Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok thanking Romi for getting his imp papers. Raman comes and scolds Romi, asking whats in this file. Ashok says back off, its none of your business. Romi asks Raman whats your problem. Raman scolds Romi for helping Niddhi and Ashok. Romi keeps the file and says you got mad, do anything. Raman asks him to prove it then and show file. Romi says there is nothing in it. Raman beats it. Romi says enough, I can raise hand too. They both fight and Ashok smiles thinking this sight is good, I don’t need to do anything, they both are enough to beat each other. Adi stops Raman and Romi and asks them what are they doing, someone does not want Ruhi to stay with us, what will Ruhi thinks eeing this, try to understand. Romi goes.

Mihika cares for Romi and asks him to control

anger. He says I won’t give explanation to anyone, you also leave. She says I don’t know you two brothers, so much anger always. Ishita cares for Raman and does aid. She asks Raman how can he doubt on Romi. Romi says Mihika, Raman doubts on me, he will never trust me, its my mistake to think we can stay together, this can’t happen. She asks him to show papers to Raman and talk will end. Romi refuses. Raman says Romi did not show papers. Ishita says we have many problems, Romi got money and tried to help you, he came here when you did not say sorry, he came because he loves Ruhi, he will not do this, trust him. Raman says fine, but he is Ashok’s partner. She says I think Romi keeps personal and professional lives separate, you were wrong. Raman goes. She says I have to find out who exchanged the papers.

Its morning, Raman and Romi do not come for breakfast. Mrs. Bhalla says I will see them. Adi stops her and says they will come. Amma comes and asks Ishita to write something on card and give it Appa, its father’s day. Ishita thanks her for reminding. She wishes Mr. Bhalla happy father’s day. Simmi also wishes. Mrs. Bhalla says we forgot because of Niddhi. Ishita says its not our mistake, its our mistake too, you both added chilli and salt in each other’s food, Ruhi is not a kid, she has grown up and sees everything. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla apologize.

Ishita says you will get big punishment to lose Ruhi, if you do all this, please don’t do this, stay united, you saw what happened yesterday, someone came and changed papers. Shagun asks why outsider, even family member can do this, Romi and Ashok are business partners, Ashok is with Niddhi. Mihika says Romi will never do this, that were contract papers. Ishita says Romi can’t do this, maybe Niddhi has sent someone. Neelu reminds them about plumbers. Mrs. Bhalla says I called the plumber who always comes, I will ask him did he send those two guys. She says the call is not reachable. Ishita asks her to find out later. Mihir comes and asks is everything fine.

Mrs. Bhalla says yes, come and have breakfast. Mihir says I have work with Raman and goes. Shagun thinks to ask Raman whether Anil discussed about Mihir. Mihir asks Raman about his wound. Raman says nothing, its result of trusting wrong people. Shagun comes and asks Raman to have breakfast. Mihir goes to attend call. Raman says Mihir came for work, not picnic. She says yes, but Mihir has other relation with you too. He asks her to be clear. She talks about Anil bringing the alliance. Mihir comes back. Raman asks Mihir what did he think of marriage. Mihir asks why are we talking this. Shagun says you have to settle down. Mihir says talk about Adi’s marriage, not mine, look at my age. Raman tells about Anil’s sister’s alliance. Mihir refuses. Raman says I m not saying, I m informing you, you need to meet her. Mihir agrees. Shagun smiles.

Adi tells Amma that I want to make sambar for Papa, Shravan and I want to cook for our fathers. Shravan asks Mrs. Bhalla to give her palak paneer recipe. Mrs. Bhalla says no, you both will mess up the kitchen, we will cook. Adi says no, we will cook, Ruhi won’t come for this. Ishita says she will come, I know how. She tells the idea to Adi. Adi likes the idea and says Ruhi will come, just wait and watch. He asks Shravan about the list and goes. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma ask Ishita the plan. Ishita tells them.

Adi asks Neelu for the ingredients and asks Shravan to write drumsticks to get. Adi sees Ruhi hearing and says its father’s day, we will cook. Romi asks whats happening. Adi tells about fathers day, Shravan and I are cooking for Bala and Raman. Romi says great. Adi says we started, you can do something special for Dadu, anything, poem or making something. Romi says leave it, Papa is not talking to me. Adi stops him and writes something. Romi reads Papa ji, even if I get tall in height, I will always bow up to look at you, as I can’t be equal to your goodness, my hero, love you Papa ji. He says Adi, you wrote well. Adi asks him to read this out to Mr. Bhalla or write on card, Dadu will be glad. Romi agrees and goes. Shravan says come Adi Bhaiya, we have less time to get things. Adi says yes, and asks Shravan to start their mission to get Ruhi to kitchen. Ruhi looks on from far.

Adi and Shravan start cooking. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma look on. Adi tells about Rajma and overcooks it. He tells Shravan that he will make great food, rice will be cooked in 5mins, your paneer dish will be tasty too, we will fry pakodas and keep in started. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma will Ishita’s plan work. Amma says it will work. Mrs. Bhalla wishes Ruhi says something. Shravan tells Adi that roti got burnt. Adi says its crispy, not burnt, you don’t know. Shravan’s hand gets burnt. Ruhi rushes and puts his hand in water. Shravan signs to Adi, and asks Adi to see Rajma getting too soft by many whistles. Ruhi asks whats he doing. Shravan tells about fathers day. Ruhi asks him to go and sit. Adi asks who will cook here. She asks him to help and stand quiet. He asks will you cook. Ruhi gets cooking and cleans the kitchen first. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma smile seeing Ruhi and Adi cooking. Ruhi cooks well and prepares everything. Adi smiles.

Raman comes home and talks to Pihu on phone saying Adi has made lunch on father’s day, we will taste it and tell you how is it. Adi tells them that Ruhi made the lunch. They all clap. Ruhi says nothing like that, Adi and Shravan planned, I just helped, else they would have burnt the kitchen. Adi wishes Raman happy father’s day and says my Papa is one of those who are strict externally and very soft at heart, I love you Papa and I know you love me too. He fixes a best Daddy badge to Raman’s shirt and takes blessings. Raman hugs and thanks Adi. Ishita smiles.

Shravan tells Bala that he booked a table for Bala and Amma. Ruhi says even I m gifting the same thing, but I was thinking who would Raman take along, I mean Raman has two options…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Jaz, Prisha and many many YHM fans… Hope everyone is doing good today. I don’t understand why Shagun is so bent in getting Mihir married. is she trying to win Raman’s favour? She is so fake and infact she does not even look good in these sarees and her hairstyle is like a wig. The modern look suited Shagun. She is behaving like Raman’s wife bringing breakfast for him. I am sure if Ishita has brought breakfast, he would have said to her that they are not having picnic but work.

    Even Ishita trusts Romi and knows it has to do with business dealings contract but Shagun does not even trust Raman’s brother. Then how can she think of marrying Raman and live with all his relations when she can’t even trust Romi. At least Ishita is very fair. She knows Romi would never do such a thing. Raman always jumps into the wrong conclusions and gets angry for nothing. It goes the same to Ruhi.

  2. Sindhu

    I meant Raman would not have said to Ishita that they are not having picnic but work. He would not even get upset or irritated if Ishita had brought breakfast.

    • Shona

      I agree with u sindhu.. shagun is so fake.. jst sooo selfish.. im glad dat she didnt change d paprs fr ashok.. i thot she ws d one behnd it!!
      Raman is tooo irritating.. he don’t trust his bro..evn ishita kno romi wnt do dat!!!

  3. Starbucks

    Today epi was great can’t wait for tomorrow epi seems like it will be interesting?❤️?

  4. Saritha

    Hai rithu,shivani,shindhu,bhagya,summi,najiya,ritika,deepthi,supergirl and all yhm fans. Today episode was good. Shagun always thinks bad about others how can she blame romi i want to see shagun’s face when raman takes ishita along with him where ruhi booked them a table i read the update that ruhi proves to judge that raman and ishita are together only for custody iam really disappointed after reading this its very boring to see plzz stop this else this should change from good to bad and bad to worse.

  5. Saritha

    Hai rithu,shivani,shindhu,bhagya,summi,najiya,ritika,deepthi,supergirl and all yhm fans. Today episode was good. Shagun always thinks bad about others how can she blame romi i want to see shagun’s face when raman takes ishita along with him where ruhi booked them a table i read the update that ruhi proves to judge that raman and ishita are together only for custody its very boring to see plzz stop this else this show should change from good to bad and bad to worse

  6. Kimberly

    What is this Ishita trying to do ? She is using Adi and Shravan to get Ruhaan back . How cheap ! Ruhaan doesnt consider Raman as her father . Cant she understand .

    • Pankhi

      Kimberly why dont to u go to mental hospital…u deserve to be there
      I have been reading ur comments for last few days and it seems u r mentally retarded.No one likes ur comment but still u keep writing rubbish.U hv no brain to judge what is right and wrong so u stressing ur empty and useless Brain.Have u seen the way Raman beats ashok and insults nidhi and shagun.The same way u should be treated.And if for u nidhi and shagun is a good mother then u should be beaten by hunter just like nidhi does with ruhi…I feel so good today…i was tolerating u since so many days but now u r intolerable.I feel so good after thrashing u

      • Indira

        That is really a horrible thing to say about Kimberley
        The team should stop you from insulting people

      • vp

        No Pankhi … dont thrash her like that … even I do feel the same thing reading her comments …but dont be rude … if we also reply the same way whats the defference between her and us … I know fir sure we will be forced to fire at her … but dont do that … I have never seen Mino reacting to anyone … when i tead that comment only I was forced to reply Laya …

      • shreya shetty

        yes dear pankhi even I too want to kick that nasty kimberlys devil.i am too ready to thrash her up with u all.instead of tolerating her by reading her bhakwass waale comments I guess complaining against her about this to the police Is indeed a good idea!!!what say.kimberly please come out of this for heavens sake!!!change ur self when will u ever improve ur bad ways

    • shreya shetty

      hey firstly of all I thought that u ll change ur ways and minds about thinking of ishita and now ur still back again with that dirty mind possessed in u.i suppose a devil mustve got into ur soul and told u to hate ishita and like nidhi.why Kimberly r u behaving like a mad buffalo????sorry if I had tried to hurt ur intentional feelings but ur cheap not ishita got it!!!!

  7. Kimberly

    Loved the scene when Shravan’s hand got burned and Ruhaan rushed to him . She is so caring towards Shravan .

    • Fal

      Yeah Kimberly that’s because she is secretly in love with him, and they Will do some
      Romance scenes soon. That’s what you want to here right you stupid crazy person. It’s Ruhi not Ruhaan you always say opposite of what we should are you backwards? Time to grow up and not comment unless you behave yourself.

  8. Saritha

    Thank u rithu for answering my question and deepthi,summi,rithika,najiya,bhagya iam very happy to here that all are from telugu land Ela unnaru??

  9. disha

    Today episode nice ruhi nd adi cook for raman its nice …adi nd ishita always have good ideas

  10. Shona

    Hai rithu jaz adi vp sindhu shivani jeni super girl saima lavanya mino saritha prisha summi khushi and all othr yhm fanss..

    Today the episode was good except the romi raman fight..!! This ramans charactr is getting spoiled evry day..he is ovrthnkng and not usng his brain..jst simply guesses.. i felt like more dan abt dat file may b he is irritated abt d fact dat romi is still a partnr of ashok!! Whatevr be his overreacting nature is spoilng his image!!!
    Waitng fr future episodess.. i wish if dey find d play behind d papr xchange case!! Wen will all unite.. cvs is draggng it soo mch..
    Where is pihu.. i didn’t understd dat!!
    Hope something will happn dat romi n raman wud unite.. the way amma and mrs bhalla united is very nice..
    I liked d way ruhi started cookng fr her dad helpng her brothers.. this shows dat she is good at heart and love everyone soo mch.. d nly thng is dat jst lik raman she also ovrthnks ovrreacts n guesses d mattrs around.. dats y soo mch misunderstandings..

  11. Boss

    Very good episode ?. And u stupid kimberly stop ur non sense comments?. I hv told u several times jst correct yourself

  12. Saritha

    Iam also agree with u sindhu shagun is sooo selfish she just worries for those she loves but ishita always thinks about others even she is in danger and also one more thing i think ishita should not disturb raman when he is in work but shagun always tries to take a chance. Today wt SHAGUN did was CORRECT mihir was alone so she also wants to see mihir happy am i correct??

  13. Shona

    This Ashok is disgusting..wats wrong with him.. isn’t he ashamed of himself to no otr mattrs in his life rathr dan interfering in otrs life and makng prblms in deir life!! I still cant undrstd wats wrng with him.. fr d past two yrs i ask dis question to myslf..

    • vp

      Even I ask myself the same question … what is that so much against Raman ? Is it becoz an employee of him is the owner of companies ? Every time he is winning … what a palacial life he has compare to Raman … I just hate this plot in yhm … Ishitha Ruhi .. Raman that uniqueness only the main attraction … that too gone from surrogancy track ..

  14. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie mino jaz shona aditya jeni
    super girl bhagya sara prisha
    saritha simran unique angel shreya
    and all yhm friends.
    wow! ruhi ko khana banaana toh aatha hai aur aaj ke episode mein usne sab kuch acche tarah se sambhaal liya .that kitchen part was good in today’s episode .

  15. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. Adi us so sweet his got ishu qualities.i read up that dt will get kidnapped before her wedding. Maybe then both ruhi en raman will truly forgive her en take her back. Yes shugun is such a fake women she should be put in a pot en cooked.

  16. Kimberly

    Why Raman and Shagun are forcing Mihir to get married , when Mihir isnt interested in marriage . Cant he live life according to his own terms . But I know that in India family forces a person to get married even if he or she is not interested . Indians and their obsession with marriage !!!

    • Mino

      ha ha ha why don’t u marry him & be happy…. sorry for being mean but u don’t deserve a person like him U will ruin him in one mint.. with ur annoying ways. better Ashok. Sorry if u don’t stop being mean we will all stop. if ur nice we too will do the same.. sorry to hurt ur feeling but i have no words to describe u. we have told u over & over but u are really sick in ur head plus mind i didn’t want to comment but i couldn’t help myself. All what we write are going through moderation but how come ur comments get passed. i feel some one from within pulling our legs. it is not funny.. ur are not from SA for sure.

    • Monique_D


      |Registered Member

      Hi Kimberly,I too am from South Africa.
      How can you say Indians have an obsession with marriage .
      Even in my culture when you are single the aunts will pester you with “when will you get married?”
      There is nothing wrong with that.Raman and Shagun just want to see Mihir happy that’s all.

    • Bhavana

      Look who is criticizing about obsession to get married. you wir the one who wanted Ruhi and Shravan to date na. you like pairing ppl and make absurd, irrational comments.
      I am SORRY to say becoz of you I detest to read YHM comments.
      How pungent and physo more can u get ..

  17. Megha

    Hi guys…..i am a silent reader over here…..loved todays episode……@kimberly i have been reafing your comments off late ……each time it is the same thing…first u write somrthin negetive and then u apologise….i think u should just clear ur mind and then erite comments…..please note that most of us are fans of yhm….u should atleast respect that

  18. Kimberly

    Its sad Ruhaan doesnt have a father . But no worries, Niddhi is enough to give Ruhaan love of both mother and father even if she has no relation with Ruhaan .

    • Maysi

      Hi kimberly
      You are not interesting anymore
      Everybody is tired of your comments now
      Before it used to be fun for me
      But now its annoying
      I dont take pleasure with it now
      Move on girl
      Get a life
      Time to change tactics..

  19. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life. Adi and Ishita makes plan to unite both Raman and Ruhi by making Ruhi cook for Raman on Father’s Day. Ruhi falls in Ishita and Adi’s trap succeeding their mission union. Raman gets delighted seeing Ruhi’s delicacies for Raman and appreciates her efforts. While Ruhi has foul play behind gifting Raman and Ishita a date as she knows Raman and Ishita will definitely fight during their date. Consequently Ruhi will take judge along with her to witness Raman and Ishita’s fight so that judge can pass on Ruhi’s custody to Nidhi. Let’s wait and watch for this upcoming twist.

  20. Lotika

    You again Kimberly episode is so nice n again you spoiling everything with your negativity why don’t you get the hell out from this site I don’t want to comment on you but I can’t stop myself you are so cheap n disgusting person don’t you have any self respect every time people telling you it’s Ruhi not Ruhaan n you still writing bad n stupid thing about Ishita n hurting lots of yhm fans feeling but I think you like it when people say bad things about you I feel like giving you a tight slap if i can please learn some manners before actors they are human beings if you can’t say anything good about them at least don’t use vulgur n cheap words it’s a request even though you don’t deserve any respect n request ????

  21. laya

    Bo§s tume koi hakh nahi kisiko uske baat kehnas ruk nehisaktha .Kimberly can say anything she wants it’s her wish her phone her words. And shagun is so nice & sad everyone will family but shagun will be all alone and ishtia always running away is not a solution why did she run aways then Romi and raman would have never fought nor this track would have happen

    • vp

      Laya … the beauty of the site is
      most of us are of same comments … we are enjoying and its a healthy positive discussion of the serial .. kimberlys negativity is not tolerable .., her comments are such without understanding this serial from beginning ..,freedom of write is ok … but usage of hard and bad words are annoying ..Many of us do not want to reply to Kimberly .. she is forcing us to do so … Tell me frankly are you enjoying her comments Laya ? Ishitha is forced to go out of the house … in every ones life … situation only brings changes … same thing happened here … Raman allowing Shaghun to stay in Bhallas house is only becoz Pihu has come out of her stomach and Pihu is his weakness as he sees Ishitha in her .. Thats the truth …

  22. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ruhi arranges a dinner date for Raman and Ishita purposely. Raman and Ishita reach to the restaurant where they get shocked seeing judge also. It was Ruhi’s plan to the judge and Raman and Ishita are pretending being together but they are not together in real. Ruhi is angry on Ishita for her past mistake so she wants to prove to judge that Raman and Ishita are not together. Ruhi wants judge give her custody to Nidhi so that she would take revenge from Raman and Ishita. Ruhi also taunt Ishita that Raman will also beget bore from her so it will be good they herself get separate. Apart from this, goons misunderstand Raman and Ishita as Mr and Mrs Agrwal. Goons demand money from them while Raman and Ishita try to tell that they are not Agrawal but Goons are not ready to hear anything. How Raman and Ishita come out from this unwanted problem? Stay tuned for further exciting update.

  23. laya

    And especially lotika when kimberly says any thing disgusting u shout and nobody is caring what u r doing . That’s unfair:)

  24. vp

    Hi Rithu Sindhu Shivani Mino Adithya Khushi Simmi … each and all .. somehow I am not very happy about todays episode ..,just time filler … till Dt leaves and come back I think .. both Ishitha and Mihika makes Raman and Romi understand the situation is too impressive ..Cant blame Raman … we fans dont like Romi being partner with Ashok … who always try to demean Raman . it was as easy if Romi shows the paper … leave it serial rt ? cant see the sight of Shaghun … positive not a bit … becoz we can make out she is fake trying to get attention of Raman ..Fathers day plan is good … but Raman a strong father ? I doubt … he is the weakest man I have seen … as husband and as father .., hope both mrs Iyer and Mrs Bhalla will not fight … I feel they have considered fans request in couple of places . Ruhis plan is excellent though i dont like children testing their parents . obviously Raman will take Ishitha … Ruhis arranged and Ruhi ke liye … def her papa and Ishima …I just cant tolerate the soberness of Shaghun … her dressing hairstyle .. what jot to say … just cant see her .. Dt looks as usual adorable and stunning … I was thinking many of us like her v much … she is a daily visitor to us … Her wedding finally … All the best wishes and prayers for a happy married life . As I see the pre wedding photos feels like some one who is very close to you is getting married .And I really like Vivek too … perfect couple they are …

    • Shona

      I totally agree with u vp.. Raman is neither a strong dad nor a strong husband.
      I too felt d same wen i saw dose pics.. i felt lik one f my cousin is gettng married. I love dt a lott…

    • shivani

      Agree with both of u ,vp and shona….raman is neither a strong dad nor a good husband…he is the weakest character of this show…. .and also hate shaguns hairstyle look everything becose i hate shagun…

  25. Amna

    Please some people need to keep bad comments to their self if you don’t like the show don’t watch or read the updates nobody is forcing you… most of us are YHM fans… their should be no negativity. It’s just a show not real. Don’t comment on the show if you have bad things to say………

  26. ruhi yusuf

    Uff raman spoiled mihir‘s life totalky. first usne mihika k badle trisha se shadi krwa rha tha tb apni bahan rinki se krwa diya. n now a new girl…. mihir k pas juban nhi h khud k lye bolne ka ya dimag nhi h sochne ka…. itna v obedient nhi hona chahye….how foool

  27. Manny


    |Registered Member

    hmm good episode and I hope cv won’t drag this.
    Guys that Kimberly person just want to get attention ,dun pay heed to his/her words. That person is trolling us. Just ignore it and dun care about it.

  28. Siddhi

    Hi everyone Raman n shagun both r made for each both thinks that romi ashoke Kay satj mila howa hai kya Raman bhol gaya k romi nay Bhi ruhi ko dhondnay me us ki help ki thi I wanted romi to show those papers to Raman that would be a slap on Raman’s face when shagun was thinking about mihir her expressions
    were like kya Raman ko pata chal gaya ho ga k menay anil say us k baaray me kya kaha hai she is very selfish us ko 7 saloon bad mihir ki shaadi ki fikar hoi even Raman WO to mihir ko apna bahi manta hai par kisi nay us k bare may nahi socha mihika nay Bhi mohit ko dhoka diya

  29. Siddhi

    I saw a photo on insta where ishu was sitting on floor n someone was there who was pointing the gun towards ishu

  30. Siddhi

    In the upcoming episode Raman n ishu will go on a dinner date ruhi was also present there with the judge she wanted to show judge that its all fake its all only for ruhi there was no table free so Raman n ishu sits on Mr n mrs agarwal table some goons come there n take then outside then ishu n Raman come to someone’s home where ishu opens the door with her pin there they hides in cupboard

  31. Siddhi

    After reading kimey comments sometimes I laugh that his someone be so stupid omg this girl I just a attention seeker koi andha Bhi bata de ga k niddhi ruhi say pyar karti hai ya nii

  32. raisa anjum

    plz guys tell me where can i comment my opinion. i tried asking everyone. if they comment on fb just send me friend request. i wanna know which grp you are in there are many yhm grp. just tell me the dp.

  33. GunAsh

    Special hi to RITHUSHREE!! Im sorry dear! Yesterday i wanted to say hi everyone whose comment i read everyday and somehow ended up forgeting to write your name in the list? i read your comments everyday.. i was a bit lazy to read updates on serial gossip but then i noticed that you would keep us updated about upcoming episode and since that day i keep searching all of your comments? but sincerly sorry dear…

  34. Maysi

    Who doesnot want Kimberly to comment here??
    Im for it
    Stop it now kimberly. We’ve had enough of you.. we are bored of you
    For how long? Aren’t you tired now?

  35. laya

    Vp then r u forgetting if one insults somebody remedy is not insult them but to make them understand .I check from perspective and what kimberly did is acceptable but insulting is not the way come on they’re just characters

    • Shona

      Laya.. neithr vp nor lotika did wrong.. now itz tim fr u to undrstd dat itz since long we are tolerating Kimberly!! He/she used d most abusng wrds in dis site.. always says somthng stupid with no senses n evn tlks abt kids being in relationship.. d persn always hurts our feelngs abt yhm.. we all are heartcore fanz yhm n ishita and itz positivity Kimberly is jst d opposite.. all would react bcz itzzz more dan enough.. nw dat persn hv startd insulting our country who says to b frm SA.. Watvr b laya bettr u undrsts who is wrng.. take care.. sry to hurt u

  36. Rosslyn Dada

    All YMB fans could you please ignore Kimberly’s comments actuaiy she is a physiatric patient her IQ is very low she is an abnormal person with maniac behavior I wonder why they are posting her comments they should please do something about it insulting a whole Nation all in the name of passing comments is bad

  37. Lotika

    This is for laya or whoever you are I shout because Kimberly is posting stupid comments I think you’re her sister that’s why you’re reacting like that n I like to read everyone’s comments except Kimberly because they know their manners n why they will say anything to me when I’m not crossing my limits in writing my comment n not using any foul language n I’m sorry if you got hurt

  38. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some high
    voltage drama.
    It was earlier seen that Adi (Abhishek
    Verma) and Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) will gift
    a dinner date to Raman (Karan Patel )
    and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi ).
    Ruhi will have some evil motive
    behind it.
    She will call the judge to the same
    hotel where she has sent Ishita and
    Raman for dinner to expose their fake
    relationship in front of the judge.
    However Raman and Ishita will notice
    the judge and will behave themselves
    in the hotel and will try to show that
    they are a happy couple.
    Will Ruhi be able to expose Raman and
    Ishita’s fake relationship or not?
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  39. Az

    Hi everyone, good morning! Yesterday’s episode was good. Looking forward to good things returning back in YHM. Loved adi-shravan-ruhi kitchen scenes. But one thing I couldn’t understand…Ruhi came to Bhalla house coz Pihu insisted and Ruhi wanted to spend few days there…Pihu Ke liye. Now Pihu is off to camp now…but Ruhi continues to stay there. And makers should divert the track from this Ruhi ke liye…pihu ke liye thing. Bhallas and Iyers say Ruhi ke liye…Ruhi says pihu ke liye.

    High time now…they should give some strength to the characters and don’t make them hollow who do things only to bring back ruhi. Let their interpersonal relationships be strong and independent. Just my opinion! what do you ppl feel?

  40. shivani

    Raman (Karan Patel) gets shattered seeing Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) missing in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    Current track of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein shows that Raman and Ishita are trying hard to get Ruhi’s custody and they are fighting the case against Nidhi.

    Ashok is also helping Nidhi getting Ruhi’s custody because he wants to see Raman and Ishita in life time pain.

    Not only this, Raman and Ishita’s daughter Ruhi also wants to go back to Nidhi as she feels that Ishita betrayed her before 7 years by exchanging her with Pihu to Nidhi.

    In the upcoming episode, Ishita goes missing which will make Raman shattered because he got her after suffering a lot.

    Raman searches Ishita everywhere but is failed to find them.

    Raman used to accuse Ishita for all the pain he has bear in 7 years but his all misunderstandings gets resolved soon.

    Raman finds Ishita’s truth of attempting suicide
    Ishita actually tries to commit suicide because of him and recalls how he insulted Ishita at the time of losing Ruhi.

    • vp

      Thanks for the updates Shivani … we all know only becoz of Raman Ishitha tried to commit suicide … even Romi says that .,, finally realization gas come to Raman …,very late realization of Ekta and cvs … he has to suffer without Ishitha .. I hope Ishitha will not go back to him nor to Mani s house to stay as a friend … you lose self respect when you stay single in your friends house knowing he has feelings for her …7 years she stayed atleast we can think she felt responsible for Manis accident … Appreciate if you can bring Raman a strong and not a cry baby …

  41. nish singh

    Hi everyone, thanks for the lovely comments,except kimberley off course. Shivani thank you for the lovely update. So looking forward to watch the upcoming episodes. In South Africa there is a massive following of YHM. We are equally passionate to you guys therefore I love reading all the comments. I think we are giving too much importance to kimberley and she is enjoying that. We must all simply ignore her completely. She will get fed up and leave the site.

  42. Shona

    Wowww.. shivanii dats a great newsss…
    Im glad dat atleast nw ekta got senses to make Raman’s character bettr..
    Waitng fr dose episodes wen raman wud regret fr his mistake..
    goood morning to all

  43. Jasi IshRa

    Hi…khushi,rithusree,namitha,shona,shivani,disha,Lotika,rosslyn….and to all other yhm fans…..
    we want to do something for stop the stupid messages of that KIMBERLY …I think she want to become a star in this site by writing nonsence about Yhm and ishu and our nation……she even don’t know that ruhaan is not ruhi’s name…
    just do onething that stop replying to her stupid messages …and don’t use her name….if she know the fact that no one value her…she will definitely stop her commenting…….

  44. Jasi IshRa

    I like the episode…IshRa seen was there…and lived adi ruhi and shravu scene…
    waiting for the upcomibg romance of IshRa

    • shreya shetty

      heyyyy who the hell told u to call ishita a b***h huh.u r the real witch!!!!!!!!ishita is the best and not nidhi got that BADDY DOG TEHREEM.WHY DONT U JUST KICK OUT OF THIS SITE AND PLEASE STOP GIVING DIRTY COMMENT LIKE A DOGGY.PLEASE GOOO AWAY OR ELSE I LL COMPLAIN AGAISNT U LIKE HOW I ACCIDENTLY DID WITH KIMBERLY!!!!!

  45. nish singh

    True YHM fans,let learn from Ishita to ignore all the horrible comments.
    Ignore ignore ignore until they leave this site.

  46. Shona

    Guys what’s wrong here.. i keep on ignoring Kimberly comments bt nw mre persons are here with sch comments!!! I hd complained abt Kimberly bt still no action.. all our comments have to pass moderation and last day one f my reply comment wich ws lik persnl sayng hai..hw r u to one f us ws deleted bt these kinds f comments are still here too.. i feel soo sad!

  47. laya

    I have no problem now all of say to ingore her / he I will. even U all should now why r we going behind her. enough when she wants to do anything let her ingore as ishita does

  48. sachin

    Rosslyn dada its NT good wt u said abt kimberly…i know she is speaking nonsense abt yhm,bt its just a serial…may be in SA the same custom might be followed….so as she insulted the marriage aspect of India,we shold NT insult here by saying phisically disturbed…if she says ne thing u all dont like just ignore it …if we react in saying such hating words thn wts the difference between us and her…

    hope u guys undrstnd wt I mean…

    and kimberly its just a request tht dont insult the culture of ne country ,becz its indirectly insulting ur own country….hope u change ,if NT thn plz stop commenting in ths site..,so tht we dont hv ne problems nd nor u….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.