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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Ruhi to come to her. Ruhi hugs her. Teri bechaini ka………plays……. Ruhi says I came to know you are unwell. Ishita says I m sorry and apologizes to everyone. Mr. Bhalla says its fine, everything will be good now. They all ask Ishita to make dosas for them. She says she will cook for everyone. Sarika looks on. She says she has to tell them something, how can they leave Ishita open, if she harms anyone.. Raman says Ishita is not mad, doctor said she is in Shagun’s death shock. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita needs our love and support, behave normal with her. Sarika cries and sees Ishita working in kitchen.

Its morning, Amma comes to Bhalla house. Mrs. Bhalla makes laddoos. Amma asks how is Ishu. Mrs. Bhalla says I m glad, seeing Ishita fine, she

cooked for us and behaved normal, I making bhog for Mata Rani to thank. Amma says I will see her. Mrs. Bhalla says she is in Ruhi’s room, don’t talk about Shagun, just talk about your idli dosa etc. Amma sees Mrs. Bhalla getting busy and runs upstairs to Ishita’s room.

Ishita’s ghastly-ghostly avatar to annoy Bhalla Family…

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Amma gets the sindoor box and opens it. She gets shocked seeing it black. She cries. Suddenly Ishita comes behind her and says Amma.. The sindoor box falls. Ishita sees the black sindoor and asks why did you come here, did you come to do black magic on me, you will kill me? I will kill you. Amma says Ishu, I m your Amma, and runs. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to get Ishita. Ishita shuts the door and stops Amma. Ishita says Ishu is crying inside me, and Amma gets scared.

Amma starts shouting. They all hear it and run there to see. Ishita says there is no Ishu now, I will not leave you and your daughter. Amma shouts and asks Raman to help. She tries to open the door. Ishita blocks the way. Bala comes there. Raman asks Ishita not to do anything to Amma. They all try to get door opened. Ishita throws the vases and Amma falls on the sofa. Ishita says she is having fun in scaring Amma. Raman, Bala and Romi open the door. They get inside and stops Ishita from hurting Amma. Mrs. Bhalla calms Amma. The men hold Ishita. Bala makes Ishita take the tablet. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla cry. Raman makes Ishita swallow the medicine. Ishita sleeps. Bala asks Amma is she fine. He says Ishita will be fine, she is given medicines.

Raman covers Ishita with blanket. He says I will sit with Ishita for sometime and sends Bala and Romi. Vandu sees Suraj looking for first year class. The guy asks does he want to meet teacher. Vandu reminds Suraj that he is student, and asks him to talk to other students with manners, and shows the class. The guys laugh on Suraj being a student in this age. Suraj says Vandu is Ishita’s sister, so taking revenge from me, don’t know when will Raman and Ishita go from our lives.

Amma cries and says whats happening with my Ishu. Mrs. Bhalla says she will get fine. Amma says Ishita was coming to beat me. Raman asks what did she do, that Ishita got attack. Amma says she went to pandit for Ishu, I kept sindoor under her pillow, it turned black, its proof that Ishita is possessed by Shagun’s spirit. Raman disagrees and says doctor said she is just in shock, support me in making her fine, don’t talk about Shagun infront of her.

The students greet Vandu. Vandu welcomes their new classmate Suraj Khanna, he wants to complete his pg degree, they should appreciate it and teach student basics to Suraj, like wishing the teacher. Suraj gets up and says good morning mam. Vandu says informals should be worn in college and advises him. She starts the class.

Raman cries sitting by Ishita’s side. He holds her hand and sees the marks on her hand. She wakes up. He asks how is she. She asks what happened, what did I do. He says nothing, everything is normal. She says please tell me. He says you tried to beat Amma, don’t worry, Amma is okay.

He says we stopped you. She says if you did not come, how can I harm Amma. He says listen to me.. She says send me away from here, I have to go, I will harm anyone. He says no, you can’t harm anyone, I know you love kids and everyone. She says I m mad. He slaps her. She cries and he hugs her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………Raman pacifies her and makes her smile. He hugs her.

Raman looks for Ishita everywhere in the house. He asks Romi. He gets a message and gets shocked. Romi asks what happened, whose message is it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Muj he samaj niii a raha k ye ek trap hai ya is hu par atma a gii gai

  2. Guys Raman+Neelu part three a gaya I request u not to comment and even don’t comment otherwise the person will further right also choice is yours

    1. This is not right. Fan fiction is for everyone to write how they feel, you cannot stop someone from writing NeeRa fan fic, if that’s what they want then let them have that published.

  3. Oh God…. Again epi was sad, emotional ndd scary…..

    IshuRuhi scene was superb.after some days d song played… I love that scene…

    BT ishu tries to kill her amma, that scene was really scary.., nd she was calling herself MAD…, nd for that Raman slapped her for d first time..can’t see IshRa like this..BT Raman’s support nd care is amazing..!!!! I love that point where they are showing that ishu needs family’s support nd they are supporting her., people will learn nice thing..

  4. wt the hell is wrong with ektha is she become mad naya spoiler me e tha ki ishu will go on dinner date with ashok its really disguistng how could she scoop ishu’s character so low show sari characters ki band bajadiya yar aab bas bhi karo its such a crap we can’t take it anymore shayad aap pagal hai ye saari bakwaas dhekne ki hum fans nahi……#RIPYHM

  5. Disgusting. …. .

    1. U don’t like the track even me

  6. Tats hw d leap starts i think… Hmmm atleast after leap switchoff this athma story plz….

  7. Another bhootni crap.

  8. Nd what yar this Sarika….., y is she behaving like this?? Agree that she is worried… BT she shld Also realize that ishu needs their support….her behaviour is weird… Actually her past behaviour nd after coming again romi’s life is very different…

    Vandu will teach suraj…!!! She is teaching him mnrs… GOOD… BT I m worried for her…

  9. Tmrw ishu will go with That Ashok…. Nd Raman will go after her ,nd bring her back.. When family know this they will get a shock.. Nd ishu will cry for what she did…

    Oh God …., can’t see ishu with Ashok.. Plsssss writers don’t do this hurts…

  10. Till ystrday , I was thinking it’s OK BT no ….today I also feel it’s dragging need for all dis… Nd today I also want to request writers to end this track soon…!!!!

    We can’t see ishu like this, Ruhi is afraid of her.., she is going with Ashok..nd calling herself MAD.,…


  11. Guys can anyone tell me whether the leap is cancelled or not?

    1. till present news it is not cancelled . and in some article that a part of post leap shooting was already done in srilanka last month

      1. till present news it is not cancelled and in some article i read that a part of post leap shooting was already done in srilanka last month

  12. WTF??? What is this ghost sh*t… When will this track is going to end??? We need a change!!!

  13. pls makers,,,stop this track now!! we want our old YHM back….we can’t see ishu with that ashok!!!! it really irritates us!!! pls understand that….we request u!!!!

  14. Bas ab band bhi karo ye aatma drama


  16. Confirmed!! This is plan of ishita only… she got to know th8 Sarika killed rinki after shagun death… nd now acting to confess rinki her crime…. ND WHEN RAMAN WILL KNOW ABOUT THIS ISHITAS DRAMA THEN HE WILL HATE HER COZ SHE LIED TO HIM ND HURTED HIM….. SO COZ of this AFTER TH8 5 YEAR LEAP 2ND ISHRA WILL BE SEPRATED…. SOON DISHA ND TH8 MAHABARAT GUY WILL JOIN THE SHOW…

  17. Rubbish track. Estate kapoor should stop making serials now. She need rest. Saas bhau track ni milla to aatma track daal diya. Are dese serials makers out of there mind. Nothing new dey have. Ek serial koi track start karta hai to all follow d same one. They should learn how to make daily soaps. Jus dragging of serials.

  18. Heony I also think the same I am afraid of this

  19. Rubbish track. Ekta kapoor should stop making serials now. She need rest. Saas bhau track ni milla to aatma track daal diya. Are dese serials makers out of there mind. Nothing new dey have. Ek serial koi track start karta hai to all follow d same one. They should learn how to make daily soaps. Jus dragging of serials.

  20. What the hell is going on..please don’t seperate ishitha and raman.we love this drama lot and plz don’t hurt viewers..we want old YHM♥

  21. Dis is getting too much… plz stop it. N plz dnt have d leap part

  22. Zazzy me ne kissi ko stop nahi kiya I am just requesting coz I am a big fan of ishita n the last two update of Raman + Neelu hurt me a lot n also other divanyika fans soi stop commenting n reading that rubbish so I am also giving the same advice to other ishu fan I am requesting them not to comment coz they also don’t want this I can just request I can not do anything
    If someone do the comment I am just addressing is hu fans to ignored this so they will also not get hurt I am not stopping anyone to write fan fiction
    Kindly read old comment carefully
    Sorry if I hurt any 1

  23. Please end this track, it’s enough now! I don’t want to see Ishitha with Ashok!

  24. Anyway Raman’s caring for Isitha is so Romantic and superb!love that slap! Now it’s the time to end up this track and I can’t understand who’s telling truth, Amma or the doctor? Someone please tell me…

  25. don’t get it, from surrogacy to possession, no one can keep track of the show when it’s all over the place.

    Qubool Hai has black magic and people being murdered & disappearing without anyone even missing them and now this show has possession..too much over the top story for these serial…

  26. I dont think that it would be trap after all dis…… Disgusting its really bhootwala serial………. But there would be one more probability tat its sarika doing something to make ishita mad…..

  27. dnt u hv barbers on ur set..???
    y all the heroes r keeping beared..???
    dey r all looking lyk a jungli man…
    keep shaving all the time.
    write sum interesting story

  28. No mood to watch this serial

    1. Hey ramchin dear! After a long time u came on this site ☺️ Where are mizun, unique Angel , prirosha , priyaroly and gupo !! It was so fun to read their cmnts ! ?

  29. Stop dis ghost drama

  30. I also think ekta kapoor need rest.she has lost focus to write serial. She need to get more training from the writer of manmariza. Love story to horror movie.

  31. Hey plz tell me… This Sarika’s scene is true or not… Eagerly waiting

  32. End ghost track immediately.

  33. No ishita wont do like too much to bring out the truth of rinki’s real killer. If they want to
    find out the killer means they will use some otherway how can she troubled her mother
    and ruhi,adi etc.
    In my opinion Sarika is doing something to make ishita as mad infront of others and ishita
    also believed herself that she is a mad so she will leave raman and family for their sake.
    Also sarika feeled insecured and jealous about ishita because mrs. bhalla always greets
    ishita and scold sarika may be she want ishita’s position in that house so she is doing
    some thing with ishita (because she is working in hospital so she can able to know about
    some medicines to spoil others health) and make her mad to sent out ishita from that house.
    This is my opinion only if any body not like sorry

    1. Ya may be…… But whatever happened I jst hope ishra will not be separated….. If this is true I jst hope her reality will come out soon…

  34. I don’t understand that what do I say……
    I’m fed up with lady type raman. But today I’m impressed. I really like ROUGH & STRONG raman like be in this epi.I Like that love slap and hug.

    I also think that sarika is cooking something with ishita. She may add some drugs into ishita’s water or something. But if this is true, when ishita is doing her medical tests, this is caught by doctor…!
    I don’t know that what’s really going on….?!
    But I think that ishita does this everything UNKNOWNLY…… (because of mental sick or something else.)
    if this is her drama, everyone will hate her. Oh god, I can’t imagine it.
    I hope that it won’t happen.
    From SL

  35. i dnt think dare will be ny leap nd leap is not shooted ny whr . do stop spreading this false nws. nd nd soon the karwachauth will hpn nd some twists nd relevation nd finally the track will end . hvnt u ppl see the promo? nd i dnt thnk its a trap . its either phsycologicl drama or spirit possesion. nyway plz end this trck soon.

  36. yes, there is not shooting a leap in sri lanka. Divyanka came to sri lanka for a sri lankan advertisement. That’s it.
    And I think this track’ll end during this week. After the karwachaut, there is no new news about yhm. Don’t know about new track.

  37. Ya right guys , so many confusions , may be a mental shock or trap or sarika’s deeds..????? God knows what’s dis…., BT if this is a sarika’s deeds it shld be cleared soon, nd her reality shld be come out… if this ishu’s trap then family nd Raman dfntly will be annoyed with ishu coz this is too much, BT I hope they will understand this…


  38. Whatever said and done this show is lost its beauty . Ishitha can’t go to this extent to find out the truth . If so it’s rather worst move by the creators . You are really confusing and playing with the fans emotions . We all love Ishitha , we don’t want her to suffer like this …. Kindly change this track ……

  39. raman and ishitha ,,very good acting,,,,,,,but now enough shaguns athma….tooo..much,,,

  40. well ekta kappoor ko aur kuch nai mila …toh ab ye hi sahi … serial is working becoz ppl like to see their favourate characters … baki toh ha ha …
    1 day i will shw u EK serial ko chalate kese h … hav u ny sense dear ?
    n ya public ka mind wash karna bandh karo … agar dikhana hi h aesa dikao na ki log mil jul ke rahe n smartly society ko aage laye …. yaha toh sala apne me se upar nai aate te aur logo ka kya bhala karenge ha ha ha … EK tum bhaki hui aatma ho jo sabko batka ti ho serial me … nam h ye h mohobateein au mohobat jesa kuch nahi h …ha ha …

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