Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhallas welcome Adi’s child home

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone talking about Adi’s child and the time when Adi was born. Raman says I got a call, inspector wants to talk to us, we have to go. Raman and Ishita leave. They meet the inspector. Inspector says we got Raghav’s address from his office, his wife met us, she was crying a lot, she also returned 17 lakhs to us, she said she doesn’t want this, as Raghav died because of it, she said that Raghav told her the truth. Raman asks what. Inspector says she said something else happened that night. FB shows Raghav coming to meet Tania. He says you know why I m here, did you write suicide note. She says no. He says then write it. He wears gloves and fixes rope to the ceiling fan. He reads the note. He says you will not die by hanging down. Door bell rings. She checks. A man

gives her 15 lakhs and asks her to check it. She says its fine and goes to keep the bag. Raghav follows her. He catches her and strangles her to death. He then hangs her by the ropes. FB ends. Ishita says it means someone paid Raghav to plan Tania’s fake suicide. Inspector says yes, he was paid 2 lakhs.

Raman says it means he planned fake suicide and then killed her. Inspector says yes, we got to know that someone repaid the loan to Tania that night, Raman you are free now, someone tried to frame you, do you doubt on anyone. Raman says no, if we have any doubt, we will get back to you. Ishita asks what’s this, someone is trying to frame you, why didn’t you say. He says if we took Parmeet’s name, he would have dragged Simmi in this, I don’t want anyone to curse my Adi, I don’t want police to come home today, think Adi has returned, I m a free man now, come we have to go home and welcome our Adi. Ruhi asks Pihu why did she get pink balloons for baby boy. Pihu says we won’t force any color on the baby. Ruhi agrees. They all decorate house with balloons.

Raman and Ishita get stuff for baby and like decorations. Simmi says I can’t see them happy, they are happy to get the child. Parmeet takes her to room and asks her not to do anything, Ishita is doubting on them, lets welcome Roshni and her child, shut up. Simmi says why are you shouting on me as if it was my mistake, Raghav was hired by you, he killed Tania by getting greedy, you don’t pretend to be good, I m doing wicked things because of me, I have gone mad thanks to you, I hate Raman and Ishita for a reason as they snatched my daughter, but this doesn’t mean that… fine I will do this drama and be part of their happiness. Ruhi screams. Everyone asks what happened.

Ruhi says Aaliya called, Roshni and baby have come. Pihu says welcome the cute member of Bhalla family, presenting baby Bhalla. Ishita gets aarti plate. Roshni gives baby to Aaliya and says I m not feeling well, I have some pain, do aarti of the baby. Mrs. Bhalla does aarti. Roshni says I m fine now, manage the baby Ruhi, I m talking to Amma. Ishita and Raman look on. Everyone eats sweets. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla to not talk loud, baby is sleeping. Aaliya says Roshni and baby are sleeping. Ishita says Raman is ordering medicines for Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla says for baby’s naming ceremony, pandit will come and do puja, I have invited all my friends. Aaliya says baby is too young, he may catch an infection if many people touch him.

Ishita says yes, we will keep a small function. Mr Bhalla says we decided to keep function at Iyer house. Ruhi asks did anyone think of name. Mrs. Bhalla says pandit asked us to keep name by M or H. Ishita says we will write our choice on chits and let Roshni decide. Pihu asks Parmeet to suggest too. He says why not. Everyone writes names on chits and keep it. Ishita says I will ask Roshni to select a name from this. She comes to Roshni and sees her sleeping. Raman comes. Ishita says its a beautiful sight. He says I want to talk to you.

Roshni wakes up. Ishita says we will go out and talk. They leave. Raman says whatever happened, we both were right, whatever you did with Adi, you did what you felt right, I reacted that way as I felt that right, Adi never acknowledged me as father till you came in our life, let bygones be bygones, lets make a new start, I m sorry to hurt you. She says you don’t need to say sorry, you lost your son, I know whenever you have hurt me, you got hurt, I wish I didn’t had to choose between Roshni and Adi, sorry. He says why are we wasting time and crying, we shall make a new start. She says we won’t spoil our future. He says look at the brighter side, this Adi will live with us since childhood. He hugs her. She says we will love him a lot. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays….

Ishita and everyone dance. A man says sorry, you and your family have accepted this illegitimate child and his mum, but its tough for us to accept this. Raman gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. In the precap the man’s words are harsh but true never seen anywhere where the mistress is brought home with so much respect. Whatever they accept it or not the child is illegitimate bhallas over sweetness wont change that. They have lost their mental stability but thankfully someone showed them the reality, their hypocrisy and selfishness. They can all die for their ghar ka chirag aka chota adi. Glad the trp is 1.1 it should drop to 0

    I actually got confused whether I was reading the right WU. Pihu’s message – was a really important social message. However I don’t understand what type of message they are trying to give by giving a mistress preference over the DIL. It fall flat just like Adi’s concern for women when within one week he himself was ready to burn a girl’s face after rejection.
    Ok, enough of my rants.

    Definitely not satisfied with IshRa’s conversation. This is one problem I have with Ishita – whenever Raman decides to apologize, she becomes the ADARSH BHARTIYE NARI & stops Raman from acknowledging his fault.
    Personally I didn’t like Adi’s character ever & didn’t find Abhishek that brilliant when compared to Krishna or Aditi. So I don’t care if he was shown the door for Vidisha or any other reason.
    But considering the plot, it is an irreversible damage done by CVS & one minute conversation between IshRa isn’t gonna solve that – at least not for me.
    Even when a child dies naturally, it takes its’ parents a long time to recover from that loss. Some help each other through the process while some couple actually get distant. In this case, the guy was shot to death by his own mother. I could forgive Raman for his initial outburst but I felt disappointed when he chose to become blind to his son’s fault & even after 8 months, cursed Ishita like anything.
    I’d say KSBKBT which aired years ago, there they addressed the issue with much more sensitivity. Mihir acknowledged Ansh’s evil but he couldn’t look at Tulsi for murdering him. And when he testified against Tulsi – I still remember that scene how he was broken to stand against his wife. Even when Tulsi returned – they had hard time to look at each other. One scene of father v/s husband wasn’t enough to portray Raman’s turmoil. Not to be rude, but IshRa’s relation is always about blaming each other & then having high dose of romance but the intensity that should have been there – is missing.
    I felt as if Raman needed Ishita for his new Adi & just like every time – came, apologized & asked her to bury the hatchet. Really disappointed.
    I remember Krishnadasi used to air for 40-45 minutes & we got one entire episode where Aryan apologized to Aradhya. Here, YHM hardly airs for 20 minutes & we get one conversation at the very end of the episode. How does this work?

    I seriously think this show should go off-air & instead of siding with Ekta, KP & DT should try other production house who would value & utilize their talent properly. I remember Jenifer Winget was a part of Ekta Brigade. But she truly got her recognition when she tried variety of roles with other producers. By sticking with Balaji, KP & DT are actually wasting their time.

  3. i agree w/ u nikarakha. Krishnadasi was a good show. I wasnt mad adi died. The bhallas make me sick. Nobody cared that much when ananya died, but when raman goes to jail, they care alot. Nazar should replace tis show, and yhm should get 11pm slot.

    1. Bhallas are simply sick. I admit a child has no hand on how he/she is born & it’s us who tag the legitimate/illegitimate word. But now that IshRa will boast of their MAHANTA & how NEECH the society is, I just have one question – if only the situation was reversed & Aliya was pregnant with someone else’s child, would they accept it??? A big NOOOO.

      More than Bhallas, Ishita makes me sick. The woman has no strong stand. One moment she wants the kid to get love, the next moment she doesn’t want to hurt Aliya. Then again she wants Roshni to get the limelight. I mean, SERIOUSLY WOMAN!!! DECIDE WHAT YOU ARE STANDING FOR.

      Neither Raman nor Ishita has any strong stand about what they believe in anymore. 🙁

      KRISHNADASI was an amazing show but frankly the last three months were torture for audience with AaRa’s continuous separation. I was quite disappointed when Aradhya turned into the MAHAN FL & divorced Aryan.

      But now when I think, I find both Aradhya & Aryan’s characterization realistic as no woman would be able to put up with her husbband’s deceive unlike Ishita who would say her husband can never disrespect women who used a girl of his daughter to make his wife jealous. Loved how till the last moment Aryan tried to prove his innocence unlike Raman who doesn’t feel it necessary to admit his fault to anyone.

  4. Very true Niharika ! Normally an husband and wife will not be able to look at each other if son or daughter died .It takes too much time to heal the grief .Here all on a sudden the three minutes confrontation …really did not affect me at all .Ishitha is unsure of what to do . Her concern for Roshini is literally killing me . Its ok taking care of a pregnant woman nd the innocent child .But this is beyond limits .From beg whats Roshinis motiv i dont understand .
    Whats cvs upto ? Ishitha was away with her may be she shot Adi and can be in a mentally block situation … But bhallas ? Totally agree with you Niharika ..but Ishitha was stunning with red bordered sari

  5. I think Roshini is feigning everything so far as far as I am concern she is only interested in the Bhalla’ s wealth she is waiting for that opportunity when they will make her son the heir to their empire,then she will show her true colors. Aliya is hurting I know from a woman’s perspective I can understand Roshini is being given so much importance although she is the mistress they got what they wanted kick her ass out now yeah yeah I am a clown for saying that, in the pre-cap the man is correct in saying that why are they shocked tongues will be wagging what can they do??? How many can they stop from wagging?? Ishu and Raman will things ever be good between them? One minute they are good and the next like when two dogs are fighting wonder when she will be behind bars again? Cuz she is behind bars more than any criminal lol. I have more to say but I have to run now will comment at a later date.


    1. At least she can appear in South Indian look like initial episodes, I agree with you

    2. Friendlyneighbor

      I was waiting all this time to see if anyone else noticed this. This show has done abdolutely no homework, Whatsoever ! Their ignorance shows they have no idea how a south indian brahmin dresses or adorns herself. And ishita calls herself ‘tambrahm’. And their excuse is they have settled in delhi. Even for puja and auspicious occassions she dresses like that. Even vidya balan (bollywood) looks sumangali during pujas etc. i am a telugu brahmin settled in the USA for last 20 plus yrs. i have never seen any brahmin here who comes without sindhoor or mangalsutra at least during puja occassions. Also she should at least try to speak like a tamilian, she doesn’t even try. This shows she doesn’t care one way or the other about the show or the viewers.
      When ashok who suffered from blood cancer and donated his eyes to ishita, i had to , ahem, explode in laughter. Even a non medical person knows that people suffering from blood cancer cannot donate any of their otgans, not even for skin grafting. This show is pathetic, they claim to show off they are modern and educated, but they have zero knowledge abt family, relationships, ethics, and almost everything.

  7. Friendlyneighbor

    I absolutely do not try to promote talking abt ca$te system here, in fact, i shun these kind of conversations but if ishita repeatedly promotes herself as a tambram she shud at least try to look the part, is all i am saying. Also, raman is a pathetic drunken loser, so i dont think he’s even worth a comment, just like mrs toshi (though once i used to love her too). Speaking like tamilian means she shud not slur her r’s like typical north indians do. I am not setting rules for speech here, just politely want to say she shud act a bit more natural so we can connect with her.

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