Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun getting shocked knowing something on the call. The teacher tells Shagun that Adi is wounded, Ruhi is crying seeing him, come soon, I even tried calling Raman. Shagun tells Simmi the same and they rush. Shagun and Simmi get Adi and Ruhi home. Mrs. Bhalla cries and Simmi consoles her. Simmi asks her not to blame herself. Amma asks Adi is he fine. Shagun goes to Raman’s room and sees him sleeping. She puts water on him and wakes him up. He gets up and asks whats wrong with you. She tells him that Adi is hurt, you are sleeping here. He says I had headache. Shagun says stop lying. Niddhi comes and says he is saying true, whats big issue if Adi got hurt in school.

Shagun says you are saying its not big thing, why am I talking to you. She asks Raman what

is he doing with some woman here, kids need him. Simmi and everyone come there. Simmi blames Niddhi. Raman says enough, I brought Niddhi here, don’t care for kids, my kids will get a mother, as I m going to marry Niddhi. Ruhi, Adi and all elders get shocked. Amma cries.

Simmi asks what are you saying, how can you do this. Raman says why not, I will do this for me, Niddhi and I are perfect for each other. Shagun slaps Raman. Raman gets angry. Shagun asks Raman to just shut up, you are doing this for me, kids don’t like this woman. Raman says Adi did not like Ishita, he is my son and now things changed. Shagun says that was Ishita, whom you loved, whom you used to visit in jail, we don’t know she is dead or alive, you are talking about marriage. He says you all are fools, I m saying I saw her jumping down the cliff, I need people too, I want to live for myself, Niddhi is my support.

Shagun says fine, I will take my kids and leave. Raman reminds her Manoj, will he accept three children, my kids and my and Ishita’s baby, do you have courage, I m fed up fulfilling other’s wishes, I will get this happiness, Niddhi and I are marrying, this is my last decision, I don’t care who comes and who does not. He asks them to leave as this is his room. Ruhi and Adi cry. They all leave. Raman apologizes to Niddhi saying they all are mad. Simmi cries and says how can Raman do this, he forgot Ishita so soon and going to marry Niddhi. Amma says I think we should not talk to Raman now. Simmi says mum is unwell, don’t know what will Raman do. Amma says Raman is going through big trauma, we have to keep patience and manage kids now. Simmi hugs Amma.

Niddhi asks Raman are you fine. He says yes, I m sorry. She says relax, and asks about Shagun. He says you don’t know about her, there is one way to make them quiet, I think we should get married soon. She smiles and hugs him.

Shagun fumes and tells Manoj that Raman is marrying Niddhi, he is so selfish, I told him I will not leave my kids with him. Manoj looks at her. She asks what happened. He asks what do you mean. She says I will keep my kids with me. He says what are you saying, I convinced my parents by difficulty, what will I answer them, this to be born baby will be with Raman too, right? Nurse says sonography room is ready. He says we will come. Shagun worries.

Ruhi misses Ishita and hugs her pic. She says no one can take Ishita’s place, you changed my life, I got my Papa because of you, I remember what you used to tell me while teaching tables. FB shows that moment, where Ishita promised she will never leave Ruhi. Ruhi asks Ishita to come back soon. She calls someone.

Manoj asks Shagun not to take stress and does her sonography. She says I m stressed. She thinks how can she leave kids in pain. He says I told you its not possible. She says we have to think about our relation, if my kids make any difference in our relation. She goes.

Romi tells Adi to keep calling them and stay in touch. He ends call and tells Simmi that Adi understood, I told him Raman is in meeting. He asks Ruhi what is she doing in kitchen. She says someone is coming, Ishita used to make snacks and tea ready if guests are coming. Pathak comes there and says I have come to meet Ruhi, I know Raman is not at home. Ruhi asks Pathak did he get papers as she told him. He says yes, but are you sure. Ruhi says I m not happy that Raman is marrying Niddhi, I took a decision. Simmi asks what. Pathak says I was surprised when Ruhi told me, I made papers as Ruhi said, I came to know what Ruhi wants to do. Ruhi says I m giving these papers to Raman, that Raman has forgot Ishita and will forget us too, I don’t like Niddhi, she can never become my mum, Raman will decide what he has to do now.

Simmi asks Pathak to go. Ruhi says no, I understand everything and asks Pathak for papers. She signs on the papers. She says you are my lawyer, give these papers to Raman’s office tomorrow morning, I will go to do homework now, else Ishi Maa would feel good. She goes to her room. Romi and Simmi worry.

Simmi and Romi check the papers and cry. Pathak asks what shall I do, how to hurt Ruhi’s heart, you can help me now, take these papers to Raman please.

Neelu asks Niddhi to make tea for herself. Niddhi raises hand on her and Romi stops her, saying Neelu is part of this house, not you. Niddhi calls Raman and tells Raman that Romi insulted her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    What is written in the papers??? Ruhi was looking so confident as if she found solution to the problem…

  2. horrible episode .ruhi part was emotional.precap was good .romi stopped that witch niddhi .

  3. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy and all yhm friends.

  4. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    ready to introduce some new twists
    and turns in the coming episodes of
    the show. Writers are not leaving a
    single stone unturne to attract the
    When everyone is believing as Ishita
    is dead and mourning over that fact.
    Ruhi and Adi are terribly missing
    their Ishima. While,Raman is
    enjoying his life with Nidhi and
    handovers his official and personal
    life to her.
    In the coming episodes, Shagun
    goes to Ruhi and Adi’s school and
    finds out that Raman is not taking
    care of them.She confronts him and
    Slaps, seeing him with Nidhi Chabra.
    As TellyGuru already reported , Ruhi
    will file a divorce from Raman and
    states that she hates him.
    Later The little Ruhi will feel bad of
    her words and feels that Ishima will
    be hurt on her behavior.She goes to
    Raman and apologizes to him.
    On the other hand, Simmi will be
    angry on seeing Raman and Nidhi’s
    closeness and keeps a recorder in
    Raman’s room to find out What
    Raman and Nidhi are planning. But
    Poor Simmi her plan fails as Nidhi
    will find the tape and detroys it.
    But the Twist in the Tale is ,ISHITA
    IS BACK.
    Yes,you heard it Right!!
    According to sources, Ishita will not
    die and she will be back to take
    Revenge from Nidhi. Ishita will
    return to the show as Shalini and
    will be seen in a modern
    look. Divyanka is trying different
    looks for her re-entry.
    Isn’t a Good news for Ishita and
    Raman fans.

  5. Will divankya tripathi returns back & we all want divankya tripathi to be as isthita only .. Don’t change divankya

  6. I dnt like DTs nw hair style it doesnt suit her. Ruhis part was soo good and emotional it made me cry. Im only watching this becuz of adi and ruhi. Please end this track soon!

  7. Devankya too fat not suit for western rool ???

  8. People watch this show to see ishita and Raman together, not separately. What’s wrong with this track! I hate it. Will stop watching it if ishra breakup.

  9. Very emotional episode specially Ruhi’s part. Ishimaa’s little angel is missing her soo much ,plz bring back Adi n Ruhi’s Ishima we viewers wants to see Ishita not Shalini. I think Shagun is over reacting n expecting too much from Dr Manoj , being positive dosent suits her. Amma is right Raman must be given some time. I dont think Raman will marry Nidhi , when Raman is telling mera aur Ishita ka bacha it looks Raman is concern about baby . Raman is not worried about Ishita because he knows Ishita is alive n will be back in some time. I read some where that Ruhi wants divorce from Raman as she don’t no meaning of divorce. Omg Ruhi is so hurt.

  10. I don’t like ishita in new outlook.I want ishita to be back in same outlook.Let the story not drag too much.Let Raman find the chip from niddhi fastly and let he prove her innocence and plz and the track soon
    Moreover I don’t think anybody can see Raman like this.
    Plz and this track soon
    DT is good in her sansaakari bahu outlook and not in her western looks

    1. It’s not ‘and’,it is ‘end’

  11. Please ekta and writters we need our ishita. Not shalini. DT looks perfect for her long hair. If u want to make ishu modern just change only her dresses not her hair As ur’ll did with shagun when she was in NGO. Once again please dnt do anything to ishus lovely hair. I love her hair very much than her.

  12. Raman is getting divorced from whom Ishu ya ruhi. but how can Raman divorce ruhi she is his daughter right.

  13. Little Ruhi dosent know the meaning of divorce so she is giving divorce paper to Raman as she don’t to keep relationship with her father ad he is marrying Nidhi.

  14. Waiting 4 ishita’s re-entry , hope 4 best episodes further

  15. Disgusting niddhi , such a bullshit crap.

  16. ruhi is so smart and she can do anything for her ishima and papa. i think this will shock to raman . precap is going to little bit intresting. romi have done a good thing by stopping niddi

  17. not at all interesting …. sad to see Ruhi and Adi missing their Ishima …. but too much for a child to call the advocae and get divorced paper done . ishitha will not look nice in new avatar atleast for this story line .we want old Ishitha with Raman . here the writers are fooling the audience by bringing unrealistic twists . who is enjoying this serial now . we are addicted to Ishra and their chemistry till surrogancy was unbelievable . their togetherness with both family issues …. this is too kuch . please stop this … if the writers want any guidance please check with the fan fiction writers . millions of old people are watching this serial and they are all heart whelmed after watching this serial from the surrogancy track … serials are for entertaiment for the viewers … atleast that logic the makers are not knowing … so too losing the respect on Raman and Ishitha for acting this crap …. but what can they do …. please bring ishra back in the old form … shalini …. what is this Raman for …. go after the marriage only …

  18. sumita choudhuri

    Dear director , please stop all these bullshits. You are making the episodes so boring that not only I but many indians will stop to watch this serial.Before you showed the solution of all the problems but noe there are lot of problems which have not solved till now just like Pallavi, sarika vandu’s poblem and so many . If u are unable to go in right way then please don’t create this episode. as u must know when we watch this serial we want to go at the depth of it. and please don’t introduce Ishita in westwrn dress she will look horrible. She likes in traditional sari.Please introduce some interesting episode otherwise we can’t give our valuable time towatch this boring serial.

  19. ya . i agree with you .her hair style is not good and it does not suit. she was looking like some olden style foreingner .

  20. If rumours are to believed,
    Divyanka Tripathi will be seen
    in a new avatar with a new
    screen name in Star Plus’ Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein.
    The character of Ishita, played
    by Divyanka Tripathi, is soon
    going to die on the show but
    since her death will be a fake
    one, and she will apparently
    return in a brand new avatar.
    Divyanka’s new character will
    be called Shalini and she will
    sport a modern look. The
    actress is reportedly trying
    different looks for her new
    As per the ongoing track, Ishita
    has been sentenced to death for
    killing advocate Chaddha. To
    save her from the gallows, her
    husband Raman (Karan Patel)
    will push her off the cliff.
    However, she will be saved and
    sent into hiding until Raman
    collects proof of her innocence.
    Post Ishita’s fake death, Raman
    will announce his wedding to
    Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) as she
    has the proof of Ishita’s
    innocence. Nidhi, who fought
    Ishita’s case in court, lost it on
    purpose, in order to take her
    revenge from Raman. It will be
    revealed in the upcoming
    episodes that Nidhi was in love
    with Raman in the past but
    Raman had rejected her
    advances, first for Shagun, and
    then for Ishita.
    In the present, Nidhi has a
    video footage in her custody
    that can prove Ishita’s
    It is also being said that post
    her (fake) death Divyanka will
    be paired up with real life beau
    Vivek Dahiya, who plays the
    role of ACP Abhishek on the
    show, as the producers plan to
    cash in on the popularity of the
    off-screen couple.

  21. Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) death has
    left both the Bhalla family of “Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein” and the audience
    devastated. But, she is coming back
    soon, only in a different avatar.
    According to an ABP Live report, Ishita
    will ditch her traditional look to
    embrace a modern one. Along office
    blazers and jumpsuits, the actress will
    also sport a hairpiece. The idea of this
    disguise is to unmask Nidhi Chhabra
    (Pavitra Punia), who has slyly taken
    Ishita’s place in Raman’s (Karan
    Patel) life. The interesting bit is, this
    is both Ishita and Raman’s elaborate
    plan to get Nidhi to confess her
    Meanwhile, Saturday’s episode
    showed Nidhi and Raman agreeing to
    take their relationship a step forward.
    Since she yearns the position Ishita
    once held, she starts the day by trying
    to warm up to the kids, Aditya (Gautam
    Ahuja) and Ruhi (Ruhaanika Dhawan),
    but it doesn’t quite work out in her
    Mrs Santosh Bhalla (Shahnaz Rizwan)
    is shown to be worried about the path
    his son Raman has chosen. Her
    efforts to talk him out of what he has
    been doing goes down the drain when
    he yells at her for advising them.
    Ishita and Raman have stayed apart
    for quite long, and the problems
    between and around them never really
    go away. The viewers are getting
    impatient every minute, and have been
    slamming the makers for the keeping
    the show’s central characters apart
    for this long.

  22. hey guys good afternoon.

  23. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    bring out the tussle amid Bhalla
    family and Nidhi, after Raman
    (Karan Patel ) announcing wedding
    with Nidhi.
    Raman has declared his decision
    of marrying Nidhi to Bhalla family.
    Bhalla family, especially Mrs.
    Bhalla, feels devastated with
    Raman’s shocking decision.
    Nidhi will behave adamantly and
    rudely with each family member
    and will also instigate Raman
    against them.
    In the upcoming episode, Nidhi will
    throw pre wedding party for her
    However, Mrs. Bhalla will cut off
    Nidhi’s party and will insult her.
    Nidhi’s friends will get offended
    and will leave from there.
    Nidhi will be infuriated and will
    instigate Raman against his
    Raman too will get angry with Mrs.
    Bhalla and will say rude things to
    Mrs. Bhalla will be shocked with
    Raman’s behavior.

  24. There have been too many twists
    and turns and guess works that are
    being made for the upcoming story
    track of Star Plus show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein , considering the
    show will see major twist of Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) returning back
    as Modern Shalini.
    As known Raman (Karan Patel) is
    trying hard to get the real proof
    proving Ishita innocent from Nidhi.
    However, Nidhi being smart, will
    make Raman helpless by
    kidnapping Ruhi and Adi and
    making Raman marry her.
    Ishita will return as modern Shalini
    and will sport short colored hair,
    western dresses and high heels
    Ishita will be determined to get
    hold of real culprits behind all the
    destructions created in Raman and
    Ishita’s life.
    As per the latest shocking
    revelation made by a source, Ishita
    as Shalini may marry Ashok to find
    his involvement in the matter.
    Also Ishita will marry Ashok to
    make Raman insecure and angry to
    that he can spill the reasons of
    marrying Nidhi.

    1. It is siad that it’s Raman and ishita’s plan to get proofs from Nidhi… Then how come ishita will marry Ashok to make Raman insecure and make him spill out the reason of marrying Nidhi???

  25. where the hell nidhi came from and what does she thinks of her self.whats written in that papers??????poor ruhi ,and family that ishita died

  26. what the #@[email protected]#$ CVs are trying to do??/ no blo*dy logic no sense and just irritating and unrealistic twists and turns. viewers………. no protest??!!!

  27. Rithu cant imagine Ishitha marrying Ashok ….

  28. Oh…?it means ishra patch up wont happen in yhm until its last episode…( like MATH)…

    1. no no … shivani ..ishita will not marry ashok she will just pretend to to makeraman jeleous …nothing as suc is yet confirmed nd neither ishita is gonnamarry ashok nor raman is gonna marry nidhi at the end . its all apart of ishra’s plan .,

  29. I m really getting mad reading all d spoilers.wats all dis stupid irritating dusgusting worst than d worst.hate it earlier they reported lyk raman will proove ishitas innocence nd they both vill b back bt wat abt present spoiler really m getting hatred looking these sopilers.hw can ishitha come back as shalini nd marry ashok.hw could stupid raman plan lyk is jhansi ki rani nd d other is maha avathar worst plan i really hate d track.such a worst episode nd hw could ektha play vth ruhis feelings.ruhi u r really heart touching.chi i hate ramans plan. M a toooooo mad fan of raman nt karan bt hw raman could do this to ishu nd alteast ishu is smarter than raman bt watz this stupid plan relly feeling irritated vth present track. M really getting frustrated.

  30. after 3 days ..of toture ..this episode was really bbttr ..lovd the slap nd the ruhi scenes…,

    nyway ..guys am here tell u that ishita is gonna return as sanaya not shalini …nd its a per of ishra’s plan . yes if the rumours of ishita marrying ashok comes true thn also it will bfake ishita will pretend to marry ashok nd thr marrg will b fakew . neither raman is gonna marry nidhi nor ishita is gonna marry ashok ..nd nidhi will b xposed nd ishra will unite ..dnt frgt the most important track isstill waiting ..that is ishita rman’s surrogate baby!!

  31. Making all d viewers irritated by introducing such tracks.nd i cant understand one thing raman cant expose nidhi or wat u r introducing ishu as shalini nd making more complications.already poor ruhi was crying lyk anything vth her fathers changing behaviour nd now her love mom is gng ti mary asho.hw could she bear all these problms bearing at oly 8yrs.plz ektha u have maken raman worst nd ruhi is already feeling her father doesnt love her nd nw dont make ishu also bad in ruhis mind.jst plz have some scence.i even single episode out of715 nd nw reading this spoiler news i reallt feel lyk stopping to watch this.plz dnt play vth all viwers

  32. Thanks diya really hoping ishu should atleast have a mother feeling vth her surrocate baby.oterwise no use for that track nd shagun part was too good nd even her acting. Ishus part was covered by shagun vth her acting.too good.keep rocking

  33. Raman natk kr RHA h…bcz nidhi ki sachayi sab k samne lane k liye…raman k sath ishita v mili hui h…

  34. Ya diya…but these spoilers makes mad…

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