Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the blackmailer/Santa going to the godown and checking money. He takes money and puts kerosene on the purse. He burns he purse. Mr. Bhalla sleeps. She says he got old and slept so soon, its Christmas today and he is not celebrating, why will I spoil the evening, I will celebrate my way. She sits drinking. She gets drunk and talks. Raman says I can’t believe how did that man leave. Abhishek says calm down, my team is finding him. Ishita says there is risk, if he makes MMS viral. Abhishek says no, he will not do, he just wants money, see he will call you soon, we will catch him.

Ruhi asks Suhail not to leave her, and just be with him. Suhail wipes her tears and says I m always with you. Lady says manager wants to meet me Sir. Suhail goes. Ruhi sees some men

staring at her. Suhail comes and asks are you okay, shall we go home. She says no, maybe blackmailer is keeping an eye at home, can we go somewhere else, we will go to Shagun’s home, I will feel good, Aaliya will be there.

Mihika and Aaliya are drunk and shout. Romi and Adi ask them to stop drama and come. They ask them to be quiet. Mrs. Bhalla sees them. Romi holds Mihika, and Adi holds Aaliya to shut her mouth. Guard sees them and says guys and girls do such things openly. Mrs. Bhalla shouts to them and says I did not do anything like this openly, you people are shameless, you are fools. Adi says what to do, Dadi is also drunk.

Shagun talks to her friend and tells about decorating the house for her husband. She tells traditions. She says I will kiss Mani under the mistletoe and make up today, the couple who kisses standing under the mistletoe, their love increases. She prays and promises to be loyal to Mani, he is a great guy, please Lord, I hope he forgives me. Mani comes home. He sees her and asks whats this decorations, I thought you will go in some party, don’t try to act like wife. She apologizes and asks him to give her a chance, she wants to keep the marriage. She says I want to kiss you standing under the mistletoe, so that our love increases. He says I don’t believe all this and goes.

Romi and Adi get Mihika and Aaliya home. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Santa and laughs. Romi asks her to leave wine bottle. Adi stops Aaliya from drinking. Romi and Adi get troubled. Mr. Bhalla comes. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says you have come, it means you did not go old, you know its merry christmas today. He asks her to stop drinking. She asks him to come and dance. Romi says I did not make them drink. The women dance. Mr. Bhalla says I know what to do, and tells something to Romi and Adi.

Suhail and Ruhi come to Shagun’s house. Suhail stops the car. He sees a car and turns to Ruhi, getting close. Ruhi slaps him and asks what were you doing. He says sorry, that car was following us, you said someone is following you, I did not want someone to see you, so I did this. She says I m… He says leave it, we should go inside house.

Mr. Bhalla, Romi and Adi get lemon water for the women, and make them drink. They make them sleep. Ruhi hugs Shagun. Shagun says everything will get fine, you both sit, I will get food. Ruhi says I m not hungry. Shagun goes to get icecream. Mani calls Shagun and says I m going to meet my business partner, he wants to meet my wife. She says you want me to come. He says if you want. She says of course, I will come. He says I will message address. Shagun tells Ruhi that she has to go to party with Mani. Ruhi asks her to carry on. Shagun goes.

Suhail asks Ruhi to have icecream. Raman calls Ruhi. Ruhi says I m at Shagun’s house. Ishita asks did you have food. Ruhi says I did not have food, I m eating icecream….. The call ends. Ishita asks Raman to take her to Shagun’s house. Ruhi gets blackmailer’s call. He says I have taken the money bag, I will make the MMS viral. Suhail asks who are you, you will get money, don’t make MMS viral. Ruhi worries. She says he will make the video viral. Suhail asks her not to worry. She says he has my video. She cries.

Ruhi and Suhail dance on Pehla nasha….. They smile. Raman and Ishita come there and see them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When this mms drama will end shivani and magic where are you both? Pls come soon i have to talk with you about something
    hi vp how are you?
    Shreya i missing you very much
    sindhu and mino missing you both also why do you not comment?

    1. Hi Madhu I am fine dear .Thank you

    2. Hello my little friend how are you? And you are right i also missing shivani don’t know why she isn’t commenting i think she didn’t like this track but you don’t worry she will come back soon

  2. Oh! Suhail is coming very closer to ruhi.
    Guys I became a die hard fan of divyanka ???

  3. Tvfan1

    yeah, this mms drama is going on forever! also tommorow i think the women will beat up the bhalla men! also i just read on latest spoilers that SIMMI DECLINES GAURAV’S PROPOSAL…

    ahs,zaiba and priya..

    ahs , priya oya kattiya eeye koheda hitiye? dakke naa ane! monada me daaswala wenne? thawa tika dawasakin skool ne?

    1. Hi tvfan. really???? Why will simmi do that? 🙁 if gaurav is a negative character it’s ok but if he’s a good guy then…… Pls she shud accept it!!!!

      1. Tvfan1

        kiyala wadak naa ithin..everyone hate this drama, i don’t know why these cvs are dragging this sooo much..

        also the spoiler said that gaurav will do something to make simmi accept it

    2. Hy TV fan um really disappointed wid this drama in these days. So I stpd watching it till this crazy MMS drama ends.

      1. Tvfan1

        ha ha! eka iwara wenna nam kal yai..thawa godak kali baali thiyenawa!

        results ena nisa bayaida?

  4. This episode means that suhail is not criminal???? Oh god yhm is becoming more and more confusing yaar….

    1. Many spoilers reveal that sohail is the blackmailer and he is niddhis brother so it’s possible that the Santa Claus is niddhi

  5. Hmmm ruhiii ?

  6. this is not confusion, friends, this is suspense, mystery with a blend of mohabbatein in it.

  7. Dragging to the core . It will be dragged till 5 th of Jan 2017. Cvs , your message of how black mailers survive is very good for viewers . As we all know a lot of pick pocketing happens … its nothing new … but there are many who are unaware of these … yhm can be an inspiration to all negativity one family can have . We will start watching Shaghun Mammas romance now . All these melodrama is to bring Shaghun goody goody . And Ruhi finds Shaghun mammas house safer than Bhallas … This girl Ruhi diesnt deserve Bhallas and Ramans and Ishimas love and care .. Feel like giving her two slaps … one side MMS other side romancing . How can one be in that mood when worried about this mms . Ishitha and Raman name sake only . Anyways thot of no commenting … but anger made me write this much . Hi Magic , Shivani Rithu Sindhu Mino and all … A very happy new year … we can hear the last breathings of 2016 … dying bed … let 2017 bring the best of best to all fans , as much as we tell to stop yhm … losing this site and to me all of you children like … to some I may be a mom or to some grandma too . If by words I hurt anyone please bear with me .. love to all

    1. Hello grandmother how are you and a very happy new year to you may god give you good health and long life and i think you didn’t hurt anyone so, to all my friend “Do Double But Don’t Trouble Your Mother Man”

      1. Magic my boy you are magic only
        You have answers to each and every one and I am sure unknowingly a smile will come reading your comments . I am sure you are studying well … Pray for you

    2. Hey vp . how are you? I wanted to ask you that how do you know that the drama gonna be dragged till 5th of Jan . I hope yhm will not end.

      1. Hi Rithu … all lead roles r out of station my dear .yhm is one serial millions watching all over the world ..Its only becoz of the initial uniqueness … its obvious rt ? they are dragging with Sohail and Ruhi … Its very defficult for old people to accept Ruhi … to go thru these drama for a long time . Small Ruhi is in our mind …I really feel sad the cvs make Aditya to over act like this .. Its only my intution dear nothing elsae .. Cvs have nothing more to show … Since when we see Ishitha in the same saree … and Shaghun was looking nice yesterday and her wardrobes are given more important than Ishitha .Plus Raman is CEO and all … when it comes to him , helpless .. cant prove anything other than dragging …

  8. Hello to all friend
    and writer’s are dragging this mms drama most actually i don’t like this mms drama i think writer’s should end this track soon and i think blackmailer is sohail 100%

  9. Hi sindhu,rithushree,magic,madhu,priya,riya,vp,shreya,super girl,tia,saba,mino,shivani,pinku,nisha,Reshmi,ridika and all yhm fans………..

    The episode was worst..precap was also bad.When will this drama end..

  10. Yes Magic i also think that blackmailer can be Sohail..i don’t like him at all…

  11. Hlw sindhu,priya,riya,magic,marin,rithushree,madhu,tia,nisha,shreya and all other yhm fans

    The episode was bad.weird precape.I don’t like this drama anymore.And Cvs please make adi aliya part more interesting.

  12. Hi Magic I meant your reply to each and every one is so adorable that a smile comes reading your comment … now when I read it I mysef is not understanding what I wrote ….

  13. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  14. In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Sohail and Ruhi in the daily soap.

    It so happened that Ruhi reaches to Sohail’s office all tensed up and worried.

    To which Sohail consoles Ruhi and asks to explain the matter.

    Ruhi states that Ruhi is in tension as Ruhi and Sohail had deleted Ruhi’s MMS from the blackmailers mobile and this is the same blackmailer whose dead body had been received to police.
    Raman-Romi caught by police due to Ruhi

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Ruhi and Raman in the ongoing serial.

    It happened that now Raman and Romi get caught in the murder case of the same blackmailer.

    Ruhi is tensed as she thinks that what if police reaches Ruhi and Sohail while inquiring about the dead body as Ruhi had deleted the MMS from blackmailers mobile?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  15. Hey frnds….they just dragging the serial why don’t they show the real culprit….I can’t understand ruhi one-way she is slapping suhail when he come close…and then dancing with him….CVS have spoil the show…. wish you all a happy new year…

  16. Hi Shreya,Rithu,Magic and others…Iam doing great shreya…how are u??

    Is sohail really the blackmailer??…now this MMS thing is so dragging 🙁

  17. Hi,yhm family,valpa,ananya,rithu, magic, vp,ridika, marin, yhmfans,azizah, zaiba,ro, tvfan 1,ahs, dhiviashari and all yhm family,today episode is good,I hop suhali is positive.

  18. Hi yhm fans,valpa, ananya, rithu, magic, vp, ridika, marin, yhmfans, azizah, zaiba, ro, tvfan, ahs, dhiviashari,madhu and all yhm family.,today episode is good and I hop suhail is be positive.

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