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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi coming to room. He sees Aaliya. Inna sona kyu….plays…. They smile. He holds her to kiss. She gets back and says sorry, I m not able to forget everything, I think we should take some time, I don’t want to start relation in such a way, I hope you understand. He says its okay, I will never force you, I lost your trust once, I will do anything to win your trust, when you complete trust me, we will take our relation ahead, you would be tired, take rest. He smiles and goes.

Adi comes back and sees her sleeping. He says I know I have given you much sorrow, I promise I will make everything fine, once I get the annulment papers in hand. He sleeps on the cough. Its morning, Ishita sees Raman sleeping. She thinks to talk to him and goes to get coffee for him.

She gets coffee. She looks for him. She says he did not had to talk to me, so he went, I will find out Adi’s annulment papers.

Baweja says great, Adi and Aaliya got married, we should celebrate. Ashok says yes, we will celebrate after tackling Bhallas. Baweja says wait, I m getting Ishita’s call. He adds Ishita’s call on conference. Ishita asks for Adi and Roshni’s annulment papers. Baweja asks her to come and collect. Ashok says well done. Ashok says I will ruin Raman’s respect now.

Roshni says I did mistake in sending IAS form, what shall I do now, its last day. Ishita says its not a problem, we will fill it online, I mean we will go to Amma’s house and send form by internet, come.

Gagan asks why, you said you will get Adi’s truth out, what happened. Ashok says Roshni created hurdle. Gagan says I will not leave Adi, will he enjoy with his new wife by leaving Roshni, no way. Ashok asks him to do what he says. He tells his plan. Gagan says I understood, it will happen what you say. Raman calls Baweja and apologizes to him. He says it was shocking for me. Baweja says I understand. Raman says I had to collect annulment papers, everything would get easy. Baweja says of course, I m busy in meeting, I will send papers, even your wife was asking for papers, don’t worry, you will get it. Raman says Ishita will get peace once annulment papers come.

Ishita fills Roshni’s form. She gets Baweja’s message and says judge messaged that he will send papers home, nice. Roshni says I heard IAS exam is tough. Ishita says its difficult, I think you should send forms for more entrance exams, why to waste a year, I will tell you about courses. Roshni thanks her. Ishita says I m thinking for you as I think for Ruhi and Adi, I m getting peace to help you.

Shagun makes gifts ready and tells Dadi that its pagphere rasam, so she got the gifts. Dadi says Ishita does not believe in all this, do this if you like, I finished all cooking, I prepared Aaliya’s fav dishes, where is Mani, did he reach there in excitement. Mani gets sweets and gifts. Shagun says I also got gifts. Mani says I went to have sweets and got gifts too. Dadi says you both spend a lot. Mani says we are getting late, we will go. Shagun says Aaliya would be sleeping. Dadi says no, Aaliya would have made something special, its her first cooking rasam.

Aaliya wakes up by someone’s knock at the door. Adi wakes up and sees her. Ruhi calls them out. Aaliya asks Adi to wait and keep pillow back. Ruhi says don’t know why did they send me, wake up now, good morning love birds. Adi greets Aaliya as his wife. They smile.

Ruhi greets Aaliya as Bhabhi. She says I did not wish to disturb, Dadi has sent me for Aaliya’s first rasoi, they are waiting for Aaliya to make someone tasty. Adi says Aaliya will make something, everyone would have done breakfast. Ruhi says yes, but why are you scolding me, Aaliya showed her magic in one day. She goes. Adi shuts door. Aaliya asks don’t you have to get ready. He says yes there is just one bathroom, I will go to Ruhi’s bathroom, you get ready here. He takes his clothes and asks her to get ready fast, else Ruhi will come again.

Ishita thinks to tell Raman about annulment papers. She says I had to tell something. Raman asks is there anything left. She calls him rude. Ruhi comes and says Dadi is calling you, its Aaliya’s first rasoi. Raman asks Ruhi to show jewelry to Raman and ask his choice to gift Aaliya. Raman says I have better gift, Adi’s annulment papers, I spoke to Baweja. Ishita says I also spoke to Baweja. Ruhi asks why do you always fight, fine I won’t tell anything, I m going, come soon. She goes. Ishita says he is so rude and won’t talk, once I get annulment papers, I will explain I was not wrong.

Mrs. Bhalla makes Aaliya do rituals before first rasoi. She wishes Aaliya. Ruhi asks Aaliya what is she going to make. Mrs. Bhalla asks Aaliya to make sweets. Ruhi and Mihika ask her to make south indian. Romi asks how much south indian will you make her cook, make continental. Adi asks them to make Adi cook something easy. They all argue. Ishita smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….. Ishita messages Aaliya. Aaliya smiles. She says wait, I m cooking so I will decide, you all wait. They smile.

Inspector says we have arrest warrant against Adi, he has remarried without giving divorce to his first wife. Raman says Adi has annulled his marriage. Inspector asks for papers. Ishita says Baweja will be sending papers. Raman calls Baweja. Baweja does not answer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now Raman will understand why Ishita was so admant to get annulment papers. I am sure he is going to feel bad for jumping at Ishita. Ishita was right all along. It was so important to obtain the papers. Ashok is a monster. His life is all wasted trying to get Bhallas into trouble. Unless Roshni tells the inspector that she was not interested in this marriage as it is forced and mutual agreement to annul. No one can do anything.

    Hi Rithu, VP, Bhagya, Khushi, Susan, Parichary, Priyamvedha

    1. Hi sindhu
      Hw ru doing?
      What u said is right… Its an eye opener fir raman.. Now he will understood ishitha was right.. But its of ni use as he is nt going to apologise to her.. Instead he will only blame her..poor aaliya.. Now this case will be dragged to court nd it will cost a month of time for ishitha to collect the oroofs against judge.. Mean tym roshni can also be turn negative under the influvence of ashok.. If roshni is giving her word in court that their mrg was forceful one afi can be proved innocent.. Bt i doubt if she will do it.. Nd that judge is in no mood to favour bhallas.. Bhalls had landed in a real trouble now.. Its going to be tougj tym for ishitha…
      Seperation seprration is the only thng cvs intrsted
      Adi nd aliya gt married nd nxt day hit seperate by this issue.. The seperation saga continues

  2. Raman thinking to talk to Ishita after getting papers,?.. now this idiot bhallas will know value of Ishita.. Mani will beat ADI and Aliya tries to stop… Now bhallas have no chance to save adiliya relationship, unless Ishra trap judge and make him tell truth.. otherwise ADI has to accept roshni and Aliya will turn negative or Aliya trust on ADI may reduce .. ishra should be together or nothing will be solved .. problems will increase.. to take story forward it’s better to unite ADI and roshni..

    1. No! If they unite Adi and Roshni, that would mean that evil/Ashok has won again! Adi an Aliya belong together and that should be the whole basis of the film- That true love always prevails no matter how many obstacles come in the way!
      Aliya and Adi are the perfect couple?

  3. man my comments are clean no talking rubbish and yet TU did not acknowledge my comment not fair no use commenting now i will see later if i will comment stew

  4. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita was wrong all along the annulment was done for sure Adi was not deceiving anybody. The judge decided to play a fast one that does not mean that ishita was right. In the first place ishita was not fighting for the papers she was saying that aaliyah should know the truth before marriage. This very scene is a different thing altogether, the issue of marriage has passed what is happening here is the consequences of burning the annulment papers which is nobody’s fault in this case neither Raman’s nor ishita’s nor anybody in the entire family.
    As they are trying to arrest Adi for marrying again they should also arrest those who did the forced marriage. This is the time to know whom roshni truly is. IT is time to expose her if she is hiding anything.
    Ashok is a low life and should be thrown into jail: His role in this serial does not interest me anymore they should change his life style or upgrade his role. Look at shagun her role has been upgraded and reshuffled a little bit, even if she does bad now she will still be an interesting character but Ashok his character has become dormant and boring. This whole issue of arresting Adi will not make sense if they did not find out the reason why Adi was married to roshni in the first place and I hope this is where this track is moving into because it will be unfair if they arrest Adi and put him in prison without finding out what led to his first marriage. I hope cvs will complete this track very well without living any stone unturned. I hope for the first time Ashok will actually go to jail for committing a crime.
    At the same time I will say ishita was wrong, Raman said they will tell the truth at the end of the marriage that day not that they will hide the truth.

  5. azuka nkwonta

    This is the time to know exactly whom roshni is: Whether she is a good person or she is hiding something or not , whether she is the enemy of the bhallas or their friend we shall see. Alot depended on roshni in this case whether she will say the truth and side with the bhallas or she will lie and side with the enemies. Lets keep watching.

  6. azuka nkwonta

    Adi cannot solve this problem alone he will need roshni because she is a prime witness to everything starting from the forced marriage to the signing of the annulment papers .

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi sindhu dear how r u and I agree with you ashok is really monster y he also create troubles for bhallas.may be aliya will turn negitive after this ashok drama
    hi guys rithu VP Amma jaz adithya sindhu disha magic shreya shivani priyamvedha khushi Susan parichey HP isuri MP and all yhm frds

  8. Hiii.... I am Rasna

    adi and roshni Best Jodi. plz….. come back roshni and adi Jodi…..

  9. I agree with you sindhu.Ishitha always get suitable disition.Not hurry to any think.Ishtha is very smart one.

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