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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vinni defending Adi and saying how she has called him home. She says its her mistake too and asks principal to suspend her also. Jhakad says what rubbish, go from here. Vinni says if Adi went with boys, you would not suspend him, its issue as I m a girl, I like action movies, we did not know anything. Ishita says I m really touched to see you standing for your friend against your dad and principal, its very big thing, I m sorry to misunderstand you, she taught me not to doubt relatives, its not necessary to judge their friends. She says Jhakad should be proud of her, she is honest and brave to say truth, she did not go on elders who mix personal and professional lives.

She says everyone make mistakes, my husband and inlaws explained me how to behave with teenagers,

I m sorry for you as you don’t have such family, we can’t teach kids by suspending them, they will go in depression, its better to teach them as their friends. She asks principal to decide whether to brighten their future or not. The principal says I understand, we will not suspend Adi and Vinni. Ishita hugs Adi. Vinni says I did not mean to hurt dad, don’t get angry. Raman says Mr Jhakad…. Jhakad asks Raman to stop it and not talk between him and his daughter. He leaves. Vinni gets sad. Ishita hugs her and assures that her dad will not be angry on her, she is very sweet, I m proud of you. Adi and Vinni apologize to principal. She asks them to attend class.

A lady comes to meet Mrs. Bhalla. She brings her daughter’s proposal for Romi. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad and Mrs. Bhalla asks why is she doing this knowing Romi’s condition. She says Romi will get happy. He says we can’t hide that Romi can’t become a father. She says let them meet, girl may not have problem, they can adopt the baby. Bala come to Iyer house and says strange, Sarika got the baby, Romi’s only child, why did she not come here, she should compromise for the baby atleast.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi to meet the lady and tells him everything. Romi gets shocked knowing about proposal. He asks did mum tell you the most imp thing, I met with an accident and I can never become a father. The lady gets shocked. Raman and Ishita come home and look on. Romi asks will she still make her daughter marry him. The lady says Mrs. Bhalla fooled me, she did not tell me. The lady leaves. Mr. Bhalla scolds Mrs. Bhalla for being insensible and ruining Simmi’s life. She cries. Ishita asks Raman to stop and go and meet Jhakad, she will see Mrs. Bhalla. Raman leaves.

Raman and Mihir talk about Jhakad. Mihir asks him to talk to Jhakad, he is successful businessman, he can’t mix personal and professional thing. Raman says I wanted the contract and he gave it to Ashok. Jhakad comes and says he got saved, thanks to Ashok, I feel I took right decision. Mihir asks him why he gave contract to Ashok, we are the best in the market. Jhakad says who told this, there are others too who are best, if Raman did any mistake, I will take back the investment. Mihir says its unprofessional, not done. Jhakad asks them to leave and smiles. Mihir says Ashok has done this, we have to teach him a lesson. Raman says he needs the kick. Mihir says we have come out of all professional crisis, this will also get solved.

Raman says he is tensed for Romi. Mihir asks what did he do. Raman says long story. Mrs. Bhalla tells Romi that she won’t talk to him, she is his mum, its her dream to see him married. Ishita says she can’t ruin any girl’s life knowing his problem, they can’t lie to anyone, she should be proud that he is brave to tell the truth. Bala looks on and thinks they are in tension and can’t tell them about Sarika, he will talk to Ishita first. He leaves. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Romi says he is getting punished for his mistakes.

Mrs. Bhalla says she is also responsible, she treated Sarika badly and regrets. Ishita hopes to find Sarika. Abhishek gets Bunty and asks about Romi and Sarika. The constable comes and says Romi is ready to give statement. Abhishek scares Bunty and locks him. He says Bunty will tell everything, this is way to bring out truth. He says he has to find out about Sarika, Romi did not do right with her, Bunty gave me some info, but I need more info to find the truth.

Abhishek scares Bunty. Bunty says he is ready to say the truth. Raman and Mihir come to Ashok’s home and get an envelope of children’s home, and thinks he will surely do something there.

Raman gives the good news to family that Sarika gave birth to Romi’s child, its one month baby now. Ishita gets the same news by Bala.

Update Credit to: Amena

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