Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with constable saying this is watchman Banwari. Ishita says I was waiting for him, I heard police siren and came here to see. Inspector asks Ishita what’s the matter, why were you waiting for him. She says Banwari told me about some info, I thought to tell police later. Inspector asks how can you do such big mistake, see the result, someone came before you and killed him, he would have been alive if you informed me, where is Raman.

She asks do you think Raman did this, how can you doubt on him. He says I m just doing my duty. She says he went to meet Shagun’s doctor. He sends body for post mortem and asks her to come with them. Adi hides and looks on. He says Ishita can know truth, I have to do something. Aaliya says I did not order anything, maybe parcel is of

someone else. The guy says no, its for Aaliya Bhalla. She receives the parcel and sees Sushi. She says who has sent this. Nikhil asks her to have it. He says I know its your fav. dish. She says I don’t want to appoint it, I can’t take it. He says seriously, I remember I had your Sushi once and you did not talk to me for two months. She says I really don’t want to have it.

He says we all lost someone in our lives, Mani also liked Sushi a lot, atleast one piece for him, come. Ruhi looks on. Aaliya eats it and says really delicious. He says I know Adi would be getting this for you. She says Adi does not know this. Ruhi says Adi should talk more than Nikhil. Nikhil says Adi is not bad, he called me and said I should meet you, he loves you, you are lucky to get true loving husband, if I was a girl, I would have married Adi. Aaliya smiles and calls him mad. Aaliya sees Mani’s pic.

Raman asks inspector how can he doubt on him. He says why will I kill anyone, I m a businessman, I m not mad. Doctor says Raman was here since 3 hours, I know his family well, they are good people. Ishita says someone wants to keep us away from info, so he killed watchman, try to find proof in right direction. Inspector says fine, we will go to Banwari’s house. Raman asks can we come along. Inspector permits them.

Ruhi thanks Nikhil for coming. He says we all miss Mani, I don’t think Raman will get free soon, I have seen him having knife in hand. She asks so what, did you decide this seeing knife, murderer is roaming free, how did you think this. He says I m just saying what I have seen. She asks did you see Papa killing Mani. She argues to defend Raman. She says you have to get facts right to know Raman is innocent. She goes. Nikhil says its imp that this murder mystery gets solved.

Adi comes to Banwari’s house. He says what proof did Banwari had, what was he going to tell Ishimaa. He shuts the door and checks the cupboard. He says police will come here, I have to find the clue before they come.

Bala asks Amma where is Ishu. Amma says she said she has some work, you forgot umbrella, you got drenched. He says I have to hire some teachers, exams are coming and work increased in tuitions. Shravan gets Shitija. Bala asks Shravan why did he get her from Kiran’s place. Shravan says I know you want to make Kiran our new Amma, so I got Shitija home, this is our decision, we don’t want Kiran. Shitija nods. Bala looks on worried.

Raman, Ishita and police come to Banwari’s house. Raman asks why do you always take risk, you should have called me. She says I called you but could not connect, I called Adi, he said he will come. Inspector says door is locked from inside, maybe there is someone. They all break the door. Adi runs. Constable shows shoe marks. Ishita says Banwari was giving me proof. Inspector gets an evidence and says he left this proof behind, this will make us get him.

Shagun says where did Raman and Ishita disappear. Ashok asks her to come with him. She asks him to leave. He says Raman does not care for you. She says I m calling my husband, get lost. He asks her to call Ishita, she knows more. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Adi. Ashok argues. Shagun says stop it, I have to go Ishita’s clinic, take me there.

Raman and Ishita come home. They talk about the shoe marks. He says I m on parole, we have less time. He sees Ashok and Shagun and stops them. Shagun asks did I ask you where you went with Ishita, I m going with Ashok. Ashok says she is right, we are going on drinks. Raman says she is on medication, she can’t drink. Ishita says my car went for servicing, so I took lift. Shagun says stop overacting, let’s go Ashok. She sees a car and reacts. She says I have seen this car that night. They get shocked.

Adi gets down the car. Shagun says you were there, I have seen you, it was raining that night, I have seen this car from balcony. She faints. Ashok asks what is she saying, what did she see. He lifts Shagun and takes her. Raman and Ishita go with her. Adi worries.

Ashok says you think I m doing drama fine, I m a creep, you all are also not good, I know Shagun can save you, you don’t have sympathy. Raman looks on. Adi comes. Ashok asks Adi why did Shagun react such seeing his car, I think you are Mani’s murderer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi friends… Passing episode… Also tomorrow no yhm…. Ashok always trying to take Shagun out of house.. may be to kidnap Shagun…..but at end even when Raman returned , Shagun was going with Ashok…this made me that Shagun and Ashok are together involved in Mani’s murder…next week I think this will be solved… Now Ishita gets doubt on adi and starts from there…

  2. Star plus longest family drama ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ has dragged the storyline to a conspiracy corner where Ashok’s evil conspiracy is ruining Raman’s life.

    So far we have seen that Raman (Karan Patel) is trapped in Mani’s murder case and Ishita is trying to prove him innocent.

    In the last episode we have witnessed that Ishita fails to get evidence from Banwari as he is killed before she could reach him.

    Raman Ishita to catch Ashok Taneja red-handed

    It is assumed that when Ishita told Adi about Banwari at that time Taneja was present he may overhear that Ishita will meet Banwari for evidence.

    Taneja and Ashok big enemies of Raman had always tried to trap Raman on the other side Ashok wants that Shagun’s memory could not come back.

    It is expected that Ashok and Taneja killed Banwari so that they could not get trap, these all clues state that Ashok and Taneja both are involved in Mani’s murder to trap Raman.

    But soon Raman and Ishita will catch them red-handed.

    Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates.

  3. azuka nkwonta

    Roshni is now acting like a powerful woman. A timid village girl who have not spent up to a year in the city is now acting brave. She is now messing up with the devil himself, the chief devil Ashok. This is a hidden plot, when it will start we will know who will beat the other.

  4. Ooh whts happening? Wht is dis shagun saying? I mean Adi cnt be da murderer ryt! Bt wht is he hiding? He is definitely hiding smthng frm his parents! Nw he ll be in a big trouble!
    Loved Sharvan n shitija today! I mean I lyk kiran bt da way dt brother n sister duo stood up 4 deir mother was lovely!
    I dnt knw when will dis memory lost drama will end! Bt I must say um really tired of it!
    During shagun n ishitas ghost drama also a guard was murdered! N nw dis tym also! Same thng happening again n again! These producers cnt thnk anythng new! Dey always used to repeat da same thng!!! Oh shame!!! ?

  5. Ekthakapoor ji, yeh kya sazha hai humko. Aab iss budiah(old people) ko aur kithna din jhelna hum log????

    Plz bandh kardo iss serial ko. Give change to upcoming actors. We don’t have anymore Patience to bare diz stupid serial.

  6. Hi Everyone,
    I am very sure that Aditya has done this and Ruhi also knows about it. Both of them are so selfish. How can they be so self-centred. Why aren’t they saying truth. And if there is some other reason or problem then they should tell that to ishra.

  7. Shreya shetty

    Vp mam I hope u didn’t feel bad of what this Silly ? comedian Azuka irratawonta said abt u
    Besides just leave her alone and let her rot and suffer till she repraminds herself for being mean and selfish
    I always will respect u and everyone else who would never commit such things just like that Azuka
    Had enough of that overacting Magootess ???
    Aaagh she is driving me crazy out of anger by all her verbal slangs used on us

    1. Shreya be cool ! Pls dont react like this !
      Its ok what she says about me .. I am least bothered !VP

  8. azuka nkwonta

    Adi killed Mani. What I don’t know is what he will do with shagun.

  9. Mani has some secret.. ruhi got to know n came to discuss with mani but he dint reach home .. after he reached home murder happened.. ruhi has seen something objectionable so she is not able to tell anyone.. I feel ruhi dint give money to guard on guard kidnap day coz she was with aliya .. asi is not aware tat guard has info .. so on tat day may be taneja or kiran or nikhil would have given money according to my logic

  10. May be taneja is more likely.. because he spoke with mani on murder day.. and also he was aware of ishita meeting watch man on watch man murder day.. taneja has more weightage in my guess

  11. Time has come to shut down YHM rhry could hav ended this after surrogancy drama but this serial is ekta kapoors she wants to trouble people with her stupid serials they are simply dragging it from 2 years after 8 year leap nothing is intersting in YHM now ishra doesnt have that chemistry in there romance like before after leap ishra never had any romantic scene but still its a wonder they got best onscreen couple award everytime seriously if i was judge for onscreen jodi selection then i would have given ishra worst jodi onscreen because ishra doesnt have love or trust in there relationship they just have problems in there relationship and ishra get sperated because of that problems i think its high DT should quit YHM because now even DT is getting negative comments for her character she should take some break for some months and should make a comeback with some new serial

    1. I totally agree with you.

  12. Hi VP mam Sindhu Rithu Shivani Khushi Magic Shreya Hp Bhagya hope all are fine. Actually I have no time to comment… So I didn’t…

    Today’s episode gave us a hint that Adi was involved in Mani’s murder. If he’s least truthful to his parents, why is he hiding this? Ruhi also stupidly behaving. The thing I don’t like in TV shows is hiding matters. I am not even watching this serial as Shagun is being seen everyday. Oh please just throw her out. I cannot digest Shagun. Anita deserves much better role…
    Again IshRa have to meet like “chori chori chupke chupke”. Nikhil is good character. Liking him.

    Azuka, please don’t bring real life situations here… You can comment anything about the serial , but not about people who are commenting here. Whether you like IshRa or not, that doesn’t matter. People, please ignore her comments.

    1. Hi priyamvadha .How are you?
      I am glad to see your comment .

  13. These ashok is too much, now he gone a try to accuse adi for mani death, ashok should get tight slap on his face .

  14. Charu prakash

    I feel like Raman is completely overpowered by Ishita.His conscience is lost somewhere.Self righteous Ishita feels herself greater than every one else and want to prove a point to others even at the expense of her own life.For Raman It’s hard to choose thoughts and feelings when the strings of his psyche are pulled by self righteous Ishita.Ishita on the other hand is successful in alienating Shagun from others.By bringing Shagun home from the garbage she did the same.Otherwise eventually Raman would have taken care of her for the sake of Aditya.Anyway we can’t blame Ishita for her manipulations.But giving her mahatma title is indigestible.Let’s wait and watch more and more manipulations .

  15. What happened to ekta kapoor.?? Why is she dragging the serial?? Every time Raman is involved in every one’s murder. Last when vandhita was murdered Raman was involved in it. Later it was proved that he is not related in the murder. Now again the same story is repeating. Dragging dragging……
    It seems like the title of serial should be ye
    hai murderer mystery not ye hai mohabbatein.

  16. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  17. Hi sid how are you muje bool gaya h kyaa mein nisha hoo sunshine member nisha. Aap Sab keise ho.

    1. Siddharth

      Nahi nisha tumhe hum Jan see miss kar rate hai tum haha thi 7months se

  18. Wowww nikhil hold ruhi’s shoulder and hand ??? wowww the best couple ruhi and nikhil ? ? ? ?

  19. I like Mrs bhalla and amma funny ?????

  20. azuka nkwonta

    Raman has always been controlled by ishita from the very beginning in fact right from the time she became ruhi’s mom. She does it through her lectures. When ishita lectures anyone she talks straight to that person’s conscience, and when someone captures your conscience the person has captured you. That is ishita’s magic and that is her winning point. The only way to be free and have your own conscience is to avoid ishita’s lectures.

  21. azuka nkwonta

    The principle of winning their hearts came from ishita. Raman was more like shagun even at the initial stages of their marriage. I can remember when ruhi was a child she requested for a video game because other kids In her school also plays the video game and they were on holidays at that time, ishita said no Raman said yes that ruhi can have video game. Ishita said no that she can play outdoor games, ruhi was sad. Ishita forced Raman not to buy video game for ruhi and according to ishita she will not read her books, but I remember that they were on holidays but even outdoor games can as well make someone not to read her books. Why am I telling this story, it’s to show you that Raman was much like shagun at that period. Now the principle of winning their hearts was adopted by ishita and gradually enforced into Raman and the process was going on until Raman took that principle. That is why you see Raman trying to win peoples hearts. Maybe in a situation where they would have given someone a tip to get Information or something they will try talking to the person and persuading the person to listen to them. This is where ishita’s magic works very well. At initial time I thought it was because ishita is stingy but as time goes on I realised that it is the principle of winning their hearts. Is that principle still working now, I think yes but it is also failing as well. So when you see Raman behaving this way know that it came from ishita and not from Raman.

  22. Charu prakash

    Remember the colossal failure happened at Alia’s wedding regarding the designer lehenga.Raman could save the situation only because he chose not to let Ishita know about the situation .That time Shagun was reacting as a typical mother.Her priority was her daughter’s happiness.Being a mother myself I can understand Shagun’s behaviour then.Ishita was too careless to let a stranger apply her gharelu nuskas the day before wedding.Shagun’s concern was relatable.Luckily that didn’t went wrong.Alia’s attachment and concern for Shagun is totally justified here.Shagun indeed has her own charm.

  23. Now Azuka is giving lessons in psychology.
    You go girl the stage is yours.

  24. azuka nkwonta

    If I will follow your line of thought charu I will say that shagun is not a bad mom that is why aaliyah has that attachment to her. But their bond is not strong because of aaliyah’s amma which is ishita. That is why I always argue whenever I can that aaliyah has not been influenced by shagun. At every passing episode that I have watched aaliyah always sides with ishita whenever she fights with shagun. Shagun cares for aaliyah alot and aaliyah loves her but their relationship is always harmed by that ishita’s principles which aaliyah still lives with, like 80% of it. When pihu was under shagun’s care you can see the way she behaves with ishita and Raman whenever they fight with shagun but aaliyah doesn’t do that, that is to show you that she is not under shagun’s influence, aaliyah is still herself till present. The relationship between shagun and aaliyah to me is 80 vs 8%.

  25. This show has been dragging and needs to be finished. They are adding violence, murder,conspiracy, lies, looks like the producer can not find a good way to continue the show. They need to conclude this show with a sweet ending. In my opinion, This is enough!

  26. Cannot stand that ishita’s face!! give her a face lift!!!
    All starplus shows should be canned. In fact starplus should just declare itself bankrupt and wrap up all shows and piss off!

  27. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  28. Why didn’t yhm come yesterday?

  29. Charu prakash

    You are right at this Azuka.Aliya is not under Shagun’s influence.It’s very difficult for her to come out of a certified ‘devi’, Ishita’s spell.Otherwise all these confusions would’nt have happened.Their honeymoon would have been different.I don’t agree with aliya’s priorities.Adi is always temperamental and insecure.Remember the fight between Raman and Ishita.Ishita failed to understand her husband’s insecurities about her.She was so self-centred to take notice.I’m not arguing in favour of Raman or Adi.She could have handled the situation tactfully.It was Shagun’s idea to send them on honeymoon immediately after marriage and that was normal.Ishita’s motive was different.Her manipulations worked here too.She only wanted to keep Adi away.Under work pressure nothing turned out well for him.Another failure!!

  30. azuka nkwonta

    That ishita’s honeymoon plan for adi was not necessary, it was just an idea to get him away from shagun and according to ishita shagun is trying to scatter their family. Then Adi and aaliyah went for honeymoon and everybody knew what happened later. Did the family not scatter under ishita’s plan, not only that adi and aaliyah are fighting but Mani also died in the process. Now the question is, should we promote ishita or should we demote her, well anyone can answer that question. Ishita is being promoted as a perfect individual but she has alot of failures which is being ignored.

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