Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi saying I will be leaving soon. He asks Simmi to give phone charger and goes. Ishita assures Mrs. Bhalla that they will stop Romi too, as they are stopping Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to promise she won’t go back to Australia, and stay with them. Ishita says we don’t know about future, we will make present good, don’t get sad. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla.

Its morning, Raman rushes to get ready and finds Ishita is in bathroom. She asks him to wait for 10mins, I m doing hair wash. He says whats the need, you have wig, why to waste water and shampoo. Mrs. Bhalla says water is not coming in my bathroom too, go to guest bathroom. Raman and Romi argue that they would go first. Ruhi comes there. Romi and Raman see her and turn sweet. They ask each other to go first.

Ruhi says you both decide and goes first. Raman and Romi argue again. Mrs. Bhalla says we can celebrate Romi and Ruhi’s coming home. Shagun tells everyone that Pihu to schoo, teacher and I convinced her. She gives an idea of going to five star resort and planning dinner, I m sure Ruhi will like it, what happened, isn’t the idea good.

Ishita says its good, but Ruhi stayed in Australia, five star will be normal for her, she may get fun if we all make cook for her, we should make her fav dishes, we can bond well with her. They all agree with Ishita and make list. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma argue over veg and non veg food. Amma says we can’t sit on same table where non veg is served. Ishita reminds them what they told the judge. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma agree as per said terms. Amma says I have to make palak paneer ready and goes. Mrs. Bhalla says I will cook such food without chicken, that Amma will know.

Amma makes paisam and says I should make such palak paneer that Mrs. Bhalla will forget shicken, I will win in the competition. She adds much haldi/spice. Mrs. Bhalla is also doing the same by adding much salt to shock Amma. She asks Neelu to get all the items. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla plan to outdo each other.

Ishita makes a card for inviting Ruhi for dinner party. She keeps the roses. Simmi comes and smiles. Ishita says I wanted to formally invite Ruhi, I got her fav flowers too. Shagun looks on. Simmi asks how do you get such ideas, no one could do such. Shagun goes out and acts to talk to Pihu with love. Simmi and Ishita see her and go. Shagun looks for some reaction. Adi asks Shagun why do you do this. Shagun says no, it was Pihu on call, you think I m acting. He says I agreed, come, we will go for coffee.

Anil meets Shagun. She says Raman is upstairs, you can talk to him. he says I know, I wanted to talk to you since many days, my cousin is good and close to me, can I ask about her and Mihir’s alliance. She says its good. He says I liked Mihir as we met many times for this case, he is sincere and a nice guy. She asks him to talk to Raman, as Mihir is very close to Raman. He agrees. Adi and Shagun leave.

Ruhi reads card and says so they planned dinner for me, I will keep bouquet on table, they will understand I m going to come. She hears Raman saying about property papers, just Ruhi’s signatures are pending. She recalls Ishita’s words and goes. Ishita asks will Ruhi sign, any issue can get created. He says I will explain her the truth at dinner time, I m sure she will understand, I will get papers checked again by Anil, you send tea. Ruhi says it means everyone is after us so that Ruhi do not ask for share in property, all this dinner, flowers drama, this is pathetic. She goes to dump the flowers. A little boy asks her not to throw flowers, he will give it to his mum. She asks where do you stay. He says here and there, wherever I find place.

She asks what will you say him. He says give it to me, I will be scared to go late. She asks where. He says graveyard, I will talk to her at her grave. She gives the bouquet and says my aunty gave this to me. He asks why are you throwing it, my mum used to say never throw things if anyone gives by love. She says everyone is not like your mum. He says atleast you have someone, I have none, it would be good if I had someone to give me flowers. He goes. She cries recalling Ishita’s words and says people change with time, like Ishi Maa changed, she was mine till Pihu did not come, after Pihu came, she changed. I hate her, I wish if she did not do that, this would have not happened, why did she do that. She cries.

Adi praises Shagun and says you always care and support me and Pihu, no need to show importance, it makes you fake and insecure, you and Ishi Maa have own place, don’t compete with her, you are the best and will always be. She says my son is talking so good. Adi’s friend meets him and asks where were you since many days, are you making new friends. He greets Shagun and asks from which college are you. Adi says she is my mom. His friend says sorry aunty, you maintained so well. Adi sends him and apologizes to Shagun. Shagun says why, he made my day, he complimented me. Adi also compliments her. She asks him to have coffee. Adi gets Aaliya’s message and thanks her. Adi’s friend asks Aaliya to remember her promise. She says don’t worry, I will. She messages Adi that his friend bored her. He replies sorry, thanks again. She messages no sorry, no thanks. Shagun asks who is it you are chatting to, your GF. He says no, Ishi Maa was also asking, when there is someone, I will tell you.

Raman asks Anil did Shagun say this. Anil says yes, she said you are close to Mihir, what do you think. Raman says that’s great news, he is like my brother, he is hardworking, honest and innocent, I also don’t like him to stay alone. Mihika and Romi hear Raman. Raman says his fate is bad, who promised to love and support him, left him, trust me Mihir is alone and those people who left him are happy, they are settled and Mihir is alone, I will be glad if he gets settles. Anil asks him to tell Mihir, Mihir and my cousin can meet and know. Raman agrees. Romi says Raman will never change.

Mani tells Mihir that you do all the work and Raman gets credit, this won’t happen in my company, and offers a good deal. Ashok tells Niddhi that Ruhi’s heart will explode and burn Bhalla family.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, MIno, Shivani, Jaz, Shona, Prisha and many YHM fans. I am working on the names slowly. A lot of you who genuinely like Ishra always give positive and wonderful comments. However, sometimes I am not happy coming on this site as Kimberly spoils and blemishes this family and friendly site with her inappropriate language and most disturbing comments pairing off like Sharvu and Ruhi. The thought already disgusts me. So I really hope even if she comes on, please comment in an appropriate tone. It is not pleasant to read.

    Anyway coming to today’s episode, nothing much to say except that I am surprised they are showing the scene of Shagun and Adi having coffee together. It is very rare to see this after the leap. Shagun with her fake love on Pihu. Sometimes Ruhi looks like she is accepting the family and at other times she does not look like she is accepting them at all. Going by Rithu’s update as of yesterday, then if Ishita and Ruhi go missing, that is when DT will leave for her wedding. I know she will be away for 10 days. So it could be Ishita’s plan to go missing to buy sometime from NIddhi and Ashok to resolve some issues. That is when maybe Ishita will tell from the start to Ruhi on what actually transpired before the leap. Either that or Ashok may have kidnapped both of them to kill Ishita. Let’s see how they develop the plot.

  2. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sindhu priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna natasha sowmy naaz meghana darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie mino jaz shona aditya jeni super girl bhagya sara prisha saritha simran unique angel shreya and all yhm friends.
    episode is getting worse and worse .shagun is getting too negative and she ia not insecure but jealous of ishitha which can be clearly seen in her face . why mani behaved like that in precap and that too with mihir who is soo loyal to raman that even if he does not earn money also , he would work with raman itself .

  3. Maria Rebecca

    What’s going on….I hope this show doesn’t get banned in India too. Do biwi…
    And now the bedroom drama & the almari drama…omg
    Make Raman n Shagun marry, Mani n Ishita….& couple of years later Adi & Aliya
    Don’t spoil sense…..why is so much demand for this rude ill mannered Raman Bhalla.

  4. Sona

    Now ruhi is overreacting on one side she say she miss the love n care n other side she angry with Raman n ishita about the property transfer.
    Ruhi doesn’t want to stay with Raman n ishita but taunt about their property why doesn’t she take the property from nidhi.

    If she feel because of pihu ishita forget her why she love n care pihu alot? Why she doesn’t want to hurt pihu?
    It is better Ruhi should stay with nidhi if she can understand the love n care of whole bhalla family then she has no right to hurt everybody.

    • Monique

      I totally agree.She hears Hal of a conversation and her mind works overtime .One can see that she has feelings for her parents (Raman and Ishita ) if one look at the facial expression on her face when she read the note Ishita wrote,but she struggles to trust that their actions are true and with good intentions .I think that Nidhi in stowed a mistrust in her after the abuse she suffered.Hope tomorrow will be better.

  5. Harish

    If raman and ishita really want ruhi back they should spend time with her and remember the first cofee shop scene bw ishra she said that ruhi needs her parents and i have nt seen all three spending time together ishra should treat ruhi the way they used to in the early episodes ruhi has been away from them since 7 years they should go out as a family talk to eachother share eachothers feelings with ruhi ishra should treat her like a daughter and not some kind of client to impress
    Remember the first time ishita came to house she taught ruhi how to brush and made sure that she learn everything she couldnt in her childhood
    The thing should be done again because ruhi was treated as a boy and she need some personal attention she does nt need some dinner party to impress her she wants her ishima and papa to be with her all the time she is alone and just feeling negatives in herself

    • Khushi

      I agree with u. If they want ruhi nack then they shld spend tym with her. Revive old memories. Some one let this clear to her that what hapnd 7 yrs before nd the mistake is nt ishithas. Nobody is sayng that.

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    episode was shagun and adi part was nice not that much of negitivity pls dont turn negitive shagun

  7. Parvati

    i too wish shagun n mani remained not negative , but as ishita n pihus relation is concerned, shagun turning the way she used to b in d beginning will make pihu close to her mother, and also we want ishra, adi, ruhi, n pihu as one grt happy family

  8. Kimberly

    Hey everyone , I want to say SORRY for my previous comment that I posted day before yesterday regarding Shravan and Ruhaan . I thought that according to government laws 16 year olds and above can get intimate with each other . But I just got to know that legal for 18 year old and above . I didnt know much about the laws of India as I live in South Africa . This was all due to misunderstanding . People said me not to open this topic again but I wanted to say sorry so I also apologise for that . I hope u all understand .

    • vp

      Good Kimberley … Please think positively … your life too will turn nice … Frankly speaking was not feeling to come to this site becoz of your comments . I f you really meant sorry … appreciate it .. you can like anyone … but please dont use bad words .. reading it we all feel very uncomfortable … I had decided not to comment henceforth and so not commented last day … seeing your name scares me …, I am not joking …

    • shreya shetty

      very well done Kimberly.thats what we ve been expecting from u to be nice and apologise ur deeds.i never knew that u would find this time to say sorry to all of us for disappointing us with ur driving nuts comment but better try not to repeat this agan dear.may u have a nice day and so lead a bright life now.i can realize now ofwhat I ve said all those nonsensical things about u m srry to hurt ur feelings by any chance

    • Lisa


      |Registered Member

      Sorry kimberly I also want to say sorry to u coz I always say bad to u and in India it is a law of freedom of speech so u r free to comment

  9. Prisha

    Hi Sindhu, rithushree,Bhagya,malavika,shreya,Shona,VP(Where are you?),Pari(Where is she?) And other YHM fans,todays episode was fine and I hope Ruhi learnt something from the boy that she is lucky to have not one,but two mothers taking care of her. Shagun(Ek villain) may not be so close to her even if she is her biological mother but Ishu(Sif Ruhi me liye) is her life! I’m glad Kimberly didn’t comment as she might now be knowing what she misunderstood about the concept but we all make mistakes! I wonder what Aaliya was talking about with Adi’s friend I’m getting suspicious… Please make Adi+ Aaliya love story begin,because if Naira and Kartik could have theirs,why can’t YHM’s youngsters have it? Anyone agree?

  10. Prisha

    I knew Raman couldn’t trust Mani,Mihir is obviously going to accept the deal and if he does,our Ishu might become Raman’s business partner,I hope it happens,so Mani would then know what she just did! Plz Ekta bring more IshRa scenes!

  11. Boss

    Good episode?. Hey kimberly dont u dare to comment bad abt YHM . If u dnt correct yourself . I wont,let u comment in this site ?mind it idiot?

    • Mino

      Hey have mercy on her. she has just said sorry . we have to give her a chance. ok. Sorry to hurt ur feelings. she may start again the best thing is just ignore though it is annoying but have pity on a sick person luv

  12. Prisha

    I miss Pari,Super girl,Aditya,VP and mino comments.Fatarajano hasn’t commented for sooooo long! Bring these guys back!

  13. sowmy

    hi rithu and all yhm friends. as the ruhi feels insecure of pihu. why does ruhi love her most??????????????? and she is showing the hartedness as she thinks that ishima and papa doesnt love her. as ishitha know ruhaan is ruhi from then only ishitha might have taunts her for her property. why this much drama ifor ishra for ruhi ???????????? so pls ruhi dont mis understands ur ishima as she loves from core from core from her heart. and shagun becoming insecure because of iishitha and so muvh negativity in her any way episode is ok.

  14. sewwandi


  15. Kimberly

    If Raman and Ishita again become legal parents of Ruhaan then I know that she will become cousin of Shravan . In that case I hope cvs bring a new guy as boyfriend of Ruhaan .

  16. Siddhi

    Hi rithu jhanvi sindhu jazz summi super girl vp nimrit ude sowmy prisha bhagya n all
    In today’s episode mrs bhalla n mrs iyyer part was nice they both can never change but love their nok jhok washroom part was also good I think ishu should once try to tell ruhi what happened that day eventually when ruhi will come to know the truth she
    will not react like this she still loved ishu n ishu also lives her very much ishita is ready to do evrryhimg for her ruhi ishita united everyone for ruhis happiness but I think now she should
    tell her what happened that day talking about shagun adi part I didn’t expect it after leap there was not such adi shagun coz shagum evertime pihu pihu today what shagun did truely tells the difference between her n ishita ishita can never do such fake things

  17. Siddhi

    What ever Raman said about mihir is right I think mihika did wrong with mihir the guy really loved her I feel bad for him I never thought that romi n mihika can pair I thought about acp n mihika mihir n mihika but not about romi n mihika they was no love between the to by the the way missing mihika verma

  18. Siddhi

    What’s wrong with Mani why he is doning like this I don’t like what he said in the precap

  19. Megha

    Hey guys I am back after many days…..hope u know me…now coming to today’s episode I don’t understand why r they creating so much misunderstanding btw ishra nd ruhi…. before the leap also there was a misunderstanding btw ishitapihu nd ruhi….ruhi thought that her ishimaa is ready to give her to niddhi for her own child….but it was not so Raman had forced her to do so…Nd now again they r creating lots of misunderstandings….plz end this track nd unit our idea family nd there 3 children….in today’s episode I liked Adi nd shagun part the most the way in which Adi consoles shagun was g8….luv u Adi?

  20. Siddhi

    Ruhi thinks that coz of pihu she lost her ishimaa I wonder if she thinks this then how can she love pihu so much
    Any ways missing small ruhi a lot n also ishru

    • Khushi

      Me too think so . The reason for ruhis hatred for ishu is baseless. If she can luv pihu for whom she thnk ishitha left her then y couldnt she luv ishitha. She is blind or what cant see what ishu doing for her. Someone clear this misconceptions asap. Really boring nw.may be bcose she luvd ishutha vry much nd nvr expectd that she wil do this to her. Earlier when ishu left her custody to shagun upon rans insistence for adi the same thng hapnd. She was nt evn ready to listen to ishitha. All this happens bcose o thet ravan kumar. Nd still he is nt acknowledging her sacrifices.

  21. vp

    Hi Prisha … Rithu … Sindhu .. Shivani .. Mino …Siddhi .. Jaz … Aditya … Shona … all yhm fans … yesterdays and todays episodes I did not like at all … The way Raman listens to his Madrasan is adorable .. always … i cant accept the property issue .. that too Ashok to involve … and if its given to Pihu .. well and good … Ruhi loves Pihu … so leave it … If Ruhi thinks Ishima loves Pihu … why Ruhi is attached to her ? cant she understand Ishima is not pambering Pihu … here the concept which cvs are bringing to audience is wrong … cvs bring any damn silly things and drag to the core .. Yesterday Pihus conv with shaghun too not convincing .. same today Adis … to Shaghun … to praise her she looks like a collage girl … Shaghun to tell the Advocate to check with Raman for Mihirs proposal and Raman is adtonished .. to hear the same … doubt cvs are trying to bring Raman and Shaghun together … I cant see her positive side at all .. Mrs Iyer and Mrs Bhalla … its time to stop this melodrama … we are fed up … And when advocate is asking about Mihir … what all things Raman has to tell … Totally disliking Ramans character … there is no charm to watch … Ruhi s interest is for her property ? I personally hate people fighing on property issues … flowers to throw … now it is high time to know who is better her parents or Nidhi …Above all what is Manis intention … atleast show a person to stay positive … if Mihir accepts to that offer … two people are coming negative … Raman will blame Ishitha … I dont know cvs have no direction …more of Shaghun is seen … she may be very sweet to get Raman for herself … I thot Adi will get angry with her … than being sweet to her … and yhm also like other serials now …no uniqueness

    • A

      Ashok ne bhi ek bar Mihir ko apni company join karne KO bola tha par Mihir ne mana kar dia tha.

  22. Kimberly

    I think Ashok and Niddhi can become a good couple . Afterall they share so good chemistry .

    • Mino

      Give me five.. the best thing u said so far.. the two most disgusting people on the earth together.. good thought coming from u..

  23. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.well the episode was a bit weird.i think that before dt goes for her wedding the truth will cum out.also ruhi shud hear the entire convo en not just little bit.hope u all have a super day en stay safe.

  24. Susan

    Hallo everyone. I am afraid it is getting increasingly difficult to stay positive about an Ishra reunion. The only good person (Ishita) in this story is made to suffer the most. I would like to hear Raman’s explanation as to why he never told Pihu who her real mother is.

    • rithushree

      I am also fine unique angel . even I missed you and your comments .hope all the old commenters mizun priyaroli prayosha nimrit ramchin tachu bhagi and many .

  25. rithushree

    Ruhi’s custody drama will bring more tough times for Raman and Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein. Entire Bhalla and Iyyer family are united just to get Ruhi back and Romi- Raman also behaves nicely in front of Ruhi. They invite Ruhi on dinner where they try to prove her that everything is sort out between them. Ishita and Raman give a legal paper to Ruhi where they named property on her. But Ruhi gets angry on them for trying to throw her from property but making her sign on these papers. Raman is shocked paper is changed and tries to make Ruhi understand that it is not real paper. Ruhi insults Raman and Ishita for betraying her and leaves the house in anger. Apart from this, Ashok and Nidhi brainwash Ruhi’s mind by asking her to Raman about making Bhalla house her name. Ruhi demands Raman of Bhalla house and take his sign on some legal papers. What will Ishita do now to free Ruhi from Nidhi’s clutches? Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  26. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life. Raman and Ishita are trying their level best in wining Ruhi’s heart out but Ruhi sticks to her decision as her Bhalla family is not united. Ishita has been successful in uniting both Bhalla and Iyyer family for Ruhi’s sake. On the other side, even Raman and Romi have apologized to each other and united for the sake of Ruhi. Nidhi gets irked seeing the entire Bhalla family united and tires her evil trick to create crack in their family. Nidhi changes some property papers where it states that Ruhi is thrown out of Bhalla property and she needs to sign for the same. Hence Ruhi demands Bhalla house on her name. Stay tuned for more updates.

  27. rithushree

    The upcoming episode will show that -Ishita is trying to unite Bhalla family to get back her daughter Ruhi. Ishita has finally united Raman and Romi and also has warned Bhalla’s and Iyer’s to unite back. All are ready to do anything to get back their Ruhi, Ishita arranges a family dinner with Bhalla’s and Iyer’s. Everyone tried their best to show Ruhi that they are together and are now a happy family like she wanted. Raman tries to surprise Ruhi and plans to give her trust papers mentioning her as guardian of the trust. While when Ruhi sees the papers all goes opposite and Ruhi bursts out in anger as it mentions that Ruhi will have no right on Bhalla’s property. Ruhi blames Raman for trying to befool her and to throw her out of their life, Raman is shocked seeing changed papers. Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  28. rithushree

    Raman and Romi pretends to be good and loving brothers infront of Ruhi but actually hates each other. Ashok and Nidhi plans to take off their good masks and instigate them against each other. Ashok played his trick and comes to meet Romi for some business matters, Ashok turns situations. Ashok intiates fight amid Raman and Romi, thus both ends up fighting fiercely with each other. Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  29. rithushree

    is mani really turned to negative or he has any plan .he does not seem to be negative.

    • Khushi

      I really hope he shld hav a plan in mind to unite ishitha ruhi.Want to see him postive always. I hope he is doing this to teach raman a lesson nd make him realise the value of ishitha. Cvs are unbelievable. They will change traits if characters overnite. If it goes lyk this ishitha will only remain as a positive character in the show nd rest all will turn neg. such an irony

  30. Lotika

    Episode was ok n sorry from Kimberly is fake like Shagun I don’t trust her again tomorrow she will come up with some nasty comments

  31. Khushi

    Omg manu turning neg. i dnt really undertand what this cvs want. Too much. R they nt satisfied with ashok nd nidhi that they r turning mani neg. i really hope they will nt show him as a psycho lover for ishitha. Cant trust cvs. Overnight they change the traits of characters. Mani is such a lovable nd sincere person. Pls dnt turn him neg. i thnk in the cominh episodes he wil try to plan against raman. He had crush on ishitha since frm childhood nd had spend all these 7 yrs with her evn if she nvr had any feelings for him he luvd her too much. Selfless luv. I lyk his chatacter vry much nd dnt withstand hum turning neg. cvs always do this. Is his stint going to end in yhm?

  32. Khushi

    Episode was some what ok. Lyk that adi- shagyn part. He did a vry gud thing such a sensible kid he is. Hats off to ishitha. Such a wonderful upbringing. This mrs bhalla iyer tantrums is really boring nw. Y r they tryng to downcast other always. Cant they live peacefully together rather than actin juz for ruhi. Cvs had spoiled ramans character. I sometyms felt lyk giving a tight slap to him. Insulting each nd evry person around him. He is too selfish. Backbiting on hus own family. I really feel lyk entire bhalla family shld start living with ishitha leaving ran behind. He shld knw the value of family nd relations nd learn to respect relations. Before ruhi its raman who needs a gud couseling.

  33. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    I think Mani is just spiteful because Ishita didn’t except his proposal and thinks of him as a friend and nothing more.the same as Shagun she was only there for Puhi and not for other reasons.

  34. Veera

    Keep Mani as positive and also make Shagun positive not vamp… Remember what Shagun went thru while that Host drama.. And Mani when he tried bringing Ishra together …

  35. Khushi

    Evry character is gettng ruined in this serial. This is nw no more the story of a happy lovable family. Ishithas character was going on well in the starting. In between they tried ti make her a superwomen by that bus episode nd crocodile episode. She fought with crocodile nd survived without evn a bruise. Too much unwelcoming scenes wer there jus to drag the show. Raman’s character is cometly degraded all this while. Earlier also he used to blame ishitha for all wrongs hapnh in his lyf. I wonder hw she can live with such a person who always yell at evryone evry time aggresive nd always put blame on others. Earlier also he easily fell prey to ashoks instigations nd misunderstood ishitha. I wonder whethr he dnt hav a brain. Hw he become the ceo of a company. Really fed up watchng ramans ego nd aggresion. Nw a fight amid romi nd raman is abt to cum in regard to the change in property papers. For this incident also he wil blame ishitha. Nd if mani turns neg then for that also he wil blame ishitha. Ishitha shld leave with entire bhalla family leavin raman behind. Then only he wil understand her value. I didnt accept the way ishithas character shaping up aftr the leap. Bearing all insults nd still going aftr raman. She shld rather focus on ruhi more than raman


    First of All A BIG’Hi” to ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    Good Afternoon JAZ VP Rithu Super GIRL Shona Sindhu Leila Megha Siddhi Laya n Others.
    I Hope You All Are Having A NICE TIME.
    Yesterday’s EPISODE (27-6-2016) Was HEART Touching Only Due to

    Always RESPECT People Value THINGS When They Are With You.
    Take Care

  37. Fan

    Whenever a show runs for too long the writers tend to mess it up after awhile. They probably run out of ideas, have writers block, etc and can’t see a better way forward. Its happened to many shows before.

    Can Shagun really change for the better and stay that way??? She’s not used to manipulating her children for her own benefit. Any mother who choses to use her kids this way does not speak well for what motherhood truly entails.

    Ashok needs to be given a good taste of his own medicine. He’s too focused on Raman and his family. He should have a wife and kids of his own so he won’t want Raman’s. Send him downunder, whether its Australia or hell, who cares..

    Raman needs so anger management classes.

    What happened to Ruhi was very bad. The world sympathises with her. Now, she needs to get over it. Give her family a chance and appreciate their genuine efforts to make right what went wrong in the past.

    Mihir should get married and have his own family.

    Toshi and Madhu should bury the hatchet and “grow up”. Multicultural people live harmoniouly together these days.


  38. Tweety

    I wish that this problems will finish as soon as possible and Raman ishita adi ruhi get together

  39. rithushree

    The upcoming episode
    will show some happy
    moments in Bhalla family
    apart from fights and
    Adi wants to bring Raman
    and Ruhi closer and thus
    plans to arrange for
    fathers day, tries to
    convince Ruhi for it.
    Adi knows that Ruhi will
    not agree to do it as she
    is upset with Raman-
    Adi plans and starts to
    make dishes in kitchen,
    Shravan also helps Adi
    Ruhi sees them but
    Later Ruhi sees Shravan
    hurt will cutting
    vegetables and
    volunteers to help them.
    Ruhi prepares food for all,
    Adi is happy seeing it and
    tells a that it’s Ruhi’s
    father’s day gift for
    All gets happy seeing
    Ruhi’s efforts for her
    father Raman, all happily
    enjoys father’s day.
    Stay tuned for more
    exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  40. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    has kept the viewers hooked on to it
    with new twists emerging in each
    passing episode in Raman ( Karan
    Patel ) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi)
    The upcoming track of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will showcase that Adi
    has planned to unite Raman and Ruhi
    on Father Day by gifting him the most
    special gift of his life Ruhi.
    Adi decides to ask Ruhi to cook for
    Raman but he knows that she will
    never agree to cook for Raman
    because of her hatred towards Raman
    and Ishita.
    Adi takes Shravan’s help in cooking;
    Ruhi’s watches them from far.
    In the interim Shravan hurts his finger
    and hence Ruhi decides to cook the
    Let’s wait and watch for the upcoming
    smile on Raman’s face seeing his
    daughters surprise for him on Father’s
    Day occasion.

  41. A

    Veteran actor Jeetendra who is the head of Balaji Telefilms, scolded Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s main male lead Karan Patel after he got to know that the actor comes late for shooting of his show.

    It is heard that Jeetendra paid a surprise visit on the sets of the show last week to spend some time with the actors.

    It was at this moment when he realized the shoot had come to a halt because of the absence of Karan, who plays the lead role of Raman Bhalla in the show.

    Apparently Jeetendra waited till Karan arrived on the sets and scolded him for coming so late.

    He even asked him to value others time and start being punctual on the sets of the show.

  42. Mpho sebaga

    Karan Patel is becoming a problem on set,i hope its not fame getting to his head. We love u on set karan and wouldnt want to see u go please change,u r doing this for us your fans. This tantrums your are creating are not good as you might miss out on future opportunities. Enough said. i jus want to see Ruhi unite with her Ishi maa,they have both bin through enough already, as for Raman he nids to make up his mind. Ishita waited for 7yrs,if she didnt love him she would have long married to Mani. Please include English subtitles on the online episodes for those of us watching outside India.

  43. shreya shetty

    heys guys yesterdays episode was pretty good but I felt bad for ruhi because she doesnet know the actual fact that how ishitas plan of getting her back along with newborn pihu at that time 7 years before made us feel molten for all the fans.i just appreciate that poor boys words who innocently took the boquet which ruhi was about to dump in.ishitas plans of throwing a party for ruhi and romi are just splendous so that ruhi will ignore nidhi and ashok at all and will surely reunite with the family again.i am very confident about this for sure guys.but I just hate the way how ramans attitude is being shown in the serial.hes just the same like before even in the past and now at present too,he always catches the credits from the works done by poor mihir which isn’t right at all.i don’t like the way how raman treats mihir like.but anyhow that ashok and nidhi are soooo evilllll that ekta maam should just remove them off from this serial also including shagun who wants pihu for her own benefits like how she did with suggestion is ruhis irritating attitude should be changed to a good one also she should show some more respect and love towards the family and ishita as well.i hope that this suggestion would turn out to be fulfilled in the todays upcoming episode.just eagerly awaiting for the next scene of this innovotic drama

  44. sachin

    Hi guys m new to here bt m a silent reader,I know almost all of the guys here ….except some….i know rithusree di v.v much as she is the one who always bring the future updates…hope she carries on ths and hope ruhi gets cleared all the misunderstandings????

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.