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The Episode starts with Raman saying he will talk to Simmi. She says she went to meet Parmeet and he is shocked. She says Simmi is not a kid, so talk to her calmly. Raman smiles seeing pasta dish and says he likes it a lot. Ishita thinks to try making it for Raman. Raman leaves for office. Simmi comes to meet Parmeet at his office. He asks what are you doing here. Simmi says I m sorry, I can’t bear this now. He asks what happened. She says I called you so many times and you did not take my call. She cries and he asks her to sit. He takes the baby and asks her what happened. She says you asked me to be strong, but I can’t live without you. He says stop crying, tell me whats the problem. She tells few things. Mihika sees Simmi with Parmeet on his cabin. Simmi hugs Parmeet. Mihika thinks whats

Simmi doing here and why is she crying.

Ashok enters there and sees Parmeet hugging Simmi. He moves back and says what is Raman’s sister doing here. Romi punctures his tyre and hopes that Sarika comes to give him lift today. He waits for Sarika and says he is desperate to sit behind her. His friends come there in their car and offers lift. Romi asks them to leave. Sarika comes and sees Romi. Romi smiles and his friends ask who is she, she is light. Romi says I will beat you, just leave. They say how did you become and leave. Sarika asks who are they. He says college friends, now I got busy and asks them to go.

Sarika says I don’t have scooty, as its with mechanic, I think I have to buy new one. Romi says I thought I will sit behind her and go. She says your bike is punctured. He says yee,s but we have many options, see auto came. They go in the auto and he says he does not have money. She says don’t worry, I will drop you. They have a talk and Romi says Raman is her brother and won’t mind if he comes late. Raman scolds Subbu for the wrong balance sheet. He fumes on all the staff. Raman says I understood, Romi did this blunder. Romi comes and sees Raman angry.

Raman asks Subbu to treat Romi as his junior. He asks where is Romi and sees him coming. Raman comes to Romi and shows him the balance sheet. He asks him to use his mind and work in office. He says Subbu is your boss. He scolds Romi and throws it on his face. Sarika comes and sees Romi bearing Raman’s anger. Romi sees Sarika and feels ashamed. Raman says everyone’s job would have gone because of your mistake. He insults Romi a lot by saying how college kicked him out and he brought him here in office, his post in office is the least so don’t forget his post.

Ishita comes and sees Raman angry. Raman says this company is not of your father, I will kick you out in two mins. This is last warning. Raman leaves. Romi looks at Sarika. Sarika thinks I came here to give him his bike keys which he forgot, but I will give him later. Ishita asks why did she come here. Sarika says I came to take mechanic’s number from Romi. Ishita says she came to meet Romi. Romi tells Ishita to meet Raman in his cabin and goes after Sarika.

Sarika gives key to the clerk and Romi stops her. She says I m free after office, lets have a treat. He says what. She says you told me that day after giving me lift. He smiles and says I remember. She says call me after office, then I will say where to go and where. Romi says she is a great girl to not make me feel after she heard all that. Ishita asks Raman how can he shout on Romi infront of everyone, he might feel bad. He asks why did she come. She says she brought tiffin. He says I get tiffin daily, whats new. She says don’t eat that, eat this. Ishita comes out and sees Romi smiling standing alone. She thinks how did Romi’s mood become so good so soon. Raman calls her.

She goes to talk to him. He says this pasta is so bad, if mum can’t make it, then why does she make it. He says he does not like bad pasta. He calls Mrs. Bhalla behind angry and she tells him that Ishita made it, and how much she worked hard to make it. She asks him to praise it as she made it by love. He cools down and sees Ishita upset. She says leave it, its bad. He says when did I say I won’t have. He says come, you also taste it how is south Indian pasta, taste the poison you made. He makes her eat and says you broke mum’s record. She tastes it and says cheee…… but I tried, I wanted to try it for you.

She says I make normal pasta good, but this has some sauces. He taunts her and makes her eat. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays………….. She says we both should be punished and makes him eat. Mihir comes and sees them. He says I will come later. Raman says come, have this pasta. Mihir says Mihika called and says Simmi went to meet Parmeet. Raman says chill, Ishita told me. Mihir says she took Ananya and Mihika said Simmi was crying a lot.

Romi meets Sarika and says whats this, gopgappe, I thought you will take me to hotel. She says no, this is good. He says its good, else I would have emptied my pocket. She says that will happen now too, I will have 6-7 plates. They start having it. Sun le zara dil ne kahan…………. I m in love………………plays…………….. Romi says enough now, I have to call mum to cancel my dinner. She says I told you no one can win opver me in having golgappas. Mr. Bhalla calls Simmi and says its not connecting. Ishita asks Raman not to be angry.

Simmi comes home and everyone starts questioning. Simmi lies to them. Raman says Simmi tell lie which we can believe. Mrs. Bhalla says we know you went to meet Parmeet. Simmi says I forgot Ishita has a spy there, her sister. Mrs. Bhalla says Mihika did not tell us, Mihir told Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says are we your enemies, why did you go to meet him. Simmi cries and asks them to beat her, did they ask her why she went to meet him. She says my daughter told her first word Papa today, and if I did not make her meet her father, how would I face her after many years. He is my husband and father of my Ananya. What’s her mistake in this, I m getting grinded in the right and wrong decision making by you all, I became a burden on you. Simmi goes to her room. Raman says I will see her.

Sarika’s dupatta gets stuck and she tries to free it. Romi smiles and takes her video. Ishita sees this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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