Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Raman beats up Nikhil

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman getting informed by Mani about Nikhil. He asks where is Riya, I have use her to save Ruhi, nothing will happen to Riya, I just have to take her alone, trust me. Riya comes. Raman asks her to come along. Riya says I have to play with Pihu. Ishita asks her to go now and play later. She asks Raman to be careful. He says today I will do everything my way and goes. Nikhil asks Ruhi to have champagne. She refuses. He says I didn’t know you don’t trust me. She agrees for having a drink. She asks him to order food and goes to freshen up. He says I didn’t get you here for a candle light dinner, you will pay for love and my insult. He spikes the champagne.

The lady says sorry I can’t tell you the room number. Raman says I have to meet my daughter. Riya says

he is my dad, I have to meet him. The lady tells them the room number. Ishita worries. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to calm down. Simmi asks them to stop it now, Ruhi has gone for shopping, she gets angry as you all don’t trust. She argues with Ishita. Simmi says Ruhi has really gone for shopping. Ishita gets Raman’s message. She gets shocked. She cries and stares at Simmi. She says Ruhi is in a hotel room with Nikhil, she lied about shopping, is that okay.

Simmi asks so what, she is getting married to Nikhil, maybe she has to talk. Ishita asks is house not there for talk, will any decent family guy call the girl in hotel room, he could have spoken in Parmeet’s house, Simmi is making this a joke, we are trying to stop the marriage, none wants this marriage to happen, we didn’t tell you as you will tell Parmeet. Simmi asks what’s this conspiracy, you have done wrong by dragging Parmeet in this. Ishita says Raman and I know why we are doing this, we don’t know why you are doing this, Aaliya stopped you, even then you have let her go. Simmi says what would I do, I won’t take anyone’s permission. Ishita says you would have not let her go, she is this house’s daughter, if anything happens then, leave Ruhi, she is your niece, why are you pushing her to Nikhil. Simmi says this is happening because of your upbringing. Ruhi is blind in love, she is still meeting Nikhil, maybe she had to meet Nikhil in hotel room. Ishita slaps her and says if you say a word more, I will not say what I will do, just shut up. She goes. Simmi cries.

Nikhil waits for Ruhi. He goes to check at the door. He gets shocked seeing Raman and Riya. Riya hugs him. Riya says its lovely room. Raman gets in. He sees the setup and gets angry. He asks Riya to wait there and shuts the door. He asks Nikhil why did he get Ruhi to hotel room. Nikhil says Ruhi has come by her wish, what’s your problem, you send call girl at other’s house. Nikhil beats him and says that marriage will never happen. He takes him out. Nikhil sees the CCTV camera there. He starts acting innocent and says Sir please, I love your daughter a lot. Raman says very soon, Ruhi and Riya will know your truth. Nikhil says no, don’t involve Riya, I love Ruhi a lot. Ruhi sees Riya and asks what are you doing here. Riya says I came here with Raman. Ruhi asks where are they. Raman beats Nikhil and says I told you to stay away from Ruhi.

He asks Nikhil to leave. Nikhil leaves. Raman asks Riya to come, Nikhil has gone for some work. Ruhi asks where. He says find out yourself. Ishita cries. Aaliya says its Simmi’s mistake, don’t take blame on yourself. Ishita says I will go hotel and see. Nikhil comes and says Raman has taken Ruhi, I came to see if he has beaten Ruhi. Ishita says please stay away, I know you don’t love Ruhi. He asks what about me, I was defamed in front of Riya. She says you have my sympathy, you are taking revenge, Raman has done wrong, you can’t take revenge from Ruhi, you don’t ruin her life, leave her. He says Ruhi has become my adamancy, Raman ended my love and filled hatred, now I will take Ruhi away from you all, tell Raman that I m not scared of his anger, Ruhi is in my hands. He goes. She cries.

Ishita says Raman, Nikhil has threatened to ruin Ruhi’s life to take revenge from you. Raman cries and says what can I do, Ruhi gets hurt always, I have lost, I can’t do anything. She says please don’t break, we have to stop this marriage, please do anything. He asks what shall I do. She says we will explain this truth to Ruhi, we should stop this marriage, he is not good for Ruhi. Simmi goes to Ruhi and asks her to have tea. Ruhi refuses. She says don’t know what Raman and Ishita are thinking about me. Simmi says they are mad, what’s wrong if you want to spend time with Nikhil, I will prepare for your haldi, be happy, don’t worry. Raman and Ishita come. Ishita says Raman got to know something, we want to tell you. Simmi taunts them. Raman asks Simmi to leave. Simmi goes. Raman says Ruhi you are my life, I just want no one to lie to you, Nikhil is lying, he planted the girl in asylum to win your trust, he is cheating you, I got to know his truth, he begged to me and apologized, I just want your happiness. Ishita says he came to meet me, he told me he doesn’t love you and wants to take revenge from Raman. Ruhi gets shocked.

Nikhil shows the proof to Ruhi and asks her to decide who is lying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell is happening in this serial
    The once best serial has become the most worst one

  2. By now, Ruhi should be matured enough to analyse the logical events placed before her by her parents.

  3. Bakwaas…………….

  4. The worst drama going on in yhm till date and its going too lengthy. Faltu main trp k liye lamba khich rahe ho plz end this ruhi & nikhil topic

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