Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simmi having a head ache. Mrs. Bhalla talks to her and says you did not do any party gossip. Simmi says you missed a great party and good dance performances. She says Vandu had much bhang and danced with me. They have a laugh. Ishita thinks Simmi wants to eat South Indian food and makes it in the lunch for her. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi about Adi and tells how much she misses him. Simmi says Shagun manipulated him. Mrs. Bhalla cries for Raman saying we have Ruhi and lost Adi, now Ishita can’t give him any child. Ishita hears this and gets upset. She goes to her room and cries. Simmi tells Mrs. Bhalla she will explain Ishita that her mum did not mean to hurt her.

Aansun ka rishta ankhon se hota hai………….. plays………….. Ruhi comes to Ishita

and sees her crying. She says if Papa brings a gift for her, she won’t cry. She hugs Ishita. Raman thinks what to buy for Ishita. Mihir and Trisha come to a restaurant. Trisha orders spicy food for him. Raman looks on the internet and places the gift order saying she is a dentist, so she will like this. Trisha eats the spicy food and coughs as she did not eat spicy food before. Mihir makes her eat sweets and asks why did you order spicy food if you don’t eat. She says for you. He says who told you I eat spicy food.

She says Mihika told me that you like spicy food. Mihir gets angry saying Mihika, you did not do this good. Raman calls the site and asks about the delivery of the gift. Simmi asks Ishita who will eat this south Indian food. Ishita says you told me yesterday that you want this. Simmi says did I say? She laughs and says I told that as I was drunk. Ishita says I thought you will like it. Parmeet says I like it and asks Simmi to have it. Simmi says I won’t. Raman says have it, she made it for you.

Parmeet says I was craving for such food. Mrs. Bhalla says come for lunch. Raman says I came to take a file, I have a lunch meeting. Ruhi says I have holiday today. Ruhi asks about the gift. Raman gives it to her. Ruhi and Raman give it to Ishita. Ruhi says he does not know to say sorry, so he brought a gift. Raman says sorry for what happened in the party. Everyone laughs. Ruhi asks Ishita to open the gift. Ishita opens it. Everyone are shocked to see an electronic tooth brush and laughs. Raman says I got this as she is a dentist. Ishita laughs. Ruhi says its Papa’s efforts. Ishita says thank you, its very sweet and very thoughtful. Ruhi thanks Raman and says now I m not annoyed with you. Raman smiles.

Raman takes his file and Ishita comes to him. Raman says don’t thank me, I did this for Ruhi. She says I m so happy, so sweet, I saw that you put efforts for Ruhi, we have to behave well and act for her. He asks what acting. She says we have to make sure that we are together and a family. We should take her to parks. She will feel good, she deserves it. He says you talk so much, I should have given you a tape as a gift. She says I m spontaneous like your taunts. She says you don’t care about Ruhi, I should not talk to you. She says go to hell and leaves.

Raman gets a call from Adi. Adi says you said you will do what I say. Raman says I promise, I will do what you say. Adi asks him to come and meet him. Raman says fine. Ashok and Shagun hear Adi talking to Raman and smile. Adi asks Raman can you do this for me. Ashok says what we could not do, Adi will do. Raman agrees with Adi and says if you want this, it will happen, but after that you will have to trust me. Adi ends the call and smiles. Ashok and Shagun gets happy.

Parmeet asks Ishita for her laptop. She gives him. He says I was thinking to find a new job. She says enjoy for some time, whats the hurry. He says I feel bad being in Simmi’s house. She says this is your house. She says Raman can give you a good job in his company. He says I already took a lot from him. She says don’t worry, he trusts you, I will talk to him. Parmeet says you did a lot for us holding her hand. She says you are our family, so just relax. Simmi comes and he leaves her hand. Simmi thanks Ishita.

Ishita comes to Ruhi and asks whats going on. Ruhi says this is my project, will you help me. Ishita says fine. Raman comes to Ruhi and says we are going out today. Ruhi asks where. Raman says you like chinese, so we will go to a chinese restaurant for dinner. Ruhi asks only we both. Raman shows Ishita. Ruhi dances and says now you are not Bhuddu. Raman smiles and thinks about Adi’s words.

Raman sees Mihir at home. Mihir says Trisha is unwell so I came to take butter milk for her. Ishita hears this. Bala asks Ishita what happened. She says lets go out and talk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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