Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subbu performing on the song Dil hai ki manta nahi……… and giving his hand to Ishita. She says its their past and this old memories does not matter to me. Raman says past is gone, we will make our present beautiful. He takes her and sings Main Tenu Samjhawan………. She smiles and he charms her. He dances with Ishita holding her hand and lifts her from the wheelchair. They get close and smile. She hugs him. Subbu claps along others.

Raman takes Ishita. Subbu says he will get car. Raman says no, we will go by rickshaw, we will romance. Subbu smiles and says good night. Raman leaves with her. Subbu looks on. Raman and Ishita are on the way. She says it was so much fun, and he tied the wheelchair behind the rickshaw and recalls the old moments when they fought

and left in rickshaw. She finds him upset and asks what happened. He says nothing, actually something happened. She asks what is the matter. Rinki comes to Mihika. Mihika says I need to talk to you. Rinki goes out with her.

Mihika talks to Rinki and asks why is she here, as she is newly married, she stays at her mum’s place, why not with Mihir. Rinki asks whats this question. Mihika says we are friends right, I can see some big problem she is hiding. Rinki says I don’t want to talk. Mihika stops her and says Shagun said I m breaking your marriage, its big accusation on me, why is Shagun saying this, why is not with Mihir, it means she also thinks this, why. Rinki cries. Mihika asks what did I do that she is thinking she is coming between them. She says my marriage broke and I came back, but we are friends, relatives and neighbors, shall I ignore Mihir, I meet him, shall I avoid him, won’t it be awkward, the day I married Ashok, I ended all my relations with Mihir, and the day he took decision to become your husband, all relations ended from his side, why will I break your marriage, tell me, I told him to take you on holiday.

Rinki says oh so he was taking me on your saying, great. Raman and Ishita come home. She asks what does he want to say, why is he upset. He says people say anything. She asks what. He says how did she feel when his friends talked about him and Shagun. She recalls in FB. He says even I feel bad, why don’t people understand. Shagun and Raman were perfect and were together, but we are not together now, people should not say anything, they did not think how we feel bad.

He says I m sorry. She says what is he saying. He says I took you in my friend’s party and left you alone, not thinking how will they behave with you, I m sorry, how can I be so insensitive, and look at you, you were with me in the party and involved me everywhere, I m glad, I m sorry. She asks him not to say sorry. He says I promise whatever happens, this won’t happen again, her happiness is be first priority for her, and says I want to say something. He holds her hand and finds it tough to say. Dil kahin rukta nahi………… She asks him to say. He says trying. They hear Rinki and Mihika arguing and go to see.

Rinki says I m here as Mihir still loves you, he feels guilty to marry me. Raman gets angry and says so you are lying to us and staying here. Ishita asks Raman to come inside and talk. Raman says you care for people, my sister is breaking her marriage. Ishita asks Rinki why is she reacting this way. Rinki says Mihika is your sister, you will feel she is right. Raman says stop it. Rinki says Mihir said he regrets to lose Mihika, he can’t marry Mihika now as he married me, did I ask him to have pity on me, he told this truth being drunk, why should I be there if he told this.

She says I thought this is my home, I think everyone does not want me to be here. Rinki asks Mihika to say how will she feel being in her place. Mihika says I m sorry. Raman says I did not expect this from Mihir and holds Ishita responsible for Rinki’s life ruining, who told Ishita to make Mihir marry Rinki. He says he will not leave her. He goes out. Rinki goes home. Mihika cries and hugs Ishita.

Ishita tells Amma that she is tensed, Raman went in anger and he can do anything with Mihir. Mihika says its her mistake, she came back and Rinki has problem with her. Ishita asks her not to think so. Mihika says if a woman leaves a husband, its her mistake, everyone thinks such women get after their husbands. Ishita says their mindset is wrong, not hers, we will find solution. Mihika says Rinki’s feelings got hurt because of me, I would have not left Ashok’s home. Ishita says would you bear tortures there, what you did was right. Amma says yes, don’t punish yourself, you did not do wrong. Appa says yes, its small misunderstanding. Ishita asks Mihika to be strong woman and not sacrifice, she will talk to Rinki. Mihika hugs her.

Shagun asks Mihir to have dinner. Mihir likes the dishes and asks is there anything special. She says its day to celebrate, as he is getting freedom from forced relation, his wife is leaving, finally Rinki got sense and she left home. Mihir says what nonsense, how can she happy by igniting fire in other’s lives. She says don’t you know. He says you might have done this. Raman walks in angrily and scolds him, pushing him. Mihir says whats the matter.

Raman says my sister is sitting at my home. Mihir says I don’t know, she said she is getting bored here and she went there, there is some misunderstanding. Raman asks Raman to ask Rinki why does she stay in her Maayka, ask her, not Mihir. Mihir says Shagun stay out of this. Shagun says Ishita tied my brother to Rinki by forcing him. Raman says I will find out, if I know its your mistake, you know me and asks Shagun not to dare to talk in his house matters. He leaves.

Raman scolds Ishita and asks why did she beg to Mihir to marry Rinki, he will not leave her if Rinks life get ruined. Ishita says you all blessed her. He asks how did this go wrong. Mihika says please jiju.. Raman says don’t talk in between. Ishita says you can’t talk to her like this. Raman says then take your sister and get lost. Ishita cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ???????????????

  2. Mihir and Rinki to win
    ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’
    Contest,Raman to tease
    Ishita in ‘Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein’ Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,
    is currently witnessing the
    drama where Raman gets
    angry on Ishita for putting
    Rinki’s marriage at Stake by
    getting her Married to Mihir who loves Mihika.They both
    end up fighting and Ishita
    comes to Iyer House. While Mihir and Rinki both feel
    guilty for seperating Raman
    and Ishita and Mihir tries to
    make up to Rinki.But the Iyer
    and Bhalla Family together
    make the plan to get Rinki and Mihir closer by planning a ‘Rab
    Ne Bana Di Jodi’ Contest. All decide to purposely fail just
    to make Rinki and Mihir
    win,while Ishita and Raman
    who fought with eachother will
    try to avoid eachother and
    Raman teases Ishita by making her angry by not identifying
    her in contest ,so Ishita gives
    back in another contest by
    Irritating Raman.Ruhi and Adi
    watch them and decide to solve
    their fight and make them confess. Mihir and Rinki finally win the
    contest and Bhalla’s celebrate
    with them.But is Raman giving
    advantage to Subbu by fighting
    with Ishita ? What will Subbu do when he
    learns that Raman and Ishita
    fight and never confessed ?

  3. raman dnt say any thing in anger

  4. Sbb mein yhm ka bataya. … .raman ki car tyre puncture hojaye hai. Adi ruhi ne mil kar kiya hai ishita ka hair pin use karke. ….aur woh pin wahin car k pas hoti hai aur raman ko lagta hai ki ye ishita ne kiya hai. .ishita wahan apne car k sath aati hai. .romi bhi sath hota hai. .aur IshRa ki nok jok shuru hojati hai…finally raman car mein bait jata hai par. .uss k taunting wajhe se ishita raman ko car se utar ne k liye kehti hai…….
    ……..hey..param wapas aane wala hai. ..

  5. Clg se ghar aane mai der hogai

  6. Uff matlab raman ishita ko srry nahi bolega b4 d competition so dey hav to show some thing exiting on monday bcoz evry monday is vry exiting for yhm

  7. Aur yeh competition mai wo log ek dusre se aaise hi ladte rahenge no romance arre yeh achha moka sirf ishra hi miss karsakte hain

    1. Sahi kaha. .ye IshRa ho karsakte hai. .

  8. Hey yhm fb par likha hai ki. ..divyanka aur karan ki fight hogayi…hai. ..karan late aata hai iss liye divyanka ne kaha ki jab tak karan nahin aata woh bhi nahin aaye gi. .iss baat se karan ko gussa aagaya aur uss ne divyanka ko gussa kiya dono mein fight hoi. .aur ab woh ek dusre se baat nahin karrahe hai kaha ki ek sath shoot bhi nahin karenge. … sbs mein dikhaya par maine nahin dekha sbs. .
    ..yaar ye Sach nahin hona chahiye..karan toh hamesha late aata hai set par ab toh uss ki shaadi bhi hai. …..aaisa kya hogaya ki divyanka ko gussa aagaya. ……wish k ye rumours ho. .isse pehle bhi news aayi thi k DivAn k beech fight hogayi hai. …

    1. Oh nooooo dis cant b hpn ? ? ?

  9. Raman ishita yhm fb par likha hai ki ye divan fight news fake hai. ..

  10. Media just given fake news. Guys its just
    a baseless rumour for the sake of trp.
    STOP OVER REACTING !! #KP nd #DT understand each other like no one else ! Get That .

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  24. villans are increasing day by day

  25. i heard that now subbu will take the advantage of ishitha Raman fight.

    1. haa.. When ishitha was crying in iyer’s house subbu ayega.ishitha ko dek kaar raman se bad impression hojayega….

  26. kaha saab log mizun.priyaroli.prayosha.angel

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  32. raman sahi kaha shagunko tum mera family interfer math karo…..kyaaaa warning diya shagunko achathana….

  33. not rinky yaar purposfully
    they are extending
    the track of ishram love confession

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  35. Can any one tell me when is YHM MAHAMOVIE TIMINGS?

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