Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun talking to Mihir and he argues with her, as Raman is not wrong and Rinki might have got some reason that she went there, maybe she has put this in her mind. She asks him to give divorce to Rinki, Raman and Bhalla family are not good. He asks her not to tell anything against them, else she will lose him, and don’t dare to talk in his problems. He leaves.

Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla ask Rinki why did she not tell them before. Rinki says I was confused, what would I say. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did she not talk to Raman and defends Raman. Raman asks dad what happened to Rinki. Mr. Bhalla says your mum and Simmi are talking to her. Raman says I m her brother, I will talk. Rinki says he loves me, but he will send me back, he does not care about other’s .life having

love or not. Raman hears Rinki saying against him and says doesn’t I have time for you and counts all the things he did for her. He says its their home, Simmi and she are not burden for him.

He explains about marriage which is lifetime commitment. Rinki asks about love. He says fine, don’t do there, I have seen more world and ruined my life with my hands, my fate is good that I got second chance, I know Mihir well, he will get ruined, but not hurt you. Mr. Bhalla asks Rinki to talk to Mihika, she came to talk. Raman asks Rinki to think well, as her wrong decision can ruin her life.

Mihika apologizes to Rinki. Rinki says stop it, everything is over. Mihika folds hands and requests her. Mihir comes and says stop it Mihika, why are you saying sorry, when its not your mistake. Rinki says see he still worries for Mihika more than me. Mihir asks what has happened. Rinki asks does he not remember, he was taking Mihika’s name in drunken state, she is his wife, not Mihika. Mihir promises he will not hurt her, it was a weak moment. Rinki argues and says you are feeling guilty that you married me, he told the truth being drunk, if he does not have place for me in his heart, why should I stay in his home.

Mihir apologizes and says she can discuss, no need to break marriage, I promise this won’t happen again. Ishita asks Rinki to trust Mihir and defends him. She asks her to take example from Raman and Ishita, we understand each other, Mihir will never cheat on you. Rinki says maybe, but love is important in marriage, if Mihir loves someone else, what about my love. Rinki asks does she have an answer for this and leaves crying.

Shagun serves dinner to Ashok and tells him everything. Ashok asks what will she get by ruining Mihir’s life. She says Rinki will leave Mihir, Raman’s sister will have divorce, third one for Bhalla family. She says the best part is Mihir will go back to Mihika. Ashok says shut up, I m not here to hear this drama, and asks about taking the kids. She asks why is he overreacting, he also waits for the day when Raman and Ishita get ruined, this is the first step and I will get my kids.

Raman asks Mihir to get lost, he won’t see his face. Ishita asks how can he say this. He says shut up. She says he is apologizing, why is he angry. He says you should apologize, you is responsible for this, who told you to beg Mihir to marry my sister, don’t interfere in my sibling’s life, if Rinki’s life is ruined, I will not leave you. Ishita cries and says let him say, he always says without thinking, you all blessed them. Raman asks why, how did this go wrong.

Mihika says sorry jiju. Raman asks her to shut up. Ishita says she can’t talk to her like this. She says this house is mine. Raman asks her to take her sister and get lost, this is not your house. Ishita cries. He asks her to go to her family. He asks Amma to take her daughter and go. He says out. Ishita leaves. Raman asks Mihir not to show his face again. Amma and Appa worry. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says whats happening in my house.

Ishita cries in Iyer house and says everyone agreed when I made Mihir and Rinki marry, how can he blame me. I will not forgive him for this. The door bell rings. Appa says I think its Raman. Its Subbu. He brings the dog and sees everyone upset, and says sorry, maybe I came on wrong time. He asks Ishita is she fine. She says I m okay, I came to stay at my Amma’s place for few days. Amma says its her right. Ishita says Amma will not have time for me after Vandu’s delivery. Subbu says yes, take rest, I will go and see Muttu, and leaves. She cries recalling Raman’s words. Aansoo ka rishta………….plays………….

Shagun comes to Bhalla house. Mrs. Bhalla sends Neelu and asks her not to waste time on Shagun. Raman comes and Shagun talks to him. She says she came to meet Adi and Ruhi. He says fine. She asks about yesterday issue. He scolds her and asks her to meet kids and leave, not interfere in his house matter. She says its about Mihir’s life, Rinki made him puppet, its all because of Ishita, I will not let you ruin his life. Adi comes and asks how is she. She smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says she is dramatic woman, she will break home, what to do. Mrs. Bhalla comes to Ishita and asks her to save Rinki’s marriage and cries. Ishita says Rinki will not listen to me, I will talk to Mihir, don’t worry, I will not let this relation break. Mihika brings tea and Amma gives them.

Ruhi asks Adi what happened. Adi says Ishita and Raman had fight and she went to her mum’s house, I heard Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla talking. Ruhi says it happens daily, Raman will apologize and get her back, else I will solve everything. They smile.

Subbu says romance rule to identify your wife by their hands. Raman holds Ishita’s hand and holds someone else, saying she is my Madrasan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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