Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ruhi asking Ishita where is Raman. Ishita says you stay here, I will see him. She looks around and thinks where is he. She sees Raman sitting and comes to him. She says hi. He asks what are you doing here. She says happy holi to you too. She says Mihika called me here and Ruhi wanted to come here. Ruhi comes to Raman and hugs him wishing happy holi. Raman thinks about Adi. Raman thinks about Shagun and Ashok playing holi. Ruhi asks can I apply color to you. Raman agree and Ruhi applies holi to him. Raman smiles and says happy holi. Ruhi says now you apply color to Ishita and she will color your face.

Ruhi brings colors. Ishita says let it be. Ruhi insists. Music plays………….. as Ishita looks at Raman. yeh hai mohabbatein……… plays…………..

Ishita applies him color and Raman also applies color to her. Adi sees this and is angry. Ashok says did you see Adi, this is your dad. Adi says why did he lie to me. He says my mum is so good, I hate that man. Ashok says nobody can change Raman. Mihika comes to Rumi and says you have locked Trisha in dancer’s room. Rumi says now Raman will kill me. Mihika says we don’t have dancers. Rumi says I have an idea. She asks what. Raman meets Trisha. Mihir introduces Ishita to Trisha. Trisha meets her well and hugs her.

Raman asks where were you, why did you come late. Mihir says actually…… The performances being. Mihika and Rumi dance first on the song Do me a favor, Lets play holi………… Mihir and everyone looks on. Mihir gets angry seeing Mihika dancing with Rumi. Everyone claps after the dance ends. Mihika’s boss praises her dance. Mihika thanks Rumi. Rumi applies color to Mihika. Mihika sees Mihir looking at her and colors Rumi. Trisha colors Mihir and says happy holi. Trisha runs after Mihir. Mihika looks at them. Adi comes to have Bhaang laddos. The man says its bhaang, kids can’t have it.

Adi says everything is allowed to me. Ishita stops Adi and says it has Bhaang, why are you having it. Adi says get lost, I will do what I wish. Ishita says I will tell your parents. He holds Adi’s hand and takes it. Adi says stop it, you are not my parent. Adi leaves. Ishita says such a ill mannered kid, did his parents not teach him manners. Vandu is drunk and Ishita sees her. Vandu says we are not boring, we are happening. Simmi and Vandu dance on the song Mai talli ho gayi……………. Raman and Ishita talk that Vandu and Simmi had Bhaang and Simmi made Vandu drunk it. Mihika is also shocked to see Vandu. Raman says you guys should be locked at home. Parmeet also joins them. Everyone laughs seeing them dance with stupid dance steps. Vandu and Simmi fall.

Shagun stops Adi and asks him what happened. She hugs him and asks are you ok. He says I m fine, I will wash my eyes. He thinks about Raman and Ishita. Simmi comes to color Shagun. Shagun stops her. Simmi asks where is my Adi, I m his Bua, I took him first when he was born and I kept his name Adi, I was not here in his birthday. She says don’t worry, I will not take him. Shagun says you won’t meet him. Simmi scolds her for filling poison in his mind. Ishita stops Simmi. Simmi says she is stopping me from playing holi with Adi. Ishita asks Shagun why is she stopping her.

Shagun says I won’t let Raman’s family come close to Adi. Ishita says she is his Bua, if she wishes him happy holi, whats the loss. Shagun says take her away. Ishita takes Simmi. Adi hears all this and is angry. Ruhi comes to Mihika and says I want to make Ishita and Raman dance. Mihika says its impossible. Ruhi insists. Mihika says ok I will try. Adi says mum, how dare she talk to you like this. Shagun says I can’t tell her anything as she is Raman’s new wife. Adi says I won’t stay here. Shagun says fine go. Adi says don’t talk to those people and leaves to meet his friend.

Raman stops Adi. Adi says I just hate you and your family, you make my mum cry. He leaves in anger. Raman asks Shagun why did Adi go. He says he is a kid, how much poison will you add in his heart. She reminds him about court verdict. He says stop lying, and recollects the day. Raman scolded Adi for cheating in school. Adi fell from stairs and Ashok made him lie in the court. She says you want to live in your past, you don’t want to leave me.

Raman says Ishita is his present and gives him peace than his past. Raman and Ishita dance on the song Saree ke fall sa kabhi match kiya re……………. Shagun gets jealous.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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