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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita slapping Niddhi. She asks why did she attack on Aaliya, does she not know the pain, a girl dies from within when her face spoils or anything happens to her body, her family dies along with her, you should be punished severely, you shouldn’t get out of jail. Inspector says Niddhi will be strictly punished, this time I will makes sure that she will does not come out of jail. Raman scolds Niddhi. Inspector arrests Niddhi. Raman thanks Inspector. Ishita says our children are safe, I m able to breath now.

Adi asks Ruhi to cheer up, you are free of the blame. She tickles him. He laughs and says even you got free Ruhaan. Aaliya says I knew you both can’t do this. Adi says Mani uncle will still doubt me. She says no, everything will be fine. They celebrate

with the kulfi Romi got. Everyone eat Kulfi. Raman looks on and goes to room. Ishita goes after him and asks what happened. Raman says nothing, I recalled Pihu seeing kulfi, she used to ask me to get many flavors, she asked me to feed her as she did not like to spoil hands, if Mani did not support Shagun in court, I would have not lost Pihu. I will never forgive Mani for this.

Its morning, Mani looks for newspaper. Aaliya gives him paper and is happy. He asks why is she so happy. He checks newspaper and sees Niddhi’s arrest news. Aaliya tells him that Adi is innocent, Ishita and I explained you a lot, Niddhi has taken Ruhaan’s avatar and did this, why did you not believe us. She says you explained anger ruins relations, you supported Shagun and did not listen to Ishita, you know her since many years, I wish you heard us. Mani says you are saying right, I did big mistake.

Ishita reads newspaper and smiles. She says thank God, Adi and Ruhi’s name got cleared, I will show this to Raman. Mani calls her and asks how are you, I called to say sorry for my big mistake. She asks what will happen if you say sorry, I m getting angry hearing your voice, you were my best friend, my only friend, I told you my son did not do this, you did as if its between your daughter and my son, Aaliya is my daughter too, you made me an outsider by my doubt, I can’t forgive you easily, you did not do small mistake, Pihu got snatched because of you. He says I know, but… She says I m sorry, I don’t want to hear your voice. She ends call. Mani tells Aaliya that Ishita is very angry. Aaliya says its natural, you did much wrong, but you both have friendship, and fights happen, Amma is so good, I m sure you should personally go there and apologize to Raman and Ishita to clear the differences. He agrees to meet Ishita. She wishes everything gets sorted.

Simmi wakes up Ananya and asks her to get up, she will get late for school. She realizes Ananya has fever, and asks why did you have kulfi, you should take care. Ananya says sorry, I will go school if you say. Simmi says I won’t send you school, rest, I will get haldi milk, you will get fine. Simmi goes. Ananya gets the onions and says wow what an idea Shravan gave, I won’t go school and watch movie at home. Simmi comes back and hears this.

Raman sees Pihu’s pic and cries. Ishita comes and asks him to come for breakfast. Raman shows Pihu’s trip pics, I wish I could go with her. Ishita says yes, she looks happy, where is Shagun, she is not in these pics. Raman says she would be sitting under tree. He tells about Pihu and misses her childhood. He says its all because of your friend, Mani should have not supported Shagun in court, I lost my daughter because of him, I will never forgive him. Ishita says I had to share something.

Neelu comes and says Mani has come to meet Ishita. Raman goes to Mani and asks what will you snatch now, there is nothing left, read this, Adi is innocent, we all shouted and you did not believe us. Mani says I came to say sorry. Raman asks will my daughter come back if you say sorry, everyone called Ishita a baanch always, she is your friend, and when Ishita got chance to get her daughter, Shagun took her. Mani says I was hurt for Aaliya’s state. Raman says you supported Shagun and snatched my daughter. Mani says I understand, I will try to explain Shagun. Raman holds his collar. Mr. Bhalla stops Raman. Raman says no one will come in between. Raman asks Mani to try and get Pihu back, now Adi is proved innocent, I did not say anything as I was concerned for Aaliya, you did mistake. He angrily slaps Mani and makes him leave the house. Ishita says you can’t behave with Mani that way. Raman says I won’t listen to anything. She cries.

Simmi makes Ananya have haldi milk and says now doctor will come and give you injection, there is viral fever going on. Ananya says I don’t want injection, I don’t have viral, fever is by onions. Simmi says you did this, you will have to go to school. Ananya says its holiday now, bus would have left. Simmi says I will drop you to school. Ananya says I will take permission from Papa, I won’t go. Simmi asks her to come. Ananya calls Parmeet and complains about Simmi. She makes Simmi talk to Parmeet. Simmi tells Parmeet that Ananya is spoiling, okay fine. Simmi asks ananya to regularly go school from tomorrow. Ananya gets glad and thanks her.

Shagun is tired of Pihu’s trip. Mani comes and asks her to sign on papers, to give Pihu’s custody to Raman. She asks what, do you know what are you saying. He says I realized my mistake, I should have not supported you, I understand you have strong reasons to keep Pihu, but Ishu is her real mum, its wrong to make daughter away from mum, Adi is proved innocent, I was wrong, sign on this and give Pihu to her parents. Shagun refuses to sign and says I m her mum, I gave her birth, I will not let Pihu get away, Ishita has Ruhi and Adi, I have just Pihu, I know Ishita is your friend, but none can snatch Pihu from me. She goes. Mani says what did this happen, I m sorry Pihu.

Shagun tells Ashok about Raman and Mani’s fight. Ashok says I have an idea to destroy Raman and Mani’s lives. Mani asks how dare Raman do this, I could not think he can fall so low. Shagun and inspector stop Mani. Mani asks inspector to arrest Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh Wow as soon as everything is sorted enmity returns as ramans best friend ?? I hope shagun gets exposed soon

  2. FGS how low is shagun going to stoop. When will the writers stop her plotting? Fed up of this daily. Please please change this track, make pihu realise shagun is not her mother and mani actually realise what shagun can do. I’m sure ishita will save Raman.

  3. Please make pihu realize that shagun is not her mum and ishita is her real mum just like adi realized about ishita during the earthquake attack. Please please change the current track .

  4. I mean y tht raman n ishita are acting like good parents….ishita tried suside if she is dead that time only then what abt pihu did she think once no….raman stupid role…..y shagun should sacrifice all her kids to ishita….

  5. Hi VP, Sindhu, AZ, Jaz,Rithu, Shivani, Arditya, Monique, Khushi, Bhgaya & All The Yhm Family As well as the New members. Hope & Pray U guys are all in Good Health, doing Exams etc. Well. Luv to All & God Bless all
    Now This revenge is never ending i thought at least now we have got our positive YHM Back. What nonsense Revenge again. poor Raman who was just ended one trauma & another begins. what is the CV’s Up to. When is Shagun getting caught. Arliya & Ruhi should talk in front of Pihu so that she can over hear what sort of a person Shagun is? she doesn’t even know i presume that Ardi & Ruhi are Shagun’s kids. Why all secrecy?? after all what happened. ?? everything has come out in the open Niddhi getting caught etc. why make Raman suffer again. hasn’t he suffered enough for his mistakes plus the present situation. Raman & IShu are destined to suffer till the end of the show i suppose. no Happiness at all. one thing is solved another starts. I think the Cv’s have gone back to the writers block again. anyway i started watching thinking oh we are getting our old YHM Back Now looks like another boring drag is going to start. Oh why don’t they end the show so our stress level will come back to normal. ha ha ha .. sorry dears if u got hurt anyway. actors must be getting sick of the story. as they have to do their job. whether they like it or not. good luck to this EKTA Person. Bye for now God Bless luv u all

  6. YHM is becoming worst day by day…..

  7. Episode was worst and precap was also worst.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi magic and all yhm friends.

  8. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Mani is angry on Raman thinking he destroyed his career and business.

    Ishita and Adi come to Mani’s house making him understand but Mani taunts Ishita for praising only her husband Raman but he backstabbed him.

    Adi gets angry when Mani crosses his limit and calls Raman coward and badmouths him.

    Adi and Mani get stuck into fight while Ishita try to stop Adi and Shagun enjoys the drama by sending a message to Ashok about Pihu has done that work which they were planning since long times.

    Apart from this, Ishita gets tensed seeing Raman starts drinking again and asks him not to do it but Raman stops him for her lecture.
    Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) celebrates seeing fight between, Ishita, Mani and Raman

    Raman is restless not able to meet his daughter Pihu while Ishita is also broken down unable to bring peace in family.

    How will Ishita make everything fine in Raman’s life?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  9. Hi all yhm fans.the cvs really spoiling the show they should have got both shaggy and Ashok caught as well with nidhi. Poor raman and ishu, no peace in their lives.

  10. I hope Raman n mani realize is shagun is causing them to fight n I also hope she get caught

  11. The problem with serials is no one overhears or the writers show anyone overhearing conspiracies, maybe then we wouldn’t have so many plots and conspiracies against leads and get some normal episodes with this. Pihu is never shown overheating conversations shagun has or mani for that matter. I don’t understand why the need for plots in every episode, can you the writers not show a happy episode for once? Please make pihu realise shagun’s truth sand mani. Isn’t it about time shagun and Ashok were exposed like nidhi?

  12. Can Ekta please call the writer to order enough of this negativity or is the writer a saddist if you can not make our brain to relax then stop the show from Nigeria

  13. Hello and a very good morning to shreya, appy, rithushree, vp, parichari, mino, danny, khushi, kiran, diya and all the fans of yhm
    but raman should not do this to mani yes raman is sad for pihu (according to writer’s) than mani is also doing right (situationwise) because nidhi, ashok and shagun all are very good top order villain (in the show) they know how to create big rift between mani and raman-ishita and mani is now under influence of these three

  14. All blame should go to the child court judge who granted not even visitation rights to child ‘a biological parents this is bad signal for viewers of public as it can discourage surrogacy by childless couples. Beyond that this kind of cases where surrogate mother refusing to give child to
    the biological parents have been tried in other countiries and decided on parties rights. On top of that though Raman was saying that he did so much for Pihu, she seems to be not missing her father brother sister grandmothers and grandfathers and she only wants shagun. In this way juges decisions is justified as Pihu does not want her father at all

  15. BBB

    Episode, precap, and all the comments are shit

  16. Another melodrama…!! And another rift between ishra and mani…this shagun is unbelievable….sometimes i feel she truly loves pihu…but sometimes i feel she is just taking revenge on ishita by snatching pihu…Whatever she said is true….ishita has adi and ruhi and she has only pihu…but problem is ,shagun always chooses wrong way , and plays dirty games to achieve something….
    i am sure,at last that girl will take ashoks name and everyone will believe her…once more, shagun will make her escape by putting all blames on ashok….shagun is a blessed villain….every time when she plans something, circumstances favours her…

    1. Hello shivani how are you? Good comment Yes i think shagun will escape again but she doesn’t love to pihu she only using her against ishita (according to this show) because shagun is top villain of this show so, it certain she will go ahead because writer’s favour’s her rather than circumstances

      1. Hi magic…i am fine yaar…..hope you are also doing good….

    2. Well commented …. only to have Shaghun on scene cvs are keeping on changing her into defferent men as bfs and husbands … this has become Shaghuns show … liked your comment blessed villain very true

  17. Superb episode. All credit goes to ishita n abishek fr a detectiv well done job.kudos

  18. :/ shagun kesi aurat ho tum koi aurat itni begairat kese h oskti h :/ ashok k sath tum 7 saal rahi bina shadi k, usne laat mark nikalne me 7 min nhi lagaye, kutte ki tarah ghar se tujhe or adi ko nikal dia kachre k dher me padi thi. ishita utha k layi thi tumhe wahan se. :/ to mtlb ashok se koi guzza koi nafarat hi nhi tumhe :/ jisne use kia or fenk dia ishita se kis baat ki nafart or gussa nikal rahi ho ki usne dustbin se nikla k tumhe izzat k izindagi d is baat ka :/ such se useless character u r :/

    1. Hello fizz appy how are you? Good comment loded with frustration against shagun (a top order villain) but plz make me understand about a word guzza (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) which you mentioned earlier in your comment pleeeeaaaase

      1. gussa*. 😛 bahut fast type krti na me isliye galtiya ho jati.

  19. Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) to face income tax raid at Bhalla hous ein Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman is very depressed for not able to talk with his daughter Pihu.

    Ruhi tries to change Raman’s mood and tells him about online shopping and both do some shopping for families.

    Raman and Ruhi share some good time but good times gets end soon when income tax officers enters in Bhalla house.

    They collect all jewelries sand house papers while Ishita and Raman question them about how can they do it like this but they ask them to not interfere in their work.

    Shagun’s non stop plan spoiling Pihu

    Income tax officers closes all jewelries in box and takes all with them while Raman and Ishita are helplessly watches all this.

    Apart from this, Shgaun keeps on provoking Pihu against Raman and Ishita taking revenge of her insult but Raman is confused about the reason behind sudden income tax raid in house.

    1. Omg!!!! How much will ishra face many problems???? Writers have made this from a usefull to useless and logic less story! Fed up of these !!

  20. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) understands Raman’s (Karan Patel) pain for Pihu and tries to pamper him

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Raman is in pain of loosing Pihu to Shagun.

    Shagun doesn’t let Raman meet his daughter Pihu and is shattered with this lose, Raman takes alcohols help for this.

    Raman gets himself drunk to forget Pihu’s memories but couldn’t do it, Raman returns home in drunken state.

    Raman also fights with Ishita for not interfering in his life as he will do what he wants, although Ishita understands everything.

    Ruhi pampers Raman

    Ruhi is sad seeing his father like this and goes to Raman next morning tries to pamper him.

    Raman is tensed as he behaves rudely with Ishita, so Ruhi gives an idea of online shopping to him.

    Ruhi helps Raman buy some gift for Ishita Maa to apologize from Raman’s behalf.

  21. What the hel!!!!
    They should really make pihu overhears shagun and ashoks talk and go to raman and ishita

  22. They shoul get pihu back in Raman Ishitas lifeand remove negetivity for a while

  23. Hi yhm fans,i love this drama but i whant Pihu now about real face of Shagun.i now Shagun is very bad but she ned be nice again and tall true about Ishita.After Pihu decide what she wants.what do u tink yhm friends?

  24. Yhm friends, have a nice day i love yhm and al of u.

  25. Excellent episode could not miss it

  26. Appreciate if Raman can stop crying … its boring now … his blunders are the answer for loosing Pihu …now heard about income tax raid …. anything else writers can plan more ? fed up of everything … feeling sorry for KP and DT for wasting their time in this yhm

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