Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu coughing and having fever. She calls Simmi to inform about Raman. Simmi says I m on the way to home. Pihu tells her that she is unwell. Simmi asks her to give phone to Neelu. Simmi then tells Neelu to give medicine to Pihu, which is kept in the drawer. Neelu goes. Ruhi passes by Bhalla’s flat thinking what happened today, Papa got arrested. She hears Pihu crying and goes to see. Neelu tells Ruhi that Pihu got unwell and I gave these medicines. Ruhi checks and says these medicines are expired. Neelu says what shall I do now, there is no one at home. Ruhi lifts Pihu and says I will take her, you inform everyone. She goes out and tries getting an auto. He asks for lift. The driver says I can’t take you, if anything happens to the girl on the way, I will be stuck.

Ruhi asks him to show some humanity. He agrees and takes them. Ruhi asks Pihu to wake up, and checks her. She says she has high fever and worries. She recalls the incident.

Adi tells inspector that I can’t see anyone hurting my mum, Ishi Maa left us 7 years ago because of Raman’s anger, I could not do anything that time, but now I can’t let her go again, I can’t let Raman torture her. Raman tells inspector that I m not related to this woman, she is dead for me, I don’t care for her, if I m wrong, take me or send him, Adi is arguing for an outside. He asks Adi to just shut up. Inspector takes Raman. Ishita thinks whats happening.

Ruhi reaches hospital and worries for Pihu. Niddhi catches Ruhi and takes her to the ward. She asks what are you doing here. Ruhi says Neelu gave expired medicine to Pihu, she got unwell. Niddhi asks did you get emotional seeing your sister. Ruhi says we have enmity with Raman and Ishita, she is little girl, let me go. Niddhi says we have good chance to ruin them, let their daughter die. Ruhi gets angry and pushes Niddhi against the wall. She says just shut up, do you think I will let a little girl die, I won’t let anything happen to Pihu, you won’t stop me, I m doing this because someone saved my life like this once. She recalls Ishita saving her and says Ishita saved me, I will save her daughter, I earned a lot of money for you, I will pay for Pihu’s treatment, be quiet, else I will bring your truth out, I will tell everyone I m not Ruhaan, I m Ruhi, you just tortured me since 7 years. Niddhi says no, relax, I will do payment and come. Niddhi goes.

Simmi is worried for Pihu. Neelu tells her that Ruhi has taken Pihu. Simmi says that young girl, what did you do. She calls Raman and he does not answer. People comment on Bhalla’s upbringing, as son is filing complaint against father. Ishita asks Adi why is he doing this, people are pointing finger on his family values and upbringing. Adi says Raman is behaving very badly. She says its between him and me, I know children get affected, but no need to get matters out of home, you will make things fine and prove your upbringing is not bad, take complaint back and apologize to Raman. Raman comes and says no need, you can act and take family on your side, if you think about Pihu’s custody, I will not leave you. He asks inspector to tell Ishita not to provoke him. Inspector says we just spoke, don’t get house matters to police station, some paper work is pending, then you all can go home.

Ashok comes to meet Romi and says it’s a day to celebrate. Romi asks why, did you become minister. Ashok says that will happen soon, but I have a good news, Raman will not participate in business meetings now, Pihu is in hospital, she is very serious, its beneficial for us, if she gets more serious, Raman will get depressed and we won’t have any competition. Romi asks what happened to Pihu, how do you know. Ashok says my GF told me, I was thinking if Pihu dies…. Romi shouts Ashok, just leave. Ashok asks what happened, why are you concerned for Raman’s daughter. Romi says just get lost now…. Mihika hears them and worries for Pihu.

Ruhi stays with Pihu. Doctor says don’t worry, she is out of danger now, you got her here on time, so her life got saved, relax now. Nurse says I have to fill form, what is your relation with this girl. Ruhi says nothing, I m her neighbor, I saw her in this state and got her here, I will inform her dad. Nurse says do that soon, we thought you are her sister, call her dad from reception. Ruhi gets senti.

Pihu gets conscious. Ruhi says I m here, nothing will happen to you, I will inform your dad. Pihu calls her Ruhi Didi. Ruhi stops and gets teary eyed. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai….plays……. Pihu asks Ruhi not to go, I feel scared here. Ruhi goes to her and kisses her forehead, saying you called me Ruhi Didi, I will never leave you, how can I leave you, you are my younger sister, I m your elder sister. Tere dil ka mere dil se……plays………. She says I love you so much and cries. Ruhi goes out and says I have to inform Papa.

Ruhi calls Raman. Ishita says his phone is ringing since long. Inspector asks Raman and Adi to atleast think of elders, Mr. Bhalla is coming to police station in this age. Ishita answers the call. Ruhi says I m Ruhi, I stay in Raman’s building, I called to inform that his daughter Pihu is admitted in city hospital, she is unwell. Ishita gets shocked and informs everything to Raman. She gives his phone. Raman then gets Simmi’s call. Raman says I m just reaching there.

Raman acts rude and talks bitterly with Ishita. He says this woman is troubling everyone, Shagun is Pihu’s real mother, I m her Papa, don’t know who is that lady. Ishita cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. shivani

    Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) keeps Raman (Karan patel) and Shagun together getting manipulated by Shagun in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman still keeps some photos of Ishita and misses their love moments. Raman’s happy does not go longer because Pihu calls him.

    Shagun traps Pihu emotionally because she does not want go away from Bhalla family.Pihu asks Raman and Shagun to sleep with her as she does not want go away from them.

    Apart from this, Ruhi once again turns Ruhaan for Raman’s product launching party.

    Ashok and Romi plan against Raman in party.Ashok and Romi also come there where they plan against Raman destroying his business.Ishita somehow finds about Ashok and Romi’s evil plan and curses Romi for plotting against his own brother Raman.

  2. disha

    Nice episode ruhi and pihu seans very emotional ruhi worried forr pihu ..adi is only person who ishita’s side

  3. Gayatri

    Hate Raman to the core… What does he think about himself… Actually he is the one who is responsible for all that happened to Ruhi… And he is blaming Ishita for all his wrong doing…. Shagun pe bada pyaar aa raha hai Raman ko….

  4. Renu

    Wen ruhi considers ishitha as her real mom, then shagun is the real mom of pihu… Shagun took care of pihu for 7 yrs..
    On wat basis is adi supporting ishitha… If custody case is filed for pihu, then the court shud grant custody to shagun and raman, as they took care… Its better if she goes back to australia

  5. whats happening woow but ruhi now likes pihu……i wish pihu unite ishra as when she comes to know about the relation between raman and ishitha and according to the precap i feel raman still loves ishitha……

  6. Episode was okk…..I liked ruhi nd pihu scene vry much….hope this swt relation of two sisters continue nd they both help there brother Adi to unite there parents…
    I hate raman how can he be so rude!?

  7. Sanju

    Nyc episode….ruhi and pihu part was awesome…raman ka toh aaj had hi hogaya yaar…precap was ok….kisika baat nai,sunta raman….adi is really soo caring & he is the only one who is on ishu side…shagun will again plan with cheap women..

  8. gopu

    Raman is crossing all his limits in torturing ishitha …he is one who promises every time I won’t get any pain to you and family and he always fails….now a days karan is developing his body…he is getting in nice shape…

    • Hai gopu nice to see you after a long time
      Now a days yhm is going picks of high voltage drama not interested to watch
      Raman behavior is worst than ever

  9. Anita Josephine nair

    Please tell me Ekta why in all your serial bad people always win and good ones always loose. It’s about time you do something with kumkum Bhagya and yeh hai mohabbatein. Doing leap doesn’t help ok

  10. Sindhu

    Thanks Amena for the fast update. Thanks Shivani for your upcoming update. So it seems to be true then that Raman really likes Ishita but just does not want to show it. I think Shagun is really a chameleon. She is wolf in sheep’s clothing. Trying to be all the nice Shagun mumma but has all the evil intentions. I though she works for NGO and what happened to all those morals and kindness that she has cultivated before the leap. Instead of letting Pihu know who her really mother is, she is so scheming to get Raman when Ishita is so vulnerable, Poor Ishita, she is so helpless and despite this she still tries to help Raman. This is truly Ishita an ever dutiful wife. Shagun can never come any inch closer to her. Ishita can give her life for Raman. She really meant when she said before the leap many times that we live for each other and Raman is everything to her. I really can’t believe Shagun really turns negative and selfish. She never stopped to think how Ishita saved her when she was carrying Ishita’s child. Ishita always protected Shagun and this is the gratitude Shagun shows.

  11. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Siddhi, Resh, Mino, Anakha and many other YHM fans. Rithu it is only countdown to one day for the Star Paarivar awards. It would be exciting to watch the number of awards YHM swept off.

  12. shivani

    Hi rithu vp sindhu mino sindhi and may other fans….planning to stop watching this stupid serial .. because after reading the updates , i can’t control my anger and frustration….and next episode would be the ever worst episode of YHM …how dare he call shagun as pihus real mother, infront of ishita..???….how can a person hurt someone whom he love the most…??? its clear that there is no love for ishita in his heart…he said many harsh and unkind things about ishita….

  13. Very very interesting to read the written episides on Tellyupdates. Pihu, Ruhi are Reunited even fake or Real. The same thing will be happened soon in between Ishita and Raman. Soon Bhallas and Iyers ate Reunited. Ashok and Niddhi Should be punished more and more and all the money , properties earned within 7 yrs with the Hard work of Ruhaan Alias Ruhi.

  14. chalani

    i hate raman alotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.dont make the script kike this.its makes us feel very dissapointing of this great tv show.whats wrong with raman .such alossing character.previously i loved that charactr now.i hate him as much as i can do

  15. Sarayu(honey)

    I want : 1) ishita to leave raman and go with mani and aliya to Australia and live a good life there
    2) adi and pihu to leave raman and go with ishita
    3) Bhallas to kick shagun (if she turns negative)
    4) iyyer and bhalla families reunion.
    5) ruhi to understand ishita’s love and go with her
    6) nidhi and ashok in jail
    7) romi and mihika to live with bhallas
    8) let raman suffer

  16. The upcoming episode
    of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show
    that Pihu goes missing when Ruhi
    tells her that Ishita will take her
    away from Shagun and Raman.
    Ishita gets broken down when Pihu
    asks her to stay away from her.
    Pihu tells Ishita that Shagun and
    Raman are her parents only so
    leave her. Ishita is already in pain
    with Raman’s behavior and now
    she is shattered her own daughter
    hates her. Shagun feels happy when
    Pihu showers her love on her in
    front of Ishita. Shagun feels that
    Ruhi was always loved Ishita so
    Pihu can love her too. Raman and
    Shagun soon take a step of their
    wedding to make Ishita exit from
    their life forever. Will Ishita agree
    to go back for Pihu? Stay tuned for
    further exciting updates.

  17. The upcoming episode of Star Plus daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high voltage melodrama. It seems that Raman ( Karan Patel ) will see Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) along with his daughter Pihu and will get furious. Raman will call Shagun (Anita Hassanandani ) Pihu’s real Mother who gave her birth as well as took care of her for many years. Shagun will get happy listening to Raman words and feels that she should support Raman so that she can get close to Raman. On the other hand Ishita is emotionally very upset to see Raman’s rude behaviour towards her. If rumours are to be believed Shagun will turn negative and will start creating problems in Ishita’s life. Let’s wait and watch what happens next in the show.

  18. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman still keeps some photos of Ishita and misses their love moments. Raman’s happy does not go longer because Pihu calls him. Shagun traps Pihu emotionally because she does not want go away from Bhalla family. Pihu asks Raman and Shagun to sleep with her as she does not want go away from them. Apart from this, Ruhi once again turns Ruhaan for Raman’s product launching party. Ashok and Romi also come there where they plan against Raman destroying his business. Ishita somehow finds about Ashok and Romi’s evil plan and curses Romi for plotting against his own brother Raman. Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  19. Divya

    After this much happens to ishita why she re unite with Raman ishu doesn’t have any self-respect. If any husband did like this that women will be happy with him forever it won’t happens let it be its a serial that’s it

  20. Manju

    Why did raman wanted ishita to have a surrogate child if he wanted to hurt her in that manner. I still cannot realise a person can hurt one who loved so much in such an aggressive manner.

  21. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie and all yhm friends. nowadays in yhm everyone is crossing their limits . everyone knows raman is crossing his every limits but why wont ishitha answer him back and even hurt him and he does .why is she tolerating all this nonsense . she has to make Raman realize even his mistakes that he did before seven years and nit only she could be blamed for all .episode are becoming nonsense and in every episode that raman is just shouting on whomever he gets to see like having mental disorder .


    I have Seen Many Episodes of Ye HAI MOHABBATEIN
    This Episode is A Very EMOTIONAL EPISODE

  23. Hi VP , Shivani Sindhu & All YHM Lovers, This Show is Crazy & Disgusting. Oh How Can they put the children against their parents like Ardi Getting Raman Arrested. These are not good examples for the kids who are watching this show . even Rhui Planning against her own parents to take revenge. at least Rhui is hurt as Nidhi Really abused her. What kind of love does Raman have for Ishitha. A selfish kind. Cos if u are hurt & Angry all those sick bad things won’t come out of a person who loves another. look at IShu she never utters a word. Raman Doesn’t deserve IShu. She should pack Up & Go & Tell Raman that she is leaving him to get married to Shagun & For them to be very happy as she is the unlucky one for him. so that way we can see whether he really cares for Ishu.
    And That Shagun such a cheappy . Gosh how soon she changed her colours. I Am Happy in one thing As Rhui really scared the hell out of Niddi at that moment. but now Nidhhi will really take her revenge from Rhui. She will not trust her at all.
    pls pls don’t make Ishu’s character a weak one . she is a strong woman from the start. don’t let her beg for Raman’s love as it is u guys have really put her down to a weak helpless woman. see that she is strong & let Raman go begging for his love for a change. & let IShu not give in at the start after all the insults. give a woman some strength as u all have showed women are so weak & fickle. for a change Raman should eat every word he threw back at IShu. As he is at fault for all this melodrama.
    SHIVANI You are right i don’t blame u. cos when after watching the start & this kind of thing happening added to that history repeating all over again it is so sad. Why are they making women so weak minded & & have no right to stand up to the wrong doings.? Anyway as u say i am also thinking of giving up as this has no meaning or anything good to take from it as lessons. Hope Raman fans are not hurt.. I too am a Raman fan but did not expect this kind of behaviour . some get very angry reading the comments. pls calm down it is only ones opinion..
    Have a great Day Luv & God Bless..

  24. vp

    Todays episode good twist is Ruhis bond with Pihu … Her sisterly love and all acted so well by Aditi … and totally kept Nidhi under control … With this hope Ruhi is turning positive … Adi , I felt little too much … his love to Ishima understandable … but Raman too his father … before leap a very loving father he was . Shaghun from beginning I expected … I cant stand her … but Ramans character is degraded to the core … whose idea was surrogacy … its true Pihu is taken care by Shaghun but insulting Ishitha too much … cant see the scenes …. what all rubbish he says … I feel Ishitha should go back to Australia …the beauty is she is not answering back .., whatever she says he takes wrongly ..,Even if Raman apologises and begs … also … she should not go to him … please file for divorce …. Pihus custody she will not file … that was a wrong move from Bala …. always think not to watch but git addicted to this … Romi , I am sure will keep Ashok in his place … see how he got Ashok out of the house …Karan such a good actor , why agreeing to degrade himself like this ? yhm is about Karan Divyanka and Ruhi …

  25. uaha..

    Why is Raman’s character made inyo a monster..after all those nasty jibes and insult in public towards it really ok for a woman to love someone who insults you in such a way..manooos bangh etc and also abusive to her family ..why is there a need for a man to go that low..not forgivable at all.Ravan Raman is constantly on a verbal diarhea needs a good kick up the there no one to speak for Ishita..Vandu as a big sister give Raman A medicine of his own..scream that all is his fault..remind him of all that Ishita has done for his loud drinking bashing family..Shagun you are a shameless no change are selfish and heartless woman..take Raman the ashole who only knows to insult women..Ishita go with pride.Mani is a thorough gentleman.I would have like Ish and Raman to unite but after all the verbal dairhea insults towards Ishita and her family..and in can he deserve forgiveness..a woman has her self respect and dignity..Writer have gone toooo far with this kind of is called mental abuse and torchur…can go to jail for this..Adi is right…taking his dad to one should have to endure this .


    A Big Hi to ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    I Want to Tell You All
    One Thing About GREAT GREAT Ekta Kapoor.
    Specially Heroine.
    I Think She Doesn’t Like Women.
    Take for Instance
    She Slept with SUJAL AND PIYUSH
    Slept with Anurag And Bajaj.
    SLEPT WITH ANGAD AND Another Person
    Many Are THERE.
    She S Pl oils HERO or Heroine’s Character Definitely
    Her 99% of The SERIALS ARE s*x oriented

    • Kitties

      And so are her films !! Every time emran hashmi in vulgur scenes that too where there is no demand of the sceen!!

  27. Anyway guys don’t worry
    Everything Will sort out within 30 days
    Till then watch it
    Ishu is getting engaged vivek(abhishek)
    She will take leave
    I don’t know how they manage
    For Raman they told he went to us for office work
    But for ishita they may show like bczz of Raman she again go to somewhere to leave peacefully
    Or else someone will kidnap ishu
    I think they will not continue this drama more bczz
    Now spoilers came that Raman has some pics of ishu and he is missing ishu
    So please don’t worry

  28. How can mihir support Raman
    He should explain him but he is doing what Raman saying
    Really I am not expecting from mihir

    • Kitties

      He’s very loyal to him and I don’t know why ?? Previously he hated his own sister for him and now loving her for his sake!?

  29. summi

    Todays episode is partially good Ruhi’s love for Pihu is great n Ruhi’s defense against Nidhi is one of the best scene of YHM .

  30. Roselyn Dada

    Please Can The Writer Stop All This Madness And Bear In Mind That Is Not Teaching Any Moral Value If There Is Nothing To Write Again End The Show Stop Showing Us How Children Can Rebel Against Their Parent You Made Us To Hate Rahman Too Much Hatred The Entire World Is Watching It From Nigeria

  31. uaha..

    As they say blood is thicker than water..Mihir has forgotten all about his Ishita bhabi..selfish dog…now its all about ben Shagun.Mihir you man or mouse..can you not stand upto verbal diarhea Raman.
    Raman is sick to the core..constantly abusing Ishita.Simmi is selfish..forgotten that Ishita has helped you many times.Mrs bhalla has run off again selfish..infact Raman your whole family except for Adi Romi are self centred dramabaz..look at your own upbringing..brawling at slightist provocation.Senior Mr Bhalla please don’t stand and watch you son roll out verbal abuse..kick him hard cos is this your up bringing???

  32. Fatarajo

    watched YHM today loved it today I feel the old YHM is back, wow love Ruhi-Pihu’s bond so cute. And love the way Ruhi threaten Nidhi today Ruhi nailed the episode if not I dont like her after the leap, and Pihu is always a darling. And I hate the view of this Raman as usual. What’s his problem? I am planning to watch YHM again after seeing Ruhi-Pihu bond

  33. vp

    Ekta mam … are you seriously showing entertainment to the viewers … something really wrong with you … we are addicted to this serial from beginning … we are unable to stop watching it ….. how can you show all these nonsenses ….Raman publicly abuses Ishitha to the core ….. Is it for Ishitha to leave Raman and go …. so that your friend Shaghun can come to the lead role …. please understand the success of this story is Ishra …Children against …. their parents … this is what you want the young viewers to learn from your serials ….Ishitha being very strong in character just leave Raman and go … file for divorce … true colour of Raman will come ..well said Mino , Uaha … this serial is now for below average general viewers …. they all love all this hatredness and cry … trp will go up also …look at Saathiya ….Yhm cant tolerate more … I believe … one can forgive … but cant forget … here Ishitha please dont forgive him … he should suffer in the hands of Shaghun …hi Rithu … Sindhu .. Shivani … Feel very sad for Raman for his character is degraded to this level

  34. The only scene i liked is Ruhi and Pihu scene. But after reading the spoilers i am afraid to watch YHM now… But can’t stay without seeing ISHRA even though they fight.

  35. Murugan

    Guys pls think for Raman’s point of view … Till he thinks that Ishu had died, he missed her and loved her .. But after knowing that she is alive and stay away from him and their baby for 7yrs … tat too she stay with another man and his daughter … Every husband will get angry at this suitation …. Every time he sees her, he will remember ly this … So his angry towards her is right … His hatred depends on his love … so if he hates her to the core then think how much he would have loved her ….

  36. Murugan

    Already he is angry on Ishita …. this Adi, Mani and Bala are adding fuel in fire … Mani keeps on interfering in IshRa’s matter … He might be a frnd of Ishita but he should not interfere in husband and wife fight … Adi never supports Raman after Ishu came … Whenever he try to unite them, they ends up with a fight … this increase Raman angry …. and this stupid Bala without even saying to ishita, he apply for pihu’s custody … Everyone stop interfering in Ishra’s matter …

  37. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some high
    voltage melodrama.
    It seems that Shagun (Anita
    Hassanandani ) will use Pihu, she will
    get emotional in front of Pihu and will
    instigate her against Ishita (Divyanka
    She will make up a false story and
    Ask Pihu to get Raman ( Karan Patel )
    close to her.
    In the episodes to come Pihu will be
    seen forcing Raman and Shagun to
    share a room.
    On the other hand Raman will still
    have a picture of Ishita and will be
    seen missing her.
    It would be interesting to see what is
    going to happen next in the show.
    Will Raman be able to forgive Ishita or
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  38. Mustafa

    Raman’s character is getting worse da y by day…how can a lady tolerate these heights of humiliation…

  39. Sravs

    I didnt get ine thng… y all serials of starplus gng on same track… in sek yuvraj hates suhani.. soumya as villan and children r suffering.. likewise raman hates ishu.. pihu amd yuvaan dnt know abt their parents well.. shagun dnt want go out frm raman’s life.. den wats d need to telecast 2 serials.. do u think viewers r mad??? We r addicted to these shows.. dats y we r tolerating… raman abuses ishitha like dat even though she is living in india.. y cant she go back to australia and let raman realize his foolishness..

  40. Sravs

    I think ishuu was just there for 2-3yrs with adi.. but shagun was always wid him.. evn though he cant feel for shagun… dey will show anuthng if we watch like dis..

  41. .

    That raman will very discusting he ruind ishita and ruhi’s life.
    He took ruhi to that nidhi and blamed ishita for lost her daughter ruhi.
    This seen that he is soooooo arogant and selfish becaure he did’nt tell pihu ishita is her real mom.

  42. .

    That raman will very discusting he ruind ishita and ruhi’s life.
    He took ruhi to that nidhi and blamed ishita for lost her daughter ruhi.
    This seen that he is soooooo arogant and selfish becaure he did’nt tell pihu ishita is her real mom not that shagun.

  43. Randunu

    There is nothing with this show now!Actually we loved Ishra couple when they are together.They were a perfect couple and now it’s all gone,and wasted.What’s in mind of those who call themselves as producers?Now they are back to the beginning.So what can we expect from them?Separation must’ve been only for 1-2 years.That could’ve been accepted by the fans of this particular serial.Is this what you call mohabbatein?What nonsense!I watched if before 2months when the Shanaya part is going on,it was so better than this.Now this is going to be a mohabbatein of a old couple with children who have grown up to their near 20’s.Why did you made Ishita suicide for some kind of word from Raman as banch as she had beared everything before?It is the main stupid thing you ever did.We cannot change anything now.Our beloved old mohabbatein won’t return ever again.

  44. Khyati

    The only thing good in the epi was the way ruhi threatened nidhi ! OMG it was amazing. She proved the she still loves her family and can go against anyone,even the person from whom she is scared like a mouse[nidhi].
    pihu and ruhi scenes were soo good.
    I hate that shagun from the core, I hate her even more than raman.
    shagun loves pihu the way she once loved adi but as soon as pihu will get to know shagun’s past and her intentions hopefully she will also leave shagun the way adi did.
    Excited about the episode when raman would be missing ishita.
    But the serial is becoming is worst than ever !

  45. Miss Alli

    I don’t like the way Raman dose, can you make them settle cos the anger is taking time and I tired of seeing the same thing. Between ishita and Raman, shagum is just pretending

  46. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    has kept the viewers hooked on to it
    with new twists emerging in each
    passing episode in Raman ( Karan
    Patel ) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi)
    Soon Raman will boast his success
    party by launching his much awaited
    Ashok and Romi will join in Raman’s
    success party with an intention to ruin
    the party.
    There Raman will start drinking
    recollecting his past life spent with
    On the other side, Ashok and Romi will
    get infuriated seeing Raman’s
    success and will decide to get Ishita
    drunk by bribing the waiter.
    Ishita will get high and will dance with
    Raman will show concern for Ishita
    and will take care of her as she will
    get uncontrollable.
    Let’s wait and watch to see if Raman
    and Ishita finally re-unite.

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