Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman and Ishita make love vows

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with the man changing bags and leaving. Romi says he is a cheap man, he didn’t say thanks or sorry, we are waiting here since long. Adi says leave it, we got our bag. Romi says Vicky’s message has come. They leave. They don’t see the spray can left there. Shravan says I m going for classes, I don’t need money for my expenses, I joined a party time job, they pay me weekly. Bala offers him some money. Shravan refuses and goes. Bala gets upset. Kiran says we have to treat children like friends, then they will share things with us. Bala says I m worried that he may fall in wrong hands, he is a kid. Shravan says I told dad about my part time job, don’t tell anything to him. Parmeet gives him cash and asks him to enjoy. Shravan goes. Parmeet says I will spoil your kids Bala.


and Romi go for boating. The man says sorry, the boat has been reserved, some guy has booked for his dinner date. Romi says really, who is this guy. Adi says he is like dad. They laugh and go. Raman and Ishita come there and go for boating. Ishita smiles seeing the surprise and shouts wow…. we are in London, there can’t be anything more romantic than this. He says there can be, dinner with my beautiful wife. He gives her fruit champagne. She says thanks Raman, I m totally loving it. He asks her to take any glass, both are same, cheers to our honeymoon. She says to our love…. Dil kahin rukta nai….plays…. they hug. She says cheers to London eye, its so pretty. He makes her sit and close eyes. She asks what are you doing.

He shows her the ring. She says this is….. so pretty but why. He says when you came in my life before, I didn’t want you, but now you have become my life, I can’t live without you, I want to say all those vows and strengthen them. She smiles. He says I promise you I will always keep you happy. She says I promise I won’t make the veg dish which you don’t like. He says I promise to look after you and children always. She says I promise I won’t send good morning messages and annoy you, I will always be your good wife and dentist. He makes her wear the ring. He says just be wife, not dentist, I promise I won’t let you get separated from me. She says I promise I will always love you. They hug. Hasne laga sehra….plays…. They have dinner. He says I will go and wash my hands. She asks him to come soon. Ishita sees the same woman and slowly goes to her. She asks why are you after me, what do you want. The woman asks when will I go home. Ishita asks are you lost, I saw you in Delhi too, tell me if I can help you, what’s your name, tell me. The woman asks the same thing again and again. She stares at Ishita. Ishita shouts Raman and runs.

Raman comes and asks what happened. She says that woman…. I saw her in Delhi. He says there can’t be anyone here. She says I have seen here, her eyes…. She says this is effect of champagne, I lied to you. She asks what. He says you had champagne some years back and created much drama in the police station, you sat over the fan. She asks do you remember. He says some things like that. She says I m so happy you remember, please don’t play pranks on me, I was so scared. Ishita and Raman are on the way. She clicks pics and says Pihu will be excited seeing pics. He says don’t think of calling family here. He flirts. He thinks I m enjoying a lot like I learnt living again, but if I forget this beautiful moment then…. She likes the skycab. She says this is so beautiful. He says once this goes up, you will see the entire city. She checks the monitor for details. She says this will be my best experience. He says I m feeling angry, I can’t see anything, I have forgotten everything, I will forget even these memories, what’s the point to make memories then. She says we will live and enjoy the present.

He says its not easy. She says our love is deep rooted, our memories will always stay with us. He says it doesn’t take long for roots to get weak. She sings tere dil me…. she hugs him. They board a bus. She sees the same woman. The woman asks when will I go home. Ishita asks why do you ask me the same thing always. She gets scared and shouts Raman. Raman asks what happened, calm down. She sees the woman gone. He says there is no one here. She says she is here, I saw her here. He says we have privately booked this bus, there can’t be anyone. She says she was following us, she is meeting me everywhere, I m not lying. He says it means someone is deliberately troubling us, I will ask driver to take us to police station. She thinks it maybe Simmi’s plan to spoil our trip, I have seen Raman happy after long time, I won’t let her spoil our moments.

The woman warns Mihika about the evil spirit. Ishita asks the woman did Simmi send her so that she doesn’t enjoy with Raman. She coughs. The woman gives her water. She finds her disappeared and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Maybe it’s Ananja that wants to go home. Lol

  2. If you are going to give us ghosts,giive us ghosts we must be so afraid that we must wet ourselves lol.Come on Ekta give us your best shot.

  3. If ishita thought simmi send the women, why she ask her that simmi send u – chor kabhi apne ghar ka pata batata hai kya , ishita must have take the action now the abhishek the inspector is also there , he can help ishita, ekta kapoor please make ishita to take some action against param n simmi , not just gave the challenge to simmi n be quite because of no proof.

    Ekta also make bala to take action against shravan, no father can sit quite like bala he even ask him where is he doing part time job instead of listen n quite, ekta show bala raise his hand on shravan when param fully spoil sharam life.

    Ekta make innocent people quite till they were not ruin, when life of innocent people completely destroy then raise their voice which is too late for innocent people.
    Just like ishita who remain silent because of no proof when raman gonna die then ishita take action

  4. What if this ghost is Raman’s plan to get/scare all the information out of Ishita regarding Simmi and Param’s doings and Anaya’s death? Just not sure why he would be troubling Mihika though.

    1. Yes Susan I too feel the same as the entry is totally blocked for public … its Ramans plan !
      May be to get everything out from Ishitha ! I feel they rushed to this London trip without having a proper regain of Ramans ML . Cvs should have shown his memomory regain slowly and how Ishitha brings it back with their old memories . Cud have given little more time and also to expose Simmi Param . Now Shravan is fallen for Param … how defferent it wud have been if they show children are not falling for all these traps ! Cvs always with their negative vibes ! Divan /Ishra .. was mindblowing … very classy … it looked as if they are enjoying the track … and their chemistry is awesome . They forget themselves and involve fully as a couple . Wont feel like they are acting ! They are talented , gifted ! God bless them ! Whoever plan it is it was a pain to see a ghost ! Cvs wont allow Ishra tohave a peaceful life .

  5. lol ghosts on London buses this episode was quite funny
    we Londoners have never met ghosts on our buses yet
    haha and that also on a private bus the writer should have left Raman and Ishita in peace to enjoy their trip

  6. I think its ananya maybe param hid her in london and she wants ishita to take her home.
    Ekta is famous for bringing people from past.

  7. i also think the spirit is ananya.

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