Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Ruhi talking about Pihu. Ruhi says when Pihu knows Shagun is marrying Mani… Ishita says how will she react. Ruhi says I know why you thought of Shagun and Mani’s marriage. Ishita says but she is young, what will happen when Mani gets married to Shagun, I m feeling guilty, I do not want Pihu’s childhood to get spoiled. Ruhi asks her not to worry and says I know you are thinking a lot of things, I understand but I m Pihu’s sister, and I think I can explain her well, give me chance to say truth to Pihu, don’t worry.

Ishita says but how. Ruhi says trust me, I will explain her well, I don’t know how to tell her, but there won’t be any problem, I m here and will explain her. Ishita says I trust you. Ruhi says thanks, till I don’t explain her,

don’t say anything to her, go and sleep well. Ishita says you became Akka, you reminded me of Vandu, elder sister becomes mother, look at yourself, you are able to handle her, it makes me proud of you. Ruhi says I have hurt you a lot, but not anymore.

Ashok talks to Niddhi and says you played well, did you call me to say this. She says yes, I had to share this, I told Shagun to agree to marry Mani, Shagun will get profits, she can play games in bhalla family and no one will doubt on her, Mani won’t think of this. Ashok says yes, let Shagun ruin Bhalla’s peace, you rest. She asks can I rest here, get me out of here. He says I m trying, it needs time, let me celebrate now. He ends call.

Shagun says I know this family is happy with this marriage, I will shake the foundation by this, Ishita thinks she did favor on me, I know what to do, if Pihu knows I m her surrogate mother, its fine, real drama will begin after that. She gets some papers out of locker and says Ishita can’t imagine whats in these papers, get ready for your destruction Ishita.

Its night, Amma and Mrs. Bhalla have a talk. Amma tells about Raman and Ishita’s marriage and Mrs. Bhalla says they are already marriage, now Shagun is marrying Mani. Amma says its 7 years ago, they have no husband and wife relation, they are just friends, when they marry again, they will get a spark in their lives, don’t know their marriage is legally existing or not, we should do something, talk to them about marriage today.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita about Shagun. Ishita says she went out for two days for NGO work. Mrs. Bhalla thinks its good, else I could have not talked this. Ishita says Ruhi said she will talk to Pihu. Raman talks to friend and passes taunts. Mrs. Bhalla thinks we have to do something, but Raman is angry, if I say anything, he will scold me, how to talk. Amma comes and asks what happened, did you talk. Mrs. Bhalla says no, look at his mood. Amma comes and says I m worried for Adi’s future. Adi coughs and asks why, my future is right. Amma says you are grown up, when we go to see girl, they will ask Adi’s parents, what will you do. Raman reacts saying I know what do they mean, let Adi make a good GF then, we will see things later. He goes.

Ishita says I also feel Adi is not prepared for marriage, so it will be better to concentrate on Shagun and Mani. She goes. Adi asks Amma what was she saying. Ruhi comes and tells Mihika that Romi is calling her to give tea to client. Romi does not check papers and signs. He goes to attend call. Mihika gives tea to Gupta and talks to him. She checks papers and shows some low percentage for manufacturer. Gupta says I forgot to change, I will make new papers.

Romi comes and asks what happened. Gupta says there is mistake, I will need two days to make new papers. Romi says how will I complete order now. She tells Tandon is a sick enterprise and they can shut anytime, I saw their reports. Romi asks Gupta is this true. Gupta says I will find out.

Raman and Ishita talk about Adi, he would have a GF now, he has grown up, you should talk to him as a friend, you should tell him what happens, relationship and…. He asks did Adi go on date. She says how would I know, will he share this with me, you must go and tell him about safety measures. He says fine, I will talk to him. She says I m serious, go now and talk like a friend. Raman goes.

Gupta apologizes to Romi. Romi asks him how could he do such big mistake. Gupta says you are lucky to get such a wife, I will be careful next time and goes. Romi argues with Mihika. She says I was just helping you, you should have checked things yourself than relying on others. He says I manage business and meet people, I know business, you don’t need to interfere. She tries to explain. Ishita comes there and looks on.

Ishita tells Romi that Mihika is your wife and knows your work. He says no need, I own a company and know work, I did mistake, It does not mean she interferes, do I interfere in her work. Mihika goes. Ishita says she was saving you from losses, she is your partner, you know you are wrong and still shouting on her, it shows you are insecure, you should correct yourself. She goes.

Raman argues with Ishita and says you don’t have patience to bear me, let thins go on as it is. Adi gets shy and talks to Raman. Raman says I m ashamed, you are my son and don’t have any GF.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Kimberly

    It is really sad to see a good person like Niddhi behind bars and a selfish person like Ishita who has destroyed lives of Niddhi, Shagun and Ruhi living happily.

    • Saman

      Tmhara ab koi comment nhi Hona chaiye bakwas Krte Ho Nidhi ki Jagah tmhe jail Mai Hona chaiye

    • Mino

      Oh U & Ur Negative Comments ur good to join the Cv’s As u have there ideas. ur back. i thought u realised ur mistakes but obviously not. Sorry abt that.

  2. disha

    In the coming episode, Ashok plays eviltrick to separate Mihika and and Romi. Ashok will tell Mihika that Romi has booked a room in hotel and he is with a girl. Ashok takes Mihika and Mihika shocked seeing Romi with a girl. This creates misunderstanding amid them but Romi is Innocent.

  3. Kimberly

    I am wondering how Ruhi became so insensitive towards Niddhi who has given so many sacrifices for her. And what this shameless Ishita has done for Ruhi other than showing fake love ??? This Ishita cant take care of anyone. ,neither Ruhi nor Pihu.

    • Megh

      Can u take care of ruhi n pihu???? I ws a silent reader until now bt couldnt resist looking at ur comments…. Im sorry abt that….. But my suggestion is u gotta watch whole of yhm again….. N i feel u should hav been in nupur’s place(nidhi’s pa)……. XD

    • Mimi

      Fake name
      Not everyone is a fool
      You purposely write such comments
      Craving for attention girl?
      You’re not at the right place
      Get lost!

  4. disha

    Yeh hai Mohabbatein will witness a major twist and turns in it’s upcoming episode. We know that Shagun is the kidnapper finally Ishita will get to knowthe real truth of Shagun!In the coming episode, Shagun goes missing and Ishita tries to find out Shagun with help of ACP Abhishek. They finds that Shagun is in Pathak’s house! Ishita will come to know that Shagun is part of the kidnapping plan. Ishita interrogates Shagun but she makes excuse making Ishita doub

  5. jaz

    HELLO EVERYONE Adu monique rithu super girl salley susan vp mino az naaz pihu sindhu siddhi jeni khushi shinning shivani and all members of yhm fans how are you guys all

  6. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. This serial is dragging and going no where. Why is shaggy given importance. En raman just argues with ishita in the precap.Cant they sort out all this or is it gona take over 800episodes to find out the truth of pihu being raman and ishita child en shugun the villian

  7. disha

    Yeh hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns when Raman plan to go on a secrete mission to find out the real kidnapper.In the coming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman will be seen leaving Bhalla house for a a overseas business meeting. However, the truth is something else…. Raman is leaving the house to find out the real kidnapper! Hopefully, Raman will find Shagun as the kidnapper and let’s see what next happens in the show.

    • Lekha

      Hurray….this is what I wanted……I wanted Raman or ruhi to see evil side of shagun before ishita and throw her out of the house…..if ishita comes to know abt it don’t know how much negativity we have to watch until she discloses to everyone…… happyyyyyyy…

  8. jaz

    Adi,Mrs bhalla,ishu mom scene was very funny.thank god us be haya besharam aurat shaggy ku nahi dikha ya.Guys I think romi phir se wahi.karraha jo wo saarika ke saat.kya tha.kya yaar ye story phirse re start hogayi episode was just time pass tha.keheko thu yeh hain mohabbatein.lekin kisi ke dil.mein koyi pyar nazar nahi aatha muje.romi aur mhikha mein koyi pyar nahi hain .aur udar niddhi ashok pilkar shgaun ka banyd baje ne ki tayari kar rahe hain.

  9. Khushi

    Hi frnds
    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina, nd all my yhm lover frnds
    Todays episode was lil stress relieving
    Familu tym for bhallas without vamp shagun
    I wonder whether this ashok hav no other works than eavesdroping in to bhalla hse.
    Romi is disgusting lyk his brother. Full if ego nd complex. Mihika did wrong by selecting romi as husband.
    Cvs turned as villians nd ruined such an amiable relationship of mihir nd mihika. They wer juz awesome couple.
    As per news ashok will try to create differences bet romi nd mihika proving that romi hav extra maritial affair. So seems to be this relation is also in the verge of broke up. Seeing their behaviour doesnt luk lyk it will go too long.
    What this raman is doing . He is sayng that he is ashamed of adi for nt havng girlfrnds. What he thnk of himself. I would nvr want adi to be lyk raman.

    I lyk todays episode devoid if plottings nd yellings nd insults
    Vamp shagun was also nt there
    Some funny moments wer there with mrs bhalla nd iyer
    Tomorrow again will be bck to same dull nd negativity
    Cum on cvs stop this dragging nd nonsense.. Sort out thngs nd make the show watchable or shut it down

    • Smithi

      Hi khushi!! Wanna be friends??? I also think the same as you!! Im fed up of the serial now.. so many wrong turns now.. anyway nice to meet you!☺

      • Khushi

        Hi smithi,
        Nice to meet u too
        Please to be friends with u dear
        By the way wer ru frm?
        Hws lyf going?

    • VP

      Totally share your comments … what I wanted to express you have already said ..Agree with you Khushi …

  10. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Jaz, Az, Prisha, Saritha, Aditya, Raisa, Monique, Naaz and many many YHM fans…Hope everyone is doing fine. Today’s episode is ok ad precap is also nothing our of ordinary. I don’t see any spark in Ishra. Both Raman and Ishita have become like business associate than husband and wife. Their conversation is very formal and business like. I am fed up. Where is the real conversation between husband and wife? Something is missing. I don’t deny the fact with some of you all when you mentioned that could it be she is now married. I also feel that she is now officially married, it is slowly waning. Both Raman and Ishita are not like the couple before the leap. The element is missing and it is really really very sad. Amma is right. They are behaving like friends. In fact previously, Raman talks to Shagun in a very concerned manner but with Ishita it is very diplomatic relation. I just don’t like to see this. There is not even a warm hug when there is something joyful. Both of them are so distant. CVs please do something. The only pair worth watching is actually Adi and Aliya.

    • VP

      Sindhu .. I had been telling this about their chemist ry after leap .. its totally gone ..Yes he talks to Shaghun respectfully , says sorry plus all blaa blaa .. Totally the charm is gone … I started enjoying Ishitha and Ruhi and addicted to this serial … cvs are brainless so also Ekta … And now the lead actors are not delivering well , it looks yhm is lacking something … It was Ishra which brought this to million viewers .. what to tell ..

    • Lekha

      I agree with you to some extent …..but I guess neither karan nor divs have a problem of acting close bcoz of marriage…..they are professionals and they will never do like that……I guess CVS have something in their mind about their happy reunion and that’s why that r showing like this……anyways am eagerly waiting for ishra scenes as u……

  11. Khushi

    Hi frnds
    I hav come actoss two funny stress buster serials
    Dnt knw whether any of u watches it
    Am tellng bhabhi ji khar par hai aired in &tv and bahoo hamari rajnikany in life ok. Such nice serials. Full of fun nd masti.
    Any of u hav same opinions?

    Take care dear ones

    • jaz

      Hey khushi yeah I watch bahu humari rajni khant aired on life ok days our yhm show become a very big head ache..then I became very upset.but bhrk show giving to me happy and my face.

  12. jaz

    Guys aapko logo ku kya lag raha ki 21 years old ladke se uski girl ke bhare mein poch na thik hain muje tu thik nahi lagtha kyun ki aur b hain puch ne ke liye ki beta aapka ambition kya kya life mei kya banna chathey ho .aise bahot sari chize hain jo baab apne bete se puch saktha hain naki uski girl friend ke bhare mein.kya yaar meine socha tha ki kyui achi isharu scene hoga dil kol ke previous bathey kareghe but usually pihu ki bathey le ke bedgaya now ruhi take responsibility for pihu..nothing to watch now days I think khacra bhara howa hain do takkey cvs walo ke dimag mein use less & brain less person living in only balaji tely film mein..including this raandi ektha also..saali apni real life mein b badi negative person hoghi tabi tu negatives ku itna important dethi hain..sare show mein negatives.yhm show mein shagun ku lekar dil jali thi hain humara,dusri aur kkb mein tanu ko.lekar abigya fans ka dil jali thi.hain disgusting lady..

    • Kimberly

      Hey, whats wrong if a father is asking his son about his girlfriend. Parents even give s*x education to their children. Dont u know that ? idiot.

      • Khushi

        Dear Kimberly evryone has the right to giv their opinion as this is a site open for all. You also posting ur point of views here nd we r tolerating it with an open heart. You can post your point of view bt no right to insult others. Seeing your comments its evident that who is the idiot here.
        Normally i keep silent to ur comments bt today by insultng my frndz u forced me to say this
        Take care kimberly

    • Khushi

      Ys true vp in ektas show always vamps enjoys an upper hand when compared to leads. Kkb is ridiculous. I thnk yhm is lil bettr than kkb.

      I thnk its gud that parents nd children shld hav a healthy and friendly relationship with each other so that children can open up their mind before parents. A relationship lyk that in which they can openly talk abt their gutl frnds or crush. Bt nt in the way raman talkng to adi. He is nt talkng lyk a frnd instead he is demotivating him. He is simply exaggerating humself before adi. This is nt the way to be frndly with his son. What lesson he is giving to his son. U r 21 nd till now u shld hav many girlfrnds. 21 huye to ladki nahi pataya abhi tak. Kya bakwas hai. Instead he shld teach him abt sincere luv nd respecting girls rather than this type of things. No wonder he himself dnt respect women then what will he teach to others. Adi is far more bettr than raman. Thanks to ishithas upbringing. She is an awesome mother. Hw she changd an arrogant adi to such a nice human being

    • Khushi

      Ya jaz raman is behaving lyk he is 21 yrs nd adi is oldie lyk him… Adi is such nuce human being. Thank gid he is nt lyk raman arrogant nd insensitive. Hats off to ishithas upbringing

  13. Sindhu

    HI aditya, how are you feeling now? I am good. To your yesterday’s questions, I live in Singapore and am a Singaporean. My grandfather is from Hyderabad but he migrated to Singapore after world war 1 and our whole family was born in Singapore. So we are telugu family. I am not a student but a teacher. I acquired the liking of YHM only beginning of 2015 and started watching the beginning epsiodes in hotstar and I just fell in love with ishra and Ruhi. As much as I don’t like the way YHM story is heading for with surrogacy, changing partners, rude daughter, fighting and quarreling fiasco, I still love YHM because of Raman and Ishita and I am sure all the YHM fans love them which why most of us keep coming to this telly site to leave comments about YHM because of Ishra. We are having a glimmer of hope that cvs will soon change the plot to fans liking and will add more of Ishra scenes so every evening I anticipate for that surprise in any of the episodes.

  14. Kimberly

    Ishita’s good days are over. Shagun is going to throw her out of Bhalla house soon. And Niddhi should get Ruhi back , I dont know what the writers r thinking ? Have they gone mad making a selfish moron like Ishita making mother of Ruhi.

    • jaz

      Abey oye band kar teri bakwas…shuro hogai phirse tu niddhi ki chamchi ..saali bolthi hain kadwa hi bolthi..karele kana bankar tuda sa mitha khhale..kadwi zubaan

  15. Aliya

    Hi yhm fans expect that Kimberly. 😈😈😈😈😈Why you always comment negative. 😱😱😱😱Any way coming to episode nice episode.nice to see ishitha and ruhi together .precap also nice.what a nice father is raman .l wish everybody gets a father like ishrarupiadi😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  16. Aliya

    Hi to all yhm fan expect that Kimberly. 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 why are you always comment negative. Ok coming back to episode. Nice episode.precap was also nice.l wish every boys have a father like ishrarupiadi 😊 😊 😊

  17. Aliya

    I am very sorry for commenting the same meaning in two ways maf karna sorry😢😢😢😢😢😢

  18. disha

    The latest buzz is that Swati Kapoor is going to enter in Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.

    Swati Kapoor was last seen in the Channel V show Mastaangi and now she has been roped to play a pivotal role in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.

    Swati Kapoor enters in the scene when Adi gets heartbroken Aaliya does not love him and he goes in depression.

    Adi is a wedding planner and Swati Kapoor’s character bump with her during the function where she will be fall on him but Adi will be seen avoiding her as he thinks love is not become for him.

    How Swati Kapoor’s entry brings change in Adi’s parents Raman and Ishita’s life?

    Let’s see what happens.

  19. Saritha

    Hai and gud evng rithu sindu aditya shivani kushi jaz monique.d az bhagya shona disha aliya and all yhm fans. Today episode was nice especially ruhi and ishu scene. If anyone have any idea about the papers shown the DEVIL SHAGUN. Precap was intersting

    • Khushi

      Saritha it can be eithr custody papers of pihu or some papers relatd to surrogacy
      I really hope they will end up showing pihu as shagun nd ramans daughter
      I hav my doubts bcose if she is ishu nd ramans daughter he must nt luk lyk ruhi who is shagun nd ramans daughter. She is ditto of ruhi. Ruhi luks lyk shagun only. As per my idea abt surrogacy the child will nt hav any traits of surrogate mother bt hav only the traits of biological parents. Then y its so that pihu is identical to ruhi who resembles her mother shagun.
      Any body noticed thr same

      • Khushi

        I mean they will nt end up showing pihu as raman- shaguns daughter. She mighy hav done somethng big with surrogacy. Nd may be thats the reason y manoj left her knowing that pihu is shagun- ramans daughter

  20. Saritha

    Hai and gud evng to rithu sindu aditya shivani vp khusi aliya monique jaz az bhagya aruna. Today episode was ok but ishuhi(ishu nd ruhi) scene was superb. If anyone have any idea about the papers shown by the DEVIL SHAGUN. Plz tell me. Precap was o. Yhn getting boring

  21. Nish

    Hi everyone, we have had the worst storm here in DURBAN south Africa,. We need the rain but this is dangerous weather.
    People have lost their lives already.
    Anyway with YHM..i think that Raman is scared to commit to Ishita again. He feels she does not know how to handle him because she left him the last time.
    He wants her around even so he is scared to make the mistake again.

  22. Mino

    Hi VP Rithu, Az, Sindhu, Shivani, Arditya, Jaz Khushi & All The YHM Fans In Our family. Even the Negative Kimberly.. Though she acts stupid.
    Hi All I don’t know whether u all read this i did this morning Romi is acting like this cos of Sarika coming back again. They have mentioned he is meeting her on the sly. again another marriage is going to be doomed as U guys say Ekta’s favourite past time. Aliya is getting involved with Mihir . What kind of a relationship is that. Appa’s wife & Brother in Law , plus son in law.isn’t that sick..ha ha . that is disgusting. Now i hope The Cv’s won’t take away Ishu’s only happiness looks like Shagun has tricked Raman & Pihu is going to be their daughter. Gosh how much pain & Sorrow can IShu take. Hope these stories are not correct. I have a feeling we are going to get snubbed big time as ISRa is never going to be together. Or ever going to get any happiness. see the way Raman talks to her like talking to a business partner not like a husband & wife talk. But then again we have to wait & see as Ishu must be careful cos Raman told her not to have too much hopes as he is not trusting relationships etc. & she too must be hurt as he has not said sorry yet. & did not withdraw any of the wicked things she was accused of.
    oh i can’t handle this nonsense . Shagun was never caught poor man Anil died cos of her. Aliya should get the truth out of Anil’s sister that Shagun was involved. And Ruhi should check the papers she has & give it to Raman. For all i know like she tricked Raman in giving Ruhi She would have tricked Raman again with Pihu. As Raman like a mad man was getting everything signed without reading.. like his idiotic bro Romi. Why did they get Romi & Mehika Married. she should have married Mihir. Poor guy is getting a girl as old as his daughter.
    How can the NGO employ a murderer , Kidnapper etc. she is responsible for Anil’s suicide . I don’t know why they have made Ishu a Dumb person in trusting everyone. she was such a smart cookie. now she is behaving like a fool trusting Shagun. Raman & IShu both should have suspected Shagun with the kidnapping at least kept a little doubt. Oh i just think this story is really meaningless. so sad it started with a bang, & what is TRP? why are people voting for this story that has no meaning??? Very sorry to hurt u guys. pardon me pls as i am so upset the way it is going after the start that was like lightning. Luv to all. Sorry again…

    • Kimberly

      So what is wrong if love story of Mihir and Aliya is shown. True love doesnt see things like age, again I am saying true love and true love is very rare in real world also. There is nothing sick or disgusting if Mihir and Aliya fall in love despite their age differences. Its your sick mentality, nothing else.

      • Mino

        Oh U have shown ur really sick in ur dirty mind dear. U must be liking adult relationships in ur life. from all ur comments u give us that impression. sorry to hurt ur feelings. u show so much negative vibes.

      • |Registered Member

        you are so negative person.I started watching serial bcoz of adi nd alia.I think you are real lyf niddhi

    • Khushi

      Mino me too hav same feelngs as u… I cant tolerate the concept of pairing of mihir nd aliya. Mihir luks gud only with mihika. I can see problems arose in the paradise of mihika nd romi. Cant say paradise bcose cant see any luv bet romi nd mihika jus acting infrnt of family. So sure soon they wil part ways
      Wow sarika is bck. Ussi ki kami dhi. Anothr vamo back to actin. She wil be targetng mihika. Shgun will make ishithas lyf hell nd sarika mihikas
      Hopeless serial
      Nobody can liv happily in yhm
      No mohabatein in yhm

  23. Kimberly

    Hi I am very sorry fr my negative comments which I am making. I love ishra. I am. Eagerly waiting to Raman and Ishita to re unite .

    • Kimberly

      Listen u fake Kimberly, If u want to bash me or troll me then have the guts to do using ur own name.

  24. Ishu

    Kimberly are you mad or what… what kind of person u are. You are always supporting the negative characters… are u out of mind… ashamed of a negative crap person like you…

  25. Ishu

    Kimberly are you mad or what… what kind of person u are. You are always supporting the negative characters… are u out of mind… ashamed of a negative crap person like you… hate kimberly.. just quit commenting u senseless person…

  26. Sri lankan fan

    Hi to all yhm fans. The writers are doing a great job. Im a silent reader but couldnt keep shut cuz of kimberly… Omg whats wrong with u. I guess u should stop watching yhm. Or maybe r u any relative of niddhi??

  27. Raghu

    Hi yhm friends. I am new to this forum. Actually I watch the remake version of yhm in Tamil. I started watching yhm since January 2016. I think I exactly know what shagun is going to do with those papers. If you guys rewind before the leap remember Rubi asked for her papa(Raman) divorce. Similarly Shagun signed some documents. I think Shagun to safeguard pihu from Nidhi would have signed a document stating that the surrogacy become s void. It means neither Raman or Isitha become pihu parents

  28. shit

    YHM has lost its charm. Hence I like Kimberlee’s comments. Girls, if you dont agree with anybody, give your comments. You cannot force to change other’s point of view.

  29. raj

    Are yaar, when ishita was in jail, she wore jail uniform saree, nidhi kabse jail me hai magar usko change karne ki zaroorath hi nai kya? jubse jail gayi thab se wahi ek kapda pehni hai 🙂 willians ko sab patha hota hai magar baaki log sab ke sab bekhabar rahthei hain, am i correct

    • shivani

      Nidhi got full freedom in jail, she can make calls, she called shagun there and was talking with her about thier future plans…but when ishu was in jail she has to wear jail uniform, and got only 5 mnts to talk with raman…nidhi is enjoying there but ishita was suffering….writers purposely making ishita weak…i think serial protocol is that good ones should suffer , specially female lead…

    • VP

      Raj exactly I was about to comment that … Ishitha in the jail she had to wear uniform how much they tortured her … but all these villains Ashok Shaarika And now Nidhi no Uniform … Please this is not the way in India .. how badly this cvs portraits Indians … no values at all whether its marriage , relationship , police department , no justice .. I cant understand at all … Romis and Mihikas relationship chances to fall … one marriage strong these cvs are not able to show … I cant imagine … I was madly in love with Yhm … Mino Jaz and all totally agree with you … And Raghu I too think Shaghun has cheated on that agreement … I only wish the child is Ishithas and Ramans … All Ramans mistake ….

  30. A

    New Delhi: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress Pavitra Punia aka Nidhi has decided to leave the show.

    Reports in Saas Bahu aur Saazish claim that the actress is not happy with makers and is disappointed with the way her character is shaping up.

    Let us see what the creative team will do to stop her from quitting the show.

    In other news, Pavitra is getting married in real life.She will be tying the knot with a businessman, Sumit Maheshwari. The two reportedly got engaged in October.

    In the upcoming episodes, drama in the show will gear up as Shagun’s negative side will get exposed in front of Ishita.

  31. raj

    yar yeh ashok ko mp kisne banaya aur kaun si basis me banaya? ashok ko business se zyada sirf bhallas ko destroy karneka kaam hi hai

  32. shivani

    Jealous Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) mixes glue in color spoiling Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) hair in Yeh Hai Mohabbteion

    Shagun’s jealous is becoming very dangerous slowly for Raman and Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbteion.

    Both Bhalla and Iyyer families are busy preparation welcoming Raman as he is returning home from his business tour.

    Mr Bhalla calls some beautician for having makeover giving surprise to Raman and they insist Ishita to do it too.

    On the other hand, Shagun has turned evil and decides not let Ishita happy longer and mixes something in hair color.

    Ishita just sit for the coloring hair but Raman calls her on time and goes to take raman…

    But unfortunately, Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Iyyer becomes victim of the Shagun’s plan as they ask beautician to apply color their hairs.

  33. sam

    guys I didn’t understand 1 thing is pihu the real daughter of shagun and raman /?bcoz she looks like shagun.
    and only once pihu said to raman that she want to keep on hugging har wali anty.
    and y the writer r not showing mother and child bond.being ishu’s real daughter she should form a bond wither real mother.

  34. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshia Sam az Monique d aparna Natasha priya bhagi Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel priyaroli siddhi mino jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl Khushi Aliya and all yhm friends.

  35. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Bhalla family is happy and starts doing preparation for grand welcome of Raman in house.
    Raman had gone for business tour and is now returning back home after long time so Ishita’s love for Raman get re bloom.
    Ishita gets busy doing special arrangement for Raman and cook all favorites’ dishes of him.
    Mrs Iyer suggests Ishita to have a makeover to surprise Raman on his return but Ishita refuses as she is busy.
    Furthermore, Ishita asks Shagun to give breakfast to Pihu but Shagun asks her to take it for Pihu.
    Shagun betrays Ishita being sweet with her.
    Ishita is happy unaware about Shagun is stabbing her being sweet.
    Will Shagun destroy Ishita’s preparation for Raman?
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

  36. rithushree

    Shagun’s jealous is becoming very dangerous slowly for Raman and Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbteion.
    Both Bhalla and Iyyer families are busy preparation welcoming Raman as he is returning home from his business tour.
    Mr Bhalla calls some beautician for having makeover giving surprise to Raman and they insist Ishita to do it too.
    On the other hand, Shagun has turned evil and decides not let Ishita happy longer and mixes something in hair color.
    Ishita just sit for the coloring hair but Raman calls her on time and goes to take Raman.
    But unfortunately, Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Iyyer becomes victim of the Shagun’s plan as they ask beautician to apply color their hairs.
    How will Shagun react see Ishita happy with Raman?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  37. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus most successfully running daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.
    It seems that Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani ) will leave Bhalla house and tells Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi ) that she is going out of station.
    However Ishita will come to know that Shagun was lying to her and she was in the same city and was seen in the kidnapper’s house.
    Shockingly Shagun will smartly turn the tables and play innocent by saying that she wanted Ishita to spend some quality time with Pihu and therefore she left home.
    But it seems that Detective Ishita will have some doubt on Shagun and will start investigating to get clues against her kidnappers.

  38. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    As per the ongoing storyline, Shagun steps out of Bhalla house with an excuse that she is going for her NGO work.
    Soon in the upcoming series Pihu will fall sick but Ishita will take care of her with her loving and caring attitude.
    However Pihu will miss her mother Shagun and Ishita will decide to call her.
    Ishita and Ruhi will come to know that Shagun is untraceable at her work place but at Anil Nagpal’s house with Abhishek’s help.
    Ishita and Ruhi will catch Shagun red handed but smart Shagun will make lame excuse stating that she had come for investigation.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.