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The Episode starts with Ishita asking Roshni how can she do this, Raman supported you, we know your marriage is annulled, why are you lying. Raman says we got your admission done, why are you doing this. Amma says you cheated us. Ishita says you said you wanted Adi and Aaliya to get married. Gagan asks inspector to see they are making Roshni lie. Adi says Roshni please say the truth, you know my life will be ruined. Roshni asks her mum to take her. Adi asks Roshni to say truth, I won’t let you go. Inspector asks constable to catch Adi. Aaliya asks Mani to listen to her. Ishita asks Mani where is he taking Aaliya.

Mani says we are leaving. Ishita says we should find out why is Roshni and judge lying, Adi is not lying. Adi asks Aaliya to trust him. Mani says enough, come Aaliya. Aaliya

says no, I won’t come, I will stay here, I trust you Adi, Roshni is lying. Mani says fine stay here, but I can’t stay here, enough of all this. Shagun and Mani leave. Adi gets arrested. Aaliya asks them to do something, how can they take Adi. Raman says my son is innocent. Inspector says sorry, if you have proof, then stop us. Aaliya says its not Adi’s mistake, inspector listen to me, arrest Roshni. Gagan says Adi fooled you also. Ishita says Adi’s marriage is annulled. Inspector says you have no proof.

Ishita asks Roshni to say truth. Raman says she just gave us lie, we have many ways to make her say truth. Gagan asks Roshni to come with them, now Adi will be in jail. Aaliya asks him to take Roshni away. Raman says I will get Adi back. Ishita hugs and consoles Aaliya.

Ashok asks Gagan did everything happen well, great, keep Roshni in Khandpur, don’t send her here. Ashok ends call. He asks Baweja to go and handle Raman and Ishita. Raman talks to commissioner. He says I will meet Baweja, I will get the annulment papers. He asks Romi to arrange bail for Adi. Dadi says I will come along, I want to see why that judge lied. Ishita asks Mihika to take care of Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to get Adi back any way. Aaliya and Dadi also go with Raman and Ishita.

Adi’s fingerprints are taken. Constable tells something to inspector. Adi asks what happened. Inspector says you act innocent, we have your juvenile record. Adi says I had anger in childhood. Inspector scolds him. Raman asks for Baweja. The lady asks him to wait for 2 mins. They wait. Ishita says Raman, its 2 hours. Raman says he is taking revenge as I insulted him. He gets angry. Inspector asks who are you all, why are you making noise. Ishita says we came to meet Baweja. Raman says its two hours. Baweja comes. Ishita greets him and says Adi and Roshni came for marriage annulment, we came to pick the papers. Baweja asks what papers are you talking about. They get shocked. Raman says we spoke on phone. Aaliya says you came in our marriage.

Baweja says I don’t know anything. Dadi says you told Raman about annulment. Baweja says I did not say anything. Raman asks why are you lying. Baweja says I m busy in meetings since morning. Raman holds his collar. Baweja says I m a judge, if Raman misbehaves, I will put him in jail. Ishita asks Raman to come with her. She asks do you want to get arrested, Adi is already arrested. Dadi says control your anger, we have to help Adi.

Romi calls Raman and says no lawyer wants to go against Baweja. Raman asks how can this happen. Romi says I m going to meet another lawyer, I will call you. Raman tells this to Ishita. Aaliya thinks I will get Adi out of jail. She leaves in taxi. They shout Aaliya. Raman says I will go after Aaliya, you take Dadi home.

Mr. Bhalla says Adi won’t get bail easily. Everyone worry. They hear some women protesting against Adi. Ruhi sees outside and tells them about women protesting. Guard asks them to come downstairs, talk to women, else they will come here. Ruhi says maybe they will understand if we explain them by love. They all go downstairs. Ruhi says listen to me, you all don’t know truth, my brother and family are getting defamed. The lady asks her not to talk in between, you all used a girl and left her, your brother married another girl, what about that helpless girl. Mihika says we supported her. Ruhi says you don’t know truth. Lady says shut up, else we will file human rights case. Mrs. Bhalla asks them not to trouble more.

Lady says its good police arrested Adi. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her. Ruhi pushes a woman for touching Mrs. Bhalla. The lady says you misbehaved with a social worker, we have to teach you a lesson. The women catch Ruhi and take her away. They keep Mihika, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma away.

Lawyer tells Aaliya that he will not support her family after they misbehaved with judge Baweja. She sits sad and cries. A man asks her is she Adi’s wife. She asks are you a lawyer. He says no, I m a journalist, your case got interesting, I heard Ishita is supporting Adi’s first wife, then how did she let you marry Adi. Aaliya says its all a lie. He says we heard Adi’s first wife is staying in same house, is this true. Aaliya says yes, she used to stay with us before, we did not know she is married to Adi. He asks does Ishita want that girl to be there. Raman comes and says no, just Aaliya is my bahu, my family is with her, Adi’s first marriage is annulled, I will prove this in court. He scolds reporter. He leaves with Aaliya. The reporter calls Ashok.

Ashok asks him not to leave any Bhalla, they should be punished. He ends call and says what will Raman and Ishita do now. Ruhi asks the women to leave her. The women beat her and tear her clothes. Mihika, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma cry and get shocked. Ruhi says leave me. The lady says we have to teach lesson to Bhalla family, we have to blacken your face. They get black ink. A lady goes to blacken Ruhi’s face. Ruhi says no and cries. Ishita comes and holds the lady’s hand.

Adi asks did bail not happen. Ishita says sorry, lawyers refused to take case, we are finding a way. Adi says judge and lawyer are lying, how will my truth get proved.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is up for high voltage drama in Bhalla house.

    Police comes to arrest Adi for doing second marriage by betraying first wife Roshni.

    Ishita and Adi asks Roshni to tell truth to police that how Adi is betraying her while Ishita expects truth from Roshni.

    Roshni lies and betrays Adi and Ishita’s trust and gives statement against Adi.

    While Roshni has some reason behind it, Ishita also thinks that Roshni can’t betray them and thinks that she must be under some pressure.

    Adi gets arrested, Roshni helpless

    While Roshni did it all as Gagan threatens Roshni to tell what he wants nor he will kill Adi and Ishita along with whole Bhalla family.

    Let’s wait and watch how will Ishita decipher this truth and will also get Adi realized from jail.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of of the upcoming episodes.

  2. Thanks amena

  3. I m very happy now….. for adi and raman…. they have big problm of anger… ab bhugto… ha ha ha….. first all blame ishita….ishita always right…

  4. Hi vp, rithu, shivani, sindhu, parichary, bhagya nd all my frnds…
    All in bhalla family r to be blamed for this predicament. Dont there even a single sensible person in bhalla who knws the rules of our country.
    Ishitha the devi of righteousness ws fighting a different battle. She was converned abt revealing the truth to aliya than gettng the annulment papers nd proof to declare that the first mrg is annuled. Raman always brainless and impulsive knws only to blame wife for each nd evry pblms in his life nd threaten her for breaking all ties with her. Whaenever therr is a pblm he will threaten to break his ties with ishitha, then y the hell is she sticking on to such a man. Dump him nd live a peaceful indepedend life.
    All r responsible for this dilemma.
    Raman without second thought supported the mrg will suffer seeing adi in jail
    Ishitha who supports roshni nd nt evn bother to get the papers in hand before the marriage commences will end up running around for justice fir her son
    Aaliya poor soul will end up desperate nd broken by the seperation
    We viewers will end up boring nd wasting our time watching the lagging episodes fir another 2 mnths or will end up lamenting on another upcoming leap which jas to do nothing good in the story
    Ekta if u have brains pls change ur writer..

    1. yes Khushi such a boring episode . Social workers are to do righteous things , here they inviting trouble . Ishitha was aware of getting the annulment papers , before adi alias marriage she asked judge for it . She was not aware of Ramans insult and the judges revenge shaking hands with Ashok . Ekta pls story is repeating … where is Shaghun Mama gone … She can easily bribe and get things done …Alia , I hope will continue as strong like this .. really both Adi Alia acts well .

  5. azuka nkwonta

    Ruhi went to talk to those Ngo women with love and look at what happened, that is ishita’s value, they don’t work they have never worked except inside bhallas house.
    Aaliyah did not leave with Mani, she is a strong girl I trust her she will win this case.

  6. azuka nkwonta

    Shagun should step in and bribe some people and a lawyer will take up this case. This case is already looking like the lawyers were bribed.

  7. Candiva007

    Someone should catch Ashok and beat the crap out of him. Ugly Mother F***er! Only can get women by black mailing and rape. Look what he had done to Mikha to get her to marry him when she was supposed to marry Mehr. Why did he come back to the show, couldn’t they just leave everyone to be happy. Doesn’t Shagun work for the social worker women? Why can’t she do something for Adi and Ruhi?

  8. Westerners - NRi

    Seriously is this how THE NGO – Indian ‘s Social Service behave with woman …. We live in 21 st century… either the serial director doesn’t know or he or she has just created screen onto the western screen …. this how womaen are treated by women …. OMG …. why don’t put real storyline into the serial rather then fake screens ! Giving India a very bad name in the world

  9. azuka nkwonta

    I don’t understand how judge can behave like judge baweja it is so stupid and the lawyers not taken up the case is trash why are they writing such stupid scripts where in the world does this kind of thing happens.

  10. Akiatta

    I don’t understand why people are always blaming Raman. I know what Ishita thought is good. Aliya does deserve to know the truth and I do accept that. But, everyone else must understand why Raman is angry. See, Raman never shouted at her that she told Aliya the truth. He shouted at her as he felt hurt, because even though Ishita did the right thing, she didn’t trust Raman and believe what he said… That is the reason he is angry. Other than that, both wanted to tell Aliya the truth. Both never said they were going to hide it from her.

    As for Roshni, I have said that I like her pairing with Adi but now, I am not sure if she is the best. Aliya is truly in love with Adi and I am sad to see a good character like Roshni do this. But, having said that, I would really like for them to maybe take the reveal and say that Roshni was always a villain and always wanted to take her revenge on Bhalla family. That would be a really interesting twist if they did that. But, I am sure this would never happen.

    As far as the leap, I am totally against it. I think they are too worried with the success YRKKH has had with the new generation story and probably are trying to do the same with their show. But, I don’t know if the writers realise that YHM is not a family show. It’s not a show on Bhalla story. It’s a love story. One of a Childless Mother and One of a Single Father. It’s the story of Raman and Ishita and their lives with their kids. Anything else happening in the story is additional. And I do accept, Adi and Aliya are really good, but they are frankly not the heart of the show. Only Ishita and Raman are. I am fine if they move Adi and Aliya to secondary lead characters. That should be fun to see. But other than that, if Ishita and Raman are cornered in their show, I think they are burning the little bit of respect the fans have for the show.

    Hopefully, the writers will get some sense and write better stories with Raman and Ishita.

  11. So Ekta mam, you are saying that every single official in India is corrupt, even the NGOs who always stand up for justice. This is a very poor portrayal of India’s justice system – right bribery and corruption is the name of the game. When did this judge become so powerful that no lawyer can stand up to him – that’s a lie in real life when you have such situations God always have a few good men/women are willing to stand up for truth, justice and fairness without compromising, so this story is too far-fetch. Raman Bhalla is rich and a very big businessman and he can’t get a decent lawyer. So NGOs do not bother to hear two sides of a story but act out in revenge. No wonder; recently the government of India is reducing the amount of NGOs in the country because according to Ekta mam and her team they are useless.
    Any case that is brought to the courthouse is registered many times – meaning one has to complete a series of form. So where is the paper trail.
    Also according to the law, Adi and Aliya have not even registered their marriage yet – so in fact Adi hasn’t broken any law & common law in India can permit a man to take another wife (please someone shed light on this for me).
    These CVs are treating us like idiots
    In Bhalla house and Iyers they have enough women to have strike out against those idiotic women but they let them just beat up Ruhi. In my family water first would have been thrown on them & police would have been called (but then again according to CVs all India police officers are currupt.)there is no way we would have let them take one of us – it would have been due or live with our slippers. Bakwas story line
    And yet again feisty Mihika who used to beat up goons just stood there
    Oh I forgot Ishita madam solver of all problems was the one to stop the women – WOW
    I am scared now to be a bahu in India because I am not a goddess, who knows everything, solves every problems and make everything good.

  12. Oh I forgot also after everything, Ishita will travel to Khanpor and that too against her husband’s wish and rescue Roshini and we will all say
    “Jai Ishita”

  13. Furthermore, after Adi and Aalya’s marriage, police comes to arrest Adi for duping his wife Roshni and marrying Aaliya.

    While Raman and Ishita tries to safeguard Adi while Roshni betrays Raman and Ishita and speaks up against Adi.

    Ashok-Gagan trap Roshni against Raman-Ishita

    Raman and Ishita get shocked while Aaliya bursts out at Roshni for ruining their life.

    Soon in the upcoming episodes, it will be revealed that Ashok has kidnapped Simmi and has warned Roshni to agree on Gagan’s terms or else Simmi will lose her life.

    However, Roshni will be left with no option rather to support Gagan against Raman and Ishita.

    Let’s see what happens next on the show.

  14. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Adi (Abhishek Verma) gets arrested for getting married with Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) without divorcing to Roshni (Vidisha Srivastava).

    Raman and Ishita asks Roshni to say truth about Adi and Roshni got divorced before getting married with Aaliya but Roshni refuses to accept divorce news.

    However, court room drama takes place where Ishita gets stuck between Roshni and Aaliya.

    Ishita does not want to do injustice with both Roshni and Alaliya which makes Raman furious.

    Raman accuses Ishita for all the unhappening and announces to breaks his alliance with her.

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) goes against Raman (Karan Patel) finding the truth

    Ishita gets panicked seeing Raman’s behaviour as Raman always accuses her for every mistake.

    But, Ishita decides not to concentrate on Raman and finds the truth to save three lives Roshni, Adi and Aaliya.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  15. High voltage drama is going to unfold in Raman and Ishita’s life after Adi (Abhishek Verma) got arrested for marrying with Aaliya without divorcing Roshni.

    Both Ashok and Baweja play a very dirty game to destroy Bhalla family in which Ashok asks Gagan to keep Roshni in Khandpur.

    Baweja tells Ashok that he will not let Raman and Ishita in court and Adi will have to be in jail forever.

    Meanwhile, women humiliate Ruhi and tries to blacken her face but Ishita angrily stop woman harming Ruhi.

    Raman and Ishita get failed to bail out Adi

    Ishita confronts those women and warns them not try to touch Ruhi otherwise she will not leave anyone.

    Raman and Ishita get failed to bail out Adi which makes Adi shattered while Ishita tries to find way free Adi.

    What will Ishita do to save Adi?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  16. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  17. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.

    It was earlier seen that Adi (Abhishek Verma) gets married to Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) after a lot of high voltage drama.

    However Ashok will take advantage to the situation and will kidnap Simmi and will blackmail Roshini to file a case against Adi and the Bhallas and throw them behind the bars.

    The entire family will go against Roshini as she will turn into a puppet for Ashok and Gagan.

    Will Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) be able to save Adi or not?

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates.

  18. The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is up for high voltage drama in Bhalla house.

    Police comes to arrest Adi for doing second marriage by betraying first wife Roshni.

    Ishita and Adi asks Roshni to tell truth to police that how Adi is betraying her while Ishita expects truth from Roshni.

    Roshni lies and betrays Adi and Ishita’s trust and gives statement against Adi.

    While Roshni has some reason behind it, Ishita also thinks that Roshni can’t betray them and thinks that she must be under some pressure.

    Adi gets arrested, Roshni helpless

    While Roshni did it all as Gagan threatens Roshni to tell what he wants nor he will kill Adi and Ishita along with whole Bhalla family.

    Let’s wait and watch how will Ishita decipher this truth and will also get Adi realized from jail.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of of the upcoming episodes.

  19. The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is up for high voltage drama.

    Adi gets arrested in polygamy charges and Roshni also betrays at the moment, Ishita and Raman are stuck.

    Mr Baweja refuses to help them in any case rather is involved with Ashok to take revenge from Raman and Ishita.

    Adi gets attested and Aliya is shattered with this, Raman and Ishita consoles Aliya and promises to bring back Adi soon.

    Raman and Ishita tries to save Adi

    Raman and Ishita gets in action and finds that it’s a huge conspiracy against them and Adi but are unaware of real hand being Ashok Khanna.

    Raman and Ishita takes all measures to save Adi while are left with no escape point as Ashok and Mr Baweja traps them trickly.

    Let’s wait and watch how will Adi’s innocence will be proved infront of law.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  20. azuka nkwonta

    This is the way they have always been portraying Indian society. It is not the first time they are showing such nonsense on the screen. This Ngo women did the same thing when Ashok and shagun’s marriage did not work out. They came to attack ishita and mihinka. Of course ishita will always go on her own mission against Raman’s wish she always does that and I hope she is not going to scatter good plans by going on her own plan, cvs have always portrayed ishita as the hero of the bhallas house and have completely put Raman under. And Akiatta I will also agree with you that yhm is a love story, it’s a story of Raman and ishita and their journey in life but I will also say that other characters in the serial should be developed without neglecting ishita and Raman as well it will make the serial less boring. For example when vandu was alive I use to wish that they will shift the scene or some plots to iyer’s family. Vandu and bala loves each other they don’t show us much about them even after having a second child we don’t even see her, where is the girl she does not even play with pihu and ananya we don’t see her at all. Well there is no need continuing, I have said these things before in some of my past comments that other characters and families need to be developed and their plots expanded. Some people will not agree with this because they want only ishita and Raman I don’t know how interesting it is as for me I want to see other characters in the serial doing something. We have Romi and mihinka, Adi and aaliyah, ruhi, shagun, Mani, pihu, ananya, and others for four years we are stuck with only the bhallas family and yet instead of developing other plots they killed vandu.

  21. This Ishitha is soooo damn stupid…I hate her….asthough she can solve everything in this world she acts….why cant she save poverty…hunger and other social problems…sooo dumb this serial is…

    Actually if u think about it…Ruhi is the root casuse for evrything…if she hadnt challenged adi to go to kanpur n do a project..he would have gone…and nothing like this would have happened…

  22. Doesnt this Ashok have any other work than poking his nose in Bhalla family? No family for himself and enjoys creating problems in others’ family.. Idiot!!

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