Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita being on the way for dinner. The car stops. Raman says I will check and she worries. She looks around and tells Raman that she is getting some sound. Raman says you come here, I will see. She says no, be here. He says calm down. They go to see inside the jungle. They see a man digging. The man wears black clothes with hood. Raman says maybe he needs our help, come. She says no, we will leave. He says come. They go there. The man sees them and runs. Raman asks him to stop. The man flees in his car.

She asks what was that man doing here. He says don’t know. She screams. He asks what happened. She shows the hand. She says we will go. He says its out duty to call police. She says we will leave. They hear someone coming and get tensed. Abhishek

comes and asks are they fine, he was passing by and saw their car. Ishita shows the hand. Raman says our car stopped, I was checking, we heard a sound and came here, a man was digging and then he ran away in his black car. Abhishek says I will see him, and leaves. He informs his staff about stopping that black car on the checkpost. The police reaches the scene.

Ishita hugs Raman and they see police digging out the body. Abhishek comes and says he did not see that car, his staff will inform if they find that car, did you notice that number. Raman says no, it was so dark. Abhishek sees the body. He recognizes the watchman. Abhishek recalls talking to watchman. Ishita feels she knows this man. Abhishek messages Ishita that this man is her building watchman who was going to tell him about the person who is helping Ashok to harm Raman.

Abhishek asks them to leave. He thinks who has done this to stop watchman from giving me details. Raman says how will we go home, car stopped, I will think. Ishita says we will seek help from Abhishek. They go back to the crime spot again. Abhishek gets a cufflink and sees it. He says its expensive, it can’t be of watchman, maybe its of that man who killed watchman. The inspector says yes, its proof against that man.

Raman sees them and asks can I see that cufflink. He gets shocked. He says I know who is this man. Abhishek asks how do you know. Raman I gifted him this cufflink, I have made him initials on him, that he can’t do this. Abhishek asks how, there is dead body here, tell me. Raman says he can’t do this, I will talk to him before you call him culprit. Abhishek says that’s fine, come. They leave.

The black car comes in the compound. The man goes upstairs and leaves muddy footprints. Raman, Ishita, Abhishek and police come there. Abhishek asks staff to take their positions. Ishita asks Raman is he sure. Raman says how can I forget this cufflink. He shows the black car. Abhishek and staff check the car trye and get sure that man has done this crime. Abhishek and Raman ask Ishita to stay here. They leave to see that man, and see the foot marks on the stairs.

Raman rings the bell. Pathak opens the door. Abhishek asks you? Pathak gets tensed and shuts the door. Abhishek pushes the door and catches him. Raman asks where were you. Pathak says I was at home. Abhishek shows the cufflink and asks whose cufflink is this. Pathak says I don’t know. Raman says don’t lie, tell me what crime you did, I gifted you this cufflink, say truth. The shoes and clothes have the mud. Abhishek asks Pathak to say the truth.

Bala thinks why did Vandu not share this problem with Raman, not me. Vandu does her work. Bala helps her in work, and talks to her. She is annoyed. Bala thinks Raman was right, Vandu is angry, I m insensitive husband, I should have taken care. Vandu asks him to sleep, she will sleep late, she has much work. She goes. He says this problem is big, I have to find some idea to cheer him up. She goes out and laughs, saying my poor husband, don’t know what Raman told him, I m enjoying this.

Abhishek arrests Pathak. Raman asks Abhishek not to torture Pathak, he can’t do this. Abhishek says if he cooperates and answers us, we will not torture him. Ishita tells Abhishek that she can’t believe Neil will be supporting Ashok, did he kill watchman. Abhishek says I don’t know. Raman and Ishita request Abhishek to let them stay here till interrogation happens. Abhishek permits them.

Pathak tells Abhishek, Raman and Ishita about his low financial status, and his friend told him one man can help him. Pathak was ready to do anything, and then his friend took him to Ashok Khanna.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am fine how r u diya hope ruhi ko Bhi best child actor ja award milay

  2. Hahaha I agreee vith u jhanvi acp has no other work other than protecting Raman

  3. Lolx ap log itni serious ku hui ja rhe drama he to hai and i love this drama best drama star plus ever had so far

  4. Oh my god …….we won best jodi again..( I mean our ishra ) ..I knew it .yippieeeee….
    Congrats Divyanka Nd Karan… Nd best actor KARAN. Wow.!!!!! No doubt he deserves it..but y Divyanka not…, she is d best actress…!!!!

    Happy for them ……congrats again.. I haven’t seen pic or anything else yet..

    Nd gud mrng everyone…!!!!!!

  5. this was all about ruhi n ishitha at the beginning n it was so nice but now it’s al about murder, revenge, betrayal.. Neil could ve asked Raman for money. y did he have to go to ashok.. bakwas story.. it’s so disgusting

    1. Totally agree with you Nagashri …. From where the story line gone , creators cud have made it beautifully without surrogancy , murder , horror what all showing now …. And don’t feel real at all . Param got so much money , Pathak falling for Ashok ….. In the beginning the story was something new , unique good messages to the whole world of love and unity ….. But still all are watching for Karan and Divyanka …. The best Jodi ever seen ….,,, I love Yhm. But can’t accept the show from surrogancy track ….. I wonder how TRP going up , understand even Simmi and Mrs Balla not liking this track …too much dragging …. Now Pathak is over , surely Sarika …. It will be dragged further ….. Just my view ….

  6. Hi guys, hello parul Nd Natasha, very good morning Jhanvi Nd all.

    Wow. Best jodi award for ishra..!!! Congratulations DT and KP !!!!

    Agree with you all …they are dragging the show..

    Hey Zara, right it’s only a drama but actually we all love this show and cast so much tat we think like our family so we take it seriously and we all them and show to the core.!!!!!!! So I hope now you can understand our feelings.

  7. And yes it was not about Ruhi Nd ishita, it was about two different people’s love story ,who are totally different from each other different religion., different thoughts, professions, and how they met and decided to marry each other for their common love Ruhi. And how a little girl became a cupid in their love story.

  8. congratulations !!! to the whole yhm cast having won many awards at ita .i am soo happy .

  9. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbetin will
    show that Pathak
    confesses to Raman as
    he ditched him for saving
    Trisha’s life.
    Raman forgives Pathak
    and takes his case back
    after knowing his truth.
    Later, Ishita takes
    Shagun’s avatar again
    and goes on a romantic
    date with Ashok.
    Ashok gets romantic with
    Ishita and finds out that
    she is just acting.
    Ashok makes a plan to
    use this truth by making
    Ishita and Shagun puppet
    of his hands.
    After that, Ishita doubts
    then goes on Sarika and
    she follows Sarika to her
    Ishita thinks that Sarika
    might have some
    connection with Ashok.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  10. Two Awards Goes to Karan Patel – As
    Best Actor # Raman #YHM ..and Best
    Jodi For #Ishra
    Divyanka Got 1 Award As
    # MostDynamicTelevisionPersonali…

    # MostDynamicTelevisionPersonali
    tyOfTheYear &
    # BestOnscreenJodi Award…
    # IndianTellyAwards2015

  12. ita kp and DT won best jodi award. Best
    actor kp and actress divyanka

    Awarded # ImpactfulPersonality of
    # Television.

  14. hey guys jhanvi darshika siddhi diya misty vp natasha priyaroli parul nimrit and all yhm friends .

  15. wow!!!!nice epsd….gr8….!!!!
    bt hw cn neil do dis!!!????

  16. Hi rithu….,

    Finally sarika pe doubt to gaya…, I hope she will be exposed soon……Nd this drama will be ended…!!!

  17. No misty I don’t agree with you the story is about ruhi and ishita love that heart real ions are more strong I don’t understand why you people always need the same story only about hero n heroine

  18. Thank you Rithu for updating . Totally Yhm got how many awards .? Really very happy for the cast ….,

  19. But they always can’t show ishraruh scenes and their bonding Na.and actually u r right that the story was about heart relations but if you will check wikipedia , you will find there that this is a love story..and how they met for a little girl and then fall for each other.. Yes I agree some people dislike the current track but they can’t show always love scenes and ishraruh scenes ..I also think they are doing mistake by dragging..

    Sorry if I hurt you !!

  20. Agree with you misty…… It’s a different person’s love story…… But that love story has started because of ruhi ishita unconditional bond…….
    And Ruhi’s mother has conformed(few months ago,before starting surrogacy) ,ruhi’s presence will be less in yhm, Coz of her studies.So We should understand it.

    Plz someone post trp, I want to know,most of ppls’ idea. Hope, still it in top 5.

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