Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun shouting Mani… Raman and Ishita ask her what’s happening. Shagun gets up and asks Ishita what is she doing here. Pihu comes. Shagun hugs her and asks how was your day at school. Raman signs Ishita to go. Shagun asks Ishita how did she come here. Ishita says you fainted. Shagun says how, you did something. Ishita says you fainted by BP problem, you were shouting Mani’s name. Raman asks who is this Mani. Shagun asks who is Mani, stop putting words in my mouth, what are you upto, I understand your games. Pihu says don’t talk to Ishita like this. Shagun angrily raises hand. Raman stops her and says don’t dare to slap my daughter. Shagun says our daughter…, I know your drama, don’t think I m a fool. She goes.

Raman says no use today, I thought

she will give us a sign. Ishita asks him to see positive side, she shouted Mani, she has seen Mani’s killer, we should talk to doctor, maybe she can tell us. Raman says how do you get smart sometimes.

Ruhi comes to meet Nikhil and sees him playing guitar. Nikhil goes. She sees his pics, and plays a tune on guitar. Nikhil smiles and says you play so good, great. Ruhi says I m so sorry, I could not control myself seeing guitar, I m also a singer, I mean I was a singer, I used to sing in Australia. He says your name is Ruhaan right, Ruhi, I don’t believe this, you sing so well, I was Ruhaan’s big fan, I mean I m still you fan, why did you leave singing. She says its a long story, I have bad memories with music. She recalls Niddhi.

She says Aaliya told you were popular singer in your college, do you sing even now. He says well, I also have some bad memories, why did you come here. She says I came to talk, why are you not meeting Aaliya. He says there are many problems between me and Adi. She says I know Adi overreacts as he loves Aaliya a lot, so he was calling you. He says Aaliya and I are just good friends, don’t know what Adi thinks, I don’t want any complications in her married life. She says I know, but Adi does not know any solution, you have to understand, atleast come for friendship, I m sure she will feel better, Adi is really stressed. He agrees and says I will come because Ruhaan asked me, I can’t refuse to Ruhaan, you play the guitar and I will sing.

Raman asks how is it possible, Shagun took Mani’s name and then forgot. Doctor says progress is seen. Its a good sign, have patience. He says we are on the verge of giving up. She asks him to keep trying. Pihu apologizes to Ishita. She says I shared my tiffin with Riya, she was alone, we are friends now. Ishita says you did good. Pihu says I m not scared of her now. Ishita says next time, one who scares you, make her your friend, your mole is fading. Pihu says I will apply mole everyday till mumma gets fine. Ishita says you are so smart, come, we will make you ready for lunch, go and change.

Roshni gets Romi’s call and says yes Mihika would have boarded the flight by now, everything is fine, Raman and Ishita are managing here. She compliments Shravan. Shravan says Kiran gifted this. Ashok comes and says you could have asked any costly thing, she will give you. Shravan asks why. Roshni asks him to go for tuition. Ashok says she is going to become your mummy, Bala is going to marry Kiran, so she brings gifts for you. Shravan says I won’t let anyone take my mum’s place. He goes.

Ashok goes to Bhalla house. Roshni says whenever he comes, he creates problems, I have to teach him a lesson. She stops Ashok and asks why did he come when Shagun made him leave. Ashok says I came to take my things. She scolds him for telling that to Shravan. Ashok says you women look good in anger, Ishita did one thing good to keep you, you are not bad. She slaps him. He says uff, see I got a current by your touch, I like it, I was thinking, you have no man in your life, you can come to me. She scolds him. He sees Shagun and starts acting. He says I will always be of Shagun, she is angry with me, I can’t see her hurt. Shagun says you are Ishita’s assistant, I tolerate her, it does not mean I will tolerate you, get lost. Shagun asks Ashok to take his things and leave. Ashok smiles and thinks I will not leave you so soon.

Ishita gets watchman’s call and asks where did you go till I got money. He says listen to me carefully, you come to park with money. She says I have to talk to Raman. She calls Raman and then thinks of Adi. Taneja asks Adi to do something of sales. Adi says I have some stress. Tanuja says personal problems should not affect work, focus on work, else all this will go bad. Adi says I don’t care, my family is imp. Taneja says then why did you start business, you should have sat at home. Adi gets Ishita’s call. She says I m going to meet Mani’s building’s watchman, he is giving me info about murderer. Adi repeats everything. Taneja hears him. Ishita asks him not to come there, she is just informing him. Adi says fine, I will stay far. She agrees. Adi ends call.

Adi says what will the watchman tell her. Ishita comes to the park and waits for him. She sees someone coming. She gets shocked seeing watchman dead.

Inspector asks Ishita what’s the matter. She says Banwari told me about some info, I thought to tell police later. Inspector asks how can you do such big mistake, see the result, someone came before you and killed him, he would have been alive if you informed me, where is Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I feel riya, nikhil , taneja and kiran are somehow connected to mani murder.. coz tey r still showing riya track.. may be it will lead to something

    1. If Taneja is involved then Ashok is also

  2. I am really curious wat did ruhi wanted to tell mani… I am sure ashok is not behind the murder

  3. Hi friends… Cool episode… Disgusting Ashok…. After watching today’s episode , I am sure that Taneja along with Ashok are involved in Mani s murder….Shagun may be a part not sure….good ishu and pihu scene…

  4. Amaany Hassan

    What is happening in this drama actually. A murder now kill a watchman .because he knows the truth about mani murder .get some money from people

  5. These shagun will never change, how dare she try to slap pihu.

    1. azuka nkwonta

      How dare you mean shagun slap pihu. Her hand have not even landed on her cheek but Raman’s hands have landed on pihu’s cheeks twice. I remember when pihu was fighting against ishita that Raman slapped her two times.
      Sometimes the role kids play in this serial are too above their age. In this fight between adults pihu was not suppose to be talking. Pihu is just eight years she is not suppose to act like an adult. You see kids sometimes giving parents advice and you will ask how old are these kids ? They are seven, eight and ten and they give advice above their age. I remember when ananya was looking for a man to be in simmi’s life. How old is ananya to be doing this. Kids are becoming adults and parents.

    2. Shreya shetty

      Azuka dear agreed that kids aren’t supposed to behave like grown ups and interfere in their talks
      But tell me something their advices might be some kind of valuable type of source which we haven’t gained at all

  6. Siddharth

    The upcoming episode of love drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Shagun is trying to get close to Raman because she wants to get back into Raman’s life.

    Shagun was trying to get close to Raman but just then Ishita comes there and Shagun get angry on her for coming inside the room.

    Ishita gets stunned seeing that Shagun is trying to get close to Raman, Raman and Ishita are not able to understand that how should they stop Shagun.

    Raman angry as Shagun raises hand over Pihu

    Just then Pihu comes there and does the drama of toothache for keeping Shagun away from Raman.

    In the upcoming track it will be seen that Pihu will continue to keep Shagun away from Raman and this will irk Shagun, she will get angry.

    Shagun raises hand over Pihu, Raman get angry and scolds Shagun for doing so.

    Ishita also get angry and warns Shagun not to raise hand over Pihu again, Shagun get irked.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  7. The upcoming episode pf Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) are busy to find the real culprit brining Shagun’s memory back.

    However, Ashok manipulates Shagun telling her that Raman and Ishita’s affairs which makes her angry.

    Ishita manages to make Shagun throw Ashok out from Bhalla house but Ashok is not ready to leave Shagun easily.

    Apart from this, Roshni confronts Ashok for filling venom in Shravan’s mind against Kiran but Ashok misbehaves with her.

    Ishita gets shocked by watchman’s death

    Roshni gets angry and slaps him for his deeds but he tries to defame her in front of Shagun.

    Ashok tries to trap Roshni to trouble Ishita and Raman more while Ishita gets shocked finding the watchman dead who was supposed to give information about Mani’s murder.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates

  8. Siddharth

    Hi SUNSHINE Friends
    Akshay Raven Nandhini Isaaq Shakaib
    Chithu Riana Chithu Pranav Bins Mansi
    KAN Saba Rani
    DIA Ayra Akkaita Snehal Nice
    Episode was good I think shagun is acting she may be responsible for mani’s death.
    I think in upcoming episodes Nikhil and Ruhi wl be paired

    1. Shreya shetty

      Siddharth u have a point there
      Even I too feel that Shagun is the one who killed mani and was doing all that drama to confuse raman and ishita in knowing the truth behind the incident

    2. Riana

      Hi sid… i am too doubting this

    3. Nivika

      Next couple will be RuHil ..think so….

    4. Shagun is a muderer she killed mani

  9. Shreya shetty

    I was correct.That Shagun the demoness was doing such great acting of having memory loss so that she can take her revenge against ishra by replacing ishita and once again puts back her disgusting entry to Raman’s life
    Excellent Shagun wow???.i must admit that not only u have become such cheap minded witch but even also knew that Roshni is ishita s assistant that proves that indeed Shaggy doo aka Shagun is a super mastermind evil gameplanner
    I bet something s fishy going on around in this track although it’s seems nice and all back to the old good times as usual like pihu and ishimaa bonding and ruhi-Riya managing well with each other

  10. Shreya shetty

    It’s either Shagun or Adi who’s behind mani s murder.coz I have a doubted feeling that either one of them was involved during that situation
    Hope ishu gets a correct clue about this sudden mystery of her beloved friends death and catch hold of that real culprit and punish him

    1. Siddharth

      Ya shreya I think there was argument btw Adi and mani or shagun bcoz in vase blood was not mani’s it’s others blood mostly Shagun when Shagun stabbed mani he might have hit her in the vase .

  11. Shreya shetty

    Shagun should get lost at first why Roshni
    Besides in fact Shaggy has been doing such marvelous melodrama by creating havoc for several times in ishu-ramans married life and now one more
    Please Anita I think u r too overacting to attract the people.we don’t need that from u and also I really at first hated u and will always regard u to be worst

    1. azuka nkwonta

      You are calling her her real name that means you are talking to the real person now not shagun. I have explained this to you that the character is different from the real person. Now you are insulting Anita directly, be respectful she is not your mate.

      1. Shreya shetty

        Who are u to give me orders huh Madam Azuka irratawonta
        I would like to take up some special training of how not to bash people in their views
        Just stop ur nonsense and please??????? For god sake
        Azuka irratawonta don’t give me the view of who’s good or bad
        All I just said was she is overacting a lot and what the heck will u do if I Disrespect Anita
        It’s my desire and Azuka one thing
        U have no absolute right over me to bash up understand
        Just keep ur mouth shut if u don’t like it

  12. azuka nkwonta

    Shravan’s behaviour was understandable, he will find it difficult to accept Kiran as his knew mom to be unlike ishita who manipulated ruhi and ruhi fell in love with her.
    Roshni is another fool in the making. Her case is going to be like the same thing we saw with mihinka versus Ashok issue. She thinks she is clever and she went to mess with Ashok and have landed herself in ashok’s mind. She will be the next female target of Ashok.

    1. Shreya shetty

      Since when have u become such a Mahaan Devi so far Azuka irratawonta
      I can insult u how much ever I want until u stop bullying yhm friends here
      It’s better if u should leave and quit from this site once and for all otherwise we all Yhm friends and the family including me,Vp and others shall straight away complain against u about u r abnormal misconduct with people and also for bashing the new ones here
      ??Azuka resembles just like this whenever I view her hahahahahaha???? Lol
      Maaan Miss Azuka irratawonta sometimes u sure do look like an comedian to all of us by becoming such an impudent and annoying person in the group
      Grow up Girl and Get a life!!

  13. Yes Azuka I agree with you about those people that copy and paste from other sites.

    The moderators should introduce this as one of the conditions when using this site.

    One likes to read constructive analysis about this serial,that makes it all interesting
    and not coping others work.
    I am sure most of us visit other sites to view their comments so why copy and paste
    on this site.
    Please moderators do something about this.

  14. Miss azuka .. why are u sounding so against ishra .. first of all I think u hate Ishita and love shagun I understand that but keep this in mind this show is on ishra , their love story .. and shagun is just a side character secondly before commenting just remember that ishra have billions of fans and ur comment can harm anybody’s feelings .. u can’t always blame ishra .. I see each and every comment of yours so scarcastic towards ishra … U are free to give opinions but in limits .. do think for others … And most of your facts are wrong .. about Ishita .. she never manipulated ruhi .. it was their love which brought them together .. and can’t u see shagun .. like she is such a bad mother that once she was almost slapping ruhi once she was throwing her out of the room .. and her bad words towards her own children .. words like shutup and all .. and don’t remember that track when she was exchanging adi and ruhi .. which mother do so ?? Please don’t get offended but this is true

    1. azuka nkwonta

      When did you become my lawyer to tell me how to talk. Do you want me to become a lawyer for you. If you don’t know how to be a constructive critic then shut. Shreya shetty just called shagun a demoness , did I say anything so mind your tongue.

    2. Well Hania , I liked the way you put it to Azuka . She is totally against Ishitha I feel . Manupilating the word she uses very often … Azuka cant understand what is love and care . if someones genuine love nd care you call manipulating .. I cant understand . More than five billion followers Ishitha has ! And this story is based on Ishru and Raman ! Todays track so unbelievable and not realistic only becoz of cvs want to give more space to AH. Nothing else .
      Back to the episode … Little Pihu how brilliantly acting as Ruhi … As audience wanted more of Ishitha nd Pihu … sadly to say the twist shows Pihu as Ruhi and Ishima . There also we dont get Ishima nd Pihu .
      Taneja is behind Watchmans murder … too annoying to watch this bribing and murdering scenes .Roshini , its better to stay away from this Ashok .
      Now Ruhis nd Nikhil love story will start …not required at all at one sight itself .
      What is love .. what is marriage and relationship … no value at all in this story now . Ishras strong love between them and their kids and family is the impact on us audience to love Ishra unconditionally .

  15. I think shagun and Adi were arguing about the divorce between him and Aliya when mani walked in. Things got ugly among all three of them. In the process, shagun’s head got hit with the vase. During the fight mani got killed, then shagun ran away. Remember Adi went back to his home with a blo*dy shirt. I also think Adi killed the watchman today. In the end, it could be called an accident or self defense. But there won’t be any reconciliation between Adi and Aliya .

  16. According to me nikhil is behind mani’s murder .. his only intention is to separate aliya and adi.. and till now he has been successful in doing so.. as raman has been blamed for mani’s murder and this has created misunderstanding between adi and aliya

  17. I feel riya is connected.. v can get clue depending on wat ruhi saw tat day

  18. Siddharth

    Hello Azuka and PAT (what kind of name is this??) we are posting just spoilers given by websites bcoz every one won’t visit spoiler websites so we people post spoilers here as other people get to know the future story no one hav problem with that why you both hav prob even as per the tu rules we can talk abt serials as much as we want.
    Azuka I know about you very well your hobby is just to quarell with other commentators and bullying them.
    U comment abt serial no problem but if you interfere in others matter or point at others without meaning we Sunshiners how to deal with people like you so better u stop.

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Are you threatening me? Anybody who visits telly updates website to read comments must have seen the spoiler that you copied and pasted for us, just like you cannot get to the comment page without seeing the written episode update, so who are you fooling. You go to peoples website and copy what they posted there and make it look like its your handwork. Why not tell us that it is a spoiler and give us website where you got it from, you are a cheap criminal, stealing other peoples work and making it look like it was your hard work.

  19. Charu prakash

    You are right Azuka.I am so glad that none of you have experienced that raised hand with your mother!Today at least we are saved from Ishita’s overreacting!Showing stereotyped gestures and weird faces to indicate emotions is unrealistic acting.Anyway this track truly belongs to Shagun.I like the way she puts a full stop to Ashok and Roshini’s nonsense and that too without any melodrama!

  20. Charu prakash

    Yes Azuka I also agree with you about copying and pasting the same updates repeatedly!

  21. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  22. Star plus longest family drama ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ has dragged the storyline to a conspiracy corner where Ashok’s evil conspiracy is ruining Raman’s life.

    So far we have seen that Raman (Karan Patel) is trapped in Mani’s murder case and Ishita is trying to prove him innocent.

    In the last episode we have witnessed that Ishita fails to get evidence from Banwari as he is killed before she could reach him.

    Raman Ishita to catch Ashok Taneja red-handed

    It is assumed that when Ishita told Adi about Banwari at that time Taneja was present he may overhear that Ishita will meet Banwari for evidence.

    Taneja and Ashok big enemies of Raman had always tried to trap Raman on the other side Ashok wants that Shagun’s memory could not come back.

    It is expected that Ashok and Taneja killed Banwari so that they could not get trap, these all clues state that Ashok and Taneja both are involved in Mani’s murder to trap Raman.

    But soon Raman and Ishita will catch them red-handed.

    Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates.

  23. On the day when Mani died taneja met Mani and was influencing him against Raman .
    Maybe he and ashok would have killed Mani and Shagun is trying to get proof against ashok and taneja by faking memory loss I think .

  24. azuka nkwonta

    The show is developing hiding secret plot which is Ashok versus roshni. I can’t wait to see Ashok versus roshni saga.

  25. Why does no one age in the serial? Please show dadi and dadu with atleast a stick.

  26. azuka nkwonta

    Vp are you going to teach me about love, you think you know better. I will criticise what I will criticise. You think the world runs on your own principles or what you value. Ishita can be criticized just like you are criticising shagun. You are not in any position to tell me what is right or wrong. I watch yhm, I give details to what people do not see, I don’t see you doing that. You are not my match. You behave like that character ishita, what a shame.

    1. Shreya shetty

      Azuka irratawonta Mind Ur language there Miss seeker
      How dare u to disrespect Vp mam like that that too calling her shameless?? Yuck and disgusting attitude towards an elder was not expected from u azuka
      I was right people like u never learnt how to speak with dignity and honour at all there ar Ur place but perhaps u have forgotten that Youngsters must pay good respect towards their elders
      U have crossed all Ur limits a lot azuka irratawonta
      Nobody told u to come here and bully anybody including our dearest friends who have been coming here since long at this site
      Before I ever speak more just keep Ur mouth sealed and move off

  27. ohh god what happened to this page…why some fans behaving such a worse way…every one have the rights to express their opinion bt here some peoples have so much problem with other commenters….the fans who sharing spoilers with us u guys doing a great job….just ignore those people who can’t understand anyone’s effort…bt they do know very well how to hurt others emotions…just ignore those attaion seekers…

  28. Nivika

    Firstly….i couldnt recognize roshni……kitna badal hua hai usme…..
    Gud slap roshni..

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