Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming to meet the principal. She says how can you be so cool about the serious matter, this time accusation is such that we can’t take it light, so we are suspending him. Raman gets shocked. Vandu asks Bala to change baby name today. He says he is busy and wants to spend time with baby, he has tuition classes and will go tomorrow. She starts arguing and says she will go court. He says you take rest when baby is sleeping. She says she has Shravan’s work, I will manage as baby’s father is not caring that her name is Raman Bhalla. He says this work can be done later. Ishita comes and looks on. She says she has time, she will go. Bala asks really, problem solved. Vandu says you don’t have time for our baby. Bala says I will ask Mihika to manage baby, you take


Ishita asks baby’s name and they have different choices. They start arguing again. Vandu says Shitija and he says Shrija. Ishita says Raman is responsible for all this, he creates problems, Raman should go court to make things fine. Raman asks principal that Adi’s life will be spoiled. She says he has not taken action when Adi was in car accident case, this time he was caught watching adult movie with a girl, Mr Jhakad has warned us that he will take this matter to press. He asks her to give a chance. She says she is going in trustees meeting, he can wait, they will decide now. She leaves. Raman gets worried and says Ishita was right about Jhakad, I will not leave him.

Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla that she will go court to change baby name. She sees her crying and asks the reason. Mrs. Bhalla says she is worried for Romi, she has seen him upset seeing Vandu’s baby, my Romi will not feel fatherhood, my heart cries seeing his wet eyes. Ishita consoles her. Mrs. Bhalla says they found that someone else is finding Sarika. Ishita asks who. Mrs. Bhalla thinks she will talk to Abhishek if I tell her and hides it. She says I just want Romi to be happy. Ishita says I m sure he will be happy, we will get Sarika soon. Mrs. Bhalla says even I pray the same, I feel light talking to you.

Bala comes to Ishita and asks her to write baby’s name Shrija, he will convince Vandu. She says Vandu will argue, she wants Shitija. He says I will talk to her. She says they both made me stuck. Abhishek says is Sarika hiding from Romi, where did she go, how to find out. He says maybe I can get info about Romi to know their connection, who will tell me, his family won’t, his friends can tell me, and calls his home. He asks about Romi. Simmi says he is not at home, try his phone.

He says its unreachable and asks about his friend, who will help in real estate, he is finding a home. Simmi says maybe Bunty, I will give his number. Mrs. Bhalla comes and ends the call, asking her not to give any details to Abhishek. Abhishek says atleast I know the names, they can give any info. Vandu beats Bala with the sweeping stick. He realizes its imagination and worries. He says if Ishita agreed to my suggestion and register the name I said, then Vandu will beat me, I have to go and stop Ishita. Vandu comes and asks what happened. He says nothing, I will go and leaves.

Ishita comes for the name change and Sarika is there too. She says she has to submit form, I want her to take her position. Sarika talks on phone and leaves. Ishita thanks her and does not see her face. Ishita changes the name of the baby. Raman comes in the trustee meeting and they decide to suspend Adi. Raman defends Adi, he has been in trauma and his counseling is going on. The trustee says its not a small thing, they will suspend Adi. Raman says they made education a business, he will see all of them. He leaves.

Ishita sees the lady missing her chance to give her place. Bala comes and asks her to make baby name what Vandu suggested. She says she filled the form, she will not do anything now. He asks did she really submit, he will request them and do correction again. She says fine and goes to take Raman’s call. She gets shocked knowing about Adi getting suspended and says she is coming. Bala says why am I in line and comes near Sarika. He does not see her and she goes.

Bala asks for the form to make changes. He gets Sarika’s form and reads it. He reads mum’s name Sarika Bhalla, father’s name Romi Bhalla. He asks whose form is this. The man says that lady has filled this. He runs to see Sarika. He sees her leaving in auto and says it means Romi’t baby is born and his name is Rohit Bhalla.

Ishita comes in the trustee meeting and defends Adi infront of Jhakad. She asks did they never do any mistake in childhood, did their school suspend them, sometimes kids don’t know the mistake and realize later, we can explain them. Jhakad asks her not to give lecture. She says he has influenced them, and asks about his daughter, she is also responsible in the mistake, I m not asking you all to punish her, where is the equality, my son will go in trauma and can become a criminal too by their wrong decision. Jhakad asks what will the son do seeing his dad romancing his second wife, what will he learn seeing them. Raman says he will not leave her, what does he know about his family, he is saying what Ashok told him, he did not see them till now. The trustee asks them to stop it and says principal will do what we decided. Ishita says how can they do this and ruin a boy’s life. Adi cries and hears the kids saying about his suspension orders. Shravan comes to him.

Shravan says its wrong that they suspended you. Vinni hears them and gets sad. Adi comes to the principal and she suspends him. Vinni comes there and says she has to tell the truth. Jhakad asks her to go. Vinni says she has to talk to principal and asks her to suspend her too. Ishita looks on shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Romi that the lady got proposal for him. Romi asks did mum tell you the most imp thing about me, and tells her about his accident and the effects that he can’t become a father again. Raman and Ishita come home and hear him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nice episode.especially bala vandus.uss jhakad ne hadd hi kar di.uski beti vhod kar usse poore duniya ki padi hai.pagal aadmi.khud ka sikka khota hai aur doosron mein khot nikaaltha hai.kameena.

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  6. yar ye jhakkar ithna lofar kaise ho sakthe hai aur ye ithna badaa business man kaisa bana jiske paas khudh ka dhimaak nahi hai aur hamesha dusarom ki bakwaas par depend kartha hai how mean he is….????? wt the hell he is thinking abt himself he dont know even how to talk with others…….????? be is such an idiot i just hate him……..

  7. Star Plus top-rated
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    by mistake.
    Vandu and Bala have an argument
    regarding some issue and they will
    upset with each other.Adi and Vinni
    watch A certificate movie and that
    be found by jhakad and he tries to
    adi.But as usual ishita comes into
    rescue and stops him and warns
    to never raise his hand on her kid.
    In the coming episodes ,Jhakad will
    complain about adi in school and
    raman gets to know that adi is
    suspended.He comes to school and
    argues with principal not to damage
    adi’s future.Somehow ishita reaches
    the school and convinces principal
    give another chance for adi.
    On the other hand,Toshiji will be
    worried about Romi’s future and
    thinks that he should get
    starts searching for a girl.A lady
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    Toshiji gets glad and introduces
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    truth.Ishita tries to console Toshiji.
    Toshiji tells her that she want to
    romi happy as he realized his
    mistake.she also tells ishita that
    tried finding sarika but all his
    attempts went in vain.Raman
    the whole incident and decides to
    something to set romi’s life.
    On the other hand,Abhishek will be
    confused on why romi is finding
    sarika.He decides to find the reason
    behind it and also doubts that romi
    may be the person who cheated
    Will ishita able to find sarika?Will
    Abhishek finds out the truth of
    and sarika?
    Keep reading for more updates.

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  11. I hate ishita she is sooo ugly and a drama queen I wish she dies in the show and shagun was a better mum than her atleast shagun does not install cameras and spy on her kids and ishita thinks she is perfect
    I wish shagun comes back and gets married to Raman And I wish ishita leaves them Shagun is a better mum

  12. Roselyn Dada

    Meri hate your stupid comments maybe you have not been watching the show shagun is not the type of mother one should pray to have Anita is good but Shagun is bad please we want to see Ruhi from Nigeria

  13. Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita from
    Star Plus’ popular show, Ye Hai
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  14. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Mrs. Bhalla
    tells Romi that the lady
    got proposal for him.
    The lady is very happy to
    meet Romi and selects
    him for her daughter.
    But Romi asks her that
    did his mother (Mrs
    Bhalla) tell her about his
    truth as he has lost the
    capability of becoming a
    The lady shouts at Mrs
    Bhalla for trying to
    destroy her daughter’s
    Raman and Ishita come
    home and feels touched
    to see the change in
    Mrs Bhalla cries infront
    of Ishita and tells Ishita
    that she wants to see
    Romi’s happy family
    Ishita cannot see the
    tension in her family and
    decides to find Sarika
    who is pregnant with
    Romi’s baby.
    Furthermore, ACP
    Abhisheck finds that
    Romi is the person who
    cheated to Sarika.
    Ishita will now take help
    of Abhishek uniting
    Sarika and Romi.
    Ishita tells Abhishek that
    Sarika and Romi’s union
    to make their (Romi and
    sarika) future good.

  15. nimrit

    VIDEO: Upcoming issues in Bhalla house # YHM –
    SBS Segment- toshiji has dupatta tied around her head being
    offered some drink by neelu n brushes it off looks angry
    ishra romi watching raman says something to ishita n goes
    off looking annoyed n sits on sofa
    bg song locha e ulfat ho gaya
    in this segment they showed that ishita raman mr n mrs
    bhalla n romi get into a car n go somewhere
    reporter says all lost hope of sarika returning but not ishita
    DT’s byte she says that all think sarika hates us but i being a
    woman have hope sarika might return only romi can help out
    in this
    rep says that this is same ishita who was against sarika first
    sbs says now since everyones life is getting sorted why not
    this problem would be soved too

  16. nimrit

    arre yaar koi to aajao…..aaj to only 100 cmnts tak complete nahi kiye humne…..plzzzz…..rithu…prayosha…priyaroli…mizun…gree..ramchin..thachu etc etc….plz come sooon…..

  17. Romi

    Subha se lekar shaam tak
    Shaam se lekar raat tak
    Raat se phir subha talak
    Only and only 64 cmnts on yhm page
    This’s not done ?guys where are you all??

  18. aajkal mujhe iss site pe aake bilkul accha nahi lagtha hai.koi nahi aatha.bilkul pehle jaisa nahi hai.kafi toh chod ke gaaye aur jo baki hai woh bhi sab kabhi kabhi aathe hai.

  19. saturday aur sunday bhi ho gaya .lekin prayosha mizun priyaroli aur baki sab mein kisi ne bhi ek bhi comment nahi kiya.except ramchin kyunki uske exams hai lekin baki sab ko kya ho gaya hai.

  20. jab bhi hothi hoon akeli hothi hoon iss site pe aur aajkal pichle jayi dino se mere hi comments majority comments ho gaye hai.pagalon ki tarah mein news dhoondthi rehthi hoon yaha post karne aur 100 comments poore karne mein.

  21. yeh toshiji ki behaviour mujhe kabhi kabhi accha nahi lagtha.woh hamesha kuch na kuch chupaathi rehthi hai.bechare logon ko romi ka such nahi bathaya .

  22. romi ko beta hua hai aur uske bete ka naam rohit bhalla hai .R for romi aur r for rohit.lekin flash back mein toh dikhaya ki sarika aur romi ne shaadi ke hai.

  23. jab vinnie sab such principle ko kahegi tab ishitha vinnie ko pasabd karne lagegi lekin woh jhajad kabhi bhi poora baath suntha nahi hai aur poori duniya apni sarr pe bitha letha hai.pagal aadmi.badla lene ke liye bacchon ka zariya isthemaal kartha hai.

  24. woh jhakad raman ke second wife ko lekar taane kaise maar saktha hai.bina kiai baath ko jaane baath ka bhathangad bana detha hai.he is such a fraud.businesa toh karni nahi aathi aur paison ka ghamand dikhatha hai.

  25. nimrit

    hey gud afternoon…… sorry yar rithu kal me nahi aa saki ..tumne akele me 100cmnts pure kiye…..nice….ab aaj me efforts karungi……

  26. nimrit

    the upcoming episodes, we will get to see that Mrs. Bhalla
    tells Romi that a lady got proposal for him. The lady is very
    happy and considers Romi as an ideal future husband for her
    daughter. But the conversation of this proposal gets into a
    serious discussion when Romi asks Mrs Bhalla that did shee
    tell the lady about his truth that he has lost the capability of
    becoming a father. The lady gets terrified and shouts at Mrs
    Bhalla for trying to destroy her daughter’s life. Raman and
    Ishita come home and feels touched to see how Romi has
    changed overtime.
    Mrs Bhalla begs Ishita for Romi’s happiness, as Ishita can’t
    see anyone sad decides to find Sarika. Furthermore, to add
    more twist in the show ACP Abhishek finds about the person
    who destroyed her sister’s(Sarika) life. Ishita will convince
    and persuade ACP for reuniting Sarika and Romi, which will
    also bring ACP closer to Mihika for solving her Akka’s

  27. nimrit

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee romi ka baby finally mil gaya… gaya……but so sad sarika ne usse kisi ko adopt kar diya……

  28. nimrit

    wwooww yaar….finally romiko usska beta..& mrs bhalla ko unka grandson mil hi gaya…..they r soooooo happy now…….how cute yaar maine sbb me dhekha ki uss baby ko dekhake mrs bhalla…ishu…bohot rote hai…..hamre ravankumar ke aankho me bhi bohot aansu aate hai……& romi ka to kuchh puchho hi mat bechare ko bohot khushi milti hai……wt a hearttouching moment yaaar……soooooo cute….adorable…….

  29. nimrit

    vandu ka baby ho gaya….ab romi ka baby aaya…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… its time of ishra’s baaaaaaaaaby……….plzzzzzzz cme soooon…

  30. gopu

    Raman Aka Karan Patel To Quit The Show!Yeh Hai Mohabbatein UpdateAfter Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) looks like now Raman aka Karan Patel has decided to quit popular telly show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!Don’t panic fans! The actor will not leave the show forever but has taken ashort break from the show.Raman Bhalla (Karan Patel )will be missing from the upcoming episodes as the actor had to rush to Kolkata after receiving news of his grandfather’s demise.A source close to the actor reveals that, “certain changes have been madein the story to accommodate Karan’s absence. The plot will now focus on another character, Ishita’s sister Vandu’s pregnancy track. As of now, the makers are shooting with Karan’s body double and are contemplating if his character should be shown leavingfor a sudden business trip.”We hope Karan gets back to the sets soon as his fans and viewers are surely gonna miss him on show.Keep reading for More updates aboutYeh Hai Mohabbatein

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