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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone rushing and meeting Pihu in hospital. Ishita goes to thank Ruhi. She holds Ruhi’s hand and thanks her. Ruhi says no need to thank, I had to return someone’s favor. Ishita asks her to meet Raman once, he does not believe the goodness left in the world, he should just see that people can be selfless too. She takes Ruhi. Ruhi thinks why can’t I refuse to her.

Romi and Mihika come there. Raman gets angry and asks Romi what did you come to see, whether my courage broke and my business got down when my daughter got unwell, I m ashamed to call you my brother. Mihika says we just came to see Pihu. Raman says you may have come for Pihu, but Romi just knows to use relations. Ishita comes and defends Romi, asking why is he shouting on everyone, is the world wrong,

Ruhi saved Pihu, thank her. She says I know Ruhi, Raman wants to thank you, he can’t verbalize. Nurse says Pihu woke up. Raman asks can I meet her.

Nurse says doctor will say that, you come and do formalities. Raman goes. Doctor comes and says Pihu is fine, just bit weak, her parents can meet her. Ishita and Shagun see each other, and cry. Shagun turns away and gives a sign to Ishita to go. Ruhi leaves from there. Pihu says mumma in sleep…… Ishita cries seeing her. Shagun comes there with Raman. Raman sees Ishita and gets angry. Doctor says just patient’s mummy and Papa can come here. Raman says exactly, I don’t know who is this woman, she always interferes, Shagun is Pihu’s real mother, don’t know who is she. Ishita cries and says I will wait outside. She leaves.

Niddhi asks Ruhi so did you come back finally. Ruhi says really sorry to behave like that, next time this won’t happen again. Niddhi says you tried to beat me, you think I will forgive you easily. Ruhi says I was saving both of us, if anyone saw us, and if anything happened to Pihu, I would have got stuck. Niddhi says if your informal drama is over, we shall go back to Australia now. Ruhi recalls Amma, Ishita, Pihu…. and says no…. Niddhi asks what do you mean. Ruhi says I have to wait here till Shagun and Raman’s marriage, Ishita is trying to come between them, I will not let Ishita and Raman unite, I got Pihu here, they are indebted to me. Niddhi says just till Raman and Shagun’s marriage…..

Ishita cries recalling Raman’s words. Raman comes out of the ward. She stops her and says you made me leave from the ward, it does not mean Pihu is not my daughter, you know I can claim Pihu anytime, don’t use my goodness, you have no right to behave like that with me, you don’t have to say anything. She thanks Shagun for raising her daughter, I will always be thankful, it does not mean Pihu is not my daughter, I m good when I m calm, else I will get out of control, explain Raman that I m not interested in him, just be happy, I did not come back for him, but Pihu will always be my daughter, no one can change this, I will always be Pihu’s mother, I can claim her if I want, don’t stop me again from meeting her.

Raman asks Shagun to ask Ishita is her lecture over, why did she run like a coward 7 years ago, she left kids crying, now she came to see kids. Ishita asks did you think why I left, it was because of you, you made me helpless to feel guilty, I lost Ruhi, my husband did not support me, he said I m careless and does not deserve to become mother, who talks to wife like that. She cries and says you made me helpless, I thought I should go away from my children, maybe I m bad influence for them, I went to die, I went to commit suicide, you forced me for this.

Raman says explain her she can’t clam Pihu, if I get angry, then no one will be left. Shagun says please Raman, just realize the situation, where are we now, and Ishita you also understand. Nurse asks Raman to come and talk to doctor. Raman says tell them that Pihu’s parents are coming. Pihu heard the entire conversation and cries.

Ruhi tells Niddhi that she will just see Pihu and come. Niddhi sends her and says I have to keep an eye on Ruhi, else she can play double game with me. Shagun looks for Pihu and tells Raman that Pihu is not in washroom. Raman worries and asks nurse. Ishita comes and asks where is Pihu. They all start finding Pihu.

Everyone get worried for Pihu and look around. Ruhi comes there thinking I lied to Niddhi, I want to hug Pihu, why am I getting attached to her, when I don’t want to keep this relation. She sees Pihu crying, sitting in storeroom. She goes to Pihu and asks why are you sitting here, why are you crying. Pihu says don’t take me out, else Ishita will take me, she told Papa that she will snatch me, she was fighting with Papa, she will make me away from Papa and mumma. Ruhi hugs her and says nothing will happen to you. Pihu cries.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow very nice episode because for once Ishita gave a piece of her mind to Raman and that is the way it should be. She said it very nicely that it was Raman who forced her to go into suicide and it was him who made her feel guilty. Good for Ishita to speak up finally. Such a nice warm person Ishita and she even said that she is grateful to Shagun for taking care of Pihu. If only Ishita did not leave Raman at that time, she would have adored and doted on Pihu. Oihu would never have landed in the hospital. Did Raman or Shagun make Pihu secure and stable? Pihu is getting so worried. Only if either of them have told Pihu and showed Pihu pictures of her real mother, all these would have been unnecessary. How sad…… Looks like they will remain separated for more than a month and perhaps Divyanka would be away for ten days for her marriage on July 8th. During that time they may create a plot where Ishita decides to go back to Australia and maybe Raman is yearning for her so much then. Or they would join them before Divyanka’s wedding but highly unlikely. The reunion may only take place after her actual wedding ends. I hope they don’t drag for almost another month if not viewers are going to get tired of watching this serial and ratings will drop for sure.

  2. What do u mean by “no precap”??there was a precap na….

  3. Hi Rithu, VP, Siddhi, Shivani, Mino, Resh and many wonderful fans of YHM who religiously wirte comments be it they are taking the side of Raman, Ishita or Shagun. All your comments are nice to read and your viewpoints. Some of your views can be taken into the serial as one of the episode. Nice imagination some of you all have.

  4. The precap:
    Ishitha tells Mani and Aliya that Pihu is missing.Raman is also there and shouts at Ishitha that she is one who is responsible for sall this.He says she was so inauspicious and bad things happened after her return.Mani gets angry because of Raman’s words and tells that he should respect her and it has been 7 years and still he’s the same and keeps shouting Ishitha..Raman saya respect is something one should get rather than begging..Further Raman pushes Mani and everybody shouts..

  5. WOW Ishit’s speach very good. But naw pihu scared from ishita

  6. I think at the time before raman actually marries that shagun. Ruhi truth will be revealed that she’s alive and that witch nidhi and ashok must be hanged for their deeds.Then raman will long for getting back with ishita, it might be too late as she will be going away, alone to the airport where there will be a bomb blast,,,,,they will all hear bout this and all rush to the hospital. Bhalla and iyer family will reunite.but unfortunately ishita will be dead.but there might be another twist.

    1. I hope so

  7. Wow nice episode bt y no precap
    Missing ishra scene

  8. Wow nice episode bt y no precap

    1. Somehow we saw the precap.
      Actually I’m not an Indian so we are seeing the channel provided to tje whole world.though you guys are watching star parivaar today, we have the show on the 5th of June.that how it is and I posted te precap above.

  9. Nice episode

  10. Well said Ishitha…that was the bitter truth and made me teary by her reallistic actions…
    How long she should keep calm, listening to all those bitter insults???
    She raised her voice and that was the exact truth!!!
    As a husband he should be able to share all the happy moments as well as their sorrows with each other..
    But he didn’t supprt her but threw her out of his life and compelled. Her to suicide..It was the truth she said and this Raman!!he didn’t even SEEMED like listening carefully.But I’m sure that he knows,what Ishitha is telling is the truth and he didn’t show that he was shattered from hearing the truth or he didn’t want to accept that he is guilty..

  11. wow..ishita explained very well to raman..I got teary eyed after that…hope he should precap bcoz it’s star parivar awards…ishu raman performance is so lovely

  12. Next in yhm : ishita gets drunk and dances with raman…..

  13. Seeing the last episode I thought that now ruhi will not let nidhi torcher her but in this episode it was again showed that ruhi is still too scared from nidhi.
    anyways today ishita gave a nice answer to raman.
    feeling sad for pihu.

  14. Raman actually behaving like an animal without any emotions. Ishits looking very sweet and finally sha came out of her angef but not enough.

  15. I like the speech given by ishita to is fact that ishita tries to committ suicide because of the alligeations of taman.At the present avator i hate raman.he sometimes shows rough behaviour which appears to be precap.

  16. It was better if ishita died.. den after raman will know her value… raman is a shit… pihu n ruhi r another shit… chiii i hate all of u.. all r same.. ishita done so much for this shit family n now what dey r giving her… adi is d best in all this…kprev he is d worst now he is d bestest best… love him

  17. Actually something serious and dangerous thing should happen to Ishitha because of Raman’s fault!!Then his mouth will be shut and will learn a lesson!!And the whole world will blame him for it and he will be quiet then.

  18. I like if raman and shagun really get married n if ishtha move on with her real life parter abishek or with mani.
    At least then it will be not a traditional drama

  19. Hate this serial now really

  20. Shukar hai ishita kuch to boli raman should also be blamed atleast by one member of bhalla family he blames everyone but the fact is that all ruined just because of him

  21. YHM: Raman takes care of Ishita in drunken state
    YHM: Raman takes care of Ishita in drunken state

    The upcoming episode will show that Raman’s company finally launches it’s product in a grand party and Romi-Ashok are irked with it.

    Raman in tensed state starts drinking alcohol, thinks about his past moments with Ishita and about his family.

    There Ashok and Romi-Ashok also comes to the party with intentions to spoil it and bring troubles in Raman’s life.
    Romi-Ashok makes Ishita also drink alcohol by using cheap tricks and traps her in their evil trap.
    Ishita looses control on drinking alcohol and starts to dance uncontrollable.

    Raman-Ishita’s drunken dance
    Raman sees Ishita dancing in such a away and tries to control her, but Ishita doesn’t listen to him.
    Some of the boys starts to flirt with Ishita which leads to Raman getting irked tries to stop all this.

    Romi-Ashok’s plan to insult Raman-Ishita gets failed and Raman-Ishita comes closer.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes

    1. wow wow wow wow tat such a great news are you confirm?? if yes then it moment to rejoice

  22. Wow Raman ishita dance

  23. Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) to insult Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and ask her to go away from their life
    The upcoming track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will bring a new twist as Ruhi will instigate Pihu against Ishita and Pihu will start to hate her.

    Pihu will faint seeing Raman getting arrested and Ruhi will take Pihu to the hospital and insinuate her against Ishita.
    As per current track Pihu gets to know that Ishita is claiming for her custody and trying to take her away from Shagun and Raman.
    Pihu insults Ishita and loves Shagun

    Pihu will insult Ishita and say her to go out of their life and will love Shagun in front of Ishita.
    Shagun will feel good being loved by Pihu in front of Ishita but Ishita will go shattered seeing Pihu and Shagun close.
    As per current track Ruhi complaints about Ishita in the secretary office for sending her out of the building but Ishita’s mother go to her and convince her for taking her complaint back.

  24. I am a silent reader, a big fan of yhm.This is my 1st comment. Episode was nice, but pihu started to be scared by ishu,it is so sad. What does mani mean in the precap, does he believe that Raman always shouts on ishu even before
    7 years. He thinks that Raman doesn’t love ishu, but Raman loves her a 1000times greater than mani loves her. I think Raman abhi bhi ishu ko pyar karta hai. We didn’t see a scene in which raman thinking against ishu. So,its clear… Sorry for the long comment.

  25. Poor pihu she is now really scared of ishu and ruhi if you come out everything will be replaced pls don’t drag??

  26. I got pre cap …. in Dish tv they did not show …. I get both ..,… When Raman is yelling at Ishitha Mani fights …. Todays episode worth seeing … finally Ishitha burst out …. very nice the way she said let him be with any woman I am not bothered … and she can get the claim on Pihu ….whenever Shaghun wanted she was permitted to see Adi and Ruhi and cvs are making Raman say anything and everythuing … how can he be so faithless …now I only hope Ishitha will not file for Pihus custody …. knowing her character she wont … she should not …cvs cud have made her enjoy the motherhood … her own child she cant see means … please a request please stop this negativeness … Ruhis transformation is happening …somehow Ruhaanika as Pihu is not up to the mark…. my opinion

  27. I missed the episode .episode was ok .precap wad worst .I saw star parivar awards for just half ab hour.

  28. The upcoming episode
    of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show
    that Pihu goes missing when Ruhi
    tells her that Ishita will take her
    away from Shagun and Raman.
    Ishita gets broken down when Pihu
    asks her to stay away from her.
    Pihu tells Ishita that Shagun and
    Raman are her parents only so
    leave her. Ishita is already in pain
    with Raman’s behavior and now
    she is shattered her own daughter
    hates her. Shagun feels happy when
    Pihu showers her love on her in
    front of Ishita. Shagun feels that
    Ruhi was always loved Ishita so
    Pihu can love her too. Raman and
    Shagun soon take a step of their
    wedding to make Ishita exit from
    their life forever. Will Ishita agree
    to go back for Pihu? Stay tuned for
    further exciting updates.

  29. The upcoming episode
    of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show
    that Raman still keeps some photos
    of Ishita and misses their love
    moments. Raman’s happy does not
    go longer because Pihu calls him.
    Shagun traps Pihu emotionally
    because she does not want go away
    from Bhalla family. Pihu asks
    Raman and Shagun to sleep with
    her as she does not want go away
    from them. Apart from this, Ruhi
    once again turns Ruhaan for
    Raman’s product launching party.
    Ashok and Romi also come there
    where they plan against Raman
    destroying his business. Ishita
    somehow finds about Ashok and
    Romi’s evil plan and curses Romi
    for plotting against his own brother
    Raman. Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  30. stop this moderation

  31. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie and all yhm friends.
    patha nahi air kitnee din yhm mein yeh sab backwaaz chalega aur shagun kya pehle jitnii negative hogi ya uss se kam . yeh romi aur ashok disgusting hai aur niddhi bhi bahuth irritating hai .agar sab kuch koi theek kar saktha hai toh woh ruhi hai.

  32. Hi all. I am getting worried. Will IshRa ever be united again. Current story line not very encouraging. How will they change a seven year old child’s love for her mother. She has only known Shagun as her mother. How will she except Ishita.

  33. Watched star parivaar awards…. Congrats to divyanka… She deserves every award she got.. Of all the performances ishra’s dance was the best… and that to on my favourite song… Love them to the core…. And in today’s episode.. Finally ishita gave a rough and correct reply to raman…But I don’t know.. He is not all in guilt for what he did in the past… After all this I wish ishita should leave him… He doesn’t deserve her. Jab shagun phirse dokha degi tab pata chalega use.

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