Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhaan telling Ishita that he is getting double pay for a contract and he can’t work for Ishita’s company now. Ishita stops him and asks who is that person tell me. She asks Aaliya to find out, I will not let that person win. Ruhaan thinks I thought Ishita will go away, but she did not. Ruhaan worries and goes. Ishita asks who is this nonsense man. Aaliya asks her not to worry.

Mihika likes the lahenga. Adi says I will tell designer. He talks to Romi and says lahenga deisgn got final and updates her. He goes back to Mihika to talk. Ruhaan gets downstairs and hides face. She collides with Adi and they say sorry. He gives phone to Ruhaan. Their phones get exchanged. He gets call on Ruhaan’s phone and says maybe our phones got exchanged. He gives the phone and

says sorry, we collides and our phones got exchanged. They shake hands. Ruhaan sees Adi. Adi smiles and finds colliding with Ruhaan strange.

Shravan does not listen to Bala and is angry. He complains to Vandu. Vandu asks Bala not to interfere in Shravan’s matter. Bala says I tried to make Shravan mix up with his friends, he fought and came. She asks why did you not tell anything when his friends insulted him. Bala says Shravan told them that he chats with Alia Bhatt on fb, will they not laugh and insult him. Vandu asks what, did you say this. Shravan goes annoyed. Vandu says I don’t know how to deal with Shravan. Bala says its fine, I think maybe kids do such things in this age, maybe someone is fooling Shravan by fake Alia Bhatt id, he is angry and we will talk to him later.

Mihika shows the lahenga to Ishita. Ishita likes the lahenga. They talk about the bridal wears. Mihika says I will show this to Aaliya, where is she. Ishita says she went to get some items. Adi comes there, and Mihika gets shocked. Adi gets shocked seeing Ishita with Mihika. Ishita does not recognize him and smiles. Ishita signs to ask Mihika, and asks him does he want to meet someone. Adi looks at her. Meri maa…..plays………….

Adi recalls the childhood moments and gets teary eyed. Mihika says he is my wedding planner, he had come to discuss something imp, we will discuss outside. Ishita says no, its okay, I would like to compliment him. She says you are working very hard and really good, I wish you progress a lot. Mihika takes Adi outside. Mihika says I will explain you, but you will not let this to anyone, are you listening to me. Adi says Ishi maa is alive, she is my Ishi Maa….. He cries and asks why did you not tell us that she is alive, why did you hide this big thing. She says enough, listen to me, I did not know she is alive, I came to know two days before, I came here to see Raman, and saw Ishita, they were in same flight and Ishita got shot, she did not wish anyone to know she is alive. He asks what, she wants to be away from everyone.

She says no, you know Ishita holds herself responsible for Ruhi’s death, she feels guilty, she does not want anyone to know this, I think we should give her some time. Adi says no, this is not right, don’t you think everyone should know, Pihu is her daughter, does she have no right to know her real mother. She says no, this is Ishita’s decision, do you think I did not try to convince her, I tried a lot, I promised her, and you also promise me that you won’t tell this to anyone. He says fine, but let me meet her once.

Adi goes to Ishita’s ward and is happy seeing her. Ishita is sleeping. Adi cries and touches her feet. She wakes up and sees him. She says sorry, I fell asleep, are you okay, you look much worried. He says no, I have memories with this room, my mom was admitted in this room. She asks how is she. He says she is fine, but not with me now. They have a talk. He says I want my mum to be happy and I have her memories with me. She says she would be missing you too. Mihika asks him to go now and mail location pics. Adi asks Ishita to get well soon. She asks him to take take. He leaves and stops hearing Ishita telling Mihika that she misses Adi, he would have grown up now and wishes to see him once. Mihika looks at Adi. Adi cries and leaves. He says I miss you Ishi Maa. Mihika hugs Ishita…..

Aaliya tells Mani that Ishita went to meet Ruhaan, so that she convinces him for ad. Mani gets worried and calls Nupur. Nupur tells him that Raman is present there. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Volfan

    Please also give update on LIFE OK Bahu Hamari Rajnikant .Everyday it updates on next morning.Please its a humble request to all

  2. Rams

    Now I am sure this idiot Mani will be a spoilsport and become selfish to gain Ishita…even I am starting to hate Mihika’s character and this new actor is not good enough..

  3. SIndhu

    After watching yesterday’s and today’s episode, what the producers have done is just to add a couple of misunderstanding. Everyone assumes that if the truth is revealed, the others will get angry. Ishita still thinks Raman is angry at her and all the other family members. All related with Ishita also think that Bhalla family will never forgive Ishita. All this is based on assumption. This is the reason why they are still not together as yet. I am very glad that Adi is given now an important role to reunite his parents Ishra. I am sure Adi will enlist Pihu’s help. Raman will never get angry with Pihu even if she mentions Ishita’s name. Ruhi will also change after seeing Pihu. Ruhi aka Ruhaan does not know that Pihu looks exactly like her when she was young. Once Ruhi sees Pihu, she will realise why Raman does not miss Ruhi because he has gotten Pihu in the form of Ruhi. Further, I don’t think Raman hates Ishita. He is just feeling guilt all over because he loved her so much. He has to now hate love because he does not want anyone to replace Ishita. I suppose that is why he is very disillusioned when it comes to love. Deep deep inside Raman does love Ishita and that is why he adores Pihu so much. He said Pihu is his life because the fact is Pihu is Ishra’s daughter. So let’s see how Adi will rock in the coming episodes. It is good to know Adi is matured and very composed. He seems to be the only sensible one in the family and knows how to handle emotions.

    • shivani

      Hi sindhu….its crystal clear that raman loved ishita a lot….and stil loves her a lot…but there’s a fear that his love may change to hatred when he see ishita alive… there’s a possibility…we cannot confirm anything because of raman’s fluctuating drunken state he has took ishitas name…so i thought he is guilty.., but when adi did it he slapped him….so again confusions……he loves pihu a lot, no doubt, may be becose she is ishita’s daughter, may be because he sees ruhi in pihu..whatever be the reason, he loves her….but at the same time he seems to be very angry with ishita…he is irritated with everything related to ishita…and even said to hijacker that he got cheated wen he tried to understand love….what does this means.??.. ishita also cheated him…Right??…i said we cannot confirm anything….its just my opinion….

  4. SIndhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, SIddhi, Anakha and many other regular YHM fans, Rithu thanks for your update. VP your comments were also good. Thanks also for letting all of us know about SPA awards and the BIG win of YHM. I can’t think of any other best jodi than Raman and Ishita. Three years in a row is really a great achievement. Ekta really bangs on this couple and she knows she has chosen the right ones for the role, Both of them are doing justice to their given roles. I laud them. Does anyone know whether our little Ruhi got any child artiste award?

  5. lavanya

    adi..u r rocking…I wish pihu should ishu as her real mother..dnt know why I can’t see shagun and pihu together

  6. sneha gaikar

    Hi everyone I’m just new on this site. Can I join all of u. I really loved all of ur comments posted on this site

  7. Utkarsh

    Ruhaan is a star and adi is a fan of him and that’s why he sent shagun for to get autograph of ruhaan and today they met but adi don’t reconize him as a ruhaan his star what’s that???:-/

    • tahoora

      no adi just wanted the num of mihika’s wedding planner.. As shravan is the fan of ruhaan he was just blaackmailing shravan to give the num and take ruhaan’s autograph in return!!!!

  8. V P

    Hi Rithu Sindhu Shivani and all … We can be proud of being Ishra and yhm fans . Both Karan and Divyanka deserves and they are dedicated artists …. Salute to them …. Raman is full of love for his Jkr … he is missing her so much he hates every one around … he is proving that without his madrasan no life for him . It makes him so sad that he is the reason for her to die …. the name itself he is not able to hear … its only due to his love … he loves only Pihu … becoz of she is Ishithas … and Ruhis face … he is happy with both … And Ishitha on the other hand loves only Raman and misses him … she is full of pain … but as character she makes people around her happy … her sorrows deep inside …Even if Raman did not shout at her also she would have committed suicide . becoz Ruhi is everything for her … when the custody case reopened she told Raman … no Ruhi .. no us .. no relationship … And Mani I dont think he has bad intentions … he is bit concerned about her … meeting Raman will hurt her .. And Ishitha has her commitment towards .. Mani becoz he was crippled becoz of her .. In fact Ishitha is lucky to have a loving husband like Raman and a loyal friend like Mani … Hits and misses are too much just for the episodes to move on … But not knowing the shot person is Ishitha , Raman was so concerned so we can make out , even now he is good at heart . And todays episode both Adi and his Ishima made me cry … it was really very touching … Ishitha as usual Adi and even new Mihika did a good job ..Ruhaan our Ruhi has to know her Ishima is a strong person … wont leave anything like that easily … until she finds out the truth … Adi clubbed with Alia will unite all three Raman Ruhi and Ishitha together … Pihu i cant think … but our Ishitha will think Raman and Shaghun married and try not to enter in their life …. we have to be patient … lets wait and see … Thank you Rithu for your updates …Apprciate your efforts … also Sindhu thank you for liking my comments ….

  9. vinnu

    Pihu should not meet ishu because how ruhi hated shagun . Pihu should hate ishu and shagun should marry raman . adI ruhi shogun piHu should be a family

  10. Anakha

    Episode was okay….hope everything will be fine soon….waiting for ishraruhadihu reunion…..waiting for spa….love yhm….missing mihika verma…

  11. Thankz 4 written updates.. I’m really glad about adi’s character today is very emotional to adi.. Finally he meets his lovely ishi maa.. He will do reunion of ishra.. (like past ruhi).. Once again thank you very much for written updates..

  12. anjali

    Adi and ishita part was awesome. I want ishraruadi getting one again. I think Raman loves ishita a lot even now. But he is angry on her because she left him when he needed her the most.he always used to flush all his anger on ishita. Even ishita didn’t commit suicide for Raman’s words but for feeling guilty about ruhis death. All the truth should come out so soon because all are waiting deliberately for ishra. Iam silent reader. But I am unable to stop my self from posting after ishita and adi meet

  13. hey everyone episode was gud adi was too gud I like him I. like this new new mihika but missing mihika verma waiting fro the day when ruhaan will turn posits upcoming ishra romance which will ishus dream

  14. jinal

    @ utkarsh adi is not fan of ruhaan and use sravan k liye autograph chahiye tha isiliye bheja tha sagun ko naki apne liye

  15. actually both the kids adi n ruhi loves ishu a lot they both only consider ishu as their mom ruhi still loves ishu she is just angry she still cares for her ishimaa as v saw in previous episodes but I think pihu will not accept ishu as her mom so easily

  16. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie suvidha gowda and all yhm friends.

  17. It is also hears that Adi will be surprised to see his ishima. We all now that after Mihika knowing the truth about Ishita being alive, it is now Adi’s turn. Yes it is true full family ka milan ke Mela chal raha hai. Ramana has slapped the Adi for Ishita! But in the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hain Mohabattein will show that Adi gets to know that Ishita is alive. Adi has identified his mom but Ishita does not recognize Adi. On this same setting.. whie adi is talking to his father Raman, gets angry and slaps bechaaraa Adi. Raman dont agree that he still loves Isitha. So adi becomes sad of this. With full of discouragement Adi now says to his father ” Aap ka dill Patthar hi hai” After this scene Now in the next upcoming episode we see… While Raman and Mihir both are working together in a room. With in a whole adi enters and tells he is very happy today because he met a very good person, he feel like he is in top of the world. Raman say let us do our work, Soon adi notices a receipt of white lilies. Adi recognizes these are favorite flowers of Ishimaa. Raman shouts again and kal ek thapad maara tha is that not enough, now he again scolds adi not to use Ishimaa name. If adi again use ishimaa name in the house, main thuje Zinda gaar duungaa”. Adi says you dont have any right to control me papa, and adi let the room. After some time adi leaves the room. Adi says because of this behavior ishima left you and all of us. Raman left speechless…Stay tuned for more updates…

  18. dandan

    I think post leap, Adi will become the main protagonist as he is the only one that exhibits sane traits. There could be a Mohabbatein track for him with Aaliya as well. The older generation will still keep fighting while Adi steals the limelight.

  19. ani

    I want to say something I know shogun did wrong leaving ruhi when she was six months but is hu she also did same only reasons r different shogun did this for money ishu loves ruhi the most ruhaan should understand this ishu is even not willing to meet her daughter even after seeing her phota coz her heart dies with ruhi death ruhaan should know the reality n should start loving her ishimaa more after knowing this but pihu she should get angry with her mom

  20. I think it will take at least two months for ishrarudi reunion I hope they will unite soon I think mihiks should tell is hu that this boy is adi

  21. I don’t want Ruhi to meet Pihu. Coz if that happens, Ruhi will understand why Raman loves pihu a lot as pihu looks like her. Then her assumption about Raman will change and she may start loving Raman. Then Ishu will become the only bad person in her eyes and that should never happen. Raman was the one who made the stupid plan of exchanging ruhi for pihu then why only ishu must suffer for it. I want her miss consumption about ishitha to be cleared first after that I don’t have problem with ruhi and pihu’s meeting.

  22. Roselyn Dada

    Nice Episode Hat Off For Adi Love Your Acting. Where Is Pihu Mayowa Are You A Nigerian ?

  23. love this serial so much.i love Ishita and Raman’s jodi so much that i don’t know what to say.But keep this up.I really hope Ishita and raman get back together.

  24. reshma

    next sequence ISHRA Romance.. it was just iSHITA’s dream….

    So, after the trp fall ekta want to show some gud scenes btwn lead pair…. if the same happens for ATLEAST 2more weeks ekta will reunite ISHRA soon…

  25. reshma

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  26. Manisha

    hi am fed up with this mihika she is just a ***** why she didn’t let adi meet his ishimaa she is so selfish only she has z right. N the great writer they take us for stupid or fool what every time they do this in the serial. show us some reality thing so zat when we watch the serial we should enjoy it or not get angry as the reunion is not happening.

  27. Manisha

    hi am fed up with this mihika she is just a ***** why she didn’t let adi meet his ishimaa as adi bhalla, she is so selfish only she has z right. N the great writer they take us for stupid or fool what every time they do this in the serial. show us some reality thing so zat when we watch the serial we should enjoy it or not get angry as the reunion is not happening.

  28. Lavanya

    only for guys who hate yhm……

    Why r u all overeacting that u hate yhm if u hate yhm then stop watching it don’t comment that u hate it will take time for ishra reunion so please don’t Comment like this or stop watching it

  29. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Raman and
    Ishita’s hit and miss
    finally going to end.
    Raman and Ishita finally
    meet with each other but
    their confrontation gets
    more dramatic and
    Raman and Ishita meet
    with anger and having
    misunderstanding of their
    Raman first gets
    emotional seeing Ishita
    alive but soon he recalls
    how Ruhi died because of
    Raman and Ishita’s
    confrontation start to sort
    out misunderstanding
    between them when they
    doubt on Ruhaan’s
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  30. lifna naVaz

    vry imotional…. epi… mY heart Teaching… tOdy epi…
    vry spl Epiii Tody…
    i Love my Mom…

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