Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ruhaan says to raman that if u want to sign me for exclusive contract u should give more money and says to think abt it..Then Ruhaan thinks if raman signs exclusive contract, it will be sure that Raman and Ishita wont meet and i want this only..Raman talks about Pihu and doesn’t stop..his angle..he can fight with world. Smile comes on his face when he thinks about her. Ruhaan is hurt and says raman is worried for pihu only..

Then at hospital amma calls mihika and mihika puts phone in speaker mode so that Ishita hears voice of amma. amma asks abt marriage arrangements. Mihika says it is going good. They continue convo. Ishita cries. Amma asks whose crying. Mihika says she’s outside. she then cuts the call. Mihika says to Ishita not to cry and i just wanted to make u hear

amma voice.

Then at iyer house amma wonders if it was Mihika who was crying. vandu and bala reach home. Amma tells them about that. Bala says she may have gotten emotional. And she tells to bala-vandu that they should go to mumbai to help mihika. vandu is angry and tells no need as she is marrying member from bhalla family..
Amma and bala convince her.

Adi calls mihika and ask to come and see the lehanga and Aliya picks call and tells she is a friend of mihika and tells to bring it to the hospital.

Adi comes to hospital and goes towards Ishita’s room. mihika sees it and tries to stop him but he goes inside and Ishita is not in room. Mihika is relieved and adi tells her to try lehanga. mihika is tensed that Ishita may come.
Mihika asks y u came here. adi says I am just helping you…and i called u and your friend told to come here. mihika thinks it must be aliya. She tells adi, lets go to restaurant and have tea and then i will try lehanga.

Mihir comes to raman and asks u are going to do exclusive contract with ruhaan than we have to pay double and says it is not in budget. raman says if this happens, we can get profit 10 times we pay to ruhaana. he says that second contract will be cancelled and money will payed back to mani company..

shravan with frnds is shown
His frnds asks shravan about his friend list and teases him. shravan says i have aliya bhat as my frnd. his frnds tease him. bala comes and asks why they are laughing. They say shravan is lying that he chats with Alia Bhat. Shravan runs away.

Mani tells Ishita to recover first then ask doctor for discharge…he calls her jhansi ki rani. Ishita remembers IshRa moments. He asks what happened? She tells him not to call her jhansi ki rani. Aliya comes in with bhel puri. Ishita gets excited. Aliya feeds her and then she feeds Aliya. Mani says in his mind..thank God Ishita and Raman didn’t meet despite being in same plane. He receives a call from Raman asking for the owner of Ishita beverages. Mani is shocked.

He gets up and calls Aliya to the side. He asks her to tell Raman that he’s not available. He asks her to go outside and talk. Ishita asks Mani what happened. He says nothing.

Aliya tells Raman that Raghav is busy. He can tell her if any important work. Raman says he will talk to him later. Aliya wonders why Mani became nervous..whether there is any issue in project.

Mani comes outside and asks what he said. She says he just wanted to talk to him, but why he didn’t talk? Mani says he didn’t want to talk about it in hospital. She says…was it anything important? He says no and tells her to go. He mummers to himself whether Raman knows about Ishita..that flowers. Aliya hears and asks him to tell her what’s the problem. He says nothing and tells her to take care of Ishita. Aliya is sure Mani is hiding something. Who sent flowers and what’s in flowers?

Precap: Mihika checks her lehenga with Ishita. Someone knocks the door. Mihika thinks it’s Aliya and says to come in. It’s Adi. He sees Ishita. Ishita is smiling, but he’s shocked!

Update Credit to: Jayashree

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  1. nice episode..mani knows that.ishu loves raman..why is he not trying to reunite ishra…now adi wil do this..I am so happy..but the makers wil drag the show

    1. I know lavanya …. today i realy did not like Manis attitude . He knows very well she loves him … it was so sad watching their old scenes

  2. Yehai mohabbathein sweeps star parivar awards jodi, best intrntnal jodi, fvrt digital awards for dt and kp and also raman wins best pathi award and also dt wons best mom, patni, bahu and anitha wins best stylish actress. Dt wons 6 and kp wons 4 awrds. So yhm rockz guyz.

    1. Wow it’s a good news..How did u know that Shahabana?

      1. KP won 5 awards, DT 6 and Anita 1

        Ruhi didn’t win ?

      2. Kp got only 4 right T-C

    2. Actually anita hassanandani&aly goni written on instagram and Twitter as divyanka tripathi got 6 awards and karan patel got 5 awards.

  3. Thank god….finally adi met his ishima….a great sigh of relief..he will bring ishra close

    1. T rue Shivani … I also felt a big relief …

  4. nice episode..!..adi has atleast got the limelight in the show…now…!…

  5. good

  6. What wrong with this Rubi… She is grown up now… Doesn’t she has commen sence… If Ishita have any clue that she is alive…. For sure she look for her…. Always think about what nidhi said and taking revenge on ishita….

    1. Do you really think any of the characters have any common sense at all? Had they had at least little coomon sense then defn ruhi wudnt b listening to nidhi, romi wudnt b listenin to ashok, mihika wudnt b helpin romi who has joined hands with ashok-her ex husband, raman wud nt hv got angry on ishita bcos it was he who first asked her to go with ruhi to retrieve pihu, bhalla’s wudnt b lettin shagun stay wit them – leave alone bringing up pohu, no one wud hv hidden ishita frm pihu, raman wud nt hv stayed away from ishita’s mom &dad. But I think the story writer thinks we audience sure lacks that common sense!! Otherwise we wudnt b seeing this. They are degrading every gud character in the story including Raman, ishita, ruhi and abimanyu.

      1. You are absolutely right Hema……

  7. I think ruhi’s character should be positive nd she should unite ishra..

  8. Episode is good.. Precap also good.. Thankz 4 written updates..

  9. Congratulations!!!Best Best Best wishes for DT,KP,Anita and all the YHM.My god it’s rocking!!!is it 10 awrds???WOW!!!!!
    I’m really really happy and both DT and KP deserves them……
    Continuously 3 years they won the award for favourite Jodi!!.even internationally…My god I’m very happy

  10. Today’s episode was nice and I wonder why Mani is trying come between Ishra all the he jelous??
    Any how Adi will do that for sure…

  11. Its a short update. Plz make it clear

  12. Nyc episode liked it.thank god finally adi meets his ishimaa…soo sad tht ruhaan will nt let their parents meet.and yaa i also saw tht yhm won soo many awards.soo happy for tht.and adi was soo cool.he shd unite ishra.mani knows tht ishu loves raman bt he didnt said to ishu till nw tht raman is their competitor…and wher is sarika and also abhishek where r they…koi aur twist toh nai….plzzzz dont drag the serial…want ishra together…luv u ishu and ruhi also.
    Ishu doesny know tht mihika is going to marry romi.when she knows then ishu will be against tht i think soooo….
    Waiting for nxt episode.

  13. Good episode

  14. Wow superb now two of ishitas family knows that she is alive. Know alot of suprises will hapns

  15. I missed half of the episode .episode was ok.precap was good.

    1. Hi! ritushree !do u remeber me…?.?

      1. hi suvidha gowda . I remember you . you are from mysore right and we are from the same state .

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  17. Rumours going around
    suggest that the negative lead of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Pavitra Punia
    is going to get replaced in the
    popular show. According to
    rumours, the actress has gone on a
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    of the show which got Ekta furious
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  18. YHM: Adi finally meets his Ishimaa |Apne laadle Adi ko kaise bhool gayi ishimaa…

  19. Ishita is against Mihika and Romi’s Marriage..

  20. hi everyone other serial fans r saying that this year SPA was worst n also that channel cheated they r just jealous of yhm

  21. I don’t want to comment on today’s episode I am just fed up with these hits n misses I am enjoying my self thinking about SPA but really feeling sad for ruhanika

  22. The precap was so good-can’t wait to see Ishita’s reaction when she sees her son!!

  23. Awesome episode. Once of the serials which has not dragged on for long.

  24. I hope adi dont tell raman about her

  25. Wao waiting for ishra and ishruh scenes !!

  26. This is ridiculous…..har episode men ishita se aik aik family member milta. 1st mika then adi and then idk someone else…..they r just playing hide and seel…this track isn’t making any sense to me….like seriously, ishita and raman could definitely meet, , but writers didn’t make them meet…they were so close to each other…God damn ,,,I don’t get all this,,.,this is just ridicoulous, nothing else….

    All that’s happening is HIDE AND SEEK

  27. It’s getting boring this show with each hit and miss. The Cvs are taking us as dumb. We must stop watching the show so long they do not let IshRa meet.The show will decline in ranking which obviously Ekta ji will not like

  28. can’t wait for d sorrowful scenes to end

  29. Hi guys gud mrng???

  30. hey guys good morning to all.

  31. The much awaited Star Parivaar
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    Favourite Bahu- Ishita (Yeh Hai
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    Favourite Beti- Dhara (Tamanna)
    Favourite Maa- Ishita (Yeh Hai
    Favourite Pita- Deepak (Tamanna)
    Favourite Saas- Ammaji (Mere Angne
    Favourite Sasur- Raghav (Mere Angne
    Most Stylish Sadsya- Shagun (Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein)
    Nayi Soch- Sandhya (Diya Aur Bati
    Favourite Pati- Raman (Yeh Hai
    Favourite Patni- Ishita (Yeh Hai
    Favourite Beti- Ruhi (Ye Hai
    Favourite Naya Sadasya (F)-
    Swadheenta (Dahleez)
    Favourite Naya Sadaysa (M)- Adarsh
    Favourite Jodi- Ishita-Raman (Yeh
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    1. Did ruhi get the wrote but her mom wrote on insta that she didn’t get the award

      1. I dont know but I got this matter from some website .I think ruhi did not get any award.

  32. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie and all yhm friends.

    1. Hiii rithu

  33. YHM: Adi finally meets his Ishimaa |Apne laadle Adi ko kaise bhool gayi ishimaa…

  34. Good news….there will be a dream sequence in upcoming episode of yhm…..raman romances with ishita….

  35. Hello guys!!. Actually i am having a doubt.please someone clear Raman hate Ishita ???and if that so then why the hate????please someone clear it

  36. It is also hears that Adi will be
    surprised to see his ishima. We all
    now that after Mihika knowing the
    truth about Ishita being alive, it is
    now Adi’s turn. Yes it is true full
    family ka milan ke Mela chal raha
    hai. Ramana has slapped the Adi for
    Ishita! But in the upcoming episodes
    of Yeh Hain Mohabattein will show
    that Adi gets to know that Ishita is
    alive. Adi has identified his mom but
    Ishita does not recognize Adi.
    On this same setting.. whie adi is
    talking to his father Raman, gets
    angry and slaps bechaaraa Adi.
    Raman dont agree that he still loves
    Isitha. So adi becomes sad of this.
    With full of discouragement Adi now
    says to his father ” Aap ka dill
    Patthar hi hai” After this scene Now
    in the next upcoming episode we
    While Raman and Mihir both are
    working together in a room. With in a
    whole adi enters and tells he is very
    happy today because he met a very
    good person, he feel like he is in top
    of the world.
    Raman say let us do our work, Soon
    adi notices a receipt of white lilies.
    Adi recognizes these are favorite
    flowers of Ishimaa.
    Raman shouts again and kal ek
    thapad maara tha is that not enough,
    now he again scolds adi not to use
    Ishimaa name. If adi again use
    ishimaa name in the house, main
    thuje Zinda gaar duungaa”. Adi says
    you dont have any right to control
    me papa, and adi let the room. After
    some time adi leaves the room.
    Adi says because of this behavior
    ishima left you and all of us. Raman
    left speechless…Stay tuned for more

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