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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma asking Ishita how is Mihika and what did doctor say. Raman says everything will be fine, don’t take tension. Ishita goes to get water. She asks Simmi to take Amma and go home. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla and Amma to have coffee. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go. Simmi says if you get worried, who will give strength to Mihir. Amma asks her to go. Raman says I will drop you guys home if you do this. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, they are right, if we get ill, it will be more worse. Amma asks Mihir to come. Raman asks Mihir to go as well. Mihir goes. Ishita comes to Raman. Raman says I have sent them to canteen to relax. She says its good, I wish I could do something and take all their pain on myself, as they can’t handle all this, I wish I saved Amma from press, don’t know why

are they getting punished.

Ishita is called by the doctor. She goes to talk. Raman says she is baring punishment because of him, he did mistake to bring her in his life, Ashok and Shagun are making problems for her, and even Adi hates her, I have one way, I will get you out of this, if you are connected to me, you will always be linked to sufferings. The doctor says everything will be fine. Ishita sees Mihika crying. Mihika says I m sorry, I know I can’t be forgiven. Ishita says I felt you are strong, how did you become such a coward, what Ashok did was bad, and this is a bigger mistake, you don’t trust your family that we won’t support you. She asks does she not love them, if she does, then she has to love herself, they all love her and this is not the solution, don’t even do this again. They cry. Ishita says now we won’t make any mistake, and trust family, we have to.

She says we will forget everything now and smiles. She asks doctor to make her fine soon, as she likes Amma’s Rasam a lot, she will get fine having it. The doctor says she will be fine soon, she has to keep smiling, come with me to talk. Ishita asks about Mihika’s complications. The doctor says she is recovering and says Mihika was apologizing to everyone when she was brought here, when I saw the news, I understand what happened, so I did her checkup, to know was she raped or assaulted. Ishita asks what did she find then. The doctor says you are a doctor yourself, Mihika is not forced, she is right, she did not sleep with anyone. Ishita is relieved and thanks her.

Ashok hears them. The doctor says she trusts Mihika, she is a virgin, she knows all that printed in media in wrong, she was wrongly blamed and so she tried to end her life. Ishita thanks her and says this is the proof that Mihika was right, Ashok lied to Shagun as hee did not wish to marry her, he played such a big game, I m glad, thanks, you did a big favor on us. Ashok says so Ishita knows I did not do anything with Mihika, she will spoil my game, I gave to do something. The doctor says she wants Mihika’s family to trust on her and they should support her. Ishita says she is with her and thanks her.

Ashok goes to meet Mihika. Mihika asks why did he come here. Ashok says he came to meet her, what can he do, she wanted to show him that she is interested in him, forget this and marry me. She says she loves only Mihir, how can he think she will marry him. Ashok asks do you think Mihir will marry you, he can’t handle high profile family, and your family is hiding this from your mum, the news can reach her soon, how will you handle her, so in the end, you have to marry me.

Mihika says get out. She calls for help. Mrs. Bhalla, Amma, Vandu and Simmi come there. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ashok to leave. Amma says call police. Mrs. Bhalla pushes him out. Mihika cries. Vandu hugs her. Ishita says she has to tell Mihika that nothing happened. Ashok comes infront of her and passes taunts. Ishita says his game is over, he did not touch Mihika, he did this to avoid marriage with Shagun, we have proof, as doctor said this, so game over. Ashok says fine, Mihika wanted to trap me and she got caught, I m not Raman Bhalla that she can win over him. She says she won’t be quiet. He says do anything, but Mihika lost reputation, who will marry her, Mihir won’t marry, she has just me as an option.

Ishita gets angry. He says press is here, if they see you shouting, what will they think, go and explain Mihika that I m the man for her. She says this is 2014, Mihika will not leave you. He says lets see and leaves. The nurse asks Ishita to get some medicines. Raman comes out of hospital and sees Adi crying and hitting the car. Raman asks Adi who got him here. Adi says go from here, I won’t talk to you, this happened because of your new wife. Raman says I know you are troubled by Shagun and my separation, but its good to be away from Ashok. Shagun comes and asks him why is he filling Adi’s ears against Ashok. She sends Adi with driver. She argues with Raman. Raman asks her to use her mind.

Shagun says you are great, you married Ishita to snatch Ruhi from me, and she has ignited fire between me and Ashok, and now want to take Adi from me, you are actually taking revenge, to make me homeless and alone. She says you are underestimating me, I won’t fail, your wife and her sister have to pay for this, you won’t be happy by giving me pain, never. Ishita comes to them. She says we are not interested to give you pain, Ashok did this, open your eyes and see. Shagun says don’t give me lecture, get lost. Ishita says come with me, and hear the truth. Shagun says she won’t. Ishita says you have to see the truth, he wants to leave you. Shagun says Ashok is not like this. Ishita says prove me wrong, come with me. Ishita takes Shagun.

Mrs. Bhalla gives water to Amma. Amma is worried about Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla pacifies her and says we have to bring Mihika out of this problem, crying won’t help. Amma says Soumya said Mihika is my responsibility and I allowed her to work with Ashok. Mrs. Bhalla says Romi did many mistakes, I did not do this, and there is not Mihika’s mistake in this, Ashok wanted a weapon to avoid marriage and he used Mihika. Amma says the media is blaming Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla says everyone will forget this in few days. Amma says we can’t change this. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, but we can think about future, this is my order. Amma wipes her tears and smiles.

Ishita takes Shagun to doctor and says now she will know Ashok cheated her, not Mihika. She asks doctor to tell Shagun what she told her about Mihika. Raman asks whats the matter. Ashok looks on. The doctor says she does not know. Ishita says you told me that nothing happened with Mihika after her checkup. The doctor says when did I say, we did not have time, its not a rape case to do this. Ishita is shocked and asks why is she lying. Ishita explains Shagun what doctor said and it was all Ashok’s drama. Shagun asks her to stop it. She leaves. Raman stops Ishita and says let her go, he trusts her. He says he believes her, sit here, I will get water. Ashok smiles. He gives money to doctor and thanks her. She asks him to go. He says you can keep the money, Shagun should not know this, even if Ishita insists.

Raman talks to Mihika and calls Mihir. Shagun talks to Tanu on phone and says you heard Ashok and Mihika’s story, won’t you want to know my story, a bride’s story to see her groom-to-be with Mihika, Tanu asks is she sure. Shagun confirms.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. its gud dat ishita wanna shw shagun abt ashok..hope she senses the other side of him

  2. Kya Raman phir se Ishu ko chhod ne ki baaatein karne lage ? Yeh Shagun kaisi double dholki hai!!!! Kal ke ep. me kaha ki mai tumhe muje dhokha nahi dene dungi aur aaj uski vakalat kar rahi ho….

  3. Bahut jald sab thik ho hayega. Kitne dino baad IshRa khush dikhai denge. Maine aaj SBS mai dekha tha ki Ishita koi party me jane ke liye apne & Rwman ke Kapde match karegi.

  4. huhh as usual same stupid stuff…ashok winning al d time…gud ashok keep winning cz in upcoming incidents u gona fall in ua own trap..!!

  5. Wat SBS prayosha can u plz clarify

    1. ABP news pr2:30 baje Saas Bahu aur Saazish ata hai jise tv shows ke bare me dikgate hai. Short form SBS .
      And Aaj tak pr bhi 2:30 bje Saas Bahu aur Betiyan aata hai SBB.

  6. [email protected] for divyanka tripathi @….
    i m always impressed by you….i m telling about your name’s importance or means —
    D- @ decent girl @
    I- @ intelligent @
    V- @ virtuous @
    Y- @ yhm serial actress @
    A- @ attractive @
    N- @ nymph or nice @
    K- @ kindness @
    A- @ advance @
    this is the statement written by Anand raaz for you…
    congratulations for – complete one year in yeh hai mohabbatein

    1. No 1 Yerar to 3rd December ko complete hoga .Abhi to 300 episodes complete hue hai.

      1. Bhai advance mai hai….

  7. u stupid ashok, u will defenately katham with shagun and abhi and ramn, they will see ur end. be careful kamena

  8. Prayosha! Raman and Ishita is never will be separate in yhm serial…..
    tum sab books wale story kyu padhti ho….
    yhm serial ka news mallum karna ho to YouTube ya fb pr ….
    tipping YouTube karo- Karan Patel and divyanka tripathi 300 episode complete….usme Raman Ishita liking or comments karne wale fan’s ke baare Mai bataya hai….sabhi doutt’s…..

  9. urrrr…….enough is enough…… stop it yaaarrrr it is showing only about mihika….no ishra scene is shown nowadaysssss……

    1. Cool down shari -coming episode in Ishita say to raman i m confused selecting saare….plz help me ….then what will be and….u can let see episode.
      yeh hai mohabbatein show is some different from another show…..
      be cool…..
      yeh hai mohabbatein serial is interesting, confusion,shocking and romance with raman Ishita…..

  10. Tum ne kaha tha wo video maine dekha aur maine kab kaha ki IshRa saperate hoge. Maine to pehle hi kaha tha ki muje pura vishwas hai ki IshRa saperate nahi honge. Kitne dino se to tum hyper ho rahe the.

  11. If they don’t show ishitha and raman scenes then there is no use of continuing this story they show all kinda rubbish except love scenes !! Its goin to be an year on the 3rd nothing mind blowing has happened so far…

  12. Wt do u tink? Wic kind ov stupidity is this? Do u tink dt ol people are d same? All people values money nd take bribery? Ryt frm d beginning ov dis serial ol witnesses hv been bribed. Nonsense! For once wouldn’t u mek some exception? This serial is ma bst serial bt u hv started provokin me. Jst for once show dt trustworthy nd principled people do exist.

  13. if you people are raman’s aka karan patel fans then plz go to telly polls and vote for karan patel for popular actor for the month of november. yhm rockzzzzz………….

  14. Wow bribing a doctor does not change the fact that mihika is a virgin. Stupid a shot lol

  15. A shot …. Ashok I meant lol

  16. why does Ekta kapoor’s serials always come up with a dumb like shagun in yhm or abhi in kumkum bhagya?!

  17. dumbest charactrs==>> abhi(4 believing aliya/tanu alwayz);;
    shagun ( 4 not trusting the truth)
    ,mihika(being over smart
    )jodha( being partial 2wrds maan n beaing cruel 2wrds salima);;
    rukaiya(4 all d plans vch she makes she gets succeded in the beging bt later she get traped in her own trap);;
    dilshad( 4 shuting her mouth til now,whn sanam was wid her she would have took d pain of telling her dn itself bt no,,even she wana become so called mahaan,,huh 5n enjy now dilshad)
    tanveer,razia(wow,what an oldie crap bt yet wins in their plans always)
    apsara in iss pyar ko …
    radha,pari,gopi in sathiya..when they can do somthng they didnt now d only option vch they have is 2 repent,so repent…
    terrorist team whole is dumb in diya aur…
    rajshri over acting in yeh ristha,rukmini partiality 2wrds unborn child against yash….
    simar would have escaped/hurt herself 2 shw vikranth dat she is against marg,bt noo…even she wana become mahaan so geting hell a lot of troubles in her life agan n agan..n dis roli is like music to simar’s voice..

  18. forgot the dumbest of all is great pragyaaaaaa….cz shw neva used her brain when she has to,,now only work vch she has is 2 cry n cry n cry always…when gvn a chnc one shld use it..she gt “n” number of chncs 2 prove herself inocent bt no she didnt,,,so she shld b awarded as the greatest dumboo award…alteast use ua brain now vch u have stoped using it aftr ua marg wid abhi….

    In yeh hai mohabbatein serial is not a mohabbatein show ( like romantic moments) …..
    just like a Ishita sadness and solve many Raman’s problem in yhm serial….
    all the Ishita ‘s fan’s are not happy for coming new character Karishma shah… be closed this types story….
    fan’s required – Ishita and Raman spending time as proper married couple, enjoying a happy family….and romance between Raman Ishita…..

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