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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma trying to solve Ishita’s problem. She holds small sindoor box in her hand. Raman gets doctor at home and asks her to come to see Ishita in room, they have tied her. The doctor asks what, is she fine. Sarika says she is not okay, I have made her video and shows her. Raman says Ishita got violent, and takes the doctor there. The doctor sees Ishita tied and asks why did they tie her. Raman cries seeing Ishita. Ishita says she tries to call Raman at night, what did she do. She apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla.

The doctor asks them to free Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla and Romi free Ishita. Ishita cries and asks did I get mad? What did I do? The doctor says you are fine, don’t take tension, calm down, and asks them to get water. Sarika gets water. The doctor makes Ishita

drink water. She asks does she remember what happened yesterday. Ishita asks what did I do. The doctor reminds they came to clinic, and then what happened at home. Ishita says Ruhi wanted me to come in puja, I thought to wear clothes which Raman gifted me, and sees the saree she is wearing. She sees it burnt and torn, and says I don’t know what happened, I got this from cupboard.

The doctor says fine, it happens, you just take rest. Raman takes Ishita and goes with doctor. Bala sees them and asks Romi. Romi and Bala also go with them for hospital. Vandu tells Amma that Ishu is taken for tests. Amma says fine and sits to do puja. She says no use to do tests. Vandu asks her is she thinking about soul nonsense, Ishu will be fine. Amma prays for Ishita. Vandu asks her to manage her kids till Bala comes, as she has to go to college. Amma says I have some work, I will be back, then you go. Vandu says fine. Amma sees the red sindoor.

Sarika brings Ruhi and Adi home. She tells Mrs. Bhalla that Adi was fighting with kids, Ruhi was stopping him, I got them home. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi not to do this. Adi says I can’t hear anyone calling Ishi Maa mad. Ruhi says I also don’t like anyone saying bad about Ishi Maa and cries. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ruhi. She says whatever people say, we should not leave our goodness, Raman has taken Ishita to doctor. Amma says no doctor can make Ishita fine, pandit ji gave this sindoor, this will cure Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to take kids to room. She asks Sarika to see Rohit. She sees Amma and asks her to come inside. Amma says she has come to see Ishita. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to give her bp machine and sends her. She goes to Ishita’s room and says pandit said if sindoor turns black till morning, it means spirit has possessed Ishita. She keeps sindoor box there and says she will know everything till morning. Vandu is in her class and talks to students. She wonders whats happening in hospital. She checks the id cards and catches a guy with wrong id. She asks is he giving exam for someone else, she will call police. He says no, I will tell the truth. He says Suraj gave me money to make me write exam, I did this for money, I need money. She asks him to call Suraj right now, and not tell him that you got caught. She thinks she is already worried for Ishu, and now this new drama.

The doctor checks the reports and says you have mild depression, don’t worry, its not mental illness, you are not mad. She says she is in shock of Shagun’s death, she believes she is responsible for this. She says she behaves like Shagun when it gets over on her, I will write medicines for her. She sends Ishita and asks Raman to take care of Ishita, she should get back in work, make her stay busy, don’t talk to her about Shagun, please don’t tie her to bed, she is victim, she will not hurt you and your family, don’t tell her what happened at home. He says don’t worry, I will take care, thanks.

Vandu argues with Suraj. Suraj says yes, I have sent this guy to write exam, I needed pg degree for my business. Vandu asks him to study and write exam. The senior asks Suraj to give exam himself and pass. Suraj refuses. The senior asks Vandu to teach Suraj, and asks Suraj to come college regularly and give exam. Suraj agrees. Vandu thinks she can’t even refuse now, how can she teach this cheap man.

Raman brings Ishita home. Ruhi hugs Simmi and cries. Ishita cries seeing Ruhi scared and asks her to come. Simmi asks Ruhi to come, her Ishi Maa is calling her.

Amma cries seeing the sindoor black. Ishita holds her from behind. Amma screams. Ishita looks at black sindoor fallen on the ground.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wt the hell is going on yar aur kithna din chalega e noutanki its high time har roj ek bhooth ki tamash e ek romantic comedy nokjhok gener ki related story hai naa ki koi horror bhoot preth atma vaatma types so better change the track i know actors are doing great but its high time plz dnt make yhm as other serials like boaring dragging its completely diff frm others that is the only reason for the show’s huge popularity nd success plzzz makers i request u ye kya dhika rahe hai jab ruhi ishu ko dhek kar dar rahi thi i feel like hell for ishu so sad for koi dushmann ko bhi esa din na aaye…….

  2. Mujhe to reading kar ke der leg raha . Bring truth out early plz I cant see ishita ru ra adi liki this

  3. the worst drama i ve ever seen

  4. Now what will ruhi do she is damp cute now ppllzzz finish this ghost track I hope it will soon end now it is becoming very sad n emotional

  5. Wat the hell is going on…..Plzzz make divyanka(ishita) fine and yhm will be old yhm…..tooooo much draging horror truck i dont feel good watching like this…..Plzzz nooo separation between raman & ishu

    I love uuuu ishita

    I uuuuu ishita

  6. I dont understand is shagun spirit really enter ishita body or it’s a drama to expose sarika??????

    1. I totally agree. Story writers have written a plot but makes no sense. I don’t like this track at all. Poor ruhi is also scared for ishima. Hope it ends soon. Is shagun alive and going to expose sarika then why is ishita being possessed so much and so often.

  7. Epi was very Sad nd Emotional….can’t see ishu like this…. I feel crying when Raman was crying ….BT I m really happy to see Raman’s care nd love..!!! His love is really impo. For ishu this time….

    Feeling very sad for Adi nd Ruhi…. How can they hear that their ishima is mad…??? People shld not talk like this…

    Ishu was calling Ruhi nd she was afraid of ishu…!!!!!

  8. aftr this much hungaama, there is no point in thinkng dat it is a trap for saarika…

  9. writters dont break ishita raman and ruhi relation.

    1. That’s what I too want to request …. How much the fans requested no surrogacy , creators were least bothered .

  10. yaar yeh kya bana diya serial ko
    wts going on
    batao na aatama hai ya kuch aur
    please abhi koi aatama vaatma mat dalna
    and vandu will teach suraj
    What Rabish

  11. Hyyyy!!!!! Guys some one is using stupid story about ishita…. Ishu she is a servant how dare she/ he…… soooo stupid she/ he Better said ishu she is a doctor… Did uu agree with me guys

  12. I though dat the writter of this serial is practically…. Bt yeh kaun sa ridiculous track h yr…. Anyway plz anita ko wapus le aye… I m gr8 fan of her… Plzzzzzz

  13. Congrats yhm is on #2 position on trp chart

  14. Ya nisha …nd he or she is using rithushree’s name how mean…., BT it’s better to avoid it ….

  15. I feel very bad when is hu was calling ruhi n she was afraid of her

  16. ishi ta has been screaming like a cow on heat,the serial is getting pathetic and irritating,this show is being overrated in india,i rate it 2 out of 10.if this serial has run out of appeal ,please end it now.

  17. happy to hear that YHM is on the 2nd place in trp chart.
    Anyway,someone please tell me what is the truth. Is the doctor right or Amma?

  18. god knows who is right? but i loved the episode . muaaaaaaaahh… love this serial tp death

  19. plzzzz stop dis ghost drama:-l im sure its a trap to expose sarika, but 2 Much draggggggg,its boring 2 c ishu in dis condition

  20. This so annoying now this stupid drama Ishita just shut up

  21. End ghost track immediately.

  22. trp will decide the faith of this trck

  23. #sick#
    first of all let not the d kids adi and ruhi b a part of all dis idiotic drama….it cd affect them!

    and yes ekta put an end to dis drama..
    ur YHM initial episodes wd fetch u much TRP if aired once again..dan dis stupid drama…

    if no new story line…stop the serial!

  24. Good to see yhm in 2nd place.
    Why has sarika made video….. ??? In that situation ? Crazy girl.
    Is this really soul posses case or mental sick…..?
    And what is that new drama…..? Suraj and Vandu…..!!! Oh Cvs, are you going to destroy that family too,…..?
    So many questions…… When do you solve this all Cvs…..??? Please, we want a solution very soon for ishita….. Plz do something soon.

    And whatever happened , don’t separate ishrarudi……. Plzzzzzzzz……
    From SL

  25. Plssss end this track soon plssss!!!!

  26. Very sad if at all Ishra is separated ……

  27. Guys…., in ABP news I saw ishu is going for dinner date with that b***** Ashok Khanna…. Really hurting ….pls writes don’t do this …we can’t see ishu with him…

    Now I also want to request writers to end this track soon, though I like it BT now can’t see this with ishu…

  28. But one thing…, ishu was looking damn pretty in that black nd red Saree….

  29. Truly a very interesting drama changed into a worst drama

  30. I also saw it jhanvi. But can’t tolerate to see ishu with ashok…….! Shit……!!!
    YHM upcoming……
    Ishita(blo*dy shagun ghost or whatever) tries to kill her mother. Then Raman slaps ishita….. What…..???

    Please Cvs, end this track at least during this week.

  31. It was a nice seial which i watch star plus this was my favourite.but now its very worst……pls finish ths ghost play n come back vth previous style.

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