Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun going to meet Niddhi in jail. Niddhi asks her not to act, I know you were behind Ishita’s kidnapping, I knew you came to me and offered friendship, it was all false drama, Anil had to take blame on himself, I knew its you, as you are bigger enemy of Ishita than me, as she has ruined your life, she snatched your husband and children, anyways you act well, you are playing with Bhalla family’s trust, you are a good actor. Shagun says you called me here to threaten me, you can tell anyone, no one will believe you. Niddhi smiles and says no, I just called you to praise you, I did not tell anyone as I knew no one will believe me, I will be silent, you did my work well and no one doubts on you, Bhallas love and trusts you.

Ishita gets Mani home. Mrs. Bhalla

asks him to sit and serves him food. Mani talks to Raman and Mr. Bhalla about his business, he shifted to Delhi. Raman asks Ishita to come and talk to him about some project, and signs her. Aaliya tells Romi that studies and degree are imp, it gives confidence. Adi says yes, education is must, Papa asked me to finish MBA. Romi says fine, but you can’t pay bills by degree.

Raman asks Ishita what did Mani say. She says Mani is thinking to talk to Shagun. He says Shagun refused for marriage, she said she went out, if she tells something to Mani, it will be bad. She asks what shall we tell Mani. He says what can he say now and worries. She says lets go and handle him. Raman says Mani, I need to talk to you, everyone will get bored here, come to my room. Shagun comes and greets Mani.

She says I m sure Ishita tried to convince you, do you want to marry me, do you want to keep friendship for life with me, I know my decision surprised you all, Raman and Ishita always thought of my good, Raman explained me to settle in life, we all need a companion, I don’t know Mani well, but I know him a bit and he is mature and nice guy, Ishita knows him well, I m ready to marry Mani, if Mani is ready. Ishita smiles and says you won’t regret on this decision, Mani is a nice guy. Raman says I m happy with your decision.

Shagun hugs Ishita and says you will regret for this marriage. She recalls Niddhi’s words. FB shows Niddhi suggesting Shagun not to leave Bhallas, you make your root strong there. Shagun says its not that simple, everyone just thinks of Raman, I won’t be needed when Raman and Ishita unite, Ishita got Mani’s proposal for me, I told Raman that I won’t do this marriage. Niddhi asks are you mad, chance came to you on its own, agree to marry Mani, you can win and stay around that house after marrying Mani, you can get everything and all rights back, say yes to marry Mani, you will be in profit, believe me. FB ends.

Mani says I want to talk to Shagun. She says yes, we will talk in my room. They go. Raman and Ishita smile. Romi pays bill. Adi says I got Aaliya here, I will pay. Romi says when I m here, why will you pay, I m elder. Mihika says we will leave now. Romi says yes, we will drop Aaliya. Adi says no, I wanted to have coffee, Aaliya makes good coffee, we will have it at our home and I will drop her home. Romi says fine, we will go home and have coffee made by her. Adi thinks to stay cool.

Mihika gets Ishita’s call and says Adi and Aaliya are with us on dinner, fine I will get Aaliya. She tells Aaliya to come. Aaliya says I need to go home, Appa is waiting. Mihika says don’t worry, he is at our home.

Mani tells Shagun that he is surprised that she agreed for marriage, I wanted to say something, maybe you will chance decision. She asks what, don’t you want to marry. He says I just loved Ishu, knowing she just regards me as good friend, I will always be her good friend, I know you also like Raman and this family, I don’t want to cheat you, I don’t think I will get such feelings for anyone, but I m ready to become a good friend and companion, if you want to say no, I totally understand. She thinks I won’t refuse as I have to stay connected with this family, I will marry and not let you refuse. He says I agreed for Ishu’s sake, I respect her feelings. She says exactly, I also agreed for Raman and Ishita, we are adults, not teenagers, we know what we are going to do. He says well done, lets start afresh, hi I m Abhimanyu. They shake hands.

Mihir thanks Ishita for fixing Shagun and Mani’s alliance, and finds them perfect. Mani and Shagun come. Mani says Shagun and I decided to marry. Everyone get glad. Romi, Mihika, Adi and Aaliya come home. Romi asks whats happening. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun and Mani decided to marry. Adi and Aaliya get shocked. Aaliya asks whats happening Appa. Mani says I was going to tell you. She says you did not tell me or ask me, I m not imp in your life. He says nothing like that. She leaves. Mihir goes after her.

Mihir stops her. She says let me go, its between me and Appa. He says I understand, just hear me out and then decide, come sit. He asks her to think, your Appa and my sister’s situation is same, Mani loves Ishita and Shagun loves Raman, they knew this can’t happen, so they decided this, they are mature adults, if they took this decision, you should support them, life is giving second chance to them, if you refuse, trust me Mani will refuse, then Mani will stay alone, everyone needs a life partner, if you want Mani’s happiness, respect his decision, believe me I have seen Shagun changing, she is a wonderful person, she has much love in her heart and you will also get her love, they are a good match, support them. She says sorry, you are saying right, I got selfish and did not think of Appa, I behaved bad, I think I should say sorry to Appa and Shagun aunty, I should welcome Shagun in our new family. He says come, lets go.

Aaliya apologizes to Mani and hugs him. He thanks her. Aaliya says sorry aunty, it will take time to call you Amma, but welcome to our family. She hugs Shagun. Shagun says I hope I become your friend. Mrs. Bhalla gives shagun coin to Mani. All of them smile happily.

Ruhi says something is troubling me, Pihu….. Ishita looks at her. Shagun says Ishita can’t imagine whats in these papers, Ishita be ready for your destruction.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. jaz

    HELLO EVERYONE Adu monique rithu super girl salley susan vp mino az naaz pihu shivani jeni shinning and all members of yhm fans HI guys

  2. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Az, Jaz, Prisha, Sritha, Aditya, Raisa, Monique, Naaz and many YHM fans……

    Oh no what an episode!!! Niddhi is right in saying Shagun is the greatest enemy of Ishita than Niddhi. She will do anything in not wanting Ishita’s happiness. Shagun has totally turned 100% vamp. Of course those papers are the custody papers. My heart went out when Mani agreed to marry Shagun. It is so sad as Mani is going to suffer under Shagun. Poor man. He deserves a better woman and not Shagun. The cvs are terrible and unkind to fix him with Shagun. Ishita made the same mistake with Mihir and Rinki and now with Mani and Shagun. I like Ishita and Raman but sometimes I don’t understand why Ishita is so naive and still does not sense that Shagun is not all good. Now the papers will be Pihu’s custody papers. I hate this because they are using the custody battle in the story. They should have some happiness in Bhalla house. I find that Raman and Ishita has an active household. To get Raman and the kids, she goes to any length and she does not feel the guilt conscious at all for doing such a thing to Ishita. Ishita has helped her so much during the ghost drama and there is no gratitude at all.

    I hope the cvs show scenes of Ishra only and they talking like before the leap. Where is the old chemistry? Bring it back soon if not it will fade away.

    • jaz

      I totally agree with you sindhu.again ishu make a very big mistake I pity for mani .yeah sindhu you right mani deserve a wonderful women in his life but cvs ruined yeah the paper was pihu custody she manipulate ishitha .niddhi is right shaggy is a real culprit I don’t no why the SHOW is going to days whr is ishra scene..nothing happening..

      • m

        Jaz I replied to u in the yesterday’s up date. Sorry just saw it. Why Do we even bother to comment it is totally rubbish. i read somewhere they say that the people love the Twist. BULL. What nonsense . Who will like a ruined story better for them to end. Even ISRA scenes are dead. not life after DT Married. Sorry to say it.

    • jaz

      OMGG GGGG How many boy’s have shaggy in her life. First she marry raman & gave birth to kid’s & she make a affairs with ashok long time 5 years.then she realized then she become a good women.another man manoj come to her life but they blo*dy cvs make a bad idea that was surrogate drama.again the lady come to raman life..because sake for pihu ..but now another man mani how disgusting..I can’t digest guys… now happy ektha ji what a idea hain aapka oh wow guys clap your hands..

  3. Sindhu

    Hi Aditya I hope you are well. Yo have been unwell for awhile I heard so I hope you are getting better

  4. jaz

    Guys I hate today episode omg niddhi gave the plan to her now shagun will play a very big drama .what nonsense is this .ishu you make a very big mistake now..I can’t imagine shagun & mani marriage..again start hogaya liye drama.other hand aliya I don’t like her behavior..

  5. shivani

    Rithu VP Sindhu Siddhi Mino Jaz Aditya Az Monique Saritha Khushi and all other loving friends….

    Stop this dragging…..its too much …and unite ishita and raman…this shagun is intolerable…how many lives she will spoil like this for her self motives…?why she dragged mani into her evil plans…? Poor mani…or is there any tie up btwn mani and shagun…?..we can expect anything…

  6. Swara

    I feel like the wedding is not going to take place as ishu might sacrifice everything for Pihu according to serial gossip Pihu will be ill and will take Shagun name ishu seeing that Pihu can’t live without Shagun is gonna sacrifice and let Shagun marry Raman so Pihu can have her complete family I just feel bad for mani how can he end up with such a heartless woman frankly I love Ishra but I want ishu to marry mani they deserve each other I just hate today’s episode and when is Karan coming back cuz he scenes are kinda sketchy to have Ishra we need the main leads to be on set but to think of it guys have you noticed any time someone tries to break Ishra they end up getting closer am sure this is what’s gonna happen as Raman said during that kidnapping period that he just got his madrasan and he can’t loose her so am sure he is gonna do everything possible to Marry ishu this time around let’s pray cvs get some sense

    • VP

      Yes Swara … if it happens well and good …I feel Cvs are stuck … they dont know how to proceed with new twist … please read some fan fiction cvs , you may get ideas …

  7. Aliya

    Hi everyone what’s happening in yhm. How can mani marry shagun .He is a nice man. And not make aliya and mihir as pair.Bad episode

  8. VP

    I hated todays episode putting Mani into this misery …. If Mani is day .. Shaghun is night …cvs gone mad .. senseless spoiling this unique yhm ..what nonsense they are showing …. Peace and happiness is never in the history of Ishra and Bhalla and Iyers family . They killed the episode …Negative or positive shaghun is shownmore as a lead role … I have not seen such a valueless families in India . Ishra chemistry is fully gone … is it becoz DT is married ? One request please please reveal and find out who kidnapped Ishitha . This time I feel Senour Inspector will find out …And Mihir now they show young like … He was so natural in his acting but now conscious and over acting …Please stop the serial … we have addicted to see such a very negative story line … I felt like breaking the tv today for show all these nonsense and playing with our emotions … very sad …How come these talented actors refuse such story line …Shaghuns dressing is hopeless … Ruhis …like an adult … Alia wears the shortest … I have not missed one episode …, initially used to watch all repeats … but now ….

  9. kutty

    Pls any how stop shagun marrying mani he us a nice person
    And pls unveil the truth abt shagun before there marriage so that
    Mani can be served
    Hi evey one how ar u all
    Iam new to comment
    I hate nidhi and shagun worst characters in yhm
    Pls give us some lovely moments ishita and ruhi s we like to see
    Thanks for reading my comment

  10. Ro

    God!!!!! I hope Nidhi dies!!!! And Shagun and Mani seem to be a good pair… Only if Shagun becomes good again… And for that Nidhi must die!!!

    Maine mani-shagun ki pairing ek earlier comment mein guess Kiya tha…I think most of u guys might not know…

  11. jeni

    Hi evry1….
    I hope @least some of u remember me……………..
    I was busy 4 a few weeks wth studies& xams……….
    But all tensions r over….& glad 2 b back…..
    How r u all??????long tym guys………..
    Happy 2 find so many new frnds………
    A BIG HI 2 all of u too……

    I watchd all epi-s i missd….. so disappointng no ISHRA scenes @ all……..
    Miss the OLD YHM…..♡

    • m

      Hope & Pray u will pass with flying colours. At least the Show is rubbish the YHM Family are Shining Like Diamonds . God Bless all o f our YHM Members with Good Health & Happiness in Abundance. Luv to all. After reading all ur comments i don’t feel like watching today’s episode VP.. Thx for warning me i might skip it.. ha ha

  12. Sara

    I got So mad when I got to know that Mani and shagun are marrying but felt better knowing that Raman will break the marriage Revealing shaguns truth and pls CVS don’t put mihir and aaliya together as a couple as they don’t match and their age gap is too much but pls put aaliya and ask together as a couple as they match very much

  13. rithushree

    episode was worst.ishitha should not tell Mani to marry that witch shagun and she should be with Mani as he is far better than Raman.precap was ok. episodes are really boring.

  14. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam jaz Shona aditya jaz jeni super girl Monique d aparna Natasha priya bhagi Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel priyaroli siddhi mino sachie shreya mansi tansuri shivani lavanya sachie and all yhm friends.
    shagun should be exposed as soon as possible. too horrible to watch yhm like this .too much dragging and no story just negativity and each other telling to marry someone and again nonsense drama on.plz stop this crap in yhm .it has has already lost its charm .

  15. jaz

    Hey Adu what kind of character..shagun ka mani kitna acha neak person hain ye ishu ne kya kiya bechare ko phasadya shagun ke paas apne faide ke liye naja kya kya kareghi ye besharam aurat how many man’s have in her life ek ke saat b dang se nahi jii. Sapki life hell banadhi dekha ishu ko wo manipulate kareghi pihu custody ke liye.blo*dy..birch..shaggy

  16. sana

    I thought shagun Mani become pair,adhi aaliya and ruhi sarvan become pairs.aaliya is not daughter of no problem adhi and Aaliyah become pair.

  17. VP

    Sorry … i was really v angry and scribbled something ..,Error … how come these talented actors not refuse … I meant ..,,,cvs please show positive characters win over the negative …. Always shown from beginning good people suffer … please change that vibe … let Raman or Ishitha win over the evil plans … dont make Romi shake hands to do with shaghun … shaghun is capable of blackmailing … but Romi and all should know from past experience what is she ? ishitha explaining to Mani about Shaghun ,mihir too to Alia … as a wonderful caring person … oh my God cant tolerate Shaghun at all … Hi to all … Aditya how r you … if vision problem dont watch tv too much … be careful

  18. Az

    Hi jaz VP aditya shivani Sindhu khushi mino Monique n all yhm fans.

    Aditya hope u r better now.

    I don’t even feel like writing anything here. It’s all so unfair…Mani with shagun. He’s such a gentleman n ending up with a vamp.

    Writing this comment only for you friends…all the fans.

    Disgusting story line.

  19. susan

    Ooo no. And so starts the downfall of our last standing hero. Sad day for YHM. I can’t believe this. He is such a good man. My only hope is that somehow Mani’s kind nature will turn Shagun. What I don’t understand is how this marriage will keep her close to Bhala family. After marriage she will have to move to Mani’s house? Niddhi told Shagun she will get everything back by marrying Mani? How on earth does that calculation work.

  20. siddhi

    hi everyone I just want to ask where is yhm the mean theme of yhm ishra n ishru but there r no proper ishra n ishru scenes ishra haven’t still clear all their misunderstandings Raman nay a hi talk ishita say properly bat niii ki n ishita n ruhi I think they have no other topic to talk other then pihu I mean ab sirf pihu k liye hi bat hoti hai I think makers have forget that ishra n ishru ir the main theme aj kal to yhm dekhnay ka dil hi niii karta I really miss old yhm this all coz of this stupid leap I feel pity for Mani n shagun suddenly become so negative whatever they r showing is all shit I miss ishra n ishru scenes

  21. Evani

    Hey guys.. I am Evani… New here.. I have a question… Are Aliya and Mihir going to be a pair… I mean she is as like as his daughter’s age…

  22. siddhi

    I really don’t like aliyas dressing us say zyada clothes to mere 9 yrs ki sis pehan letii hai it really don’t look nice n pihu k dressing Bhi achi niii hai I think pihu aur aliya ko clothes exchange karnay cahiye

    • jaz

      Haha hahaha yeah siddhi you are right aliya should learn some to pihu how to wear clothes.usse ache meri 8 years ki beti pahanthi.frankly speaking I don’t like aliya..mani ko tu apna baab maanthi uske saamne kitne short clothes phenthi yakk

  23. siddhi

    very irritated with this serial till surrogracy this serial ruined n the most stupid person in this serial is Raman n hi surrogracy hoti aur na yeh sab problems hotii na shagun bhalla house actually Jo Bhi kuch ho raha hai us k liye Raman responsible hai aur surrograte mom banaya Bhi to kis ko shagun ko RIP Raman aur us nay pihu ko yeh Bhi niii bataya k ishu us ki real mom hai ruhi ko to shogun k baaray may bataya tha I miss old ruhi ab ishru ka WO bond feel nahi hota Jo pehlay tha as I had mentioned earlier they have no other topic yo discuss other then pihu everyone is just ruined in this serial n now nothing can change RIP YHM

  24. Mino the

    Hi VP, Sindhu, Jaz, Az, Rithu, Shivani, Bhey , Arditya & All My YHM fans.

    After reading ur comments i think i am happy to skip the stupid episode.. Thanks for the warning. I Am Sick of the Negative story. CV”s Have gone bonkers Or got They are stuck like the writer’s block. How come Shagun .I just want to ask u guys whether this story is about Shagun Or IShra. How come Raman & IShu Gone out & This Awful Shagun shown. & How can they get a little girl to Be so stubborn & have her own way. This is crazy they are demeaning the Indian Culture. don’t u guys have a Sensor Board. With so many marriages etc. as we are not Indians wrong Vibes are given to the out side world.. Have u all noticed that IsRa Are not the same. & even little Ruhi now Pihu also has lost the sweet nature. I don’t know may be i am wrong but i can strongly feel something is wrong in the whole show. as VP Says I used to watch some episodes more than once. cos of the unique story. now i just skip & or just brush ove it for the sake of watching. i think the makers are also stuck & fed up. except for this EkTa person. She is Shagun’s pal so must be wanting to pair Shagun & Raman . Then why on earth did they divorced them . they could have both together. & why is Raman, IShu not together & they have no family life at all but solve their own problems plus all the family issues as well. are there any Indian families who are living like this. No insult to any of u pls. Hi CV’s We are not enjoying these twist only sick minded people who has no family values who will enjoy. we are for families. No Wonder so many marriages break when they show things as if they are real. some people really follow their favourite actors lives . & think this is the right way. it is still not too late for them to change & Let people enjoy this beautiful Unique drama. Hope u all agree with me .i am sooooooooooooo disappointed & Sad about the whole thing. but the show people are not bothered. what we think they just do their thing to pls themselves i suppose.very sorry this is how i feel . no insult to anyone ok..luv to all

  25. Mino

    Gosh what on earth is happening. first it came as M.. Now Mino The . before i could post it is already gone. sorry guys..

  26. Mino

    & That did not get posted. so sorry i can’t write again. will have to get this checked. sorry again

  27. susan

    If those are the custody papers then what could be written in it that would destroy Ishita. I am still thinking that Pihu could be Raman and Shagun’s child. Mixup with surrogacy and that is why Shagun left Manoj. What else could it be?


    Hi JAZ Monique Sindhu Siddhi Rithu VP Shona Shreya Megha Shivani Mino Super GIRL Shravani Lekha SARITHA Radhika Ramchin Shona Sakshi AZ Naaz And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    I Hope You ALL Are FINE And Having A Very NICE TIME.

    TODAY I Didn’t See The EPISODE.
    I READ SOME of Your COMMENTS-Quite Shocking.
    GUYS One Thing You ALL SHOULD Understand And Prepare for The WORST
    etc WILL BE Present.
    Feeling Very SAD For MANI
    A Real HERO And A Gentleman of The SERIAL.
    ISHITHA toh KACHRA Bangai
    That’s Why I Hate EKTA KAPOOR.



    Hi Sindhu!
    How Are You?
    How is Your LIFE Going?
    Is Everything Alright Dear?

    Am OK DEAR.
    Consontrating On STUDIES.
    What You Doing Sindhu?
    You Are From Which Place?


    Hi Niyati And Awesome!
    You Both Are Always Welcome
    I Think You GUYS Can’t Get 100% HAPPINESS





    • Mino

      Hi Adithya, All Are commenting on ur health. I hope & Pray ur ok By God’s Grace. I too have got sick of this Drama. Always Vulgar , Vindictive, & Hatred etc. U know this Ekta is giving Bad vibes About the Indian Culture. I am sure Indians consider Marriage sacred too. As far as i have heard u all have a conservative up bringing. So how come this lady bring so many men in one women’s life. It is sooooo Confusing. & So much crap in the episodes. Judging by all the comments i am glad i did not watch it .. it sounds so bad. i skipped the Ghost track & Niddhi”s track As they were stupid & disgusting. Even the acting of DT, KP, & Little Ruhi who is Pihu is like forced. not natural I think they toow are fed up as it is their proffession they are doing it. they shuld end the show on a good note. why so many twist. & one thing in this show all the good are gone down the drain but the wicked prosper. Pls take care of ur health & good luck on ur studies.

      • Khushi

        True mino… Nothng is intrstng abt this show nw. Its no more a family show. Such absurd things they r showing. Presenting wrong morals to thr society. Once at our home 6 was a family tym. My kid enjoyd seeing ruhi. Nw he is asking me y this uncle is yelling lyk this. He is juz 3 . What interpretation he wil be gettng frm this.stopped my kid Frm watchng this crap. I see this only while he sleeps. Father yellng at hus wife nd family. Aan stayng with ex wife nd wife under one roof. Manipulating eomen nd no respect to wife. Innocent people alwayz suffer nd villians alwayz win. If u make someones lyf hell u can evn bcome an mp. System is so dump that u can escape evn aftr tryng to take someones lyf. Always manipulate children for selfish needs. Wife is a property who does all household works n sacrifice for family bt nvr get respect in return instead she will be blamed fir evry single thng nd evn throw out frm house. Juz sick if these negativity

  31. Simzain

    Show has lost all its charm n is gng twrds jus scheamings plottings unneccesary twists n pairings nthng left to see….

    • Khushi

      Ys simzain
      U r right
      Evn i dnt lyk mihir – aliya pair nd shagun- mani pair. If shagun wasn’t neg then it was ok. Bt lovable sincere person mani with vamp shaggy ridiculous. Nd aliya- mihir disgusting. In news it was said some new girl entrinh adia lyf post his heart break with aliya. So its evident that they r going to show mihir- aliya as a pair

  32. shivani

    Oh…..noooo….is pihu shagun and ramans child…?? Pls Ekta dont bring such foolish twist..pihu is the invisible thread that connects ishita and raman…and if pihu is shagun and ramans child , then nothing in this world can unite ishra again…all the three kids, ruhi adi and pihu become ishita and shaguns children..which means ishita is OUT…

    • Khushi

      Hi shivani,
      Me too thnk so.. Shagun is up to something. She might hav done somethng at the time of surrogacy. If cv are tryng to show pihu as shagun nd ramans baby then its really an injustice with ishitha. She will be left no where. Nd as pet what they had shown before she cannot giv birth to a child anymore. Ishitha will be aghast if its a truth. I felt really sad for ishitha… Sometyms i thnk she shld marry mani nd lead a peaceful lyf rather than being with this selfish bhallas eho nvr show any gratitide towards anyone. Juz using women for their selfish motives

  33. susan

    Mino I agree with you comments. Something is missing in YHM and Shagun is getting too much importance. If ekta likes anita so much then why doesn’t she just end shaguns character in YHM and write a new show dedicated to Anita. So she could leave Ishra in peace.

  34. vidi

    i feel wr mohabatein is there ,there will be respect to each other.BT am nt finding this frm Raman side,so better to end that relation wr angry,hatred,tantrums,disrespect more than love s there.let Raman marry shagun be with his dharam patni and children.ishita with Mani,aliya thn no problems frm either shagun,nidhi BT ashok wn’t change honge shagun dekhlegi pati,baccho tho chahiye unko

  35. abhishek

    Yes you guys are telling right so much negativity in this always evils win over good how come ishitha think of mani with shagun they are opposite in every thing i think ishitha thought that opposite attract nowdays i feel ishitha is also getting selfish for her happiness i heard somewhere that that ishitha will make raman and shagun marry for pihu sake how come she can think like that so i called ishitha selfish because she wants only pihu to be happy what about adi and ruhi who only think about ishitha hapiness before leap adi tried to make raman marry shagun and that time she made adi understand that raman lover and she was not ready to sacrifice raman for adi but now for pihu she is ready to scarifice raman for pihu happiness that’s why i called ishitha selfish really our selfless ishima, loving and caring ishitha died after leap

    • shivani

      Your findings are absolutely right abhishek..ishita was not ready to give up raman when adi tried to separate them…i think ishita is still in a guilty feeling that she left raman and pihu and shagun looked after them, so shagun has more right on them..actually its writers fault..they spoiled ishita and ramans characters….they made raman a spineless person who is ready to marry anyone for his kids sake…and ishita as a woman who doesn’t have any self respect…. cvs totally spoiled the lead roles

    • VP

      Pihu is taken care by Shaghunfrom the day one till seven years . Ishitha feels guilty and no right over that … Adi is understandable .. Ruhi too and Ishitha from begining sacrifices her life for others happiness . Adi and Ruhi doesnt want Shaghun as their mother they love Ishima more … Abhishek after leap nobody is good and surrogacy onwards gone only . IAdi was traumatized Ruhi too Ishitha doesnt want Pihu to go thru that stage ..

  36. raj

    waise raman kehtha hai ishitha jasoos hai, lagtha yeh hai ki ishitha dumb hai, apni naak ke neeche shagun khel rach rahi hai woh usko pata hi nai chaltha

  37. jaz

    Hey Adu yaar my husband scolding me he told me to don’t watch yhm.actually he watched yesterday episode with me.he asked who show is this.I told him ektha’s show..he said kasauti also ektha show NA..I said YA.phir se muje data ektha ka show mat dekhna..Adu he is right na

    • Khushi

      Dear jaz same hapend with me. My kid was vry find of watchng y with me only to see ruhi. Aftr thr leap the show has competly ruined. Seeing one scene he askd me y this uncle is yelln lyk this. My hubby right there told me dnt shiw this to him any more. Nw i watch yhm nirmally the retelecast or while he is asleep

  38. bhaviiii...

    Kuch bhi ho I personally think that show dhere dhere bakwas or boring hota jaa raha h
    Jo pehle shuru vala track tha vo hi vapas aa gaya matlab koi nai story nahi mili kya is behnji EKTA ko…


    Hi JAZ!

    You Can Watch The SERIAL
    Don’t Take it to HEART.
    1.Kasuati Zindagi KI
    4.Kyun ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
    And Many More
    Most of Her SERIALS ARE s*x oriented
    Spoils The Characters
    In Spoiling
    “KASAUTI ZINDAGI KI’ Tops The List.
    KAHIIN TO HOGA ko Bhi NAHI Chodi.
    KASHISH ki CHARACTER Satyanash Kardi.

    Hi Mino!
    Am OK
    Mino This SERIAL is LOSING it’s TRACK Slowly Slowly.
    I Think RAANDI EKTA Should Stop This SERIAL, Should END.

  40. Khushi

    Hi frnds hope all r doing gud
    I knw all of u will be feelng irritatd with such less standards of our once gr8.
    Seems lyk ekta is in no mood to listen to our feelngs to continue all this crap

    If u scrutinize the characters there isnt a single character in the show is happy
    Or u can say only ashok md nidhi are the happy ones gaining lot of money nd nailing the downfall of raman. Such a nice moral villians will always prevail.
    I sincerly feel lyk the ild raman the one who was living with shagun was abettr one. Blindly in luv with shagun so loyal nd caring towards children. Once she left him he changed to an arrogany nd insensitive person. As if to take revenge frm shagun he earned money nd power. Evn aftr marryng ishitha it took much tym for him to move on . Since yrs they didnt had any relationship bt juz suportng each other. For 7 yrs of shaguns sacrifice he is thnkng mich abt her. While infrnt of shagun he behaves vry normal md well behavd.nd his behaviour to ishitha is beyond my understanding. He was alwayz arrogant nd insensitive towards her. Frm the start till nw he always blames her for silly mattr evn couple of tyms throw her out of the hse. The respect he gav to shagun he nvr gives to ishitha. Some times i feel lyk raman shld marry shagun bcose it might change her to positive nd ahe can live happily with raman nd pihu as pihu too luvs her nd nt ishitha. Nd adi nd ruhi shld go with ishitha bcose they both luv her. Ishitha shld marry mani nd liv happily bcose he luvs her care for her nd supports her in all her decesions instead of insultng her. Raman once luvd shagun so eventually his luv wil blosom bet them. Its the bettr thng as i cant see any luv bet ishu nd raman nw adays

  41. Khushi

    In this serial all r suffering only..
    Ishitha is so confusd nd dnt evn knw if she hav any place in ramans life.. Aftr all her sacrifices for bhalla family she got insults only. Her husband alwys insults her nd do blame games with her.
    Raman first married shagun she left her then married ishitha. He made ishitha too run away frm him. When ishitha came bck he anniunced his mrg with shagun to irk her. Nd when atlast evrythng sirted out nw he wany shagun to marry mani
    Mani luvs ishitha sincerly that he evn ready to marry shagun for ishus sake
    Poor mani
    Adi luvs aaliya bt she luvs mihir
    Mihir still luvs mihika only
    Mihika married romi bt luv is missing bet them. They wer husband nd wife for namesake
    Shagun who was a vamp turned out to be a welwisher if bhallas gabe birth to pihu ishras daughter look aftr her nd entire bhalla family long 7 yrs. aftr all these bhalls without any gratitude sidelined her for ishitha which made her turned to vamo again
    This serial is the story of an arrogany insensitive man named raman bhalla nd all ladies r behind him. Evryone shamelessly want raman only nd will to any xtend to get him evn if its ishith, shagun or nidhi. Dnt knw hw many more to come. Come on cvs raman hav a grown up son. Rather than concentrating on hus own infinitr marriages he shld concentrate on his grown up son

  42. Khushi

    Am burning with anger with thr course of evntsbhappng in this serial which was once my fav. I miss thar days i eagerly waitd for the time the show aired. Nw if i didnt see it i get peace of mind

    Sorry dears if i hurt anyone

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.