Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and everyone worrying for Pihu. Simmi says did anyone kidnap Pihu. Raman asks her to shut up, why will anyone kidnap her. Mani and Aaliya come. Ishita tells them that Pihu is not here. Raman blames Ishita and talks badly. Mani argues and asks him to learn to talk well. Raman says respect can’t be received by begging, and taunts Ishita. Mani and Raman argue. Nurse asks them to go out, hospital security is finding Pihu, just Pihu’s parents can stay here. Ishita cries. Raman goes.

Aaliya goes and calls Adi a loser for failing to stop Raman. He asks her why did she come here to meet Pihu. She says I came to meet my Amma. He says she is not your Amma, she is my Ishi Maa, Raman and Ishita will solve their problems. She scolds him and goes.

Pihu comes

to Ishita. Ishita sees her and cries, asking her where did you go. Pihu asks her not to fight with her Papa. She says I will come with you. Ishita asks really. Pihu says yes, you have to love me a lot. Ishita says I will and hugs her. Ishita’s imagination ends. Ishita looks for Pihu. Ishita finds Pihu sitting in the medical storeroom and goes there. She asks why are you sitting here, everyone is finding you. Ruhi looks on. Ishita asks Pihu to come, we will not make anyone worry now. Pihu says I have to tell you something, you please go from here, don’t fight with my mumma and Papa, I love them a lot. Ishita cries.

Raman says Papa, I think we should inform police. Aaliya asks for Ishita. Raman asks is your Amma missing too, she took my daughter. Adi says Ishita can’t do this. Amma says stop this drama and complain missing report in police station. Raman says I will complain, I don’t trust that woman, she cheated me 7 years ago, she has run away, she can take my daughter…. They all see Ishita bringing Pihu. Raman hugs Pihu and cries. He says Ishita was taking my daughter and leaving, tell me now. He asks Pihu to say where was this aunty taking her. Ishita says I was not taking her anywhere, I don’t want her custody, these talks are badly affecting her. She tells Pihu that she will stay with her mumma and Papa. She cries. Raman asks his family to come, and walks away with Pihu. Adi cries for Ishita.

Ishita cries seeing Pihu. Raman gives Pihu to Shagun. Shagun hugs her, and they leave. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to go, I will do formalities. He asks Adi to come with him. Adi says but Ishi Maa. Mr. Bhalla says everything will be fine. Amma asks Ishita to come with them. Ishita sits crying there. Appa asks Amma to let Ishita cry, maybe her sorrow will get less.

Amma says why is this happening with Ishita, she can’t stay with her own daughter. Aaliya hears this and goes to call Mani. Mani goes to Ishita and holds her. She wipes her tears seeing him. He gives her a kerchief. He asks her to cry, and says I won’t stop you, Pihu is found now. She says Pihu will be happy with her family, we will return back. He says but you wanted to bring both families together, you wanted to change Raman…. She says will he change ever, I thought if I change Raman, I will get some peace, but this can’t happen, when I met Pihu, my feelings got awakened. She cries her pain out.

Ishita says when she left today, I felt like my life is getting away, I don’t know why, Pihu is scared seeing me, she feels I m a stranger who is making her away from her mummy and Papa, its good she is with Raman, I did mistake coming here, I got selfish, I should have not increased complications here, Pihu will never know that I m her mother, Raman will not tell her, he will never change, does anyone talks so badly. Aaliya thinks what does Raman think of himself, he has hurt Amma a lot, does he care for anyone’s feelings, disgusting. Mani says fine Ishu, we will leave for Australia tomorrow. She says we will end our work here and leave. He asks will she able to manage. She says I will. Aaliya says its enough, I will teach a lesson to Raman Bhalla.

Shagun asks Pihu to sleep. Pihu asks Raman to go. Raman leaves. Pihu tells Shagun that she told Ishita what Shagun said. FB shows Shagun meeting Pihu. Pihu hugs her and says I don’t want to go with that aunty. Shagun says I m not going anywhere. Pihu asks who is that aunty, why will she snatch me, where will she take me. Shagun says she won’t take you anywhere, you have to do something, will you do. Pihu says yes, I don’t want to leave you and Papa. Shagun says tell aunty to leave from here, you are happy with mumma and Papa, ask her not to fight and trouble us. FB ends. Pihu says aunty agreed to me. Shagun says now she left, no one can make my Pihu away from me, she won’t come, sleep now. Pihu sleeps. Shagun feels sorry to do this, and thinks I can’t give my daughter to Ishita, now Pihu is the way to keep Raman and Ishita way.

Aaliya tells Ruhaan that all problems got solved, Amma and Appa took marriage decision. She makes Raman hear this. Raman gets hurt. Raman gets drinking. Ashok gets glad seeing Raman overdrinking.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Zini

    Heartbroken episode.. Poor ishu.. Raman and shagun hate them.. :/ Bt precap was good.. Now Raman feeling bad.. Can’t he think how much ishu hurt when he declared to marry shagun..

    • The perfect thing which I wanted to say, u said. Thank u zini and yes it should hurt Raman a lot!! And again Shagun is turning evil

  2. Super girl

    Ishra win lot awards at star parivaar 2016 but sad sad episode.i hope they reunite ishra!!!!

  3. shivani

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman organizes a party to launch his juice product.

    Mani and Ishita also come in the party where Ishita mistakenly gets drunk and loses her sense.

    Ishita forgot her fight with Raman and behaves with him normally.

    Raman brings Ishita in a hotel room seeing her stupid activities.

    In the room, Ishita challenges Raman to drink and be normal but Raman refuses.

    Ishita puts ice in Raman jacket and asks him to do ice dance which makes Raman angry.

    Raman tries to go from the room but Ishita stops him by telling that he promised her not to leave her alone.

    Raman and Ishita get drunk in hotel room

    Ishita instigates Raman for drinking and Raman angrily takes it.

    Raman and Ishita both get drunk and recall their old moment where they also sort out their all misunderstandings.

    However, Raman shouts at Ishita for making him drink purposely after coming back in sense.

  4. Murugan

    Ishita will never change … Raman is angry because she went away leaving him and their baby … Even after knowing it, she wanted to do the same mistake ….

    • Liyana

      I agree that is all ishita a fault for running away in the first place! If she did isn’t things would have been fine

  5. Reem

    It’s looking like fate is taking revenge from ishita… what all happened with shagun in the starting of the serial the same is happening with ishita now… but that time it was all shagun’s fault as she was negative and today also it is her fault only… I just don’t understand what was ishita’s mistake and why the hell makers and ekta doing this with ishita ? This is not at all fair… it is seriously looking that fate is taking revenge for shagun against ishita even it was never ishita’s mistake but shagun’s as she was always negative from starting… and also when ruhi said shagun in the starting of the serial that don’t come between ishita and raman… she was not at all looking so hurt but I felt so bad seeing ishita crying when pihu said her that… hating shagun’s character alot now… disgusting serial.. very difficult to watch now…!! :3 -_-

  6. Manju

    Very sad episode but I am happy due to her rejection by Pihu , ishita finally got strength to move on and best decision and Mani is so so sweet.

    • Reem

      No I don’t think that ishita moved on and decided to marry mani… bcoz aliya said ryt that she will teach raman a lesson so maybe she said that to ruhaan purposely so that raman hears it and feel same as he made ishita feel it by marrying shagun…!!

  7. vidya

    very much happy……..finally she decided to go back….leaving that angry man………just enjoy life with ur new daughter aaliya… is short y to mess up things…

  8. jaz

    OMG …how dare u raman…shellfish..kahika..yehesaaan faramosh..ho.TUM…lagtha.raman yaaddash chalgayi hoghi in saat nahi hothi sare ballha ki ram ram satya hojatha..apna bacha gawakar sab ki jaan bachayi.(bus wala incident).aur usikohi itni bathe sonata hai..discusting man..ishitha..deserve..more..samje..idiot…ravannn Kumar.

  9. Sindhu

    I just think Aliya is a such a pain. Interfering brat. Why can’t she just be quiet and stay out of Raman and Ishita’s life? Let the estranged couple sort things out on their own. I must say when Aliya mention in the precap, it was good. It must have jolted Raman’s thinking. Suddenly he realised he is going to lose Ishita. Either that or as I mentioned some episodes ago that Raman wants Ishita to hate him for her own good as being with him means is unhappines. Now that he hears that from Aliya, he really is heartbroken and can’t accept Ishita with anyone. The worst person is Shagun. Once again Shagun is using a child to play with feelings. First it was Adi before the leap when Adi hated Ishita so much then took Ruhi in exchange and made Ruhi misunderstand Ishita and now she is using Pihu to separate Ishita and Raman. Shagun is downright cheap. She is so cruel to use little Pihu and say such things to Ishita. This is really terrible. I hope Adi explains quickly to Pihu and makes Pihu understand about Ishita. The more I watch my heart just goes out to Ishita. After watching the star paarivar awards I realise Ishita deserves most of the awards especially the favourite maa. She is really a great mother to Adi, Ruhi and now Pihu.

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino. Resh, Siddhi and many fans of YHM.

  10. Aliya u did a right thing now raman starts thinking about ishitha and realize his mistake done towards ishitha. And upcoming episode s ishitha will know ashok plan about ruin of raman and help raman without his notice this will helps raman ishitha re union i think so . Hi rithu and all yhm friends.

  11. Adithi

    Aliya first time did a perfect job …leave this idiotic raman and bhalla family
    At the last kill shagun who kills shagun will be the hero of the serial

  12. Heera

    Ishita should go back to australia then 1ly that ravan kumar realize his mistake & back to ishita

  13. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    precap is super aliya u done a great raman wil realizes the ishu’s pain

  14. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    ishitha won 6 awards in star parivar awards iam so happy..only ishitha can deserves that awards especialy favorite maa and favorite patni ..she fulfills al d responsibities of maa and patni

  15. Starbucks

    I really do think Aliya is a total disaster and that she thinks that the wrold is revolving around her she really needs to should stop interfering please Raman stop your anger and ishu pls don’t leave only mani and Aliya should leave ??

  16. Andi

    I don’t get it now cos their plot is basically the same as Suhani si ek ladki’s

    Fighting over the child
    Other mother wants to keep father and mother away from each other
    Father and mother hate each other

    Have they run out of ideas

  17. Fan

    Raman is not all that bad. One has to understand that his past experiences with Shagun/Ashok have made him a bitter soul. When he lost Ruhi and Ishita his world crumbled all over again and he became harder and more bitter. He showered all his love on Pihu, why, perhaps she was his link to Ishita. He became distant from Adi, one whom he was desperate to love and please. Many questions arise when trying to analyse Raman and his hard exterior. He still hurts on the inside but uses the brash, aggressive behaviour as a defence mechanism.
    There are many such, hurting souls in real life too. People who hide behind a mask of arrogance, nonchalance, etc. We can’t write them off for their ill manners or bad temper can we.
    Raman can be won over with Ishitha’s kindness, understanding, love etc. We just have to wait, hope and believe that love will conquer all.

    Here’s to Isitha, Raman, Adi, Ruhi and Pihu. To their happy union.

    • Fan very true I agree to an extent dear. but this situation can’t be compared to Shagun & Ashok He & Ishitha were was as one but he verbally abused her to the lowest & chased her. now why blame her for all the bad things that happened.. ok Ishu’s fault was she didn’t let them know she was alive. but imagine her state of mind. the man she loved did not stand by her first it was his plan now she is the bad soul.. sorry if i hurt ur feelings.

  18. vp

    Hi Rithu .. Sindhu … Shivani … Mino ..all yhm fans …Hata off to Divyank for the excellent performace … she was not acting … living fully involved … in her sadness helplessness … I love you very much … … superb … her emotions oh great … as Mrs Iyer said … why our Ishu has to suffer ? Mani as usual good friend ….i never wished Ishitha to fike case for Pihus custody … Pihu is Raman and Shaghuns decision …. senseless man wanted to give happiness to his wife for losing her baby … betrayed her and took signature … sad to note he has not understood his Madrasan … yesterday she said not bothered he marries anyone … she can take the cudtody … I was sure she will not … she wants Pihus happiness … even if Pihu not requested also she will do the same ….but to realize Pihu doesnt know Ishitha is her mother … oh my God she delivered it beautifully … I cried … It was hurtful when Raman was insulting her to the core … what not she has not done for Balla family … I really wish she wont go back to him … cvs suceeded to make us hate Raman … we were all addicted to Divan .. and watching … Adi kept quiet helpless becoz his Ishima told him not to be against to his papa … but his helplessness when Alia shouted at him was superb . I always liked Aliya today she did a good job …she wanted to teach Raman a lesson … Adi will tell Pihu about Ishima then may be Pihu will tell him innicently what shaghun told her . Adi Ruhi Alia and Pihu will make Ishra together ….I want Ishitha to maintain her dignity and be within the limits … as always …Shaghun wants to come back to Raman …. I hate her … Characterless man only allow exwife to be the surrogate mother … what respect he has given to Ishitha …. today he is talking about respect …… earn respect … how can he ? Loving Raman is gone away from my mind … But their chemistry will attract us … started seeing this serial fior Divyanka … first and last serial may be I will be watching … again and again I am telling … cvs can make it beautiful …once our Ruhi comes to know the truth …. then it will be defferent….

  19. barathi

    raman… how can he talk lyk this to ishu. whever raman starts talking i got headache…disguisting… ishu alugurapo enala kuda alugaya cntrl pana mudyala. wht s her fault… one and only fault tat she was married raman.

  20. Worst episode…..why r they showing shagun in negative character again!!!!now shagun will use pihu against raman nd ishita like she used Adi before…..I luv what aaliya did today…..plz unite our best Jodi ishra

  21. I want to know one thing when Ruhi was talking to Raman and Toshiji she was longing to hear her name from them. But they didn’t. It was only ishu who said her name after 7 long years. And she just continuously talk about Ruhi and still Ruhi is not satisfied with it. Ruhi loves pihu coz of whom she was separated from her family. And she hates ishu and says ishitha all the time but calls Raman as papa. Why all of them are behind ishu? I wish if at least ruhi supports her after knowing all the truth. U all agree with me right?

  22. Hi VP Sindhu, Shivani & All The Lovers Of YHM. & Hi To All Who Have commented too. I Think These Bhall’s Have Memory Loss. Look at the attitude of Mr Bhalla Can’t even take a firm step when Raman Accuses Ishitha. Such A Weak man. & exp. That Bullheaded Raman Who Has forgotten the past . He has a family to love cos of Ishitha, Ardi Ruhi etc. & Got the taste of love & A family life cos of her. or else though he was a CEO he was such a Rude, Egoist, Foul Mouthed Hot tempered Bull head. Cos of Ishitha he became a loving caring decent human being , Has forgotten how she saved his kids from the Earthquake, Fire, Bomb in the bus even risking her life. then the insults he showered on Her when Ruhi died. he chased her from his life & now why all the Blame on her… Gosh this all the gratitude she gets from this rowdy rude Man.. she doesn’t deserve all this she was very happy in Australia. & i think she is better off with Mani . Though i don’t like it. The producers are trying to get Shagun & Raman together i think how ever much we shout scream Our heads off with any opinions or Suggestions are falling on deaf ears. so guys brace urself for Shagun & Raman. sorry to say that is what this is leading to like.
    And that Cunning Shagun has never changed her spots how she manipulated Pihu. So it was not Ruhi who put Pihu against Ishitha .She is in the comfortable zone & thinks Raman loves her & she is still the same old Shagun . Gosh Raman has to go begging for Ishitha. Must never allow her to give in to him & her kind heart is full of love that knowing her she will give in to Raman in a giffy if Raman asked her back. No she must not make it easy for him he has to beg for her love. not a selfish love that he has. See how she sacrificed hers for Pihu’s happiness & She backed off.. that is the real love . Raman deserves Shagun let him suffer once again.
    Anyway hope i did not hurt Raman lovers i too am, but not his shameful behaviour. I want IsRa together but not at the risk of Ishu’s self respect as a Woman has to put protected. otherwise it is not good for all women in general for men to think that women have no say & be pushed around at their wimps & fancies .. Good Luck to all hope no one got hurt sorry if anyone got hurt..

  23. princess

    Ye raman ki akal ghas charne gai hai kya?kitna chillata hai ishu pe..jaise is duniya me sirf wo hi perfect hai..aur shagun kabhi nai sudhrne wali

  24. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie and all yhm friends.
    aaj finally shagun ko negative dikha hi diya lekin agar wapas manoj aa jaayega aur ruhi ka sach patha chalega jab sabko toh yhm mein sab theek ho jaayega.

  25. Ruhi

    About which truth you all r talking about which truth ruhi knows everything she didn’t heard the whole conversation in which Raman said to exchange her but still she hates Raman ishita chooses her own daughter coz she was her blood even ishita said this in today’s episode ishitas impact on ruhis death was also very less I only victim is ruhi once Raman exchange her for adi n then ishu exchange her for pihu ishita didn’t commite suicide coz of ruhis death she committed suicide coz of Raman’s word she said ruhi nii to ye rishta nii ye rishta nii to me niii OK both Raman n ishita r culprit ruhi did so much for ishita she supported her every time even when Raman oppose her when Raman was doing pooja with Raman for adi she oppose Raman n shouts on him she fights with everyone for ishita she broke all relations with Raman when she comes to know that Raman is marring with niddhi I know two times ishita save her life this is coz ishu has no child at that time except her

  26. Nivedha

    Adei Raman… Unaku vanthaa Athu ratham… Ishitha ku vanthaa athu thakaali chutney ah,… Idiot

  27. Wowwww I am happy for precap
    Aliya you said correctly yar
    Raman also should know the pain
    Where ishu felt bad when raman told about shagun and his marriage
    Now Raman should feel the same
    Waiting for tomorrow episode
    Then Raman drinks more and ishu also drinks maza tho hai ane wala episodes


      heeeeyyy ramchin remember me??
      if nott plssss guessssssssss me ????????????????????????
      ur hint is LOL 🙂

  28. DT fan

    Hello friends, I was a silent reader. I love to read all of urs conflicting & diverse comments. I love watching this show more after leap. Before leap i know d story bt ws not much attached to this show…I think cvs will take time bt will surely make d reunion in good way..I guess ruhi will again uniting ishra without revealing her real identity to she has got ishitas upbringing and so her heart is also pure.. bt currently she is misunderstaning them due to that evil sarika nd niddhi.. may be she will soon realise that.. and 1 more thing shagun was good to help the pihu nd adi bt nw she shud nt manipulate the little girl whom she has loved for 7 yrs.. she shud tell t truth to her about her real mother and at the same time shud herself also give the love to her if she wanted to do this then why was she so curious to help ishita to give hers her own child if at d end she has to snatch that..evil witch..and about raman and ishita i beleive they r rite as there character demand this.. bt we hv seen earlier too that raman was not the person who show his love by words.. he is many times shown rude bt then to his deeds show him right nd now also as he is angry so he is behaving such bt we can see tht in upcoming episode too he won’t be able to see ishita in trouble and will help her even after being angry to her and also being misunderstood tht she is marrying mani.. thn too he will be concernerd to her.. ya but truly smtimes his words are more harsh than xpected… and ya really don’t think that ishita shud move on with anyone else bt she shud make raman realise his mistake and she has full right on pihu she shud shower her lovely motherly love to tht lill girl too… and lastly i love u dt u are jst superb actor.. and beautifull too..

    • vp

      I am also a crazy DT fan … As you said to some extent he can be justified … but lately … how he is repeating the same words …. cant accept … not tolerable … that too in public … I wantt her to be independent … not to marry Mani … just move on life … why did she move to his building … she wanted him to be out of anger … it was heart touching the way she expressed about Pihu ….sure they will be united …


    I really love to watch pihu with shagun and Raman but I’m sure it will never happen she gave birth, love to adi ruhi n pihu but the end c will get zero from everyone? no one care for her no one stands for her b’cos c z lonely lady no family for that?

    • vp

      sh is very self centred …. do you think once she gets married to Raman she will be nice …. vamp is a vamp ….you can not compare her to Ishitha …

  30. Anaaya

    I hate raman’s character. Ishita should marry mani who is sophisticated unlike Raman

  31. Oummekhan

    I think ekta always manipulate the serial in favour of her favourite actors like anita is one of them so she do i her favour evil winning

    If ever ishra is united as i want it t be pihu should call her mumma n not ishima as atleast ishita should feel the awesome feeling of motherhood with her own daughter

    I hate raman t the core he is the one that tell ishita t let ruhi go and second make her agred for exchange n both time ruhi hate ishita n not raman
    Ruhi should actually know it was raman who said t do these things

    Btw raman hate ishita but that phycho should he ishita ishita saying a barren never understand parenthood…?
    Hope pihu knows her real mother n call her mama n not ishita…
    Plz if anyone can say this t the writer preety plz……

  32. Fiona

    Does anyone clean these pages up… To sift through fan pages instead of the tv series is a pain… who reads the fan pages?

  33. Khyati

    I feel that Raman and Ishita both of them did mistakes. WhenRuhi died Raman was very angry and spoke harsh words for ishita. But Ishita knowing that Raman’s nature is like that still she left him in that state not thinking what will happen to him that is the reason he felt cheated by ishita and also by ruhi for leaving him. Ishita should have handled him bcz she knew raman so well.
    ANd according to the spoilers Raman will stil have some pictures of Ishita and he would be missing Ishita very much but then Pihu ill come and ask Raman to sleep with Shagun. Shagun will eotionally blackmail Pihu.
    I hate the character of shagun from the core.
    I don’t understand why is Ishita again going.
    The precap was good. Eagerly waiting for the next episode.
    Loved the precap


    Raman is A Sick BASTARD.
    He Doesn’t DESERVE A NICE WOMAN LIKE Ishita.
    OK IISHITA Didn’t Do Right By Leaving Her Family for 7 YEARS.
    But One Should Understand that What MADE ishita to Take That Step.
    RAMAN Bastard INSULTED Humiliated And Made Her Guilty VERY Badly.


    Super GIRL ISHITHA Will Definitely Unite BALLA-IYER FAMILIES.
    But it Will Take TIME.

    • jaz

      Adi..HI mere.pass.khich.laya..I seeing here.ya..adi.I.left.MAM SHOW..

  36. Sonal Khan

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabtein will show that Raman and Ishita get drunk in hotel room and share some sweet-bitter moments together.

    Both Raman and Ishita find difficult to walk then sleep together on bed.
    Shagun wakes up Raman and both Raman-Ishita is surprised seeing her.

    Raman tells Shagun that he does not do anything while Shagun tells him that she trust at him because he himself decided getting married with her.

    Sagun gives shirt to Raman and asks him to come back to home.

    Raman looks Ishita lovingly before going with Shagun.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    Shagun searches Raman in the party and finds about he is in hotel room.

    Shagun comes to room and is tensed seeing messy room with flowers.

    Apart from this, Shagun gets shocked and jealous seeing Raman and IshitaShagun wakes up Raman and both Raman-Ishita is surprised seeing her.

    Raman tells Shagun that he does not do anything while Shagun tells him that she trust at him because he himself decided getting married with her.

    Sagun gives shirt to Raman and asks him to come back to home.

    Raman looks Ishita lovingly before going with Shagun.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.
    sleeping on bed together.


    It is Very NICE Seeing You Here.
    I Will Return to MAM
    When it Gets On TRACK.

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