Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mani and Mihir having a meeting at café. Aaliya sees Mihir and says Mihir works for Raman, what is he doing with Appa. She meets them. Mani says I had meeting, how are you here. She says to have coffee. Mihir greets Aaliya and says I hope your fuse box is fine now. Mani asks fuse box. She says yes, its long story Appa. She says I will not disturb you, I have do my work. Mihir asks Mani whats the matter. Mani says I have an offer for you, I want to represent my company in India as CEO, I know you work for Raman, you work hard and Raman gets credit, but at my company, you will get credit, package will be thrice of what you are getting now. Mihir says my answer is no, you know me since long, your offer is good, but Raman’s company is like mine, he is my mentor, apart from

being my boss, he is like a brother to me, I m grateful that someone valued me and my talent, don’t take me wrong, I have imp meeting at office, I m sorry, all the best. He goes. Mani smiles. Aaliya says he is so rude. Mani says you will understand this after some years, Mihir is confident, loyal and focused, he does not want any credit, Raman is lucky to have him, Mihir is his own strength and he can never lose to anyone.

Amma says dinner is ready, and tells Mrs. Bhalla that she made something special for her. She thinks Mrs. Bhalla will get such spice that even lassi can’t help. Mrs. Bhalla also plans a special surprise for her. Amma says we should celebrate as Romi is here after long time. Mrs. Bhalla says I made Chole for you. Raman asks is this done now. Ishita says we were waiting for Ravan Kumar. He asks about Ruhi. She says Ruhi got the invite, she will come. He gives her legal documents to keep. She keeps papers on the table. Ruhi thinks I wish this dinner was true family dinner, this is just a medium now. Ruhi comes. They all smile seeing her. Ishita calls her cute and compliments her. They all sit to have dinner. Ishita tells Ruhi that everything is made especially for her. Everyone wait for Ruhi to start. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma feed the food to Ruhi. Ishita too feeds Ruhi. Raman looks on. Kya kehna………….plays………. Everyone start having food. Ruhi smiles seeing Raman and Romi behaving fine. She thinks what to do, how to believe them, and what to believe, don’t know whats the truth.

Some men come there. Neelu tells Mrs. Bhalla that plumber came. Raman asks is this time to come, come tomorrow. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to go to bathroom. Raman says it will disturb us. Mrs. Bhalla says everyone will need to go bathroom tomorrow. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma serve their special dishes to each other. They ask each other to have first. They taste the food, and dislike it. They praise the food and eat it for Ruhi’s sake. Mrs. Bhalla says my cupboard is open, plumber is there, I will go and see. Amma also runs saying Mrs. Bhalla is alone there. They both get unwell and run to bathrooms. Everyone look on. Simmi says let me also taste it. Mrs. Bhalla says no, she got this with love for me. Mihika asks Amma to give that dish to her. Amma says no, its mine, Mrs. Bhalla will make for you later. Ruhi asks is there any problem. Mrs. Bhalla says no, there should be some taste. Ishita takes those papers.

Ashok and Niddhi cheers. Niddhi says there will be mahabharat starting by now. Ishita asks Ruhi to sign on the papers, and read it properly first. Ruhi checks papers. Raman and Ishita smile. Ruhi gets angry and says you want me to sign on this. Ishita asks what happened. Ruhi says you all did this acting to get me sign on papers. Raman says its simple papers of making trust till you get 18, then you can get all property back. Ruhi says don’t think I m kid, its written clearly that Ruhi Bhalla can’t claim any property. Raman gets shocked.

Ishita looks at him. Mr. Bhalla says we talked about making trust. Raman checks papers and is shocked. Niddhi tells Ashok that its good your lawyer called you on time, Ruhi’s heart would have melt knowing about trust. He says her heart will melt and burn that Bhalla family. She says its good your men reached there on time and did work well. FB shows The plumbers changed the papers. Ashok says I take work from professionals, your idea was good. He flirts with her. She smiles.

Raman says its mistake, someone changed the papers, do you think your Papa will make this plan. Ishita says believe us. Ruhi asks them to stop this drama, don’t I understand anything, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma were leaving from table, I understand this united family drama, stop it now. She goes. Everyone get sad. Raman says someone changed the papers, its someone from this house.

Raman talks to Anil on phone and says I don’t know who changed papers, that man does not want Ruhi and us to unite. Mrs. Bhalla says Niddhi does not want Ruhi to stay with us. Ishita asks her to go and rest. Mrs. Bhalla says I will talk to Ruhi, how can she think you and Raman will snatch her right. Ishita says Ruhi won’t listen to anyone, we have to get innocence proof. Raman says I don’t know what is that person in our house. He sees out of window and gets shocked seeing Ashok and Romi checking some papers. He tells Anil that he got to know who did this cheap thing.

Raman and Romi have a fight in the society compound. They argue. Ashok looks on and smiles thinking I don’t need to do anything, they both want to beat each other.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Really disappointed .All these misunderstanding are spoiling all the efforts the family are doing to reunite Ruhi with her parents and the fact that Ruhi always believe the worst is my ever end.Raman and Ishita will do a lot of things but nothing that would negatively affect Ruhi.I just don’t understand what is taking her so long to see that.Part of her wants to relax the walls she has put up to protect her from all the pain and hurt she has suffered.

    The odd thing in this episode was that everyone is there at the table except Puhi and Shagun.One would think Shagun would want to be there …as Ruhi is her biological daughter but no she walks in when Ruhi throws a hissy fit.

    Can anyone tell me where Vandita and her daughter is as well an AnanyaAnanya,Simi’s daughter.

    • Az

      True Monique…I’m disappointed too…thoroughly disappointed! No mohabbatein in the serial…only nafratein. Can it get any worse? It’s high time makers should stop this and get the serial back on track…from where it gained huge popularity.

      • Monique

        AZ I do get the writer’s point of view as they need to incorporate drama into the show .I also write FF and it can get tricky sometimes.But one thing is important is that you need to keep your audience in mind.With this being said DT getting married adds to the problem they have as they need to give her the time she needs and adapt the show accordingly.but every now and then they incorporate a few cute scenes either with Pihu /Ruhi or Ishra.

    • Mino

      ur right Monique i am Sick & Tired Of This Stupid story always misunderstandings wrong versions. what is wrong with the CV:s are they happy to make people miserable. & Ruhi Enough is Enough can’t she use her brains & see there is something really wrong in this situation. she is a smart kid surely when she was small she worked things out now what’s her problem. she jolly well know who Ashok is & that Niddhi is with him. Can’t she see for herself. I think they should just let go of her to realize her fault. enough pampering how much can ones parents demean themselves to prove their innocence. she has no compassion at all. they are killing themselves to please her & she is so rude so arrogant so rowdy just shouts at everyone & hurts all who love her . coming from a western country where is her manners.??? they are genuine i their love for her but for her it is some kind of a joke..
      For Raman I have no words to express. he is just as well as his daughter. he is no better than his daughter. it is better they end this show than show all this rubbishy stuff. what say YHM Fans. it is so boring never ending fights no love as the heading of the show.. just to please the viewers they show part of IsRa so that we will be happy & then never ending negative vibes. All are happy But what about Ishu’s feelings? Did anyone Apologise to her? exp Raman.. She is used like a door mat & taken for granted By Raman & Everyone. He is such a selfish spoilt egoistic guy did not even bother to apologise to IShu till now. just using her for his gain at the slightest drop of a hat she will be blasted & blamed for what she didn’t do.. What kind of a Love IS that??? Disgusting. Hope u all agree with me Fans either they should tell the whole truth nothing but the truth to Pihu & Ruhi without beating around the bush.. If Pihu is old enough to understand the drams she is watching she can jolly well mature enough to understand the whole story. Hope dear Fans I did not hurt ur feelings. this is going down the drain i couldn’t resist.. sorry again..

      • Monique

        I too am from outside India but a little respect would is still needed a child of 15/16 still is a minor and cant make such decisions of where they want to live.Everyone is just walking on eggshells and I wonder of that would play out in South Africa the picture would be so different.For me I just want Ruhi to show respect towards the family and her parents.Small details like that can go along way just to get the show on track. My family for one would have never allowed that to happen. In S.A we have a case where a child was kidnapped. From a hospital 18 years ago and she just had to live with her real parents.

      • Khushi

        I seconds u mino. Ruhi is juz disgusting lyk his father. She was a cute angelic child before. Nw i feel she dnt hav any brains lyk her father. Hw much the parents need to beg for hettng their daughter back. Hav no sympathy for raman as he is thr root cause of all this. Nw also remain quiet withouy explaining to her what hapnd 7 yrs before. I feel vry sad for ishitha. Hw many more she will suffer for this bhalla family. This custody case itself is baseless. Its strange that raman nd ishitha dnt hav any proofs against nidhi. The way ruhi lashes at her parents is ridiculous. This type of behaviour frm a child cant be entertained. She may be irked by the fact that they r doing mere adjustments for her custody. Y cant they liv peacefully tgthr. Watching this serial all filled with negativity is such an unbearable thing. If this goes lyk this then i will stop watching this to save myself frm negativity.

  2. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Really disappointed .All these misunderstanding are spoiling all the efforts the family are doing to reunite Ruhi with her parents and the fact that Ruhi always believe the worst is my ever end.Raman and Ishita will do a lot of things but nothing that would negatively affect Ruhi.I just don’t understand what is taking her so long to see that.Part of her wants to relax the walls she has put up to protect her from all the pain and hurt she has suffered.

    The odd thing in this episode was that everyone is there at the table except Puhi and Shagun.One would think Shagun would want to be there …as Ruhi is her biological daughter but no she walks in when Ruhi throws a hissy fit.

    Can anyone tell me where Vandita and her daughter is as well an Ananya,Simi’s daughter.

  3. Saritha

    Hai rithu,shivani,sindhu and all yhm fans. Today episode was ok.I don’t understand why mani offers CEO post to mihir as he already knows that mihir don’t accept any big offeres against raman.
    Mrs.Bhalla and Mrs.Iyer part was so funny.

  4. Saritha

    RITHUSHREE how r u?i wan’t to ask u a question How can u remember all the commenters names??

    • Mino

      that is a secret i suppose she has a great talent for it.. i too am confused. anyway bless her for her talent.

    • rithushree

      I am commenting in this site from past two years so I remember and if I usually copy and paste from previous day’s page so that I say hi to all . and I remember everyone of this site.

  5. shivani

    Hi rithu vp mino siddhi sindhu jaz aditya kushi summi and all other YHM fans…and vp, i am very happy to know that you are a malayali…

    something is fishy with this mani….hope his intentions are good…recent episodes of this show are on average level..sometimes below average…don’t knw wat is ekta’s planning….
    saw some clips of ishra romance in sbb… pls ekta let them married, then show their romance…ekta very well knw that if ishra are separated for so long, none will watch the show….thats why she is adding their scenes, just to hook the fans to it….but it will degrade their characters….because raman is going to marry shagun..he is staying with ishita just for ruhi…on the other hand ishita says she will go back to Australia ,after ruhi is back ,as she doesn’t want to snatch shaguns happines…then why she is getting closer to raman?…she should keep a distance with him…back massaging, sharing same bed and all are nonsense….infront of pihu he is acting with shagun as married couple….for ruhi he is doing the same drama with ishita…how disgusting…all i want is ishra marriage and thier happy life with pihu ruhi and adi…

    • vp

      Hi shivani Thank you … I too only hope Manis intentions sre good … May be securing his company in India for Ishitha . I dont think intentions are bad or as Sindhu mentioned if Ishitha comes to know about this , she can hate him … whatever it is this serial now is below average … I saw onky 1st part … i have missed any episodes .., but first time put it off … ok Good night to all

      • Khushi

        Really vp. Earlier i used to wait eagerly for the episodes nw its disgusting. Ystrdays episode ruhi nd ramans behaviour made me mad. Nw dnt feel kyk watching the show. If this ruhi episode didnt settle down soon i will quiy watchng the show. Only relief is to see ishitha. She luks gorgeous in her attire.

    • Mino

      yes Shivani i just wrote the same thing it is so disgusting. I am not Indian why are they degrading Indian Marriage. or are their two women living in the same house. is there a Custom or something.i just cant understand how tow wives the present & the past in the same house even if it is for kids sake. Sorry just want to know not putting Indian marriages down or insulting..

      • vp

        yes Mino totally agree with you .. may be thats the reason Ishitha wants to leave for Shaghun and Pihu

    • Khushi

      U r right shivani. Aftr the leap the cvs had degraded the character of ishitha. She is nw lyk a women who desperatly going aftt raman aftr all these insults. Doesnt she hav any self respect. Atleast they shld show raman simcerly apoligising to her in a vry proper way. No apologies at all and again insulting her nd taunting her puttng blames on her nd still she gies behind him. We lyk ishra romantic scenes bt in this circumstance it is making no sense at all nd instead it is irritating viewers. Ishitha shld focus on ruhi rather than raman. Didnt see evn a single scene of ishitha with ruhi. I thnk cvs forgot the custody case nd concentrating on ishra. If ishitha wants ruhi back then she shld try to rebuilt the bond they once had bet tem instead she ia concentrating on massages nd sharing same bed things. Feeling really awkward. Mrs bhalla is ramans mother. Ishitha can tell her to take care of raman instead of going near to him all the time. She shld go to ruhi nd spend tym with her.

      • Mino

        First the whole Truth has to be revealed to Ruhi & Pihu. I Have a feeling they are trying to get IShu Out & Shagun & Raman together.. whether Raman Like it or not. Cos In Real Life they are supposed to be Real Best friends & EK also are good Buddies.. This show is going to end in a disaster after all the awards it won . Looks like they want to end it. & don’t know how. Those days i wait for the other episodes eagerly now aft reading the up dates i watch them after days. as it is so boring nothing but fights misunderstandings, bad vibes about family life, marriage the kids behaving badly towards the parents . what examples are they giving to the public as young and old all watch this young as yrs watch it & i replied to her saying i don’t think u should watch this. even if she is mad at me. they pick all the bad things not the good as that age is not a good age rebelling age as we too have passed it. are these people interested only how many awards they win not pleasing the public. that disgusting Ashok has done everything possible in his life & he is scot free including Niddhi . Ashok has no life than interfere in Bhalla house matters whats wrong with him. is the Indian law also corrupt? no insult to India but that is the impression given by the cv’s. Sorry to hurt any Indian people . or anyone feelings.

  6. Jasi IshRa

    Yippee I am first…Hi everyone….its my first comment….I love Yhm and IshRa DivAn a lot..because of ramzan i cant watch yhm and I read updates in this site…but I didnt commented yet…I love to read the comments also…
    And I am also a Keralian.. Love to read the comments of rithusree more….and Hiii to everyone….and one more hate kimberli a looot….

      • Jasi IshRa

        Hi Namitha……Hwz u….
        I am so glad to know that there are so many kerala fans to YHM…
        Did you see Pranayam…malayalam version of Yhm …….I just hate it….especially the.actors in it…..they spoil the story..

  7. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Jaz, Prisha, Siddhi and many Yhm fans… Hope everyone is doing fine. Today episode was only nice when Toshi and Madhavi ate the other person’s dish and had stomach trouble. It was so funny. At least there was some form of laughter. I also am asking the same questions Monique.. Why did Shagun come out only when Ruhi got so angry and left in a huff? Why wasn’t Shagun there from the start? Did she have a hand in it in helping Ashok by cancelling the real plumbers and sending in the duplicate plumbers?

    As for Ruhi, she always just sees midway and come to all the wrong conclusions. She never sit and try to analyze the entire situation. She is so bitter with Ishra. She is just like Raman. Raman without even finding out the truth start fighting with Romi just because Romi is holding the papers it does not mean Romi has anything to do with the property papers. Can’t Raman trust Romi? Romi would not do such a thing as he also wants Ruhi to reunite with the family so that he can leave the house. His stay is only temporary. Why can’t all the Bhalla family be genuine in their feelings then play acting for Ruhi.

    I am not sure what is Mani’s real intentions of offering Mihir the CEO post. Mihir is not beneficial to Mani but why does he try to say such things to Mihir to make him join Mani’s side. What is Mani’s real motive to do this suddenly? I don’t think he did this is to take revenge on Raman or he is upset that Ishita is with Raman now. Maybe they are trying to show Mani negative slowly so that Ishita will not follow Mani to Australia as Ishita can’t bear anyone doing any harm to Raman or taking revenge on him as she safeguards Raman like anything.

    • Monique

      I think she had a hand in this …as she had alot of mysterious calls and where absent far to often for my liking.

  8. vp

    very disgusting episode … what is this cvs are upto ? when this property talk came itself , I was sure this thing is going to happen … and Ashok to send plumbers … cant express my anger … Ashok that too an MP , has no other jobs to do ? Also so he flirts with anyone … disgusting to watch … actually we should stop watching .. Ruhi wants love care and attention or property ? Take some other topics and end this track .. Mrs Iyer and Mrs Bhalla space fiillers … please be matured … Ishitha looks stunning … And where is shaghun ? Pihu ? Please dont play with fans emotions … cvs had done that before a lot … bhoot .. jail .. ect … what was the need for Mani to offer Mihir ? I cant come to any conclusion at all … gone very low standard … I feel Raman before keap was looking better than after leap .. v fat now …They have to drag till DT leaves . Please catch those plumbers .., and get the paper back … A s a p atleast to make Ruhi knows the truth … in this serial … imcompleteness is very much there .. Hi all … each and every one .. big hi to all

    • Manju

      i really agree with you, how can a plumber takes away a legal document and Ruhi always catch things from tail and growing up on those misinformation. Disgusting episode.

    • Khushi

      Itz lyk anyone can enter bhalla hse nd can plot against them nd they will nve knw. I often wonders hw this people lyk ahol nd nidhi nd all villinas get easy access to bhalla hse. Arrive any time insult them nd go freely. So strange. Ramans behaviour is disgusting. This man dnt trust anyone. Nt evn his wife.

  9. disha

    Dinner sean is nice but after dinner its shoking nidhi creat one more misunderstandig so cheap

    • Deepthi

      Hello all..yo im from telangana nd till now I used to read the comments but today tot to reply dis serial idk at what extent dey are dragging for trp now kavach is leading in first place

    • vp

      Yes we can sympathise on Ruhi .. but now she should know what is good and bad for her … even if acting the family wants Ruhi …cvs to b blamed …

  10. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.well episode was ok.precap looked hot.don’t think mani is turning negative. I think he got a plan .on the other hand ashok en niddhi think they won, but the truth about them will definitely cum out.only time will tell.

  11. Ritika.A

    Hi my name is ritika
    I’m commenting for the first time and im a crazy ishra fan. Its fun to read ur comments everyday… And I’ve just seen that Saritha asked if anyone is from telangana or ap. I’m from telangana… Hope to be one of you all soon …

  12. Kimberly

    Niddhi and Ashok can become a couple , although they interact like some business partners rather than friends . But they still can have an affair . By this Ruhaan can also get dad in form of Ashok .

    • Lavanya

      ya Ashok and Niddhi can become couples and Ashok only deserves Niddhi but dear ruhaan is ruhi and ruhi will never accept Ashok as her dad

    • Kitties

      Nidhi looks like A man and I know ashok is a womaniser not gay ?So kambo dear ur this match is fully wronged!??

  13. GunAsh

    Hi vp, siddhu, sindhu, lisa, adithya kiran, shiva, shona, supergirl, bhagya, jaz, shreya, priya, summi, saima, rithika, sowmy, lavanya, unique angel, nivedha, darshika, parvathi, sunaina, jeni, meghana, naaz, mino, simran, monique_d, simmi, saima, lotika, khushi and YHM readers… i love you all… i love to read your comments!! Im a silent reader.. but not today? i want to become part in your family guys☺ i dont see ramchin and bhagi commenting anymore? Why?

    • Khushi

      Hi Gun Ash gud attempt. You mentioned all names correctly… Nice to meet u
      Welcome… Keep commenting

    • Shona

      Gunash good attempt bt i thnk u missd our dear rithusree..
      Keep on commenting..
      Welcome to our grp..
      I jst mentioned her name cus she is d dearest of this site and no one in dis site cn frget her soo fast.. evn her name wud b d frst one in evry1 list.. fr d past two yrs i usd to see her commnt almst all days..

    • GunAsh

      Omg!! How could i? she is the one whose comment i read most? im so sorry!! How to rectify my mistake?? her name was on my lips but it seems i forget to actually write it… stupid me! I was scrolling down and decided to write the name of people whose comment i read everyday… i wantee to say hi to all of you but unfortunately…

  14. Lavanya

    Tomorrow Raman and Romi fight then ishita putting gel on his back then Raman making her sleep then his neck gets sprain doctor will come ishita and swimming will laugh just excited for tomorrow can’t wait to see ishra scene love u yhm………
    And ya why ones always ruhi hears ishra talk why why at that time only
    And very cheap Niddhi and Ashok hate u and commenting after a long time but read all ur comments everyday and why does Kimberly think negative and ya I always see that ritu remembers my name while writing hey…….

  15. Fan

    The Bhalla family have always been a loud, temperamental, fun loving, gregarious and argumentative group of individuals. Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Iyer too are two woman who are argumentative and challenge each other and spur the other on. However, they can stand by each other in times of trouble.
    Expecting them to sit at a dinner table and pretend otherwise is asking a lot.

    Raman will tone down his anger, gradually, now that his lady love is back.

    Creative team, a large percentage of the viewers of this show are impressionable youngsters. The content of your show should reflect proper morals and ethics despite the troubles.

  16. Annie

    Its so funny,how would ashok know about plumbing issues in bhalla house… and in the real world when there are so many family members atleast one would stand near them see whether its done properly,ok in.bhalla house neelu must be with them,she didnt see them changing the papers……lol ekta kapur comeon just to drag things dont opt for childish scenes which are illogical….and where is ruhis smartness gone ? Where was simmi,her daughterb( not shown) at all, vandu and her daughter,shagun and pihu???

    • vp

      Hi all I meant in reply to Shivani … I have not missed … any episodes … and watching star utsav too without missing …Annie and Fan totally agree with your comment …Ashok to arrange a plumber and the plumber to exchange the paper … so many people not noticed … what an immature move … I wonder how these lead actors accept theses rubbish …

      • Mino


  17. Ishrakalove

    Am just tired with this ruhi track now it is just irritating and we are left with just some days to the grand wedding and all sbb gossip shows are Ishra romance can’t wait to see the track for her wedding this show just keeps getting worst now am sure they have to turn mani negative well I don’t are just wanna see Ishra together but after Raman kumar com s down from his high horse and beg ishu

  18. Prisha

    Hi guys,im not going to say much today but todays episode was booooooring and I’m just sick of Raman’s behaviour. Raman and Sahil are now comparing themselves to each other. Prevalent was too obvious and last of all, plz change the story line Ekta we are already used to this!

  19. Kimberly

    See this Raman . He doesnt care about Ruhaan while fighting with Romi . The only thing that matters to him is his ego . I dont understand how people think that Ruhaan should stay with Raman .

  20. Avid Reader

    These dramas are repetitive and going no where honestly how do plumbers steal such important family documents. This is juvenile. Every episode now is a different form of people throwing their toys out of the cot. Niddi who is a criminal comes out tops all the time that too is boring. Should this continue with YHM you will soon find your ratings have dropped. Please start giving the fans what we want to see some adult behavior and Ruhi’s tantrums coming to an end and more love than these unadulterated episodes which are out of context and going nowhere

  21. sharmi

    this is a real back bush fish market show. Everyone constantly jumping to conclusion and yelling like crazy people at each other. I hope that’s not how the indians live on a daily basis, it would drive anyone to drink…can’t they have normal conversation?

  22. summi

    I am from Hyderabad Telangana.
    . Kimberly are you a match maker ? One thing I can’t understand why don’t you understand their is no existence of Ruhaan she is Ruhi Raman’s daughter. Its my personal view that it’s better to be without father than having a father like Ashok. YHM friends do you agree with me.

    • Khushi

      Agree with u summi. Seeing ramans behaviour i feel lyk ruhi adi shld stay with ishhitha leaving raman behind. With his arrigance he cant liv a peaceful lyf. Let raman nd ashok continue their cat fight.

  23. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hai guys rithu shivani siddi sindu mino vp jz aditya saritha gud mrng to al sry i couldn’t remember al d names.hai saritha iam also from a.p

  24. rithushree

    episode was worst .again misunderstanding .soo horrible and how can raman think soo bad of romi .precap is also worst .

  25. Vins

    Show is becoming so boring day by day… No positivity… happy to skip the episode daily…

  26. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie mino jaz shona aditya jeni
    super girl bhagya sara prisha
    saritha simran unique angel shreya
    and all yhm friends.
    yhm’s episode is becoming horrible day by day .always ruhi misunderstands and raman blames the whole world except him and ruhi will never understand what whole family is doing for her and she keeps on screaming .

  27. rithushree

    The upcoming episode
    will show some happy
    moments in Bhalla family
    apart from fights and
    Adi wants to bring Raman
    and Ruhi closer and thus
    plans to arrange for
    fathers day, tries to
    convince Ruhi for it.
    Adi knows that Ruhi will
    not agree to do it as she
    is upset with Raman-
    Adi plans and starts to
    make dishes in kitchen,
    Shravan also helps Adi
    Ruhi sees them but
    Later Ruhi sees Shravan
    hurt will cutting
    vegetables and
    volunteers to help them.
    Ruhi prepares food for all,
    Adi is happy seeing it and
    tells a that it’s Ruhi’s
    father’s day gift for
    All gets happy seeing
    Ruhi’s efforts for her
    father Raman, all happily
    enjoys father’s day.
    Stay tuned for more
    exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  28. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein
    has kept the viewers hooked on to
    with new twists emerging in each
    passing episode in Raman ( Karan
    Patel ) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka
    The upcoming track of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will showcase that Adi
    has planned to unite Raman and
    on Father Day by gifting him the
    special gift of his life Ruhi.
    Adi decides to ask Ruhi to cook for
    Raman but he knows that she will
    never agree to cook for Raman
    because of her hatred towards
    and Ishita.
    Adi takes Shravan’s help in cooking;
    Ruhi’s watches them from far.
    In the interim Shravan hurts his
    and hence Ruhi decides to cook the
    Let’s wait and watch for the
    smile on Raman’s face seeing his
    daughters surprise for him on
    Day occasion.

  29. Khushi

    Relly dnt knw what this cvs are up to. Y shagun nd pihu nt there for dinner. Fed uo with this mrs bhalla nd iyer drama. The same scene we hav seen in many movies. Couldnt accept the fact that y they r acting before ruhi. Once ruhi come back they will again go to their normal avtar. Ruhi is the shadow of raman. Aggressive insensitive nd idiotic. Ahain ran fell prey to ashoks plan. I wonder whether this man hav a brain if his own. All this while the only thing ashok is doing is to make hell if rans lyf. Instead he shld thnk if settlng down himself. I wondet what hapnd to mani. Is he turning neg. lyk mihir vry much. He will nvr leave raman. Bt its evident that raman doesnt care. He always wants luv nd respect frm evryone nd when its time to giv back he jus insults them. In mihurs case i remember hw he was behind him accusing him to be the murderer of rinki. He is disgusting person. Nw he is upon romi without asking for any ezplanations.he trusts noone around him. Nd that chepo ashok is watching happily the fight amid brothers.

    • vp

      Very true Khushi … really fed up watching this Ashok and his plans … only Ishitha can love Raman …


    Good Morning JAz Rithu Ramchin Sindhu VP Megha Leila Shona Lisa And All The Members of The GROUP. Am Forgetting Some Names.
    Guys YHM people Are Dragging The SHOW.
    How Can These PEOPLE Put The Papers (Important Papers) Outside?
    They Should have kept it Safen Can SHOW Ruhi when it Required.
    Just These PEOPLE Are Fooling VIEWERS AND Making MONEY.
    STORY Should Move Further.
    Ekta Should Look further into The Story.
    Ruhi SHOULD Come Back Mentally to BHALLA FAMILY.
    She Came Physically Not Mentally.
    Even Adi n Alia’s LOVE Track SHOULD Be Focused NOW.
    Take Care

  31. nish singh

    Here’s hoping today’s episode has more to offer. Yesterday was just other words. Just boring and a waste of good time.

  32. Khushi

    Hi guys
    Hope u all doing gud.
    Going on for vacation with family. Gonna miss this fun for a while. Hope this ruhi mattr will be solved till then. Have a nice time frnds.

  33. Fan

    These dramas are acted out by mere mortals, with no superhuman powers of Xray visions or mind reading etc. These impossibilities are possible only in cartoons/animations/etc. So, creatives, how do you explain the multitude of far fetched impossibities in these shows.
    Ashok knew that Raman was going to present Ruhi with papers to sign, he knew they needed a plumber, so one arrives timeously when the family is have dinner and won’t police them. The plumbers knew exactly where the documents where, what they looked like and no one saw them swop it out.

    There are many more inconsistencies and impossiblities in these Indian dramas that makes one wonder. Is India he only place in the world that these things happen??? I doubt that very much. India has a large pool of intelligent/educated/industrious/longsuffering individuals. To portray them in these silly ways is sad.


    Hi Kushi!
    Enjoy Your Vacation With GREAT PLEASURE.
    Have A GREAT TIME With Your Family.
    It takes At least 2 Weeks Kushi
    (Ruhi Case).

  35. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.hope u all well.if this case drama takes 2 weeks adi, I think dt shud be back from her wedding. But seriously if writers can’t find any new things to write bout they shud end the serial.

  36. laya

    I would like to say ishtia timing is always wrong. When comes to compromise they must half talk

  37. Shona

    Hai jaz adi rithu shivani vp sindhu prisha super girl jeni khushi saima and all othr yhm fans..

    Im too late to comment.. actually im ws soo sad afta d episode cus f dis situation f d serial.. itz too pathetic now.. ekta is as usul spoiling dis serial too.. it ws d no1 d current track is spoilng itz image very badly..
    Ruhi.. no child cn b dis rude to deir parntz.. watvr it is.. ofcrse dey did dats nt a big sin.. i hv read abt some grl who were molested by deir dad at deir young age n still lovng dem bck.. ruhi isn’t in sch a situation right.. her parntz love her n tak care f her n are so sorry fr deir mistak.. how cn sge act lik so so immature n foolish..!!
    Itz all ekta’s plan right.. duno wat all we hv to witness in coming episodes!!

    Adi nic to see u comment again.hd seen ur commnt ystrday too.. jaz miss u..
    Take care alllll

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.