Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Ruhi to help her. She pacifies her. Ruhi says Adi is blaming himself. Ishita says we are with him, we will not let him feel bad. She promises him that they will make things fine as a team, with Mrs. Bhalla included, they will unite the family. Ruhi says I love you Ishi Maa, you are world’s best mum. Ishita says because I have world’s best daughter.

Rinki talks to Mrs. Bhalla and talks about Mihir going to US, and there is no one to help us, we have to make everything on our own. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, your dad has nothing now, why should we take Raman’s help, right? Maybe Mihir has savings so he is doing this. Rinki says Raman feels he controls our life, so he is sending Mihir to US, I told Mihir to shift me in new flat. Mrs. Bhalla understands

Rinki has ignited fire in her home, and asked Mihir for the flat, poor Mihir.

She calls Ishita and says Mihir is buying a better flat, Rinki asked him to buy a lavish flat, he is going to US, I don’t know how will he manage. Ishita asks her not to worry, she will see. Raman is at office. Ishita calls him, and says Neelu said Mrs. Bhalla is fine. He says mum is unwell and I m thinking about them, why does Rinki feel I m thinking about my family, is she not my family. She says let her think, she will understand, you do your work and don’t think about her.

He asks why is she insecure. She says Mihir is thinking to buy a new home, I feel he does not have enough money, maybe he takes loan, if you could help him. She asks how did you know. She says by Neelu, she heard Rinki and mummy ji’s talk. He says fine, I will talk to Mihir. She calls Mrs. Bhalla and says she informed Raman.

Mihir comes to Raman and says he has done all the work and will finish more before going to US. Raman asks is he doing this fine, by hiding such a big thing. He asks about buying a house, can’t he tell him. Mihir says Rinki has done so much drama. Raman says when did Rinki come between us, you can take company money, you can take it as loan, you go and come, till you come, Rinki will get sense. Mihir hugs and thanks him. He says he did right thing by getting Shagun and Raman’s marriage, as he got Raman, his brother and best friend.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Mr. Bhalla and makes him realize the changes at home, and how Raman and Ishita managed before. We have to manage home with tight use of things, and asks Neelu to use less tea powder and sugar. He leaves. She tells Simmi that she has to manage, if they both stay adamant. Simmi asks her to take care. Mrs. Bhalla thinks Ishita and I will bring them together.

Iyers have a talk and Raman goes from dining table. Ishita goes to him and says I know you miss Punjabi food, I was busy, I will make your fav food, don’t take tension. He works and talks on phone. Ishita closes the door. He says we are at Appa’s place, why are you shutting the door. She says Neelu has sent parathas for him, and jokes on him, asking him to eat it. He says he is not hungry. She says fine, leave it, I will eat it. She keeps it there and goes. Mrs. Bhalla comes out of her flat and asks Ishita about Raman, did he eat parathas. Ishita says he will have it. Mrs. Bhalla thanks him, and says he does not want to burden Raman. Ishita says Mihir is part of Raman’s company.

Mrs. Bhalla says inform me after he eats parathas. Ishita laughs and says sure, take rest. She comes back and sees the box kept at same place. She thinks he did not eat it. He asks where did she go. She says she went to kids, she will get milk for him. She picks the box and sees it light. She smiles and goes out to check. Its empty and she laughs. She says few people are very dramatic. She calls Mrs. Bhalla and says Raman has eaten all the parathas, sleep well.

Pathak calls Raman and says he came to know about Parmeet filing custody case, he is out of jail. Raman says Ashok would have freed him, Parmeet should not get the custody, do anything. Ishita hears Raman talking and asks him to put phone to speaker. Pathak says this time he played dirty game, that he will remark Simmi as single and jobless, and tell about home problems, Suraj and Ashok are with Parmeet. Raman says Simmi should not know this, make my meeting fixed with Parmeet. Pathak says fine, I will let you know. Ishita says we have to deal well. Raman says I won’t let Ananya go to Parmeet, don’t tell this at home. He leaves. She says whats happening in our home, one by one all problems are coming.

Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla are at veg stall. Mrs. Bhalla sees Ishita worried and asks her where is she lost. Ishita buys vegs in hurry and sends vegs to Iyer house. She goes. Bala talks to someone and says many computers are not working, how will I teach students, just come and check. Romi hears him. Bala sees him and asks the man to come soon and repair the computers.

Ishita comes to Raman and asks did he talk to Parmeet. Parmeet greets her and says Raman called me, so I have come, I said I won’t deal till Ishita comes. Raman says as you know, if she is here, you can go alive. Parmeet says yes, just Ishita can control you. Raman asks him to say. Parmeet says you want me not to fight Ananya’s custody case, give me 15 crores. Raman and Ishita look at each other.

Rinki tells Mrs. Bhalla says she came to know Raman did not send money to Mihir. Mrs. Bhalla
confronts Ishita and asks are you playing a game with me.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. good episode.ishruh part was good and even paratha part .par inn sab ke beech woh saala kameena param aa gaya.15 crore mein apni bacchi ko bech raha hai.ishitha ko pehle hi divorce ke saath permanent custody kaa bhi uss param se sign karwa lena chahiye tha.aur yeh rinki yeh sochne ke bhajay ki raman ko koi problem hai ulta raman ke baare mein bura bol rahi hai aur mrs.bhalla ki bhi kaan bhar rahi hai raman ke khilaaf.jiss wajah se precap mein toshijj ne yeh sab ishitha se kaha.

  2. Since Raman is all set to spend his long due honeymoon with wifey Ishita in Paris, here’s looking at 5 French actresses he can’t score with , even if he tries REAL hard!
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s Raman and Ishita are gearing up for Paris! The two haven’t had their honeymoon yet and the same has been pending since evolution, probably. BollywoodLife informed is viewers that the couple will spending their romantic night in the world’s most romantic city and the same will be seen in one of the upcoming episodes. Well Raman and Ishita may be in love, but Paris doesn’t have a dearth of gorgeous women. Though Raman will never cheat on his better half Ishita, let’s consider the possibility of him doing so. And whom will he get cosy with if not Ishita? That’s the big question. Mr Bhalla may have his luck with the local women in Paris but there’s NO way he can score with these 5 women. Here’s a list of French actresses the Punjabi munda can NEVER get in Paris:

    Eva Green
    The beauty is popularly known as the ‘Bond girl’ and was seen with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. The French actress is s*xy and full of oomph. Now imagine her with Raman . LOL! Apart from cracking lame jokes and lashing out at any and everyone, there’s very little Raman is capable of doing. Eva needs a charmer and Mr Bhalla falls flat in that department. Sorry Raman, you should stick to Ishita.

    Marion Cotillard
    Marion’s magnetic personality will completely overshadow Raman’s, if at all they do get together in seven hells. The actress has been seen films like Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. Marion is all about sheer brilliance
    and we are certain that Raman won’t be able to match up to her caliber. Mr Bhalla will only end up making a fool of himself, owing to his ridiculous sense of humor and lack of civility.

    Melanie Laurent
    Who can forget Melanie’s powerful performance in Inglorious Basterds? The actress went on to share screen space with Mark Ruffalo in the commercial hit, Now You See Me. The French beauty is an epitome of poise and grace. Her appeal when compared to Raman’s is a FAIL match! The latter is a chichora and has a temper which only manages to anger others and not scare them. It’s surprising how Ishita ends up tolerating his nonsense each time. But then again, that’s a different story. Dear Mr Bhalla, stay away from Melanie and don’t cross her path whatsoever.

    Audrey Tautou
    The Da Vinci Code actress has a mysterious aura to her which is what makes her appealing. Not only is the beauty drop dead gorgeous, but is also a talented personality. Raman Bhalla fits nowhere in her life, does he? The actress might want to engage in some intelligent conversations, but Raman will bore her with his family problems or details on how his kids Ruhi and Aditya bug him. No no no!

    Laetitia Casta
    The stunner has made it to the covers of many leading fashion and film magazines like Vogue, Elle, Rolling Stone, etc. Going by her beauty, it would be disastrous to pair her up with Raman right? The lad is good looking but certainly not a match for Laetitia! We bet you will agree with us on this one.

    So Raman, have a great time with Ishita in Paris and don’t you dare go looking out for these women!

  3. bechara raman koi bhi problem ho uss pe aur ishitha pe naras padtha hai aur agar padtha bhi hai toh agar woh chupaathe hai toh unke family unke pareshaani aur problem nahi samajthe seedha baras padthe hai jaise koi badi galthi kee ho.

  4. ek kameena gaya tha ab yeh bhi kasar nahi chodi uss param ne .jaake uss ashok suraj aur jhakad ke kameena team mein phir se tapak pada. yeh sab raman ko barbaad karne pe thule hue hai. bechari simmi.

  5. YHM fans aftr all dis part in da story I can bet der iz no leap Makers fo da 1st tym hve done sumthin ryt vry happy wid da script ryt nw???????

  6. mrs.bhalla ne jiss tarah se mr.bhalla se baath ki toh pakka ishitha aur toshiji ka plan sucessful hoga lekin inn sab ke beech bhi woh rinki kaata banke aayi.

  7. Current track shows that
    Raman has left the house
    along with Ishita and
    Mrs Bhalla scolds Raman
    and Ishita for leaving Mr
    Bhalla alone.
    It will now be seen that
    Ishita and Mrs Bhalla join
    hands to unite their
    family again.
    Mrs Bhalla asks Romi to
    pay house rent because
    Raman does not stay in
    house so Raman has no
    need to pay it.
    Romi is tensed with get
    responsibility and finds
    difficult to do it.
    On the other hand, Raman
    tries to go back to home
    by Ishita’s efforts.
    Raman finds out Romi is
    getting problem to settle
    his business and helps
    Romi realizes his
    mistake for hurting and
    accusing Raman.
    Romi apologizes to
    Raman for his
    misbehavior and both
    brothers hug to each
    other emotionally.
    Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita
    make Romi realize
    Raman loves his family
    very much.
    Ishita purposely does not
    talk to Raman about the
    family, which makes
    Raman miss his family

  8. darshika

    good episode. Makers are doing a great job. Honestly, I have to tell this.something has missed…. ! ! ! I don’t know what…. But, It may be ishra’s cute fights with so much love…….. From Sri Lanka

    • Mohan

      Jhanvi param ka pichha tab chutega jab ashok aur suraj thande padh jaayenge…pehle shagun ashok suraj ki help kar rahi thi raman ke against mein bachok ki custody ko lekar….aur ab rinki ne shagun ki jagah le li hai….

  9. Mohan

    hello guyzzz how r u doing

    15 crores omg arey is param ka dimaag toh thikane pe hai… kya baatein kar raha hai

  10. Mohan

    Iss param ki wajah se raman ne woh paise mihir ko na dekar param ko de diya aur woh bhi simmi ke bache ki khatir……phir baad mein ab kya ho raha hai toshiji ulta ishita pe chila rahe hai….ISHRA chahe kitna bhi acha kyun kare ghar waalo ke liye unki taarif koi nahi karega ulta unki buraai hi karenge…Poor Ishu and raman these r very bad times for them.I hope ki jald hi sab theek ho jaaye aur Ishra paris jaaye honeymoon ke liye.

  11. Mohan

    I dont understand suddenly wat made Mr.Bhalla start to behave like this…i mean i used to respect Mr.Bhalla as he always supported everyone in the family and he loved Ishra too much…..Mr.Bhalla used to tell Ishu that she is not his daughter in law but his own daughter…Then wat happened to him suddenly

  12. Mohan

    Aur iss rinki ka dimaag kaha chod aayi hai woh…usko pata hai ki ashok kitna kamina insaan hai aur rinki uska bharosa karke apne bhai ke khilaaf hi plotting kar rahi hai….

  13. vidhya

    jitna bhi kar lo parivar ke liye, bahu is always looked upon as an outsider and eldest son has to bear all the burdens of all siblings. this is indian custom.

  14. nimrit

    hiii guys I m back aftr long time…… Kaiser ho sab………… but yhm me kuchh thik nahi lag raha hai…kitni bar ye makers uss cheap param ko wapas laenge… inhe dusra koi. milta nahi kya… bar bar wahi villans ko dikhate hai…. kuchh bhi new nahi dikhate….

  15. siddhi

    I think. Raman and ishita will have a baby girl soon and she will live with shsgun as in spoiler shagun will be the surrogate mother of raman and ishita baby

  16. darshika

    Ya…. I also respected mr. Balha. He chose ishita for raman. And now what happened? How does he blame ishita.? I think he has lost his mind. Poor ishita….and also raman.

  17. nimrit

    saare logo ko bas zaroorat ho paiso ki tohi ishita Raman chahiye hote hai…..aur rinki to kitni selfish hai jab uss din Raman ko itna kuchh suna rahi thi ki mihir Raman ke bina kuchh karna chhahiye lekin ab to sirf ek flat lena hai to wo raman ke paas paise mang rahi hai….. selfish rinki kahi ki……

  18. Himashi Botejue

    I anticipate a happy ending, bi want raman and ishita to have a baby boy soooon. And I want mihir and mihika to unite. But anyway very interesting episode. I was really intrigued but raman and ishu are very susceptible by family problems. ANYWAY awesome episode.

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