Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita walking towards the table. She slips down. Raman holds her in time. Mani gets worried. Raman takes Ishita to the room. Mani checks the floor and says how did oil come here. He asks the maid about the oily floor. Maid says I did not drop oil, I don’t know about oil. Raman sends the maid and tells Mani about Niddhi/Tisha, she was doing something in kitchen. Mani says why will Tisha do this, go and give medicine to Ishita. Raman says you think, it was Ishita today, if it was Shagun, anything could have happened to the baby.

Ishita says so sorry Gulabo, you came here to look after Pihu and Shagun, and taking care of me. Raman says its fine. Ishita praises Gulabo. Raman smiles and thinks Ishita is my life. Ishita asks for help. She says I have to plan surprise

for someone, can you do it. Raman asks her to say. He thinks whom is she giving surprise.

Niddhi asks are you mad, why will I drop oil. Mani shouts enough, tell me did you drop oil, I know you have done this, stop acting. He scolds Niddhi and says I helped you in fleeing from jail, if it was Shagun instead Ishita, if anything happens to my baby, I will kill you. He hurts her and says if you don’t stop this, I will give you to police.

Shagun and Ishita do arrangements. Ishita asks Raman about the house. Raman says its good, is there any function. Raman says a special guest is coming our house. Raman asks who. Ishita says Gulabo and her husband, they are special for us and coming to dinner at our house. Raman says what’s the need, you do a lot for us, you saved Ishita also, we want to thank you. Raman says you can just thank us. Ishita says you work by heart and took great care of Pihu, we want to throw a dinner party for you and your husband, call him. Raman worries. Ishita says call him for dinner.

Raman says he has gone outside, he is not at home today. Shagun says fine, we will shift plan tomorrow, get him on dinner tomorrow. Ishita says done, we will keep dinner tomorrow. Pihu talks to her friend and says I will check my photogram account. She sees so many friend requests. She checks her photo to put. She clicks her pic like Ruhi does. She says I will tell Papa to click my good pic.

Romi asks Raman what’s the matter. Raman asks did you call that guy. Romi says yes, do you have to give him any job. Raman says he has to become my husband. Romi asks what. Raman says Shagun and Ishita invited Gulabo and her husband. The guy comes and talks about work. Raman says sit, you have to become my husband. The guy asks what are you saying. Raman and Romi explain everything. Raman says its matter of one day, please agree. The guy says no, if my wife knows this, she will leave me, Ishita can complain to my dad, I can’t do this. Raman requests. The guy says sorry and leaves. Raman says who will become Gulabo’s husband. Shagun says we should buy a gift for Gulabo’s husband. Ishita says good idea, take rest now. Pihu comes to meet Shagun. Ishita asks her not to trouble Shagun. She goes. Pihu shows her selfies to put on photogram. Shagun says this pic is very cute, put this. Pihu says no, my cheeks are chubby. Shagun says its cute and uploads the profile pic.

Raman asks Romi will your friend work. Romi says yes, he is professional actor, he has come. He meets his friend. The guy Dhruv asks what’s the work. Romi says you have to do acting to become someone’s husband. Dhruv asks is this any play, who are other actors. Romi says you have to become my brother’s husband. Dhruv asks what. Raman says hi… Romi says my brother is doing this for family purpose, tomorrow… Dhruv says I m not free tomorrow, sorry, I got GF call, I have to leave. He goes.

Ishita calls Gulabo. Raman answers. Ishita asks is your husband coming tomorrow. Raman says he will come, he is eager to meet you all. Ishita asks what does he like. Raman says palak paneer. She says fine, we will make that, get him and come. Raman says who will have it.

Its morning, Raman comes for work. Ishita says I have much work today, take care of Pihu and Shagun. Raman smiles and says then we will cancel dinner. Ishita says no, I have to come back home early and cook food, don’t take tension, you have to be there. Raman says no need to do all this. Ishita says I have to thank your husband for allowing you to do all this. She goes. Raman calls Romi. Romi says I m trying, give me some time. Raman worries and prays to Lord to give him a husband.

Pihu says Papa, you know what happened in maths test, I was writing slow and teacher scolded me, I have to make waste materials project in science, why are you tensed, did Ishi maa know. Raman says no. Romi calls him and says I got a husband for you, I m sending him in evening. Raman gets relieved. Pihu says you were sad, how did you get glad so soon. Raman says you won’t understand, do homework. She asks can I do homework later. Raman says fine and goes. She gets busy on social sites.

Raman worries and waits for the guy. Ishita says he will come, don’t worry. Raman opens the door and the man Kartaar Singh greets Gulabo, saying I m Gulabo’s husband. Shagun and Ishita greet Kartaar and asks him to sit. Shagun praises Gulabo. Kartaar says she wins everyone’s heart. Raman says behave yourself, have food, no need for juice. Ishita says no, have juice, Gulabo managed all work soon. We want to know her story, how did you two meet and marry. Shagun says yes, love marriage or arrange marriage… Raman thinks how to manage.

Maid says Gulabo’s husband came. Raman tells Dhruv to cancel the act. Raman says sit well. The office guy comes as Gulabo’s husband too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Funny itna like Boing Boing Malayalam MOViE

  2. Today’s episode was a bit funny between Romi and Raman trying to fix a husband for Gulabo. At least some light moments in YHM. Tomorrow will be ever funnier. I wonder how Raman will try to explain himself about three husbands.

    I think at least there is some lesson to learn about young children on social media and perhaps Pihu will be so obsessed on social media that she will slack in her work. It is to teach parents to watch over their children when they allow them to be on social media. This will be a lesson for society to learn.

    Someone said yesterday that the updates show Raman and Ishita will marry again. Ho many times will they keep marrying and then separating? I also am wondering how many rooms does Mani has in his apartment. Seems like more rooms than humans in his house. He can practically accommodate every member to one room each.

  3. How many husband gulabo got I hope he get caught n I think pihu or Ruhi will find out niddhi true indentity

  4. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  5. Awesome and very funny. Thank god that Ishu has been saved by Gulabo (Raman). Man i get worry on Ishu fall but get relieved that Ishu is not hurt. Mani get fumed and was about to scold the maid but maid defend and Gulabo defend maid. Gulabo tell Mani that Nidhi/Trish did this. Mani get peck of anger and scold Nidhi badly and warn her if she don’t stop hurting Ishu, Shagun and his baby.

    Poor Raman had to find only one man who will polay as Gulabo husband and ask Romi for help. Dhurv come little time because he changed his mind but get to know from silly old man who is said that he is Gulabo husband. But who is the third husband. I know that Pihu will be fall on the floor laughing at Raman that confused Ruhi, Ishu, Mani and Shagun.

    Shagun should not teach child to do the social media but what she did is wrong to let Pihu to use the social media. Any people will see the Pihu Bhalla profile as cute face and her innocent then people will kidnapped her and harm her because they will know that Pihu is Raman Bhalla daughter. Ruhi will get to know that Pihu is using social media and will informed Raman and Ishu. Ishra get shock and who had given Pihu to use the social media but Ruhi tell Ishra that Ruhi told Pihu not to use social media and it is very bad but who did this. Ishra ask Shagun if she open social media account for Pihu and Shagun say yes. Raman get fumed and shout on her for Pihu missing and kidnapped. Shagun get shocked and Mani get angry on Shagun for irresponsible. Ishu get breakdown and cried badly. Bhalla family and Iyer family with Mani and Abhishek goes on search for Pihu. Pihu will be found by someone and bring scared Pihu to police. Police called Abhishek and informed about Pihu found then Abhi informed whole family that Pihu is in station as someone found her and brought her. Ishra arrived to police station to see Pihu. Pihu see Ishu and ran to hug her and cried. Ishu ask Pihu why she is using social media and tell her that social media is not good for children. Pihu apologised Ishu and hug her.

  6. Hi Parichay What rubbish and crap they are showing … There is nothing we can expect good in yhm now .Adding on repetition of missing , police , unbelievable and nonrealistic scenes … heart is coming to the throat … Cvs damaged it full .

    1. Hey VP .How are you?I totally agree with your comment.

      1. Hi Rithu ,I am fine dear . Becoz of yhm we had a good chatting seesion . That too gone . Trust you are fine and doing with your studies . Shivani , Magic, not seen for a long time .

    2. Okay take care bye

  7. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  8. I hate this seperation and remarrying and parents being hated by their children track but I like this positive trend I hope it will continue with some time inspite of the trouble makers.

  9. Hi yhm fans, i love this episode is ver funy Raman be gulabo.

  10. Oh goshhh thiss…show is so useless…who watches the crap show??

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