Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi complimenting ishita and applying her bindi. Mihika applies the black dot and says even Amma would have done this. Ruhi asks them not to cry, else makeup will spoil. Aaliya comes and compliments Ishita. Ishita asks where is Pihu. Aaliya says Pihu is sleeping, don’t worry, Mani took off from work and will be taking Pihu out, Shagun will come till engagement, so you relax. Bala’s mum hears them and thinks so this is their planning, Bala speaks their language, he scolded me that day because of them, now I will see how their plan gets successful.

She calls Shagun to inform. Shagun wakes up and thinks who is calling at this time. Bala’s mum calls again and wishes Shagun gets up and answers call. Shagun answers the call and asks who is it, is this time to

call. Bala’s mum says I m your well wisher, Bala’s mum. Shagun says see time and call. Bala’s mum says don’t end call, I have big news for you, you don’t know whats happening, you are sent to Chennai by planning. Shagun gets shocked.

Ishita says no one gets ready on time for early time marriage. Raman comes and hugs her. She asks why did you come, its our marriage happening, you don’t care for rituals. He asks her to get shy and meet him. They argue. She asks what do you want, you are grown up. He says we are marrying for children’s sake. She says yes, for them and Dadi. He says yes, I m irritated to do mistake again. She asks did you marry me by mistake. He says there is no love and romance. She asks what do you mean, do marriage silently, I will love you a lot, just follow the rituals. He says you just know to make talks and goes. She says Punjabis just don’t understand.

Shagun says you did big favour on me by telling this, thanks. Shagun ends call and says Ishita I will come to give you my best wishes, I will reach there on marriage time.

Everyone reach the temple. Amma and Appa welcome Raman and his family. Appa does the tilak. Amma does his aarti and other rituals of oil bath. Raman makes a face. Everyone smile seeing Raman’s irritation. Adi records everything. Raman wears the clothes and sits for other rituals. Ishita comes and sits with him. She asks why are you irritated. He says who wakes up at this time, if you are having fun, sit quiet. They argue. Amma and Appa do rituals. Ishita finds Raman’s mood spoiled. Raman gets fed up of too many rituals and says I won’t do this in Adi’s marriage. She says its rituals. He gets annoyed and goes. Ranbir and Anushka see them arguing.

Ae dil hai mushkil….plays…. Anushka says how is this man, he is not interested in his own marriage, girl is sweet, he is Sadu. He says why is he marrying if he does not love her. Ruhi comes and says you too, what are you doing here. Ranbir says Ruhaan, actually we came to take blessings, our movie Ae dil hai mushkil is coming. Ruhi says I m excited to see it, my Papa and mumma are getting married, my Papa is Punjabi and Ishi Maa is Tamilian, we are here for rituals, if you don’t mind, can you meet them. Ranbir says of course. Ruhi says I will just get them. Ruhi takes Ishita.

Pandit asks Raman to go for Kashi yatra now. Ishita gets surprised seeing Ranbir and Anushka. He asks is it your marriage. Ishita says yes. Anushka says I think your husband does not love you, he was irritated, how can you live with you. Ishita says I also feel so, but how does it matter, I love him, its enough. Ranbir asks is it easy to love if you don’t get love back. She says its life and has to keep some things. Anushka asks how will you stay without love. Ishita says who said there is no love. Ranbir says one sided love has much power, it does not get divided in others, it just has your right. Ishita says I want to just keep the love well, whatever it is. Anushka says our move is about one sided love, I feel love shows many colors, I think you got pure color.

Ishita says don’ t know Raman…. Raman comes and says listen to me, I heard about one sided love, love is one sided from my side, see I got half by loving her, its my 4th marriage with my madam, romance is not romance without tadka, we did not use to talk when we got married for the first time, I want too much love. Anushka says that’s sweet. Ranbir says I think Ishita loves you more. Anushka calls them lucky to get love. Ranbir wishes them all the best for their married life. Everyone come and meet Anushka and Ranbir, and wish them all the best for their movie. Ranbir and Anushka leave.

Raman tries to run away and everyone smile. Appa asks Raman to listen. Raman says I got a chance to run. Amma tells Adi that Raman is not running, this is called Kashi yatra that groom tells father in law that he won’t marry and run to Kashi, and father in law convinces the groom. Raman gets convinced by Appa. Ishita and Raman sit in mandap. Ishita tells Raman that she will never leave him and go. Raman asks Pandit to start rituals. Bala’s mum wishes Shagun comes soon. Shagun lies to Dadi that she is going to temple to pray for Adi and Aaliya.

Dadi says good, I will get ready and come, we will go together. She gets Ashok’s call and asks him about arrangements, can’t you arrange my ticket, it’s a request, I have to reach Delhi. Dadi comes and asks are you talking to Mani. Shagun says yes and lies. Dadi and Shagun board the taxi. Shagun gets a message and thinks great, Ashok did all arrangements. Shagun says wait, ring is in bag, Aaliya told me to get ring blessed in the temple, you go, I will take another cab and come. Dadi says fine, take house keys. Dadi leaves. Shagun thanks Ashok.

She says till aunty reaches temple, I will leave from here. She disconnects landline and takes Dadi’s phone along. She says Ishita and Raman think they can outsmart me, its not happening, I m coming Ishita along with Pihu, Pihu should see Raman marrying you, she will hate you more that she will not wish to see your face.

Raman and Ishita smile. Shagun comes with Pihu. They get shocked seeing Pihu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Raman Merried twice with Ishita and Shagun always ruin… but fans surprised for first merried… actually this show always make our heart beat fast, still remember how Raman try to kill Ishita… and surprised He safe her, and when He support Shagun when she is to be surragate-mother for their baby(with ishita), hope that this show always keep the good people win, just tell to Pihu and make her understand, why should afraid … daughter always love her mother, please dont make our heart-break to know that daughter hate a good mother like Ishita…Safe our Raman from Shagun… she has a husband too .. be happy for what she had ?

  2. Hey guys!

    I am back. My exam is over so I can relax.
    Hmm.. oyo meri ma you are abusing this serial!
    Someone has to teach Bala’s mother to keep her mother shut.
    Aylia’s nani will be angry on Shagun for spoliting Ishra marriage.
    No marriage for Adi and Aylia. Adi will blame on Shagun and Pihu. Pihu will realised that she love Adi but hurt by Adi hatred for her and Shagun and Raman.
    Raman will failed to realised that he will lose Ishita forever.
    Ishita should not returned in Raman’s life after his fiasco behaviour in front of guest.

    1. Ruhi will not be able to leave Ishita because Ruhi is Ishita full custody. Raman will be stuck and don’t know what to do. Ruhi and Adi will hate Raman and Shagun and Pihu. Ruhi tried to tell Pihu the truth about Shagun as her faked mother and her real mother is Ishita. Ishita will walk away from Raman. Iyer family will blame on Ishita condition and leaving the family without informing where she will be. Raman will realised that Ruhi and Adi anger on him for leaving Ishita for Pihu. Pihu will feel pain and realised that Shagun is not being honest to her and will blast at Shagun for Ishita and order Raman to take her back to Ishita. Raman bring Pihu to meet Ishita and will realised that Iyer and Bhalla blames on him and Pihu for Ishita missing. Raman will breakdown and crying and Pihu will be in deep shocked by Ishita missing and anger on Shagun.

  3. I just stop to watch YHM in Indonesia and Hindis Version. If the scene such Pihu attempt to suicade I think YHM will be ignore for second time. Really! The bad director, less idea, bad education. The most stupid all of people especially Raman is they still believe Shagun evil. Mature person must can saparate between love, personality and child. Raman is so childish and pinhead! The child can’t be intervene for mature problem. This is why Hindis movie really bulshit scene than Korean Movie. And remember in November Lee Min Ho drama’s will destroy this rating.

  4. Mihika ko Romise baath karne keliye fursath hi nai mila…kya bakwas hai…. itni padi likhi hokar bhi kya kab kehna kuch nai patha… us din hi phone pe baath nai hui tho message karsakthi thi…. unnecessary situations ko bigad rahi hai

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