Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika making Vandu ready and saying she will leave now. Vandu asks her to change and get ready. Mihika says no one invited me. Vandu says Ishita misses you a lot, but she won’t tell you, come soon. Mihika agrees. The kids dance as Nikhil brings the baraat. Raman and Bhallas welcome the baraat. Mrs. Bhalla does his tilak and aarti. Ishita applies the kajal dot to him. They welcome Nikhil and his family. Shagun and Amrita see this standing far. Shagun asks Amrita to see how happy Nikhil is looking. Amrita says I can’t see this, I have to stop him. Shagun says stop not now, and Amrita goes asking her to call her late, as she can’t bear to see this. Shagun smiles.

Mihika gets ready and comes in the marriage function. She says even Mihir is here, I should

have not come, I can’t face Mihir, as his mood gets sad seeing me. She messages Vandu that she has to go home, sorry. She sees Shagun and goes to her. Shagun asks Amrita to cover her face and no one should see her, she has to be careful. Mihika hears them and is shocked knowing their intentions to stop marriage. She says she has to tell Ishita and calls her, but can’t connect. The pandit starts the mantras and Nikhil signs Dimpl. She gets a call and goes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to call Rinki and she goes. Mihika comes to see Ishita. Ishita hears Dimple lying that she has come to India in family friend’s marriage and lies. She turns and sees Ishita.

Ishita asks her whats the matter. Dimple makes an excuse and smiles. Ishita says she will get Rinki and come. She thinks what is she hiding and prays to Lord that everything is fine. Mihika gets Vandu and tells her everything. Vandu is shocked and Mihika says Shagun will mak some issue. Vandu says don’t know what will she do. Mihika says who is that girl with her. Vandu asks did she say Ishita. Mihika says no.

Romi says its Rinki’s marriage and I m here, paying for my deeds and cries. He calls his friend Bunty and asks about Puri. Bunty says I spoke him, he said he arranged just 2 lakhs and will give rest later. Romi says take 2 lakhs and don’t leave him. He thinks he would have got money and returned to Raman. Dimple talks to Nikhil in love tone and he gets tensed. Ishita brings Rinki and everyone get emotional seeing her. They make her sit in the mandap. Rinki and Nikhil exchange the garlands and everyone shower flowers on them. Shagun tells Amrita that its pheras time, I think we should go. Amrita and Shagun leave. Ishita prays. The ghatbandhan is done, and pandit asks them to stand for pheras.

He explains the pheras and asks them to start. Shagun brings Amrita there. Before they could stop them, Ishita stops the pandit ji. They all get puzzled. Mrs. Bhalla ask what happened. Raman asks whats the matter. Amrita says stop. Nikhil gets tensed seeing Amrita. She says this marriage can’t happen. Mihika and Vandu look on along others. Amrita slaps Nikhil and shocks everyone. She says how can he marry someone else, and tells Ishita that she told her about her husband, its him.

She shows the marriage certificate. Pammi asks Dimple and she refuses. Ishita says she heard Dimple talking. Raman asks her does she know about this. Ishita says no, I heard her and asks Dimple to say. Pammi scolds Amrita and she shows the MC again. Bhallas are shocked. Amrita says he married me for Greencard and now becoming someone else’s son in law for dowry. Shagun thinks its her turn now, the drama begins now.

Shagun confronts Ishita for taking Nikhil’s guarantee and blames her, and her great actions has ruined Rinki’s life and asks her to give an explanation. Rinki and Bhallas cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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