Now if Ishita has confessed to having an affair with Vid then the slap would have been deserving. Now for the separation lie, yes as a family, they should be hurt but if they have good memories in the Bhalla family they will remember that they are crap at keeping secrets & these two were determined to get that child off Shagun & they did not want anything to mess it up (even though in the end – they mess it up themselves- thank God for Ruhi), because Pihu’s life was in danger of Shagun destroying it.
    Then again to Magic side I do understand why he supports Mrs Bhalla’s slap on her children – because this is the Bhalla family, they overreact yarr & if she hadn’t done anything outrageous then it won’t be the bhalla family.
    Overall good episode & good comments & analysis. I hope Mani finds out about Shagun, that she was going to divorce him & goes off with another man.
    Days back every one was going on that Shagun gets a lot of screen time – this is my take why – Raman & Shagun are best of friends in real life & likes spending time with each other and with their spouses, so maybe????🤔🤔 Raman ask to do more scenes with her. Just thinking🤔🤔😊😊
    Have a good week all

  20. Bibi

    Hi guys I’m a YHM fan from UK and will like to join the group as well if there isn’t any inconvenience. Thanks!!!

    I think Ishita and Raman truly deserve that slap but Mrs Bhalla should tell her to go and die if she want. Ishita sacrificed a lot for this family and at least they end up explaining why was the reason. I’m sure if they had tell them before someone would have ruined it, so I think they did very well even tho they are now getting all this… I’m sure things will be fine and the one who they should be aware of now is Shagun because she will definately come up with something again… Nice episode and waiting for more

    • VP

      yes Bibi that statement she should not have used on Ishitha … if its her own Simmi she wont say that .But here her trust on Ishitha is beyond words .. so it hurt her

      • Bibi

        Yeah that’s very true…. The thing is that they always trusted each other a lot and I’m sure they will end up forgetting and forgiving all and then move on…. Let’s wait because this is YHM u always get what u less expect lool

  21. rithushree

    Episode was ok . precap was also ok.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona az Marin priya priyaroli parvathi and all yhm friends.

  22. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It seems that a mysterious man comes to the police station and frees Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) of the blames in the suicide case.

    The man discloses to ACP Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) that the girl who committed suicide had psychological illness. Her dad was treating that girl in his clinic.

    He tells Abhishek that Ishita is not responsible for her death.

    However Nisha’s father argues with him, but had to take the case back. Raman (Karan Patel) thanks the guy for helping them.

    Ishita will be left free, thanks to the new entry.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates.

  23. shivani

    Whats wrong with this cvs…shagun and vidyut were dating but ishitas photo came in newspaper…where were this news reporter when vidyut proposed shagun…that too in a public place….

    • rithushree

      Very good point noted shivani.i totally agree with you. Every time it’s ishitha who gets caught and shagun gets escaped.

      • madhu

        Oh my god rithu you are supporting shivani who did negative comment to our ishu shreya you are right and magic pls leave us alone if you respect and think your best friend to shivani rithu vp marin priya sindhu and all the yhm fans than never comment here after read my comment because you are the first who negative against ishu than all fool commenters support you i mean you all are fool marin priya rithu magic shivani vp sindhu and all only shreya is not fool and magic i will notice you leave the site or not

  24. Abhishek

    Here most of them have problem that mrs bhalla slapped and some people were if madhu then it was ok so here the problem not that ishitha got slapped but here the point is mrs bhalla should doesnt have right to slap ishitha because people are telling she is just her daughter in law not daughter but this same mrs bhalla who supported ishitha in her diffultites mrs bhalla have right to love ishitha but not to raise hand thats not fair because she has equal right to raise hands on ishitha let us go the leap episode where whole family choosed ishitha over raman thats the love they give for ishitha they treat like their daughter and love more than their children then the viewers will not have problem here the problem is the people have that saas slapped her bahu if madhu have slapped ishitha then there whould be no objection because madu is her mother
    here mrs bhalla has a same right to slap ishitha i justify what mrs bhalla did was right

    • VP

      I agree with you …. Abhishek well she accepted her after 7 years …Mrs Bhalla trusts Ishitha more than her son ..

  25. Valpa

    Heyy guys..Long time…Finally Pihu unites with ishita n raman..

    @Shreya dont take this so personal dear…It is just an entertainment show..Dont spoil ur mood by trying to comment on others views..It is their view…you should respect it…or if u dont like it keep it to urself..Ok…iam telling for ur good only…I know you have a lovely heart…but dont use abusive language against others…ok??

    Otherwise how are you all doing?

  26. Raghu

    Hi Shreya. Can I ask you something. You have been telling Mrs. Bhalla should not have slapped Ishitha and Raman. What would have Raman and Ishitha done if either adi or ruhi did something like this. I would also like to ask if parents are invaluable. See Shreya there was a scene few months back when adi asked ishu when she was about to leave for australia whether its only ruhi that is important to her. Likewise here also Adi, Ruhi, The Bhallas and the Iyers require both Ishitha and Raman because they are strong. The slap came because they felt cheated

  27. Marin

    Hey Madhu..Think before you comment..How can u just call us fool..Who r u to asked magic to leave this site.You r calling everyone fool again again..In fact u r the biggest fool who always call everyone fool..And yes i am supporting ishita.not mrs bhalla..

  28. Parichary


    You may never understand why Raman and Ishita hide everything from parent because they don’t want their plan to flopped by Shagun. If Raman and Ishita tell parent about their plan to win Pihu trust then Mrs Toshi will contact Pihu and will informed Pihu about Raman and Ishu drama separation then Pihu blindly trust Shagun and tell Shagun about Raman and Ishita fake separation. Raman and Ishita had to wait for Pihu to break her trust from Shagun. Ishita is very impatient woman when kids misunderstand her but she always loves children. Remember what Shagun did to Adi to created problem with Ishita and Raman but this time Raman and Ishita had to plan secretly and don’t want other to know. As for today later update and programme that Raman and Ishita make clarified clear to why they did the drama to save their plan to fail. Shagun will get to know about it so that she will not let Raman to get close to Pihu.

    So Raman tell families that Ishita does not have an affair then parent ask about the secret admiration and gift then Raman admitted that he send those to Ishita because it is his and ladylove Ishita anniversary so they can’t celebrate together because of Pihu. Raman will tell about Shagun irresponsible mother and does not care about Pihu so that Raman had to take care of his daughter Pihu and how important Pihu is to him. Parent will realised that Pihu future are important for Raman and Ishita. Mrs Toshi will apologised to Ishita for misunderstanding and decided to throw the party to welcome Pihu home.

    Mrs Toshi and Ishita will play prank on Raman on fighting that Raman had to choose between mother or wife which make Raman helpless but Toshi and Ishita laugh at Raman when they see Raman condition and Raman get confused of why women are laughing then realised that they are pranking him. Raman loves his ladylove Ishita. Men will complained about wives and gf and women heard them.

    Whole Bhalla ladies will deck up for Vidyut with irked Bhalla men. Vidyut get scared of ladies but expect Ishita. Bhalla men feel bad see ladies enjoy with Vidyut.

    Funny part where I watch Bhalla boys will enjoy dancing with girls. Bhalla bau and Aylia will dress up as cool dude that Bhalla boys can’t identified them will do the competition dance 😀 Bhalla ladies pretend to sleep while men arrived home silent and goes to room without saying any words. Raman find his clothes bit torn and get suspensed then threw it on sleeping Ishita. Ishita woke up by the touch of the clothes. Raman and Ishita argue. In morning Ishita is in office while Raman and Romi discussed about work then Raman send Romi out of his office while Ishita check some files then Raman pull Ishita into romancy hugs and try to showing his loves to his ladylove Ishita.

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