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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manoj asking Shagun about their future. He says I love you a lot, I know you want to help Raman and Ishita, what about us. She cries and says even I love you a lot, situation is such that…. Try to understand. He asks her to marry him today itself, I want your support. She agrees and he smiles. She says I will just inform Raman that I did not get proof, he will be in tension. She messages Raman and they leave.

Niddhi looks at Raman and Shanaya’s dancing and thinks Raman is just mine. Adi comes and everyone get glad seeing him. They all meet and hug Adi. Adi wishes them happy holi. Adi gets surprised seeing Ishita and runs to hug her. Everyone smile. Ishita hugs Ruhi and Adi. Raman hugs them.

Raman and Ishita come to their room. She says everything is

happening as per our plan. He says they thought we drank bhaang, I told caterer not to add bhaang in any thandai. She says I m scared, the plan is risky, if anything happens. He says don’t be scared, we have to go for Plan b, Shagun messaged that Niddhi’s locker does not have that chip, I did planning well, don’t worry. She asks him to check once. He checks the gun and says I have kept fake bullets in it, and here are blood colored pouches, fix this in your clothes, just provoke Niddhi, when she shoots you, there is camera hidden here, it will capture everything. She fixes the pouches and says I m ready. He says we will use footage as Niddhi used, you did a lot, this is nothing for you. She says I want everything to get fine, I miss everything. She recalls their love. Dil kahin rukta nahi………..plays…………..

YHM spoiler

Niddhi looks for Shanaya and Raman. She says did she go home with Raman. Raman says I can’t say I m helpless, we are close and I can’t even touch you, its cameras here. He makes the bedding messed up and hugs her. Niddhi comes home and shouts Raman. She heads to bedroom and thinks Shanaya can win challenge in bhaang affect. She asks them what are they doing. Raman says Niddhi, I thought its you, I don’t know whats happening, Shanaya added something in my drink. He holds his head and acts.

Ishita tells Niddhi that she has won Raman and her challenge. Niddhi scolds Ishita. Ishita asks Niddhi what can you do now, Raman is mine, you can’t undo it. Raman says Niddhi you don’t know her, she is clever. Niddhi asks Ishita to leave. Ishita says Raman started loving me, he is my business partner, he may become my life partner too, he loves me now. Niddhi raises hand. Ishita stops her and says you thought I will leave all this, you provoked me more, Raman will be mine forever, you can do anything, as everything is fair in love and war. Niddhi asks will you fight with me. Raman thinks this is right time and takes Niddhi aside to drawer. Niddhi says I will show you and takes gun from the drawer. Raman acts to stop Niddhi, and it all gets recorded. Raman says Shanaya is lying, I m not interested in her. Ishita says Raman don’t lie, don’t be scared, are you scared of this gun, see her hands, its shaking, she can’t do anything, she knows shooting anyone is a crime. Raman signs her to provoke Niddhi more.

Ishita laughs on Niddhi and says you can’t shoot me, I m Shanaya Raichand, I get what I want, you are a loser. Niddhi says I m warning for the last time, I will shoot. Raman asks Niddhi to lower the gun. Niddhi shoots Ishita…… and gets shocked…… Raman looks on. Ishita sees the blood and faints. Raman asks Niddhi what did you do. He checks Shanaya and says Niddhi you killed her. Niddhi says she provoked me. He says this can’t be murder, as she provoked you, fine, we will do one thing, we will hide her dead body, get any bag fast.

Niddhi gets some huge bag. Raman and Niddhi put Ishita’s body in it. Raman asks Niddhi to go fast and change. He tells Ishita that he kept bag zip open and she won’t have problem to breathe. Manoj and Shagun are about to sign on the register for marriage. Shagun gets labor pain and says its just 7 months baby, will anything happen. Manoj takes her, leaving the papers there.

Raman and Niddhi take the bag to dump the body. They dump the body in the bag. Shagun talks to Raman and tells him about the condition, asking him to inform Ishita. Niddhi hears it as its on speaker. He asks is Ishita alive, did you lie to me. He says Shagun is in labor pain, you know women, we are here to dump the body. He sends Niddhi and tells Ishita to come out, bag is open. They leave.

Raman gets angry on Niddhi and says Ishita is really shot. He gets a call and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Holi k din kun sa marriage registar office khula rhta hai..plz writer of serial explain this

  2. Don’t let ishitha or ruhi to die for any reason even for ishra plan. Can u remember when shagun took ruhi from ishitha she couldn’t even sleep well also ishu got fever how can they now show ishru separation or ishra separation. Please ekta don’t ever try to spoil this show.

  3. Hi rithu,fathi,riya,ramchin,jhanvi,siddhi,sindhu,nivu,reshma,darshi,vp,darshika,nimrit,
    shree,anakha and all yhm fans.

  4. Please ekta don’t separate our lovely couple ishra.

  5. Don’t separate our most lovable family of ishraruhadi and to-be-born baby.

  6. Ha ha ha 100 completed.

  7. koi news hai kya ki ruhi ka show mein marna confirm hai ki nahi .

  8. yes .100 comments completed.

  9. I saw a promo recently where it’s shown that Ruhi is not with Ishra :O what happened to Ruhi? Already I stopped watching this show but watched it yesterday if they kill Ruhi’s character I will hate this show to the core. But raman’s face was worthy to watch in the precap lol he got exposed in a very foolish way

  10. raman ne kaha tha ki adi holi ke din aayega lekin woh toh holi pe aaya hi nahi .

    1. adi aaya toh tha

  11. The leap is not likely
    to happen in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    while the separation of the lead has
    chances to take place in the show
    with news twists being introduced
    in the storyline. Highvoltage drama
    will take place in upcoming
    episodes which will lead to some
    horrifying decisions being taken by
    Raman and Ishita. Will Raman and
    Ishita lose each other’s support? To
    know keep watching Yeh Hai

  12. bilkul ghatia track hai yeh . stop this worst track in yhm.

  13. V don’t want ruhi as ishra baby v want ruhi as ruhi if u kii ishita b bring another women who looks like ishu n married Raman can viewers accept that similarly v want ruhi as ruhi not as surrogate baby

    1. hey siddhi .I totally agree with you .

    2. exactly Siddhi but who understands ? Cvs have spoiled to the core ….

  14. Its very difficult to believe that ruhi can die in show I think she is tje most important character in show igmf there was no ruhi ishra love story can never start

  15. Hi ruhti diya fathi fathi nimrit jhanvfaya n all i

  16. So separation is confirmed….ok ektha mam…but pls don’t drag it….unite them as soon as possible…..we cant seem them separated for long time….

  17. surrgacy ki zaroorath hi nahi thi jab ishitha ke saath ruhi thi toh aur adi bhi hai aur shagun aur manoj sab sorted hai toh seperation laake , ruhi ko maar ke , leads ko do maheene drama karwaake aur ek second mein poore drama ka bhatangar bewakoofon ki tarah dikhaake 6 mahine se jab se bhoot wala drama hua hai tab se story ko kheechthe hi jaa rahe hai aur aakhir mein seperation.

  18. Ishita and Ruhi’s mother
    and daughter
    relationship is going to
    break in the upcoming
    episode of Yeh Hai
    As per the track, Shagun
    delivers premature baby
    of Raman and Ishita
    where Nidhi kidnaps the
    baby defeating Ishita and
    Ishita runs to stops Nidhi
    where NIdhi threatens
    Ishita to kill baby.
    Ishita is helpless and
    tells NIdhi that she is
    ready to do anything for
    Nidhi puts a condition in
    front of Ishita giving Ruhi
    to her in return of baby.
    Ishita accepts Nidhi’s
    condition and gives
    Ruhi’s custody to Nidhi.
    Nidhi will makes Ruhi
    sharp and bad like her
    where Ruhi decides to
    ruins Ishita for spoiling
    her future giving her to
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  19. Revathi Anandh

    over acting ishita

  20. wow!!! ab yeh makers ishitha ki character ko bhi kharab karenge . taki viewers ko ishitha ki character ko hate kare phir ruhi ko hate kare aur phir aakhir mein show ko hi hate kare .I just hate this track.

  21. kya ghatia track hai . poore show ka satyaanash banaa diya in makers ne toh. ab toh trp ko trp se out ho hi jaana chahiye .

  22. upcoming story or track of yhm will make yhm the worst serial .

  23. shagun ko bure se accha bana diya aur ishitha ko acche se bura banaa diya .

    1. Very True Rithu … I think we should sto commenting and watching ….

  24. ishruh ke bina yhm poora horrible show ban jaayega.

  25. What is ishita is going to do dis with ruhi I can’t believe if ishita is going to do this then i hate ishita

    1. ya siddhi .if ishitha does all those with ruhi then even I hate ishitha for doing woth ruhi and giving her to niddhi for her baby .

  26. I was expecting Shagun to get married to a straight guy like Manoj and be settled. Why cant she get labour pains after signing the marriage papers?

  27. As per SBAS Segment Shown,Nidhi
    has Ishita’s New Born baby in her
    hands…and Ishita was hanging at the
    end of cliff and is asked to choose
    between Ruhi & Baby…
    Later elder Ruhi after leap was
    shown…So Ishita will now struck
    between choosing Ruhi & New Born
    Baby..which might part ways with
    Raman and Nidhi takes Ruhi with her
    who now will be spoil brat

  28. ek backwaaz kya kam tha show mein jo niddhi ka track aur uske uupar inn makers ne uss se bhi badaa backwaaz laa diya show mein.

  29. ek backwaaz kya kam tha show mein ki woh niddhi ka track ki inn makers ne uss se bhi badaa backwaaz laa diya show mein ab.

  30. Shocking news is coming from the
    set of Star Plus show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein as it is revealed that
    it is Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) who
    will give Ruhi away to Nidhi.
    As known till now, Raman (Karan
    Patel) and Ishita aka Shanaya are
    trying to get the proof from Nidhi.
    However, every plan of Raman
    Ishita fails and meanwhile Nidhi
    gets the truth of Shanaya.
    Meanwhile Shagun will deliver
    Ishita and Raman’s baby
    Seizing the opportunity Nidhi will
    kidnap Raman and Ishita’s new
    born baby and will run away.
    Ishita will come to know Nidhi’s
    deed and will rush after Nidhi to
    save baby.
    Ishita will catch Nidhi, however,
    Nidhi will threaten to kill the baby.
    Nidhi will demand Ruhi incase
    Ishita wants her baby alive.
    Helpless Ishita will agree and will
    handover Ruhi to Nidhi.

    1. Wao serial lose its meaning completely tthe bond which the CVS show between ishru now its impossible to believe this honestly speaking if Raman did this I can believe for a while but from ishu I can’t expect this

  31. Yeh hai mohabbatein – 29th march 2016 News
    SHOW Main jald hi ayega Leap
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    Saas Bahu daily
    Published on 29
    Mar 2016
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