Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bala taking Vandu to counselor. It turns out to be Bala’s friend, and the counselor talks to Vandu. Vandu tells her what happened in the past. Bala thinks Vandu will be fine soon. The elders talk about Ruhi, and worries thinking whats going on in Ruhi’s mind. Simmi says I think Shagun can handle Ruhi, since Shagun is having Ishita’s child, Ruhi has come to her. Mr. Bhalla says yes, maybe Shagun will explain Ruhi well.

Niddhi asks pandit to give a date. She asks Neelu to make tea. Neelu asks her to make tea herself. Niddhi scolds her and raises hand. Romi stops Niddhi and says don’t dare to slap Neelu, she is part of our family, unlike you. He argues with her and she fumes. Raman is managing his work and gets Niddhi’s call.

He goes and attends

the call. He says I m in important meeting, why are you calling again and again. She tells him about Romi insulting her, will you take any step or shall I take. He says listen, ignore them, I will come home and see. The man tells Raman his decision that they will not work with Raman, seeing his unprofessional ways, we will not invest in your company. The investors leave. Raman says they were my last hope.

Manoj brings Shagun to her fav restaurant. He says order your fav food. Simmi tries calling Shagun. Mr. Bhalla asks her to try again. They are on the way. Shagun answers call and asks what is the matter. Simmi says we are coming your home. Shagun says I m in restaurant with Manoj. Simmi says we will come there, its imp. Shagun tells Manoj that Simmi was much worried, maybe Niddhi did something. Mr. Bhalla and Simmi come there, and say sorry to disturb this way. Simmi shows the papers. Shagun says divorce papers. Simmi says yes, don’t know what is Ruhi thinking and going through, she wants to get away from Raman and give him divorce, you talk to her. Shagun says ofcourse. She apologizes to Manoj and goes.

Suraj and Ashok talk about Mr. Raichand. Raichand comes and greets them. He tells about his business and says he wants to expand his business by investing here. He says I know you both are running into loss, but I know you are hardcore businessmen, you can become shareholders if you want. Ashok agrees. Raichand says there is a condition, my daughter is stubborn and very spoilt, I decided that the one who married my daughter will become the shareholder. Suraj asks whats this condition, is she fine, mentally, physically… Ashok asks Suraj what are you saying. He agrees to marry Raichand’s daughter. Raichand leaves. Suraj asks Ashok is he mad. Ashok says it does not matter, Raichand will help us.

Ruhi talks to Neelu. Simmi and Shagun look on. Shagun talks to Ruhi. Ruhi asks how is baby. Shagun says yes, fine, whats these papers. Ruhi says these papers here, I told Pathak uncle to give this to Raman’s office, these are divorce papers, please give this to Papa. Shagun asks do you know its meaning. Ruhi says if you dislike anyone’s behavior, then divorce is given, like you gave to Papa, and Simmi gave to Parmeet, I know divorce means breaking relation, I m not liking Raman marrying someone else, he is not listening to anyone. I took my decision, I will give these papers to Papa myself. Shagun says fine, I will tell Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla to give these papers to Raman. She hugs Ruhi and cries.

Simmi asks how will we give these papers to Ruhi, he has become stone heart, will he understand. Romi says yes, Raman should know what Ruhi is going through. Niddhi comes and asks them to tell her if there is anything to say Raman, I m going to become his wife. Shagun shows the papers. Niddhi smiles and says you have become kids, fine, I will give, lets see what he says on this thing. She goes. Romi says we have to go something. Shagun cries.

Simmi consoles Shagun and gives her water. Shagun says parents fail when children repeat their mistakes, its all my fault, I realize what Raman and my fights affected the children, I taught divorce, custody, fights, I was so selfish, Ruhi knows that relations break by signing on papers, she wants to break relation with Raman, I taught this to Ruhi, this is my mistake. Simmi says maybe this was our fate. They cry. Simmi asks her not to hurt herself by crying, its not good for baby, I will drop you home. Shagun says no, I want to stay here and see how Raman reacts seeing divorce papers. Simmi asks her to stay as long as she wants.

Simmi asks Romi what did Raman say. Romi says Raman left from office. Simmi says Niddhi will give papers to Raman, I hope Raman realizes his mistake. Mr. Bhalla says he should be in understanding state. Raman comes talking on phone and shouting. Simmi says his mood looks bad. Shagun says he can react badly, I will tell Niddhi not to give him papers now. She asks Niddhi not to give papers to Raman now as he is not in right frame of mind. Niddhi tells Raman that she will do his office work, and asks him not to worry. She gives him those papers. Raman checks it and gets shocked. Everyone look on.

Ruhi tells Raman that she does not want to be with Raman and that’s why giving him divorce. Raman gets angry. Ruhi says I hate you and goes. Everyone cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. worst episode and worst precap .

  2. The show was getting worse day by day.. Missing my old YHM badly..

    1. I am also missing it……….soooooooooo badly……..

  3. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Moabbtein will
    show that Raman wants
    to get with Nidhi soon.
    Family members do not
    want Raman get married
    with Nidhi so they trying
    hard to stop him.
    Ruhi also breaks her
    relationship with Raman
    but Raman is not ready
    leave Nidhi.
    Now, Raman’s mother
    Santoshi creates a drama
    of her illness as she
    believes that Raman
    stops her wedding
    preparation seeing her ill.
    Raman and NIdhi behave
    in front of family like a
    married couple which is
    making Bhall family
    Will Santoshi get
    successful convince
    Raman to stop his
    wedding with Nidhi?
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  4. Star Plus Show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    is showing a lot of Twists and Turns
    in the upcoming track of the show.As
    we know Raman declared that he is
    going to marry Nidhi.But he didnot
    know that Shanaya is going to enter
    his life.
    going to start in YHM for
    Nidhi says “ sangeet will have a lot
    of twists and it will be super
    dramatic. There will be lot of
    incidents from shagun to ruhi on
    sangeet ,to check on Raman whether
    really wants to marry her or not. But
    of course the result comes up with
    that he is really going to marry her.”
    YHM has lot of twits from
    ISHITHA as Shanaya
    Divyanka will pretend that she is
    shanaya but she is not. Then
    Shanaya has lot to do with nidhi and
    raman. Soon after a while it will be
    revealed that shanaya is the Ishitha
    and the lady wolf nidhi chabra will
    thrown out from the house of bhalla.
    Ishitha to Marry Ashok
    Yes,You hears it wright.There is a
    buzz that Ishitha will pretend to be
    Shanaya and will fool Ashok. She
    will pretend as marrying Ashok.
    Stay Tuned for more updates of
    Raman marrying Nidhi and
    Shanaya’s marriage with Ashok.

  5. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy and all yhm friends.

  6. The upcoming track of Raman-
    Ishita’s ‘Yeh Hai mohabbatein’ with
    new entrant Nidhi chhabra will leave
    its viewers jaw-dropped as the
    leading lady Ishita aka Divyanka
    Tripathi is back! High heels, short
    hairs & stylish clothes, this is how
    the new Ishita will look like in the
    upcoming episodes.
    Mother in law
    teases Nidhi
    Chhabra to throw
    out from her
    Toshiji wants to bring out the
    negative intentions of Nidhi. As
    nidhi wants to spoil the bhalla’s
    family relationships and their
    reputation. All in the bhalla’s family
    decide not participate any of her
    function. But nidhi chhabra
    blackmails the entire family . SO
    they decide to give tit for tat to nidhi,
    they want to defeat this NIDHI
    Nidhi arranges a party in bhalla’s
    house with her friends. All of sudden
    Toshiji enters the scene with having
    Wine glass in her hand. She hugs all
    of them, and teases nidhi and her
    friends saying some bla..bla..bla..
    After a while when Raman enters the
    room and lot of drama’s will go on.
    All of this happens because nidhi
    chhabra feel’s that raman also loves
    her to deep. So she wants to do
    everything that makes herself
    sustain in bhalla’s house. And raman
    will take Nidhi’s side to support her.
    As everyone has the curiosity that
    ishitha can’t do suicide. All the hard
    labor of simmy’s plan of recording
    their Nidhi and Raman’s
    conversation, goes in waste as we
    know this Nidhi is very smart, she
    finds it and destroys its. Oh sorry
    simmy these wolf is much intelligent
    than you.

  7. I think raichand’s daughter is ishita….means those spoilers were true..ishita marrying asohk…bullshit

  8. I cant tolerale those raman-nidhi scenes…

  9. Episode was bad . But at least now shagun understood how much all these brawls between her and raman in the past affected ruhi . Nyway i hvnt seen the frst few minutes of thr episode ..that the investor who left raman was it mr raichand ?? I hope its not . Nyway waiting fr ishita ‘s entry as sanaya and the real part of the drama to start .hope ishra unites soon . #hopeneverdies #starplus #plzbringishraback

  10. Raichand’s daughter will be shalini (Ishita)…

  11. How can child give divorce to the parent ?

  12. Ssss i too guess d same.raichands daughter might b i think ruhi is smart enough to guess who dis shalini is.atleast reveal d truth to ruhi.i cant see d way she is suffering without her ishimaaa.hope atleast ruhi would identify ishu

  13. Pls end these epis and at least shagun
    understood her wrong doing and ishitha entering as another character??????is really not good

  14. Hai rithu and all yhm friends…what’s going on in our yhm…i’m not at all interested in this track…what happened to our old yhm yaar….ishra’s chemistry..ruhi’s cuteness…santoshi-madhu little fights mihika mihir nhot jhok…miss them all…

  15. how can a daughter divorce her father ??
    divorce is to break a couple’s marriage…..
    ruhi is actually disowning her father
    and they r showing it as divorce that too with legal papers???

  16. Nice episode

  17. Episode was really a bullshit ………want our old yhm back badly…..

  18. Wat nonsense ruhi taking divorce from her father n everyone worry for her she is a child

  19. what nonsense is showing even if its a serial? Can a daughter file divorce against father? Such a beautiful love cum family story going through rubbish thing which a common man cant tolerate

  20. is it shanaya,sanaya or shalini? Divyanaka mam i’m ur big fan & don’t want to see u in short cut hair!

  21. Nonsence agar ye raman ka plan Bhi hai na to its too much pehlay WO ishita ka plan Raman k life n ab ye Raman ka plan ishu k liye un sab me parivaar aur bachoo ki Bali char rii hai ye kasay parents hain Jo apnay bachoo ko asay torture kar tahay hain ekta v want our old yhm ishra nok chok ishru cute scenes I think ekta ye bhol cuki hai k ruhi ek 8 yr ki bachi hai

  22. Todays episode started with Dr Manoj n Shagun hope they sort out there problems, hope she will not repeat her mistake again n be happy with Dr Manoj, hope Dr Manoj too will cooperate with Shagun for some time. Ruhi is only person left for whom.I can watch this show. Today Shagun came to know about bad affects on children with parents fight . Ruhi wants divorce with Raman not understanding the meaning of divorce as she knows Raman n Shagun break their relationship through signing prayers. Raman plz try to understand what your daughter wants with you. I think today Raman will understand Nidhi didn’t bring good luck for you.on the other hand Ishita always cooperate n never disturb in your work do you are a successful businessman today Raman lost a deal just because of Nidhi, so Nidhi brings bad luck for Raman .

  23. hi rithu and all … its all nothing but utter nonsense …. playing with their own family emotions with ghost track … terrorist attack and niw nidhi …. making us viewers fools also …. if continuously custody cases , fake deaths , fake romance and marriage …. we viewers understood the cheap standard of this serial …. Ishitha new avatar entering business with Ashok ,too much . no values at all . ishitha with the ghost track hurt every one to save Raman . now Raman to save Ishitha …be open to the family members and go with the fake romance and marriage . atleast both the families will know Ishitha is alive … not interested to see Ishitha in western dress and this hair style …now shaghun too … somehow I feel she too will turn negative in the sense will demand her children once Raman and Ishitha is back .

  24. disgusting story track. y do these people always take things to unpractical extent. marry anybody. dump anybody. live with anybody..bull shit. cant all this investigation be done in a better way. what crap do the cvs think they are showing. feel like smashing the brain that gets such weird ideas in the name of creativity. hang the mastermind behind these disgusting tracks till death.

  25. hey guys good afternoon.

  26. After noon rithu….

  27. i think mr .raichand’s daughter is ishitha or shanaya .

  28. With Raman’s (Karan Patel)
    decision of marrying Nidhi, the
    entire Bhalla household is
    saddened and Bhalla family is
    missing Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)
    in Star Plus show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein .
    It is seen that Raman and Nidhi are
    gearing up for the marriage.
    Raman is seen to be completely
    under Nidhi’s control while Nidhi
    instigates Raman against his
    Romi, Ruhi, Adi along with Mrs.
    Bhalla refuse to accept Nidhi as
    the family member.
    Raman has already started living
    with Nidhi in Bhalla house and that
    shocks Mrs. Bhalla bitterly.
    Raman will not pay any heed to
    Ruhi’s attempts of breaking Raman
    and Nidhi’s marriage.
    On this background, Mrs. Bhalla
    will think of new plan to stop
    Raman and Nidhi’s wedding.
    Mrs. Bhalla will make drama of
    getting stressed in entire situation
    and of falling sick.
    Let’s see if Mrs. Bhalla’s plan
    works or Nidhi turns smarter than
    Mrs. Bhalla.

  29. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita returns
    in modern avatar and marries Ashok
    to make Raman jealous
    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will show that Raman
    and Nidhi are getting married.
    Whole Bhalla and Iyer family is sad
    with this decision and are against
    their marriage.
    All family members are tensed but
    their beloved Ishita will return soon
    in all new avatar.
    Ishita will return to her family in a
    modern avatar to expose Nidhi.
    Ishita returns
    Ishita will also reveal Raman’s plan
    behind marrying Nidhi.
    While in her struggle Ishita will
    marry Ashok to make Raman
    Seeing Ishita with Ashok, Raman will
    get angry and will reveal his
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates
    of the upcoming episodes.

  30. ya.even i am missing old yhm.

  31. Hi rithu what is the name of dt in new look? I am hearing different names.

  32. Shivam saxena

    “Why raman killed ishita” can somebody tell me plzzz i lefted it by 15 days….plzZz

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