Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun telling Manoj that she is leaving now. She hides and hears Niddhi and Sarika talking. Sarika says Raman and everyone are not with you, they are fooling you, they are supporting Shanaya, who is actually Ishita, she did puja with Raman, family did not say anything, they know she is Ishita. Niddhi says so what, Ishita can’t prove her identity, she is a prisoner run away from jail, she will go back to jail when she comes out with her own identity, I have her innocence proof which can save her. Shagun wishes Niddhi says whats that proof. Sarika asks whats that proof. Niddhi says that proof is near my heart, no one can find it out. Sarika says what did she say, my work was to tell her, stupid…..

Shagun asks whats can this proof be, I have to talk to Raman.

She gets Manoj’s call and says I just left. Ishita talks to Raman and says I m so happy, I did not imagine I could be in holika with you all. He says Ruhi did all this, you trained her. She says Ruhi is learning from you. He says I want to apply color to you first, you just come here for dance competition, I will manage. She tells about their first holi. FB shows Ishita and Raman applying holi. She says I met Adi, he used to hate everyone, see today, things changed beautifully, I miss her, when is he coming from camp. He says he said he will come on holi, Shagun changed a lot too, she is helping us so much, don’t forget about Niddhi, this holi will be memorable, remember Plan B. She says I get nervous. He says not now, this is way to our happiness. She says I also wish we get that chip. He ends call.

Its morning, Amma and Appa come with Mihika to apply colors to Mrs. Bhalla. Amma and Mihika apply colors to Simmi. They get inside Mrs. Bhalla’s room and throws colors shouting holi hai. They see pillows under the blanket. Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla shout and apply colors to Iyers, wishing them happy holi. Amma asks how did you know our plan. Mrs. Bhalla says I heard that in morning. Romi and Mihika apply holi colors. Mihika says I will go and check my dance partner. She goes out of the house and sees Mihir. He laughs seeing her with colors. They apply colors and wish each other happy holi. She says I m so happy you are back from NY. He says even I wanted to come soon by ending project, its good you are taking part in dance competition. Mihika says yes, Bala and I made plan to make Vandu jealous, you know Vandu’s state. He says I know you love dancing, you will lose with Bala, I will become your dance partner, my height is somewhat less. Mrs. Bhalla looks on and thinks Mihir should not come between Mihika and Romi, Mihika understands Romi very well. Mihika and Mihir laugh.

Mihika comes inside Iyer’s house. Bala asks Mihika to have coffee. Mihika asks Bala to come, they have to practice. He says if our plan does not work. She says relax, I know Vandu well, you gifted earrings to Vandu, I borrowed it, and Vandu took it back, she is possessive, she will be jealous. She asks him to focus. She plays a song and says Vandu will come, do as I say. Vandu comes and sees them dancing. Mihir applies color to Vandu. Mihir asks Mihika to dance close, its romantic dance. Vandu applies color to Bala and wishes him happy holi. Bala wishes her too and they smile. Bala says Mihika you want to win this competition right, and they continue dancing. Mihir says nice, more chemistry is needed, I came to call you both, come, lets go.

Everyone play holi. Raman looks for Ishita. He sees Niddhi and hides. Niddhi says none has applied color to Raman, I will apply color first. Raman runs. She looks for him. Ashok comes with Ishita and likes the party. He thinks I will apply color to you first Shanaya, my to be wife. Raman smiles seeing Ishita and takes colors in his hand. Niddhi follows Raman. Ashok gets colors for Shanaya. Raman tells Ishita that Ashok is coming. Ishita says even Niddhi. Raman asks her to keep leg infront. Ishita makes Ashok fall over Niddhi. Ashok says sorry.. Niddhi scolds him. Raman says I told you, I will apply color to you first, happy holi. Ishita applies colors to him. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays………….. Niddhi looks on angrily.

Niddhi asks Raman why did he apply color to Shanaya. Raman says I was taking colors for you. Ruhi comes and wishes them. Raman signs Ruhi. Ruhi applies color to Raman and Niddhi. Ruhi takes Niddhi with her. Ishita smiles. Ashok asks Ishita why she put her leg infront of him. She asks him not to take any step without her permission. She sends him to get juice for her.

Ishita goes to meet the families and hugs everyone. Mihika asks Ishita not to worry, we will be out of this soon. Ishita says yes.

Shagun goes to Raman. He wishes her happy holi. She tells him that she heard Niddhi telling Sarika that she has Ishita’s innocence proof, which is close to her heart, where no one can reach. He asks what can be close to heart. He recalls Niddhi’s pendant. He says when we were discussing Ishita’s case, I saw a heart shaped locket, it means chip is there, she is not wearing that since she came to stay in our house, I checked for it everywhere. She says I will check her house, just keep her busy. He asks are you sure you can do this. She says yes, if we get the chip, no need for Plan b, you know its not safe. He says I can’t take a chance. She says I can handle this, keep Niddhi busy. He says fine.

Ishita tells Shagun to do her best and get the evidence. Shagun asks her not to worry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Anu

    Nice episode.. But pls end this track soon.. And pls Abhishek and Mihika is best or atleast Mihir.. Not Romi…

  2. Honey

    I don’t want ishra to seperate and I also heard that ruhi will hate ishita. Please ekta mam don’t do thus. It is my humble request.

  3. Nishaanth

    Pls show some Abhishek and Mihika moments
    They were olways showing abhishek in a investigation cases

  4. SIndhu

    Hi Rithu and all YHM fans. Episode is ok today. One can only laugh at Ashok with all his funny antics. Ruhi seems to be growing faster and taller. She looks pretty with the dresses and traditional costume that she is adorned in. I hope all those promo clips are only to hype the trp and not the actual story. They probably want to build our anticipation and then they will change it a bit. Only YHM promos are not sometimes true. The promo is different from the actual episode. I wonder where is the chip.. Like someone said either it would be in the pendent or the laughing Buddha. Remember she was quite angry when the statue fell. Hope they will quickly resolve and the family is united. Please don’t drag this until next month,

  5. SIndhu

    Actually I don’t mind Abhishek and MIhika or Romi and MIhika. Either one is fine with me for Mihika. I hope they do let her get attached to one of them seriously instead of letting her be single. Now that Prateek and Simmi so Mihika should get attached quickly. Mihir can’t be with her as he already told in the ghost drama episodes clearly that they will remain as good friends and well wisher so there will not be any developmental of love between them anymore. It has already waned.

  6. Sri

    Hai… epi was good…..but don’t dragg much ah…..mihika and abhisek pair sounds good….. I think so…….

  7. Anakha

    Hai rithu and all yhm friends..episode was good…i just want mihika to be paired either with abhishek or opposite mihir…romi and mihika should remain as good friends..i like mihika as she is a good friend,good daughter,good sister….she is confident enough and will solve her dear ones problems….she’s really ishita’s sister…since both has some similarities…i love iyer sisters…

  8. kajal

    Now whats is this they want to pair mihika and romi . Grow up guys atleast mihika mihir or abhishek mihika

  9. The leap is not likely to happen in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein while the separation of the lead has chances to take place in the show with news twists being introduced in the storyline. Highvoltage drama will take place in upcoming episodes which will lead to some horrifying decisions being taken by Raman and Ishita. Will Raman and Ishita lose each other’s support? To know keep watching Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

  10. As per the new promo of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman and Ishita will be separating soon. The track is yet to be disclosed though as per early assumption, Ishita will be taking a drastic step which will shock Raman and he will separate from her.

  11. Yeh Hai Mohabbtein:
    Real Sanaya entry, Ishita gets arrested again The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita pretends of being Sanaya. Raman and Ishita make plan to fool Nidhi and get chip of Ishita’s innocence. However, Raman and Ishita’s happiness will not go longer after entry of real Sanaya. Real Sanaya gets shocked to know about her duplicate is staying with her father and taking advantage of her name. Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) plans to make Ishita arrest…

  12. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani and all yhm

  13. maine kahi pe upcoming news yhm ke pics dekhe aur ishitha zameen pe padi hai aur usse goli shayad lagi hai aur woh ek pic mein red bag mein hai aur doosri mein kisi room mein hai aur likha tha ki ishitha mar gayi hai aur ishitha white Salwar suite pehnu thi .patha nahi yeh sab kuch kya hai.

      • hey ude .I wrote that I saw some pics of the upconing scenes of yhm where ishitha was lying in some room on the floor and she was been shot by a gun and below the pictures it was written ishitha is dead .and in another pic I saw like chadda even she was dumped in a red big bag .

  14. patha nahi yhm mein aage kya hoga .kuch samaj mein hi nahi aa raha hai .ek tarah ishra seperate hone ki promo aayi hai aur doosri taraf ishitha ke mar jaane ka upcoming scenes ke pictures aaye hai .

  15. diya

    if u ask me …i will chose leap over separation .leap might give a frsh aspect to the story line ..but separation will destroy it

  16. V P

    Totally todays episode was a hide and seek drama …. really too much …. the first holi shown between Ishra was so nice …. and whats this . First holi time when shaghun came to put on colour on Raman he was so furious and today he was saying happy holi and was about to put colour on her …cant believe from where it has gone to where now …. … the beauty is completely thrown from the story line by the makers . we want to be happy watching the entertaiment programmes …. not to get tensed on the story . we are uoset becoz of the impact of Ishra and Ruhi on us . no leap no seperation or no exchange of kids …. please dont spoil it more …. Mihika ia a strong girl , let her select whoever she likes …. Mrs Bhallas weakness to her own children is too much . I really doubt the lead roles sre enjoying acting this rubbish scene with Nidhi …..

  17. JJ

    I am all in for ROMIHIKA love them so much, they are young, chill, and their chemistry will defo spark !

  18. rosy

    But romi deserves sum1 nice n understndable…not sarika atleast..directors do cncentrate on other love stories too….lyk mihika she realy needs sum1 to settle down nd romi too..abhishek even…plz ekta mam tie up these loose threads nw…hav pitty on romi specially…

  19. shivani

    Hiiii rithu i m here….i have nothing to say about yhm…so i was just reading all the comments..the new promo shocked me..i dont need any separation…

  20. shivani

    I think mihir nd mihika is best….becos they loved each other very much..mihika married ashok only to save her mihir…infact ”every girl has a best friend nd a true love , but she is really lucky if they both are the same person” …so for mihika , mihir is her true love and best friend..i think they must unite..

  21. Please ekta mam and the writer’s don’t separate ishraruhadi. And anakha I too agrees with u. Mihika just looks alike ishitha in her behavior.

  22. shree

    In the coming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Shagun fails to find out the pendant from Nidhi’s house.So Raman and Ishita will implement their Plan B to trap Nidhi in her own plan.
    They will create a scene where shanaya tries to kill nidhi and in an attempt to save herself Nidhi will shoot Shanaya.
    To save herself Nidhi will keep the dead body of Shanaya in a suit case and tries to throw it somewhere away from city.
    Ooops..Similar to Ishita when she murdered Amar Chadda.
    But as IshRa’s plan,They will record everything and blackmail Nidhi to give the chip which proves ishita’s innocence.
    Do you think Raman and ishita’s plan will be successful? The answer is NO.It is never possible in a daily soap.
    And then…..Ruhi (Ruhaanika Dhawan) will become Ruhaan. Well, post being dejected and rejected by her parents, Ruhi will move with Nidhi (Pavitra Punia). The lady would pamper the girl completely and she would become an arrogant spoilt kid. Ishita’s mehnaat would go waste!

  23. shree

    I think this separation will be also a plan bcz ishita will not get any innocent proof from nidhi… So ruhi will join nidhi to get proof.. .

  24. because of seperation only everybody were against leap and now no leap but seperation . these makers roamed the story everywhere and are going to land on seperation . wow!!! now they want to land the trp also to seperation from top serial .

  25. ghoom ghoom ke seperation par aana hi tha toh khamakha show ko kyu itnaa drag kiya inn logon ne . ishitha ki cliff se gir ne se hi seperation dikha sakthe the . ab seperation ho ya tab aakhir mein veiwers ka show chodna aur trp ka top se nikalnaa hi hoga.

  26. Sachie

    Hi rithu,and my friends, good afternoon,
    I don’t want to see isrhraruadi separation, it is ok for a short time according to a plan as shree think,
    Anyway I started to watch old episodes, they are much better than the crap these days,
    Ishra fights in earlier episodes also better, why these producers always create impossible things happen to same family,same people,lead roles, then it will become a joke. Please we want our old yhm back,
    I don’t watch current track, only read written update and watch old yhm.

  27. Afsam

    Plz reunite mihir n mihika…don’t match romi n mihika…. we want mihir n mihika….wish to watch them as a couple

  28. shivani

    I too have a feeling that this promo is also a plan of ishra…becos raman very well knw that none can love ruhi more than ishita…also in a recent episode it was shown that ishita makes parattas for ruhi nd when ruhi realizes it , raman wonders and agrees that there is strong invisible bond btw ruhi nd her ishima..infact wen raman tells ishita about surrogacy she rejected it and said she doest need a baby…she convinced raman that she is happy with adi & ruhi…it was all raman’s wish to have a baby..then how can he blame ishita ?? It must be their plan…

  29. shivani

    Very true sachie …i m also started watching old yhm , much better than these nonsense…ishra’s lovely fights…mihir-mihika’s sincere love…mrs bhalla nd mrs lyer’s funny fights.. ruhi-shravu’s cute fights…vandu-ishu-mihika bonding..Bala the responsible handsome guy….all the things which attracted the fans are absent in today’s episodes….

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