Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok thanking Romi for getting his imp papers. Raman comes and scolds Romi, asking whats in this file. Ashok says back off, its none of your business. Romi asks Raman whats your problem. Raman scolds Romi for helping Niddhi and Ashok. Romi keeps the file and says you got mad, do anything. Raman asks him to prove it then and show file. Romi says there is nothing in it. Raman beats it. Romi says enough, I can raise hand too. They both fight and Ashok smiles thinking this sight is good, I don’t need to do anything, they both are enough to beat each other. Adi stops Raman and Romi and asks them what are they doing, someone does not want Ruhi to stay with us, what will Ruhi thinks eeing this, try to understand. Romi goes.

Mihika cares for Romi and asks him to control

anger. He says I won’t give explanation to anyone, you also leave. She says I don’t know you two brothers, so much anger always. Ishita cares for Raman and does aid. She asks Raman how can he doubt on Romi. Romi says Mihika, Raman doubts on me, he will never trust me, its my mistake to think we can stay together, this can’t happen. She asks him to show papers to Raman and talk will end. Romi refuses. Raman says Romi did not show papers. Ishita says we have many problems, Romi got money and tried to help you, he came here when you did not say sorry, he came because he loves Ruhi, he will not do this, trust him. Raman says fine, but he is Ashok’s partner. She says I think Romi keeps personal and professional lives separate, you were wrong. Raman goes. She says I have to find out who exchanged the papers.

Its morning, Raman and Romi do not come for breakfast. Mrs. Bhalla says I will see them. Adi stops her and says they will come. Amma comes and asks Ishita to write something on card and give it Appa, its father’s day. Ishita thanks her for reminding. She wishes Mr. Bhalla happy father’s day. Simmi also wishes. Mrs. Bhalla says we forgot because of Niddhi. Ishita says its not our mistake, its our mistake too, you both added chilli and salt in each other’s food, Ruhi is not a kid, she has grown up and sees everything. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla apologize.

Ishita says you will get big punishment to lose Ruhi, if you do all this, please don’t do this, stay united, you saw what happened yesterday, someone came and changed papers. Shagun asks why outsider, even family member can do this, Romi and Ashok are business partners, Ashok is with Niddhi. Mihika says Romi will never do this, that were contract papers. Ishita says Romi can’t do this, maybe Niddhi has sent someone. Neelu reminds them about plumbers. Mrs. Bhalla says I called the plumber who always comes, I will ask him did he send those two guys. She says the call is not reachable. Ishita asks her to find out later. Mihir comes and asks is everything fine.

Mrs. Bhalla says yes, come and have breakfast. Mihir says I have work with Raman and goes. Shagun thinks to ask Raman whether Anil discussed about Mihir. Mihir asks Raman about his wound. Raman says nothing, its result of trusting wrong people. Shagun comes and asks Raman to have breakfast. Mihir goes to attend call. Raman says Mihir came for work, not picnic. She says yes, but Mihir has other relation with you too. He asks her to be clear. She talks about Anil bringing the alliance. Mihir comes back. Raman asks Mihir what did he think of marriage. Mihir asks why are we talking this. Shagun says you have to settle down. Mihir says talk about Adi’s marriage, not mine, look at my age. Raman tells about Anil’s sister’s alliance. Mihir refuses. Raman says I m not saying, I m informing you, you need to meet her. Mihir agrees. Shagun smiles.

Adi tells Amma that I want to make sambar for Papa, Shravan and I want to cook for our fathers. Shravan asks Mrs. Bhalla to give her palak paneer recipe. Mrs. Bhalla says no, you both will mess up the kitchen, we will cook. Adi says no, we will cook, Ruhi won’t come for this. Ishita says she will come, I know how. She tells the idea to Adi. Adi likes the idea and says Ruhi will come, just wait and watch. He asks Shravan about the list and goes. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma ask Ishita the plan. Ishita tells them.

Adi asks Neelu for the ingredients and asks Shravan to write drumsticks to get. Adi sees Ruhi hearing and says its father’s day, we will cook. Romi asks whats happening. Adi tells about fathers day, Shravan and I are cooking for Bala and Raman. Romi says great. Adi says we started, you can do something special for Dadu, anything, poem or making something. Romi says leave it, Papa is not talking to me. Adi stops him and writes something. Romi reads Papa ji, even if I get tall in height, I will always bow up to look at you, as I can’t be equal to your goodness, my hero, love you Papa ji. He says Adi, you wrote well. Adi asks him to read this out to Mr. Bhalla or write on card, Dadu will be glad. Romi agrees and goes. Shravan says come Adi Bhaiya, we have less time to get things. Adi says yes, and asks Shravan to start their mission to get Ruhi to kitchen. Ruhi looks on from far.

Adi and Shravan start cooking. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma look on. Adi tells about Rajma and overcooks it. He tells Shravan that he will make great food, rice will be cooked in 5mins, your paneer dish will be tasty too, we will fry pakodas and keep in started. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma will Ishita’s plan work. Amma says it will work. Mrs. Bhalla wishes Ruhi says something. Shravan tells Adi that roti got burnt. Adi says its crispy, not burnt, you don’t know. Shravan’s hand gets burnt. Ruhi rushes and puts his hand in water. Shravan signs to Adi, and asks Adi to see Rajma getting too soft by many whistles. Ruhi asks whats he doing. Shravan tells about fathers day. Ruhi asks him to go and sit. Adi asks who will cook here. She asks him to help and stand quiet. He asks will you cook. Ruhi gets cooking and cleans the kitchen first. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma smile seeing Ruhi and Adi cooking. Ruhi cooks well and prepares everything. Adi smiles.

Raman comes home and talks to Pihu on phone saying Adi has made lunch on father’s day, we will taste it and tell you how is it. Adi tells them that Ruhi made the lunch. They all clap. Ruhi says nothing like that, Adi and Shravan planned, I just helped, else they would have burnt the kitchen. Adi wishes Raman happy father’s day and says my Papa is one of those who are strict externally and very soft at heart, I love you Papa and I know you love me too. He fixes a best Daddy badge to Raman’s shirt and takes blessings. Raman hugs and thanks Adi. Ishita smiles.

Shravan tells Bala that he booked a table for Bala and Amma. Ruhi says even I m gifting the same thing, but I was thinking who would Raman take along, I mean Raman has two options…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vp then r u forgetting if one insults somebody remedy is not insult them but to make them understand .I check from perspective and what kimberly did is acceptable but insulting is not the way come on they’re just characters

    1. Laya.. neithr vp nor lotika did wrong.. now itz tim fr u to undrstd dat itz since long we are tolerating Kimberly!! He/she used d most abusng wrds in dis site.. always says somthng stupid with no senses n evn tlks abt kids being in relationship.. d persn always hurts our feelngs abt yhm.. we all are heartcore fanz yhm n ishita and itz positivity Kimberly is jst d opposite.. all would react bcz itzzz more dan enough.. nw dat persn hv startd insulting our country who says to b frm SA.. Watvr b laya bettr u undrsts who is wrng.. take care.. sry to hurt u

    2. Thats true laya … I prefer to ignore her messages …

  2. I think raman will take ishita

  3. All YMB fans could you please ignore Kimberly’s comments actuaiy she is a physiatric patient her IQ is very low she is an abnormal person with maniac behavior I wonder why they are posting her comments they should please do something about it insulting a whole Nation all in the name of passing comments is bad

  4. This is for laya or whoever you are I shout because Kimberly is posting stupid comments I think you’re her sister that’s why you’re reacting like that n I like to read everyone’s comments except Kimberly because they know their manners n why they will say anything to me when I’m not crossing my limits in writing my comment n not using any foul language n I’m sorry if you got hurt

  5. hey guys good morning to all.

  6. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some high
    voltage drama.
    It was earlier seen that Adi (Abhishek
    Verma) and Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) will gift
    a dinner date to Raman (Karan Patel )
    and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi ).
    Ruhi will have some evil motive
    behind it.
    She will call the judge to the same
    hotel where she has sent Ishita and
    Raman for dinner to expose their fake
    relationship in front of the judge.
    However Raman and Ishita will notice
    the judge and will behave themselves
    in the hotel and will try to show that
    they are a happy couple.
    Will Ruhi be able to expose Raman and
    Ishita’s fake relationship or not?
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  7. Good morning all yhm fans please someone stop this kimberly

  8. Hi everyone, good morning! Yesterday’s episode was good. Looking forward to good things returning back in YHM. Loved adi-shravan-ruhi kitchen scenes. But one thing I couldn’t understand…Ruhi came to Bhalla house coz Pihu insisted and Ruhi wanted to spend few days there…Pihu Ke liye. Now Pihu is off to camp now…but Ruhi continues to stay there. And makers should divert the track from this Ruhi ke liye…pihu ke liye thing. Bhallas and Iyers say Ruhi ke liye…Ruhi says pihu ke liye.

    High time now…they should give some strength to the characters and don’t make them hollow who do things only to bring back ruhi. Let their interpersonal relationships be strong and independent. Just my opinion! what do you ppl feel?

    1. True Az

  9. Raman (Karan Patel) gets shattered seeing Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) missing in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    Current track of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein shows that Raman and Ishita are trying hard to get Ruhi’s custody and they are fighting the case against Nidhi.

    Ashok is also helping Nidhi getting Ruhi’s custody because he wants to see Raman and Ishita in life time pain.

    Not only this, Raman and Ishita’s daughter Ruhi also wants to go back to Nidhi as she feels that Ishita betrayed her before 7 years by exchanging her with Pihu to Nidhi.

    In the upcoming episode, Ishita goes missing which will make Raman shattered because he got her after suffering a lot.

    Raman searches Ishita everywhere but is failed to find them.

    Raman used to accuse Ishita for all the pain he has bear in 7 years but his all misunderstandings gets resolved soon.

    Raman finds Ishita’s truth of attempting suicide
    Ishita actually tries to commit suicide because of him and recalls how he insulted Ishita at the time of losing Ruhi.

    1. Monique_D

      Thanks for the pre cap, can’t wait.

    2. Thanks for the updates Shivani … we all know only becoz of Raman Ishitha tried to commit suicide … even Romi says that .,, finally realization gas come to Raman …,very late realization of Ekta and cvs … he has to suffer without Ishitha .. I hope Ishitha will not go back to him nor to Mani s house to stay as a friend … you lose self respect when you stay single in your friends house knowing he has feelings for her …7 years she stayed atleast we can think she felt responsible for Manis accident … Appreciate if you can bring Raman a strong and not a cry baby …

  10. Hi everyone, thanks for the lovely comments,except kimberley off course. Shivani thank you for the lovely update. So looking forward to watch the upcoming episodes. In South Africa there is a massive following of YHM. We are equally passionate to you guys therefore I love reading all the comments. I think we are giving too much importance to kimberley and she is enjoying that. We must all simply ignore her completely. She will get fed up and leave the site.

  11. Wowww.. shivanii dats a great newsss…
    Im glad dat atleast nw ekta got senses to make Raman’s character bettr..
    Waitng fr dose episodes wen raman wud regret fr his mistake..
    goood morning to all

  12. Hi…khushi,rithusree,namitha,shona,shivani,disha,Lotika,rosslyn….and to all other yhm fans…..
    we want to do something for stop the stupid messages of that KIMBERLY …I think she want to become a star in this site by writing nonsence about Yhm and ishu and our nation……she even don’t know that ruhaan is not ruhi’s name…
    just do onething that stop replying to her stupid messages …and don’t use her name….if she know the fact that no one value her…she will definitely stop her commenting…….

  13. I like the episode…IshRa seen was there…and lived adi ruhi and shravu scene…
    waiting for the upcomibg romance of IshRa

  14. Ishita is such an ugly b*t*h.

    1. shreya shetty

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  15. True YHM fans,let learn from Ishita to ignore all the horrible comments.
    Ignore ignore ignore until they leave this site.

  16. Guys what’s wrong here.. i keep on ignoring Kimberly comments bt nw mre persons are here with sch comments!!! I hd complained abt Kimberly bt still no action.. all our comments have to pass moderation and last day one f my reply comment wich ws lik persnl sayng hai..hw r u to one f us ws deleted bt these kinds f comments are still here too.. i feel soo sad!

  17. Hi YHM friends…Just saw this spoiler
    Ishita gets shot by goons and is rushed to hospital. May be that’s how they’re gonna cover up her absence during leave.

  18. I have no problem now all of say to ingore her / he I will. even U all should now why r we going behind her. enough when she wants to do anything let her ingore as ishita does

  19. Rosslyn dada its NT good wt u said abt kimberly…i know she is speaking nonsense abt yhm,bt its just a serial…may be in SA the same custom might be followed….so as she insulted the marriage aspect of India,we shold NT insult here by saying phisically disturbed…if she says ne thing u all dont like just ignore it …if we react in saying such hating words thn wts the difference between us and her…

    hope u guys undrstnd wt I mean…

    and kimberly its just a request tht dont insult the culture of ne country ,becz its indirectly insulting ur own country….hope u change ,if NT thn plz stop commenting in ths site..,so tht we dont hv ne problems nd nor u….

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