Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita complimenting Sarika. They have a talk in the kitchen in morning. Ishita says she will send tea for her and asks her to go. Sarika says let me cook today. Ishita asks her to rest. Sarika helps her. Mrs. Bhalla sees them and says she should retire now. She says she will check spices and tastes the curry. She says she will give her 50/100 points for this dish, she knows you have maintained good figure and living on salad and soup, you don’t know about aloo parathas and curry. She asks her to add spices and salt more.

Sarika adds some and Mrs. Bhalla likes it. She says she wanted to make Sarika cook halwa, but she has made her cook aloo parathas for Romi, its his fav, she will give nek, but Romi will give number to this. Ishita says Sarika made by love,

Romi will like it. Sarika takes tea for Romi and goes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to go and bath, and send Raman for breakfast. She asks him to tell Raman to give good nek to Sarika. She goes. Ishita says she will make food and thinks how to go infornt of Raman, he will know everything.

Raman cries and thinks how to face Ishita, how will he tell her after meeting Manoj. He sees her coming and goes to washroom. She gets relieved on not finding him in room and she is saved from facing Raman. Raman cries in the washroom and recalls Ishita. She says she has kept his tea and keeps his clothes ready. She says I m very sorry Raman and cries. He says I m sorry Ishita, and cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays………….

Ishita calls Manoj and says she wants to meet him today, its very urgent. Mr. Bhalla compliments Sarika for the tasty parathas and gives her nek. Sarika gets glad. Raman comes there and talks to Mr. Bhalla about the Akash Ganga society. Romi comes and Mrs. Bhalla asks him to taste the parathas. Romi says Sarika and I will eat parathas together. Mrs. Bhalla asks Sarika to come. Sarika says she won’t eat this heavy breakfast, she will eat upma. Rinki laughs and says Romi’s day does not start till he eats 3-4 parathas. Raman says I m going office. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to give nek. Raman says Ishita will give and goes. Rinki teases Romi, and he goes. Mrs. bhalla brings nek and shows the necklace to Sarika.

Ishita also gifts a necklace from her and Raman’s side. Sarika thanks them. Mrs. Bhalla says we are thankful for you to get Rohit. She sends Sarika to Romi. Ishita goes. Raman meets Manoj in café and asks about reports. He asks him not to tell Ishita, she can’t handle. He asks are you sure, maybe Ishita is thinking same, that you can’t handle. Raman says she does not know. Manoj says I don’t think so, and shows Ishita behind. Raman gets stunned seeing Ishita.

Manoj says when Ishita called me, I thought to share this with both of you. Raman asks how did she know. Manoj says I told her the day reports came, she knew it. Raman cries and says you have hidden such big pain while everyone was happy in Rom’s marriage. She says how would I say everyone that time. He says you felt my dream can be bigger than you. Manoj says your love is so deep that you can’t hurt anyone, you don’t need a baby to prove love to each other, your love is enough.

Raman and Ishita cry. Raman says if we are together, we don’t need a baby. He jokes that his doings are not less than any kid and makes her smile. He hugs her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays…………. Manoj smiles and leaves. Raman says we will go somewhere for some time and forget all this. They leave.

Shagun comes to meet Manoj and waits for him. She says I hope Manoj told this to Raman and Ishita, and how would they take this news, maybe Manoj has some treatment for this, Ishita really deserves this, Lord would have done something with me. She sees Manoj and says she has been calling since long. He asks her to relax and takes her to his cabin. He says Raman and Ishita know about reports, Raman is taking care of Ishita, your restless behavior is showing you wanted to know about Ishita. She says she came for some other work and goes.

Raman and Ishita come home. He asks her to go inside home along, as they went separately. She goes and Mrs. Bhalla talks to her. She asks her to share things with her, and she regards Ishita as her daughter, and she is praying that Ishita gets a baby soon. Mrs. Bhalla attends a call and Ishita goes. Raman looks on and thinks that Ishita needs some time. Ishita goes to her room and cries. Raman looks on.

Ishita cries and tells Raman that she wanted a baby for Ruhi, and she had high hopes meeting Manoj, how can I tell Ruhi that I can’t give her a baby. Ruhi hears this and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ab shagun ko angonist banaane
    mein bhi uss ashok ka haath hai.ussi ne
    instigate kar liya hoga shagun ko.ek aur cheap
    ghatia aadmi ashok aa gaya phir se.

  2. you know what guys from now
    onwards dont trust yhm makers that they may
    show something interesting rather than utter
    rubbish and nonsense. and also dont keep any
    expectations that they would respond to our
    request about no surrogacy.surrogacy tho
    surrogacy saath mein shagun ko phir se vamp
    banaane wale hai.

  3. aakhir shagun vamp hi
    rahegi.plz makers no
    surrogacy.worst track ever in yhm
    .stop this crap.

  4. ya thanks to the team.

  5. why do the makers want to show
    ishitha to taunted by the world as baanch .i
    dont understand who is the main lead of the
    show.ishitha or shagun because now shagun has
    turned positive and she is given more
    importance. shagun was agaim surrogacy and
    came to delhi on a misaion to stop surrogacy
    racket and how can she agree to do it.its really
    so confusing .i dont know what the makers are
    upto.hope to have something good and
    interesting rather than this.

  6. patha nahi kya soch ke ekta maam
    ne aise backwaaz makers ko hire kiya.pehle
    itnaa sab dikhaathe hai lekin itnaa sab kuch
    karne aur dikhaane ka koi matlab nahi rehtha.
    aur yeh sab dikhaane ki zaroorath hi kya thi
    jab surrogacy hi hona tha.

  7. waise ishitha ke paas ruhi aur adi
    hai toh ishitha ko aur kyu chahiye aur through
    surrogacy.what rubbish tracks.soo horrible.

  8. Thanks a lot to the team . The leap was boycotted by the fans , same way. Please see that surrogacy is not there and that too from Shaghun

  9. Ya…. I also would like to thank you(team) on behalf of all sri lankan fans and other yhm fans……!
    stop this hating surrogate track…..!
    From SL

  10. YHM makers can make a documentary film on surrogacy in which Shagun be the lead role…
    Once they used shagun to advertise the Designer sarees and perhaps now they are trying to educate about surrogacy through shagun…
    Looks like YHM cannot get away with Shagun… is she one of yor main financers or what…

  11. prajna kishore

    Please stop this surrogacy . if ishara really need a child let her take a chance but not give up ruhi else there will be no difference between shagun and ishitha

  12. Hai guys mene call kiya star plus teamko
    GOOD NEWS they told
    Their is NO SURROGATE MOTHER☺☺track
    U guys also cal once
    They told yhm team informed them
    That their no surrogate mother track

  13. Please cal to this number
    We can inform to yhm team
    Toll free(180030007827)

  14. See shagun didn’t change
    Only for few days positive role.
    She is a big vampire in yhm show

  15. In the show they are solving all the other
    Characters problems easily
    Except ramishu problem
    Don’t knw yyy they are not giving importance
    To lead characters???

  16. I think they vil nt bring surrogate track
    Bt don’t knw what vil happen

  17. Ohhh god yy my comments are nt displaying
    Toooo late?

  18. surrogacy jaise ganda behuda aur ghatia track woh bhi yhm mein kabhi bhi hit ya interesting nahi ho saktha hai.

  19. plz stop this surrogacy track and introduce some other good track.

  20. agar koi aur surrogacy kartha toh theek hotha lekin shagun ka phir se buri bann na aur ishitha ko blackmail karna aur sabse main shagun surrogacy karwaana sab backwaaz aur yhm fans or veiwers ke liye bilkul bhi acceptable nahi hai.

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    dollydhawan/ – Yeh hamara ghar.

    # PromoShoot selfie with our handsome
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  24. Anita Hassanandani aka Shagun of “Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein” is on top of her game right now, but ther
    was a time when she was very upset with her career
    During an interview with The Asian Age, the TV star
    spilt the beans on how the failure of one of her films h
    her hard.
    “I had done a film called Koi Aap Sa with Aftab
    Shivdasani. I had put in a lot of effort and was sure it
    would do well. However, when the film flopped, I went
    into depression for six months,” she told the leading
    But those few months also taught her an important
    lesson. Now, Anita says she doesn’t believe in
    attaching herself too much with the fate of her project
    But, that doesn’t indicate she isn’t ambitious, it only
    means she is doesn’t allow failures to affect her
    “I have my family to fall back on. I am content. I start
    this journey when I was 16. I have done television and
    movies; I have worked in the south and delivered hits
    and flops. Now I am married. My priorities have
    changes but the journey has been beautiful,” she furth
    While she continues with her act on popular TV show
    “YHM”, fans of the actress will see her in Salman
    Khan’s production venture “Hero” and on a unique
    comedy show “Comedy Nights Bachao”.
    In the Athiya Shetty-Sooraj Pancholi starrer, Anita wil
    be seen playing the former’s sister-in-law and the
    actress added she has a positive and ‘sweet’ role to
    Talking about the new TV show, she said it’s out of he
    comfort zone, adding she hopes to improve with every
    “Though the genre is insult comedy, it isn’t like the AI
    roast. The humour here still belongs to the nice, happy
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  26. Shagun tries to re-create herself.
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    # Saloni

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  29. hey guys fb par ek ishra pic hai jahan raman aur ishitha acche se saje kapde mein hau.ishitha be pink dress pehna hai aur promoshoot likha hai.patha nahi kya hai.

  30. Today lots of people turn to IVF and they have been successful.

    Bring this treatment as an advertisement to barren mothers so that they too could opt for this treatment. IVF for Ishitha and a double bundle of joy – Twins

    1. ya you are right.aise modern serial mein yeh sab dikha hi sakthe hai taki atleast serial ke through logon ko patha ki harr barr shagun ko beech mein ghusa de aur surrogacy jaise ghatia tracks laaye.

  31. Creators please understand you are hurting millions of Ishithas fans .no surrogacy please …. Ishitha deserves to be pregnant ….. Serials are to make viewers happy , but YHM writers are enjoying making the viewers unhappy .

  32. Hey guys did anyone called to this number
    Plzzz make a call
    To stop this faltuu track
    Yeh shagun again creating problems in ishuram life
    Bakwass sounds very badly ?

  33. Yhm serialme sometyms koi na koi
    Tension hota hai bczz
    Ye Makers dhimak kuch hojata hai

  34. Today episode vil be emotional ???
    Ruhi vil com to knw the truth
    Kya hoga seriously they are creating
    Many problems in their life

  35. Tum log phone nahi kiya star plus channel
    Ko please make a cal

  36. If it is true.., it’s a supper news for all yhm fans…… Thanks rimchin…..
    And yes, totally agree with rhonda…..
    I think that makers won’t disappoint us….
    So chill guys…..! ! !
    From sri lanka.

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