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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman trying to find Ishita. He makes call and could not reach her. He thinks where did she go. Ishita comes from washroom and sees Chadda dead, and Pallavi sitting in shoc. She says what will we do, I will call ACP Abhishek, he will help. She calls Abhishek. He answers call. Pallavi takes her phone and switches it off. Ishita says I want to talk to Abhishek. Pallavi says you did murder. Ishita says it was in self defense to save you. Pallavi says I know this that you came to save me and got trapped, Amar would have killed me, but none will understand this. Ishita says we will explain them. Pallavi says you did a great thing, he used to beat me daily, I used to live in fear thinking what will he do with me, you freed me from him, thank you so much. They cry. Ishita

says see we have to explain police and surrender, I did wrong.

Pallavi says no, they will not understand, you don’t know Amar’s family, they are powerful people, they will not leave you and me, we have to do something. Ishita asks what to do. Abhishek says Ishita called me at this time and now her phone is going off, why did she call me. Raman is worried at home. Ruhi shows her school project and says don’t tell this to Ishita, this is our house and our family stays here, I will get marker, wait. The project falls. Ruhi cries and says my house broke. Raman pacifies her.

Ishita asks what, are you mad, are we criminals to dump body, we will inform police, Chadda got killed as I was saving you, police will understand, let me call police. Pallavi stops her and says you are really good, just agree, not for me, but help me for the sake of kids, think of Adi, Ruhi and my Rohit, please, we have to dump this body. Ishita says we have laws with us. Pallavi says what law, Amar’s family is powerful, they will change truth, I have seen all that, just help me, everything will be fine, I don’t want you to go jail because of me, please. Ishita cries and says I did murder.

Abhishek calls Raman and asks is everything fine, Ishita called me and it got disconnected before I answered it, then her phone is off. Raman says I m trying to call her, she is not at home. Abhishek says don’t worry, I will trace the call. Raman worries.

Pallavi says we will put body in this bag. Ishita asks are you out of your mind, how will you hide. Pallavi says we will throw this bag far. Ishita says what will you say anyone when they ask about your husband. Pallavi says stop it, I will say I m also worried. Ishita asks how much will you lie. Pallavi says shut up, I m doing this for both of us, I beg you, help me.

Raman says I m worried, I m going to find her. Mihir says come with me, and Romi you go other side. Aman says don’t tell this to Ruhi and Adi. They leave. Pallavi asks Ishita to help. Ishita cries and they together out Chadda in the bag. Pallavi and Ishita get the bag downstairs. The door bell rings. They get shocked. Ishita asks did you call anyone. Pallavi says no, what to do, relax, we will hide this bag, hurry up.

Pallavi hides her wound by her hair and goes to check who came. She opens the door and sees Ashok. Ashok says I m Ashok Khanna, I want to meet Chadda. Ishita hears him and cries in worry. Pallavi says he is not at home. Ashok says what do you mean, he called me. Pallavi says he went out of station for work, meet him tomorrow. She shuts door. Ashok says whats this way to say. Pallavi tells Ishita about Chadda’s client. Ishita says we are doing wrong, that’s Ashok.

Ashok says blo*dy hell, Chadda would have informed me about meeting cancelled, he calls himself professional, weirdo. He sees Ishita’s car there and says what is this doing here, don’t know, maybe she came to meet someone, why to waste my time. He leaves.

Abhishek tells Raman that he could not trace the call. Raman panics. Abhishek says we will check for her last call. Mihir says we will check on route to Shagun’s home. They leave. Pallavi asks Ishita to help her. Ishita says I won’t help and cries. She says I m not a criminal, I will tell police. Pallavi says okay fine, tell police, spoil everything, how can you be so selfish, you don’t care for family, Raman and kids, think about them, your to be born child, you will be in jail, don’t know he will be born or not. Ishita shouts Pallavi. Pallavi says call police if you don’t care about anyone, your phone is off, call by landline. Your sister is already trapped, you also go to jail, I care for Rohit. She takes phone to call and Ishita stops her.

Pallavi says I don’t want to do this, we have to dispose this body please, think, promise me you won’t say this to anyone, swear on your to be born child.

Abhishek and everyone try to trace Ishita. Abhishek says I got call from police station, her location is traced, and tells place. Raman says Mr. Chadda stays there, come. Pallavi goes to lock the door. Watchman stops Ishita and asks who are you. She says I came to meet Chaddas. He asks did you make entry here. She says yes, Pallavi was giving away her useless junk. He says fine, go. Pallavi comes and Ishita says I lied to him. They leave from there in Ishita’s car.

Raman, Mihir and Abhishek come there and ring the bell. Mihir says there is no one at home. They ask watchman. The man says Chadda mam went with someone. Raman shows Ishita’s pic and asks was it this woman. The man says yes, she was the one, she had big bag with her.

Pallavi says you made my life hell, I will erase every sign of you and burns Chadda. Ishita comes home. Raman asks her where were you, why did you go to Chadda’s house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg what isishitha upto is she out of her senses omg

  2. Ishita always stucks…..

  3. Oh my my what an episode!!!! Unbelievable!! I don’t even want to guess what is going to happen next. How long is this drama going to drag? Why can’t Pallavi just call the police and tell them that she was the one who killed her husband in self defence to protect Ishita and herself? Afterall, she should know that Ishita will be mother of 4 and how can she go to jail. Pallavi does not have anyone, no child and husband. The judge would be lenient and will understand that she has gone through abuse. Shagun will be able to help as she is in NGO. These writers have to purposely make it worse for Ishita and Raman. If there is more of Niddhi and Raman, I will not watch YHM.

  4. mad ishita.why did U went to save pallavi

  5. hahahhaha… first time ashok left ishitha without peeping into their issue… thanks to ekta… I was rolling down laughing after this scene…. except that episode was BL**dy shit.. y they wanna give wrong msg to society… killing someone and packing in bag???? BL**dy hell….

  6. I think Pallavi killed her husband when Ishita was in washroom.May be she planned out this to get rid of her chadda.I think Ishita’s stabing did not kill him.

    1. no you have to watch the episode because ishita didn’t go to the washroom

  7. Episode is not good. Precap is also bad. Ruhi’s home is broken. What’s this happening. Nonsense.

  8. from now I will not watch next episode….bocz I can’t see ishita in trouble

  9. still i was not watch the today epi only on 11 pm according telly up date i cannot understand why the narrotors create ishita’s character she is hiding everything from raman and familly
    she can belive shagun who was negative in past prateek,abishek,pallave who were not closed to her much and vandu’s MIL who is also hurting her every time as banch but she still not believe raman even her amma appa family also what a rubbish why ishita character give much importance to other then her husband, parents and family idiot is this love with her to all

    1. ya .i totally agree with you .

  10. please kp and div quit the show bcos you are the best actors we are watching this serial bcos both of you only please quite the show otherwise THIS IDIOT EKTA will spoil your reputation

    1. Very true Parvathy .i had been commenting the same

  11. Hi How can this be thrilling. It is Utter Nonsense, Again that Kanna is involved with Chadda. why are the writers making Ishu the murderer. this is really crazy.the good die young i have heard. but good going to hell i have not heard. & Ashok is free tying a bomb to little Ruhi. why are they not in Jail??? Whole Drama is ruined . Hi Guys Forget the love story Raman & Ishu & Ruhi. the main ones in the drama are getting bashed by the writers. not the bad ones. So is it worth to go on with this further on. Forget the old YHM.

  12. very true Parvathi Thanjaraj. give me five. u are 100% correct. we will never get the old YHM

  13. episode was horrible with no content and precap more worster than episode .

  14. The just engaged actor opened up on talks of him and Divyanka being on the show!
    Here is a piece of news that will make all Divyanka Tripathi fans sit up. Yes, she along with her fiancé Vivek Dahiya have been approached for the upcoming couple dance reality show Nach Baliye 8. The couple are considering the offer but nothing has been finalized so far. Talking exclusively to BollywoodLife, Vivek said, “Yeah, we have been approached for the dance reality show. We have not decided anything on it as we are already shooting for a daily soap, which is extremely time-consuming and taxing. Managing both will be a task. Divaynka and I have not thought about it seriously or had a long discussion. We are still to figure how we can do it. It has to be a mutual decision.” When we asked him if he is comfortable with a reality show, he said, “It is a dance-based show so we are okay with the concept per se.”

    We could not help but draw his attention to the current track in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein where Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will be separated. Will we see Vivek aka ACP Abhishek Pathak romancing Ishita? “No…I am, of course, willing to give her a shoulder to cry on (laughs). I can’t disclose this. I would say let’s keep it open. It is kind of an added incentive for viewers to stay hooked to the show,” he says. That’s a smart move, we say!

  15. hey guys and all yhm friends.

  16. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita is very
    much tensed after Mr
    chaddha’s death.
    Ishita believes that she
    has killed him and starts
    getting restless in her
    dream too.
    Raman gets tensed
    seeing Ishita and tries to
    make her console.
    Ishita does not reveal to
    Raman about Mr
    Chaddha’s death.
    On the other hand, Raman
    gets a phone call and is
    shocked seeing Shagun
    falls from bed.
    Ishita gets worried about
    her baby because Shagun
    is carrying Raman and
    Ishita’s baby in her
    Raman and Ishita rush to
    meet Shagun.
    Will Raman find out
    Ishita’s truth?

    1. This ishra haina… Kithne baar same mistake… Because of hiding from each other only.. They got this much probs. From the beginning then also hiding….
      Always taking pledge after every problems.. But can’t follow that..
      This is what happening..
      Hope this track to be end soon.. Third marriage !! Raman nooooo…

  17. what nonsense raman’ s third marriage and ishitha and acp . horrible and truely unentertaining unethical and worst serial yhm would turn to be if all these happens.

  18. yhm became nonsense since surrogacy track…i stopped watching it long time ago…they ruined a beautiful show

  19. I am hating this silly Raman Ishita drama. Only reason for me to watch this show is for the parallel lead, ROMIHIKA.

  20. What’s d hell going on. ..

  21. What type of message writers are passing to audience that wife should hide everything from her husband. Ishita really deserves to part ways from Raman because she always calls someone else for help . I think she don’t believe her husband,its a bitter truth that lady’s who hide things from their husbands have suffer a lot this what going on with Ishita.

  22. wat the hell this track is full of non sense….plz stop this..n ekta how dum can u b zat u can’t understand the fans feeling damn it…we want something good…n plz no separation of ishita n raman……NO LEAP IN YHM

  23. Ishita didn’t kill amar palavi did n she will blame ishita so she can get rohit back while ishita goes to jail

  24. I think it’s a big trap from ashok, that new lady lawyer ashok and pallavi!

  25. Ishita is a dentist . She should know stab wound does not kill immediately .There is hardly any blood pooling just on her hands.
    She does not give him mouth to mouth resusitation and no cpr done. The person will go in shock but immediate action taken by her would save his life. Get him to the hospital. Why write stories which makes no sense.
    Then they put him in a suitcase. Impossible . How can they carry Six foot man so easily. not even security guard getting suspicious . Why you would not call an ambulance or police.
    No matte how powerful any one is truth wins most of the time. So does Pallvi think they can get away with murder. Murder always makes a mistake. No matter how smart you are.
    This story is so far fetched makes me laugh. It sounds like Pallvi planned this for a while. That sound more plausible.

    1. Completely agree with you Neena .

  26. Muje lag raha pallavi FASA rahi hai Ishita KO or is me Saarika bhi involve hai, ye sab uska hi plan hoga or muje lag raha hai chaddha KO bhi pallavi ne hi maara.

  27. I thik chadda was just got unconcious in ishitas stab.when ishita went to wash room he got consious and pallave seing him getng cosious kills him before ishita arives..ishite thinks she killed the last minute of this chadha murder case ishita will be saved and pallavis truth gets revealed..may be this wil be the twist

  28. Am I watching crime patrol all does make any sense ishita always interfer in other peoples affair pallavi Ab to boht serni ki tarha batein kar rahi they amar Kay samnay use kya ho jata tha n completely agree with u guys

  29. ishitha has checked his pulse before going to washroom.. so, how can he be alive??? I don’t think pallavi is going to trap ishitha.. as ishitha adopted pallavi’s & her loved ones blood. why will she trap ishitha???I hope at least a bit of gratitude will be there in pallavi…

    1. 100% ye pallvi ka hi plan tha ishita ko fasane ka.. pallavi ne sare saboot ishita k khilaf kiye h jan buz k.. pahele watchmen ka ishita ko dekhna.. ishita ki gadi me hi jana… fir petrol lena waha bhi ishita ko bhejna.. after that ek admi ka ishita ko hi dekhna gadi se bag nikalte hue aur fir pallvi ka ishita ko bhagana taki wo body ko jala sake and amar ka phone ishita k bag ma dal dena…

      kitna easily usne ishita ko fasa diya….
      aur ishita ko raman ko batane to atleast dono sath me niptenge isase…
      YHM fans k liye plz….

  30. i think amar’s death is trap for ishita.. ashokh and her vai doing all this..

  31. y no update till now???? I didn’t watch the episode…

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