Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman scolding Ishita. He says don’t lie more, one more lie can break our relation, I love you and I m ashamed, where is your gang, if group fools anyone then its called a gang. Abhishek comes and Raman scolds him. He asks Ishita and Abhishek to see everyone. He says Ishita told Adi that his mother is dead, what did she get. She says we will go to room and talk. Raman says why, you got Shagun’s spirit in you infront of everyone, you lied and made everyone suffer, tell me what you want to say, everyone will decide. They all cry.

Ishita cries and tells them that she did all this to save Raman’s life from Ashok, Ashok has threatened Shagun, he wanted Shagun to kill Raman, Shagun could not do this, Ashok threatened to kill our children Raman, if I did not

do this acting, we would have not known that informer, we did this acting to save you. Raman asks Romi to clap, this is Oscar winning performance. He gives her the flowers removing it from Shagun’s pic. He says Amma gave birth to a Devi, Ishita likes to become great, you did this for me, I can’t see anyone hurt for my sake, they are my family, my kids are scared of you, we can’t meet anyone’s eyes in society, did you think of your Amma, you have hurt her, you can’t hurt 100 people to save one, and you ACP, you are a police officer, now I understood why public is scared of police, police does fraud like he did.

Abhishek says Raman listen, we had no proof against Ashok, we were trying to protect you. Raman asks what did Ashok do to harm me, Ashok can’t do anything. Ishita says we are scared of Ashok’s informer, you were attacked and we were saving you, we did this for you and you are saying this. Raman says Shagun, Abhishek and Prateek are more imp for you, shut up. You would have told me if you did this for me, we promised that we will share things, Ashok is enemy and he will kill me, why did you do this, whats the problem which we can’t solve, your behavior in 3 months have hurt me, don’t point to my family, I will touch your feet, my family is my loved ones, and I lost few loved ones, Ashok has snatched my wife again, its my bad fate, conclusion is.. you stay here as bahu and my kids’ Maa, its good you did not wear mangalsutra, don’t wear it, my relation is over. Everyone get shocked. He goes. Ishita says Raman….. and cries….. Sarika smiles.

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Shagun consoles her. Ishita apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla and Amma. They all go to their rooms. Abhishek asks Ishita to take care. Ishita asks them to go. Shagun and Abhishek leave. Ishita cries sitting alone. Adi comes to her and hugs her. She apologizes for hurting him. He says you can never hurt us, please don’t cry, I know you love me and Ruhi a lot. Ruhi will come from Shaila Bua’s place and scold Raman. She hugs him. He asks her to sleep in his room and takes her.

Ashok waits for Sarika’s call. Sarika says it happened like you wanted, Raman scolded her and Ishita fell alone, even her parents did not support her. He says that’s also good news, see what happens next, you keep doing your work, do as I say. He tells his plan and asks her not to make any mistake. She cries and thinks where is she stuck, if Ashok did not know my secret, I would have never supported him.

Bala comes home. Appa talks to him about Ishita. He asks him why did he come late, it seems his work increased, I will get coffee. Bala says no, I will sleep now, work increased. Appa says Srinivasan called, he studies in your classes and he told everything, I know you are doing everything by thinking well, but there needs to be balance, we have to earn respect more than money. Bala says yes, I will be careful. He gets a call and Appa goes. Khosla tells Bala that he wants his commitment, and how will it go if he does two work, if I move back, it will be my big loss, decide whether you want to give time to training centre or classes. Bala says I can’t ditch my students near their exams, they paid money too. Khosla argues and says it will be my loss, money is imp in business, think what you have to do. He ends call. Bala worries. He turns and sees Vandu.

Sarika knocks the door and asks Raman to have something, even kids did not have food. Raman opens the door and is drinking wine. She says I know you are upset, please have some food. He refuses. She says everyone is disturbed, how can Ishita do this, such a big lie, plannings, acting. He says I don’t want to talk about her, go from here. She says I know you are hurt, and adds some powder in juice. She says I m also sad, Ishita was my role model, but she did wrong, I don’t want to hurt you, life goes on, atleast drink this juice, who will manage us if you don’t take care of yourself. Raman takes the glass. She leaves.

Sarika goes downstairs. She calls Ashok and says work is over. Romi takes her phone and asks whats her problem, she is always on phone. She says I went to give food to Raman, Asha called. He asks who is this Asha. He says I will keep this phone, see the situation at home, nothing will happen if you don’t keep phone for one day. He goes. She worries thinking what of Ashok calls again.

Ishita knocks door and asks Raman to talk to her. Romi asks her to talk tomorrow. She asks him to do anything, she wants to talk. Romi pushes the door and they get inside. They get shocked seeing Raman fallen on the ground.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. episode was bad .precap was also bad .sarika chaalak lombdi ,chudail ,kameeni ajeeb aurath.ek taraf ishitha ke haal par hassthi hai aur ek taraf apne hi karni par apne room mein rothi hai .pagal kahiki.

  2. Raman has ended his
    relation with
    Ishita. He is heartbroken to see
    he did not imagine ever. He feels
    Ishita has cheated to him by her
    of lies. Mrs. Bhalla is angry after
    revelation. Mrs. Bhalla shouts on
    Shagun and Ishita and asks both of
    them to leave from her home. She
    holds their hands and drag them to
    door. Mrs. Bhalla pushes them
    the house. Sarika gives a evil grin
    shut the door on their face. Ishita
    to Amma. Amma scolds her and
    my house door is closed for you.
    goes and shuts the door. Ishita cries
    and feels helpless. Shagun consoles

  3. Hj

    Ohhh. Sooo sad. I can’t look ishitha’s pain and cry. Why don’t raman understand this situation. Ishitha did this because of raman. What else i think maybe shagun will die. Hey guys, what do you think about it???????

  4. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    gripping the audience with it’s new
    and interesting tracks.
    In the coming episodes of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein ,Raman comes to know
    that ishita did the whole drama to save
    him from Ashok.He feels betrayed and
    comes home drunk.He shouts on
    Ishita for torturing his family and kids.
    When Raman goes to his room,Sarika
    mixes poison in Raman’s juice and
    gives it to him.Somehow ishita comes
    to know that Raman locked himself in
    the bedroom.
    After a lot of efforts,Ishita and Romi
    break the door of Bedroom.There they
    find Raman in unconscious state and
    it will be known to everyone that he
    drank poison.
    Bhalla Family thinks that Raman tried
    to suicide because of ishita.Toshiji’s
    gets angry and Throws ishita and
    Shagun out of the house.
    Amid all this Drama,Ishita finds the
    Ashok’s informer as Sarika.But she
    will not tell anyone as she don’t have
    any proofs.Ishita begs Amma and
    Toshiji to let her stay in the house but
    they will not allow her.
    Will Ishita able to find out Sarika’s
    secret? Will Raman survive from this
    Stay tuned for more updates of Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein.

  5. Will Raman and Ishita relationship cannot happen.
    What did sarika put to the juice.what happened to Raman.why did sarika says ashok that the work is finish what happened to Raman

  6. I am not liking this sarika she is a I hate her character she wants to create sepration between raman and ishita this sarika
    Nice episode hope so no leap and no air off please ishra scenes are good

  7. Honey

    If the separation happens then I will stop reading the telly updates also because I have already stopped watching this serial since the starting of the ghost track

  8. fathi fathi

    I am rely rely feelng sad on todays episode n precap n also i feel irritating about sarika n she z rely a cheetear……n y do the makers r trying to seprte ISHRA if thy both separte the bond btwn ruhi,adhi n ishu will b seprte n we the fans watch only for thm….n plz make thm unite soon we all r waiting only for thz movment……so plz make thm unite as soon.
    HI darshika.rithu.janvi.siddhi.vp.priyol.faya.natasha.diya.diya.zaara.nivedha.misty.naz n all YHM fans…hw do u all feel on todays epi??i felt sad……

  9. where is simmi mihir and mihika they can only help ishita in this situation especially simmi
    Raman should understand his family memebers are weird with ishita behaviour and they feel bad for ishita is right but they wont hurt physically at any movement by ishita but ishita hurt her self ,walking on agni and kept her life at end by the crocodile attack he should all the above
    and one more thing when Pathak betrayed Raman for his wife sake what he said if any one’s life partner is in danger he/she can do any extention level to save their life the same will ishita was done he can forgive pathak but not ishita.

  10. SIndhu

    I am so sad watching today’s episode. I did not like Raman saying you just be a mother and bahu but not my wife. Oh no…… why did Raman even say such things? Where is his patience? After explaining to him, why didn’t the producers just leave it as Raman telling Ishita that it will take time to forgive and gain her trust again. At least he does not use serious words like no relation with you. It is too harsh. What happens when Shagun gives birth to their child? Is Raman going to forbid Ishita from touching the child? Oh no…. I hope once that traitor Sarika is found out, Raman’s anger will simmer and he starts realising his mistake.

  11. What the hell at least raman should have listened ishita once and we can’t blame only raman what he asked was also right she could have shared the truth and she can’t hurt 100 people to save one and poor ishita she just wanted to save raman par kismat deko yeh saab ultah pad gaya….. I hope all this misunderstanding sort out soon and what the hell the spoilers says toshi ji and amma would trag ishita out of the home oh god bechari….. at least adi believe her and hope nothing wrong happens with raman please please don’t trag this too much and as usual kp and dt rocked with their tremendous performance

  12. Jhanvi

    Hi guys….

    Bad epi.. Bad precap… Emotional… Feeling crying ….Nd bad for ishu….

    Raman is also so hurt…
    Soooo misunderstanding….
    Crap sarika.. Just hate her….
    I hope she will not be given forgiveness..
    She dsnt dsrv forgiveness… If she is really feeling bad then y did she smile..??

    Thnk god …, I didn watch it… But I want to watch Adi-ishu scene…

  13. Priya

    While reading the wu i felt very bad for ishu. But raman is also right at his place as we seen how much difficult for to see ishu like this. Raman Anger is justify. I don’t want raman forgive ishu easily

  14. nivedha

    Wait guys

    I have a doubt
    Definitely Raman will recover from this
    He know very well that Sarika gave him juice..
    So she will get caught with that na..

    What she put in that drink?
    I think Sarika is gonna caught soon

  15. V P

    Very sad episode …. But can’t blame Raman …. We want Ishra together …. Please clear all the misunderstandings … Really it’s heart breaking for viewers so just imagine the impact of Raman and Ishitha on viewers . Their chemistry is excellent … Please bring our old Yhm back

  16. sarika toh hai hi worst shuru se . woh mujhe pehle se show mein ajeeb aur buri lagthi thi aur nikli bhi kya chudail antagonist .ek toh ussne kuch toh bura kiya hai ki ashok usse dhamkaa raha hai aur uss kaand ko chupaane ke liye ashok ka khabri bankar uss kaand ke uupar ek aur kaand kar rahi hai .bewakoof kahiki.

  17. Sethmini

    Very sad episode. I am really sorry for Ishitha. Raman must listen to her. She did all this to protect Raman and her family. Even family members should support her. Please don’t separate Ishitha and Raman. Please. …..

  18. Ankit

    Raman and episode looks amazing when Raman Iis angry…. Raman is the best….. it qas too much Ishita was acting smart….. one has to pay price for over smartness

  19. diya

    i am literally feeling disgusted after watching today’s episode . except that ishu-adi emotional tear jerking scene . the whole episode was bad. at frst i thought they all r reacting like this with ishita because they dont know the truth. but after watching today’s episode am feeling like raman along with the bhallas have totally lost it .how can they blame ishita after knowing the truth also? couldnt they see her pain , leave apart raman he loves his family more than himself . what about toshiji… she is a mother ,a wife . she also cannot understand ishita,s feelings . yes , some points like ishita should have told raman about all these is totally correct . but couldnt he recollect all those pain she hv beared just for him??? certainly the feeling of being betrayed blinded them to the actual reality .
    sorry, to say i feel this is a kind of saddistic mental torture on ishita . evn her parents didnt support her.

    they are being so indifferent with the fact that a khabri is sitting in thr home planning to kill raman .
    if someone who was most affect and saddend by shagun’s death it was adi. but he also blvs nd trusts his ishimaa. today it is proved that children have a true nd pure hearts.

    i think soon romi will bring out the truth in front of evrybody …. cz i am sure that creep will call . nd romi will take the phn . am just waiting for sarika to get xposed. that will b big tamacha or slap on the faces of iyers nd bhallas especially raman .

    p.s – Divyanka totally nailed it today with her acting . wsum job . evn karan did an xcellent job .
    nd , i hate u raman bhalla.

  20. Prafulla

    Hi frds, muje lagta hai Sarika ne rinki ka murder kiya ye baat Ashok KO pata hai isliye wo us aurat KO blackmail kar raha hai

  21. Sarika will definitely get caught as she told Romi she went to give food to Raman. & Romi should check Sarika’s phone & call this number from another phone to see who she is talking to or get it checked who it belongs to As Ashok will not know anyone will check this number.. At the same time I think Raman doesn’t drink the Juice he pretends to be unconscious & The way he looks at Sarika he is no fool . he would have realized she was up to no good..
    In A way Raman doesn’t deserve Isitha.. by now he should realize Ishu will go to any length to protect his family. At the same time i understand his hurt too. Ishu got many chances to tell him she should have told the truth.
    Anyway i am very angry with Raman & his family,Raman’s mother is always very selfish & a time server.. .when ever Ishu does good she raves over, at a drop of a pin she turns sides. So The villian wins again oh this is so sad. this is the way everything happens i think in many stories judging by most of the comments, that Sarika another selfish money grabbing greedy woman.
    Shagun should give the child to Ishu & marry manoj . & Ishu must not show the child to any of them . exp Raman .make them suffer for all the gratitude they gave her for saving the family from lot of misfortune.. Ardi & Ruhi should go to Sahgun refusing to stay with Raman & the family .cos they treated their isimaa badly..ha ha serves them right this is my thinking . sorry guys if anyone got hurt from this comment.. luv have a great day for all YHM fans.. i don’t know the names of most of u all to write here by heart. so sorry pls don’t get offended.

    • Prithvi

      Yes, true that the Bhalla family deserves this
      they didn’t believe Ishita, now they may have to lose their beloved grandchildren

  22. angel chaurasia

    Plz writers n ekta mam no separation… uh cn keep ishra together n uh cn tke leap n uh ol can mke gud scenes n stories bt plz no separation

  23. diya

    good news for yhm fans
    source -twitter (confirmed news)

    we all know that sarika will spike raman’s drink nd make him fall unconscious. evryone will thnk raman tried to commit suicide . nd thats y ishita will b thrown out of bhall house . but soon after all this drama nothing will happen to raman and sarika will be scard that if raman will tell the family that he never really tried to commit suicide thn the family members will be alert nd will try to find the person who tried to spike raman’s drink and in this situation she will again try to kill raman but this time she will be trapped and her truth will be revealed , evryone will get to know that sarika is the real culprit. we have towatch to know how ishita will manage to get trust from raman , but one thing is cleared that ishita and raman won’t seperate.

    guys .. this is confirmed so cheer up a it!
    🙂 🙂

    • nivedha

      Wow its really good… but this time also I need ishu to punish in her style… I need Raman ears to get pain on her lectures.l need back that fightercock couples

    • diya

      yaa guys me tooo.. it is new s written in the blog of tv serials . which yhmian shared in twitter. she said its confirmed. lets hope for the best.

    • neha

      Omg…if it is true then I’m eagerly waiting for next episodes of yhm…even I’m waiting for this track when sarika’s true face revealed in front of bhalla’s…don’t know how they’ll react on it but later knowing the truth sarika and romi relationship get finished and she(sarika) and ashok will soon be punished for all the wrongdoings…
      Don’t know how ACP Abhishek who’s sarika’s cousin brother, will react….actually she (sarika) needs tight slap with ishita,,for whatever she had done with bhalla family especially with Raman and ishita and the kids also suffered a lot of pain, anxiety…
      Really waiting for upcoming episodes of yhm….

  24. Sam

    Bullshit serial… Its turning worse to worst… This planning of shagun and ishita to expose ashok and the informer is taking so much time that the whole serial is becoming boring and so artificial… After all Indian cinema…

  25. Ude

    Can any one confirm this?%-)
    I saw an on location, it was like this, ishra was about to fall from a mountain and that wicked ;->ashok was trying to throw a big rock on ishra. That was a really bad on-location. Can any one comfirm this?

  26. kajal

    Guyz it has become crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap
    The no of time i will write this it will be less
    Someone please end this track
    If someone have some good news of ending this track please inform

  27. kajal

    They must learn sth from the ff writers
    guyz u must read
    a treat to Ishra and arsi fans ff and
    Shaadi the beginning
    And dosti the support of our life too
    These ff are really awesome

    • happy

      Kajal And allyhm frnd we all shout at writter but when the twistcomes according to us we only praise when booth travk was on all shouted at….they dont know 2 write and so on…and when shugan part was revealed many of us where happy…people have different opinions… according to me its eassy to write a ff or story in beginning but difficult to continue i also like these ff but they are irregular… they make it short whenever they like….my fav ff ishra forever written by heer Is not posted now…so we cant compare ff and story.

  28. mujhe lagtha hai raman naatak kar raha hai kyunki jab sarika ne juice diya toh raman ne juice ko soonga aur phir raman ka juice peena sab nahi dikhaaya show mein .

  29. hey guys darshika sabrin diya (both the diyas) misty faya fathi vp jhanvi nivedha zaara naaz siddhi natasha parvathi nimrit ramchin and all yhm friends good morning.

  30. Good Morning Rithu & the rest of the gang,

    My Thinking is Ishitha should not give in easily to the Balla family & exp Raman for doubting her.. She should find the culprit & stay away from Raman & Co for a while with her parents & the new baby plus Ardi & Ruhi.. Let the Balla’s Sweat a little for all the accusations they did for her for doing good for the family & trying to save Raman & his kids from Ashok.. Those two ‘ Kanna’s ” must be exposed & Bala should be saved from falling down as they will win if one even achieve the revenge..both Suraj & Ashok must go down & starve without money for them to realize not to harm another family just because they have money. Isu has gone through enough for this family. she must guard her self respect.. hope something like this will happen..i am so sad for Ishu . to what length she went & all that she got was to be chased out of the family.that is the limit.. Raman for a businessman behaves like an idiot. can understand his anger.. but to this length is uncalled for. What do u guys think???

  31. hi rithu,janvi,both the diyas and all yhm friends good morning
    This is for yhm writters.
    according to the episode what raman said is right for one men’s life ishita could not play with other familly member emotion is 100% right bcos he loves his family a lot. But Raman to think that if any thing happened to him his family will suffer a lot especially their parents,wife and children for their sake he should live w/o any problem so that ishita done all this.

  32. Archal

    Ishitha deserves this. I understand all what she did was to protect Raman..But enough of drama na…what is this nonsense. Doing every creep things without telling Raman..Uff too much

  33. Siddhi

    Hey guys I think Raman is acting if not then disgusting par baki ghar walon ko kya ho gaya hai Mrs bhalla WO bhi kabhi kahbi bilkul mad ho jati hain aur wo Kamini sarka ek tarf to ishita ki us condition par smile kar rahi thi aur dosry taraf kha rahi thi k agar ashoke k pas mera secret na hota to WO kabhi asa na karri pgl n adi u rock missing ishru scenes a lot l hope thruth will reveal soon without leap or ishrarudi seperation

  34. Dee

    A very emotional episode. Ramans words were harsh to Ishu today but his question is valid – why did she feel that she could not confide in him? She chose to confide in Shagun, Prateek & Abhishek over her husband.In trying to protect him she has hurt him a lot.He will get over the hurt but whether he can trust Ishu again only time will tell. Let’s hope that Raman is playing his own game to flush out Sarika otherwise it’ll be hard to watch as a viewer.
    Ishita/Adi scene was nice & Adi is right, Ruhi will scold Raman when she comes back, the kids know Ishima would never hurt them or the family.

    I don’t think the writers are stupid enough to separate Ishra but it does looks like leap will happen. Does anyone know when?
    Gautam (Adi) & Ruhanika (Ruhi) are such an integral part of YHM, I don’t understand how writers can run out of ideas so quickly that leap or separation seems the only option left to them. I hope we can have our old YHM, IshRu, IshRa & Ishrarudi soon.

  35. Jhanvi

    Emotional epi….. I agree with u parvathi..

    Superb job by divan…
    Adi-ishu part was so emotional ..thnk god he was there…

    Nd yes who r saying that only to blame Raman is wrong.. I agree that she did a lot drama for him.. But that drama was too much…. Nd she has been acting since 3 mnths… Nd he Nd all d family members have been suffering Nd worrying for her health since 3 mnths… It means 90 days. To see someone in pain Nd feeling helpless. Is s most worst pain… Raman Nd all d members have been worrying for her Nd feeling helpless for her.. So now their anger is justified…

    But yeah what Raman said about not to wear mangalsutra was totally wrong…
    Nd Mrs bhalla behaviour is also not good…

  36. Jhanvi

    The simple thing is that ishita shld tell this Raman before. At surrogacy I said d same …that Raman shld not hide this from ishita..

  37. High voltage drama is
    going to happen in Raman
    and Ishita in Yeh Hai
    Raman dreams having
    romantic good morning
    with Ishita but his dream
    gets broken when police
    come there.
    Ishita accuses Raman
    and family, member for
    domestic violence.
    Raman gets angry when
    Ishita accuses family
    members as they throw
    her out of house beating
    her badly.
    Ishita asks inspector to
    arrest entire family
    Mrs Iyyer and Bala scold
    Ishita for turning bad but
    Ishita wants to just save
    family members from
    Ashok that is why she
    took this drastic step.
    Stay tuned for further

  38. Finally the suspense is all set to be
    If viewers would remember, was the first to
    inform readers about Sarika (Sarika
    Dhillon) being the villain in Star Plus’
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji
    In recent past we saw Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) trying her best to reveal the
    real culprit in the family. And
    fortunately, the day has come when
    the world will find out that it was
    indeed Sarika who was Rinki’s (Resha
    Konkar) murderer and now trying to
    kill Raman.
    Need further details..??? Here we go…
    Shared a source, “Ishita will doubt
    Sarika’s intention and would follow
    her when she would move stealthily
    move out of the house. Ishita would be
    shocked to see Sarika meeting Ashok
    (Sangram Singh). The two will be
    plotting their next move against
    Raman and the family.”
    Ishita would then finally reveal
    Sarika’s secret to the family and
    Sarika and Ashok will be sent to jail
    post that.
    Phew! In time…isn’t it???
    We tried reaching Divyanka but she
    remained unavailable to comment.
    Excited about the entire drama? Hit
    the comment box below to share your

  39. Segments written update…..
    Ab Ye Kya Naya drama hai.. Ishta ne Sab family ko arrested Kara Diya
    Posting today’s segment because finally Sarika is exposed and the roses scene is not a dream.
    _WU credit : Kras (IF)_
    Raman fought with mrs bhalla for ishu
    Then ishu came with police
    And told them to arrest everyone
    She filled a domestic violence case against them
    She said they beat me in night
    And threw me out
    Police arrested them
    Mrs bhalla said u fought with me for her now see
    Raman threatened acp
    Mrs iyer pleaded with ishita
    Ishu did all this for family
    Someone threatened her that he attack at her entire family
    That’s why she send everyone to jail to save them
    And I don’t know how but sarika truth also disclosed
    And she got arrested Romi tried to beat her
    But raman stopped him
    And next morning that romantic scene with interruption of neelu
    ‪#‎SBB‬ :
    Same but one more thing is when ishu came with police
    Raman was so concerned for her
    He tried to talk to her
    But she shrugged off his hand
    Then arrest scene and all
    And in morning scene he gave her roses
    First rose and said sorry for shouting at u
    Second rose for thank u
    Third one I promise I will never upset with u
    Fourth for our life
    Aage sunai nahi diya
    PS : Finally the three months drama ended in three days!

  40. Wow what we think is not what we get. One moment we think Isu is wrong & Raman is Right . Next we think Raman is wrong & Ishu Is right . but in the end they show us a totally different picture. Completely different story. so confusing . Anyway at least all the Ghost Drama & Ashok Drama will be over.. Ashok Deserves what he gets.Not forgetting Sarika . She lied her way to get in to the house & killed her own Sister in law.just to safe guard herself. i never liked her from the start.She was with Param after that she acted innocent just to get in to the family. Where is that rotten Suraj. Who is also in another revenge spree. he should get the same treatment. & Bala should be saved.So that people will know good conquer all evil at the end. doing evil is no win situation. good lesson to learn too. have to wait for the next exciting epi..
    Good Luck YHM fans Happy waiting.

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