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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla confronting Romi. Romi admits that he has taken the papers, he was selling land to give to Sarika, to stop her from planning with Niddhi, she asked big amount and this was the only one. Mr. Bhalla scolds him and goes. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi cry and scold him as well. Romi cries.

Ishita and Shagun see Niddhi with Raman. Shagun says I will take keys from her bag and go. Ishita says yes, I will be around Raman, Niddhi will get jealous, shall we make her drink special thandai. Shagun says good idea. The announcement is made for the dance competition. Ishita says my innocence’s proof should be found today, do your best. Shagun asks her not to worry.

The man says we will pick a chit, the couple chosen will have to come and dance on this stage. Shagun

asks Raman and Niddhi to try thandai. Ishita asks Ashok about thandai, will he not get it. Ashok smiles and thinks she is asking herself, I will get such thandai that she will be drunk, then I can do anything. Raman gives a glass to Niddhi. Shagun says I have sore throat, I can’t drink, its safe, have it. Ishita and Ashok join them. Raman gives her a glass. Ishita thinks to teach a lesson to Niddhi. Niddhi asks Shagun to come. Raman says we all will go. They go and sit. Niddhi and Ashok go to bring more thandai for Ishita. Shagun says I have to leave, manage her. Raman says you leave, I will manage her.

Niddhi tells Ashok that I know Raman gets drunk, as you also want Shanaya to get drunk by this thandai. They take bhaang thandai for Raman and Ishita. Raman says Shagun was feeling unwell, she went for some rest. Raman and Ishita drink thandai and smile. Raman and Ishita go to get more thandai. Manoj comes there and Shagun gets surprised. He asks are you not happy seeing me here. She says you said you don’t like to play holi. He says yes, I wanted to give surprise, its holi, how can this happen that I don’t apply color to you. They apply color to each other and wish happy holi. They hug.

The man says Mr and Mrs. Iyer’s performance was good, next Jodi is Bala and Mihika. Bala says I m nervous, I will forget the steps. Vandu looks on. Mihika asks him to focus. Vandu stops Bala and says look at me, you say your fears disappear seeing me… I will dance with you. Mihika says really, awesome, there is plan change, Bala and Vandu will dance. Vandu understands their plan and says I won’t leave Mihika. Bala and Vandu go to perform. Romi takes Mihika with him. Mihir wishes all the best to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says Romi did a bad work, I don’t want you to dance with Mihika, I don’t want people to gossip. He thinks what happened to aunty, why did she say this.

Romi scolds Mihika asking why did she do this, why did she tell his family. She says I swear, I did not tell anyone. He goes. Everyone clap for Bala and Vandu. The man calls next couple Raman and Niddhi. Niddhi asks Raman to come. Raman is drunk and holds Ishita’s hand. Niddhi gets angry. Everyone smile. Manoj goes.

Raman and Ishita dance on Mohabbat barse de na tu…… Ashok says I think how much we try, Raman did not forget Ishita. He is attracted to Shanaya, as her face is identical to Ishita. Niddhi says Raman just loves me. Ashok says I don’t think so, see how he is dancing with Shanaya.

Sarika scolds Romi a lot. Simmi asks her to stop it and slaps Sarika. She says my brother is not a loser, he did all this for us, you are the problem, you don’t know meaning of family, get lost. Sarika goes. Romi asks Simmi to listen, I did not know Mihika would tell all that. Simmi says I told dad, not Mihika, the broker went to Prateek, then he informed me, we both met broker and got to know your name. Romi says I did big mistake, I have to say sorry to someone. He goes to Mihika.

Manoj calls the driver and asks about Shagun. He gets the location where she went and leaves. Shagun tries to open the lock, and says its wrong keys….. Manoj comes there and he asks her each other what are you doing here. She says Ishita’s innocence proof. He says you are 7 months pregnant, are you kidding, see your state. She says I came to help Ishita. He says Ishita is dead. She says I will explain, I need your help, please get this door opened, I need to enter Niddhi’s home. He gets that door opened and she thanks him. she tells him about the heart shaped locket and asks him to help. They try finding that. Shagun gets that pendant and opens it. They get shocked seeing its empty.

Ishita tells Niddhi that now Raman loves me. Niddhi raises hand. Ishita scolds her. Raman holds his head and acts. Ishita says I challenge, Raman will be mine in one day, you can do anything, everything is fair in love and war.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kuchh samj nahi aa raha hai ye makers ke dimag me chal kya raha hai…ek channel pe dikhate hai ruhi ki death ho gai hai & dusre channel pe kehte hai wo nidhi ke saath ruhaan bankar rahegi…..but kuchh bhi ho yar ishita & raman saath rehne chahiye fir koi tension nahi…..plz ekta & makers dnt seperate our ishra plzzz

  2. I don’t know leap aye ga ya nii but I think tab tak hum definately pgl ho jaye gay kahi a raha hai no leap to kahi leap kahi a raha hai 6 yes leap to kahi 7 yes kahi 8 kahi 9 n kahi 10 kahi a raha hai aditi bhatia to play grown up ruhi to kahi a raha hai aditi bhatia to play real shanaya kahi a raha hai ruhi will die to kahi a raha hai ruhi will be with niddhi after leap kahi a raha hai niddhi will kidnap baby to kahi a taha hai niddhi will kidnap ruhi omg I am becoming mad please God protect yhm fans other within few days v will become abnormal

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